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Carl Peterson likely role? President of the Dolphins

These are three things I'm hearing:

General manager Jeff Ireland will remain in the GM role throughout the 2012 season, as I first reported two weeks ago, owner Stephen Ross confirmed during a press conference a day later, and everyone in the organization I've asked maintains as truth rather than temporary P.R.

Yes, there is a slight chance Ireland might not be around if, say, Bill Cowher changes his mind, wants to coach and is hired by the Dolphins. But sources insists the chances of that happening are slim to none. Thus Ireland's chances of getting bounced are slim to none.

So there's that.

I've also heard from good sources that on the business side, CEO Mike Dee is safe. The Dolphins had good business years in 2009 and 2010. This year has been a bomb. No, actually it has been a bomb dropped in a sewer. It''s been bad because no win, no sellout ... no sellout, no money ... no money, no good.

The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable.

So there's that.

And finally, I'm hearing that owner Stephen Ross continues to seriously consider adding Carl Peterson to the Dolphins -- essentially transfering him over from his FanVision business to his greater, more valuable, more important business.

The NFL team.

But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill?

Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins.

He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee. He would be charged with presenting the Dolphins as one united organization under one umbrella rather than a divided organization that on the one hand plays football and on the other hand considers itself a business that happens to play football, as one internal memo last year maintained.

Peterson has done this before. His role with the Kansas City Chiefs was president, general manager and chief executive officer. So obviously he's got experience in all three. He obviously knows what all three jobs entail as his time in Kansas City spanned 20 seasons.

And he could come on board as a liaison between football operations and the business side -- working to unite the two sides of the franchise as owner Stephen Ross has been thinking about and wanting to do for several months.

So there's that.

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You guys have ANY clue what this guy is talking about? My God you need a map to follow along...

How that's 99.9999 % guarantee going 'dumbass'!! You know the one about Khalil not coming back to school...


Here's one for you:

Why dont you announce for us that Bin Ladin is dead. You never be wrong about that. LOL

Resign Henne, stick with Moore and Henne, draft a playmaker.

Yeah this really changes things if Barkley does in fact stay in school. Wow! Thoughts guys? The price/bounty would have just gone up (assuming of course he is coming out).

Thoughts? Are we reduced to Jones or SProles or a vet? Where we going from here guys?


Dumbass, Matt Kalil has already announced he's declaring for the NFL. Boy youre stupid! LOL

YG, word is Barkley staying, I hope your right though, because if your not were screwed.

Yg, your claim makes no sense. If two muscular men are sitting beside each other, the one with more muscle will just weigh more. Muscle is denser than fat, what is hard to understand about that?

There we go! "O", thanks. Right on cue.

Watch this little weasel backtrack and scurry like the RAT that he is....

Come on man, tell us the circumstances of what you really meant. Complete d*ck!!....dumbass!

Craig M....

You gave me some advice a few weeks back....for the most part I have followed it a slight deviation here and there....after all...i'm human....

I said all that..... to say this....

I suggest you take the advice you so graciously gave me....

Did craig and YG always go back and forth like this?


You're wasting your time. What you are talking about is a proven, scientific fact but someone yg will turn this into a pretty new, revolutionary erath-shattering theory that he has. You're better off talking to a wall.


Dumbass, are you now even close to figuring out why I mentioned Manning as a possible scenario. If Barkley stays, it can become even more in play.

RGIII would snatched up. Hey Dumbass, do you think for one minute no other team out there would be willing to trade up and get RGIII in that scenario?

Barkley staying increases the stock of both Manning and RGIII for teams in desperate need for a qb Mr. dumb and dumber! ROTFLMAO!


Have you ever tried to have a conversation with the guy? Most maddening guy on the face of the planet. Would probably still argue that the world is flat. Complete and total waste of time. Ask kris his thoughts on him...

Henne is 6,2

If Barkley stays, those stupid 5 wins we got will be very costly indeed. Life was much better when we were in the suck for luck race.

But hey, we got to beat up on Washington and buffalo right??? Pfff

Tell me again yg, why with Khalil leaving school, that Barkley is a 99.9999 per lock to turn pro. How did you put it, 'it's like we need oxygen to brreath. Captain Obvious'

Condescending moron!


CraigM and Sissy Krissy are the only two poesters I play with like this. I do it with ALoco occasionally but he's my little buddy.

Sissy Krissy and CraigM deserve it because they're always fighting with other posters at one point or the other.

Usually I defer on mudslinging. But with Sissy Krissy and CraigM(Alegend in his own mind) I absolutely love it and live for it. Theyre my rooster's crow! LOL

With all due respect, Mark, this is EXACTLY why it's not that easy to draft a first round QB. Four were gone last year before we even had a chance to pick at 15. Looks like the talent level just went down, if in fact Barkley is staying in school. Yes, one should have been picked since Marino retired. But how many did we trade away. Two for Ricky....and countless other screwups. It's not as easy as we think.

In hindsight I think Dalton whould have been the pick at 15 last year. I think most people liked him. I think Ireland worried that if he was wrong it would get him fired. Too safe? Yeah I think so. They have to do their homework now and still draft one, be it Jones or whoever. Just get it done.

So is Landry Jones from OU still an option, or is his stock falling?


Capt Obvious, thats the point I made to you saying youre going on the record with saying Barkley stays. Usually when some says theyre going on the record it's usually means theyre going out on a limb and accepting great consequences if theyre wrong.

Your statement is like saying youre going to beach you might get wet. Wow, what a consequence! ROTFLMAO!


He does not 'defer on mudslinging' and kris and I are not the only ones he gets into it with. He LIVES for that stuff. Ask Odin how he feels about him. Many others too. He does nothing, so he hides behind his name-calling and insults. It's what he does.

Here are the top QB prospects, let't discuss the options if Barkley stays at USC:

1. Luck - Stanford
2. Barkley - USC
3. Griffin - Baylor
4. Jones - OU
5. Tannehill - TX A&M
6. Foles - AZ
7. Smith - WV
8. Cousins - Mich St.
9. Manuel - FL St.
10. Weeden - OSU

Seems to me the talent drops off pretty quickly after Jones...thoughts?

In hindsight I think Dalton whould have been the pick at 15 last year. I think most people liked him.

Posted by: Craig M | December 22, 2011 at 03:27 PM

Capt Obvious, always using "past events" to try and make yourself look intelligent. Idiot you cant be wrong about things that have already happened. You arent proving anything intelligent.

Just proving you would make a very great talking parrot! LOL

No clue what this guy is saying....anyone getting it? The beach....wet.....

Just not getting it.

Apparently, it's OK for him to have an opinion but no others. RGIII hasn't even confirmed he's turning pro but he can say he's a future NFL MVP. Sparano's winning Super Bowls with Indy as their head coach.

Strange guy...


Last comment....co f*ck yourself, you waste of space. You bring nothing to the table..

What's next guys?

Most pathetic franchise in the NFL hands down. You losers are busy talking about stadium names, the business structure of the team, Carl Peterson, Stephen Ross ... give me a break.

There was a time people talked about Marino, Duper, Clayton, Csonka, Shula, can Miami win in Buffalo this year, Surtain, Madison, The Killers Bs, etc etc etc. That was back when there were football related items worth talking about. This team is garbage and hence you talk about this poo.

I actually like Russell Wilson from Wisconsin.
This guy is the next Drew Brees...because the only knock on him, he's 5-11.

Look at some youtube video, his accuracy is amazing and he completed over 72% of his passes.


I don't know these guys enough to comment. Luck and RGIII I like and I like Jones more than others. I'd have to research it a bit more before having anything of value to say on the other guys.


Got a feeling Nick Fowles moves up and Landry Jones rear behind him and then Tannehill. Im seeing Fowles name beginning to surface more as the draft draw nearer.

After RGIII, the rest could all be middle to late 1st rd qb's.

Looks like Landry Jones. There has to be something there to earn his earlier season draft rankings. I still say mortgage the farm with minny to get griffen.

From Peter King:

'Barkley has told teammates he's returning for another year at USC'.

I'm a bit surprised really. Probably didn't want to end up in Cleveland, where QBs go to die.

The only thing miami is playing for is their PRIDE ON DEFENSE....last time they were utterly torched by brady and company for 622 total yards....if that doesnt make them hungry for revenge then I dont know what will...

That being said pats have way more to play for and I dont see this secondary stopping their TEs which have constantly killed us over the years....

I actually think this will be a high scoring game based on how explosive NE is on offense and how putrid their defense is so matt moore and bush should be able to put up good stats....


NE 41
MIA 31

Mark, you can start to see the backsliding now.

But, try and follow the logic.

It's hard to Draft a 1st-round QB. Yet it's IMPOSSIBLE nowadays to win a SB (or even be a competitive team annually) without an elite QB. AND, franchise QBs (usually) take time to develop. Usually don't show their true grit first couple of Seasons while they are getting the hang of their position in the NFL.

So what do these geniuses here say, "forget about getting a QB, it's too hard, let's shore up EVERY OTHER position first."

Now, remember, I said it's IMPOSSIBLE to be elite without an elite QB. And it takes time for that QB to develop.

We've gone 3 decades without an elite QB (got him in the 1st round). We haven't done that since, AND, haven't been elite since.

LOGIC SAYS, EFFE what the rest of you are thinking, do WHATEVER IT TAKES to grab your elite QB THIS YEAR, NOW, because you're just wasting time year after year trying to do it without an elite QB (proving, at least here in Miami, it CAN'T BE DONE).

So what if Barkeley isn't coming out. There's at least 2 if not more QBs who will grade out in the 1st-round.

WHAT CHANGES? EFFING TAKE ONE!!! I don't see what's so hard about that.

fin4life, You obviously watch the College game a lot more than me and I'll respect what you have to say about Jones. You may in fact be right on everything you say about him. The only thing I would say is that I'm not looking for a day one starter and if he still has the ability to grow and develop at 22, then I'm not ruling him out. Aaron Rodgers had some shortcomings as a QB coming out and I defy anyone who said he would be what he is today coming out. People were split on Smith and Rodgers coming out but obviously there were an awful lot of GMs who just didn't see it in Rodgers coming out. Same with Drew Brees. Same with Brady. In these guys we're talking three of the very best QBs in the league today. I think Jones on the bench for a couple of years would have the chance to still be a good pro.

Craig M | December 22, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Your right in the sense that you just never know what the College Q.B. pool will give you, jack pot or snake eyes. I will tell you that like Harrington, Landry Jones has had ample time in the NCAA as a starter to prove his worth and show his skills after replacing S.Bradford two Season ago. It's also worth noting that playing behind those meats on the OL that Bob Stoops seems to be awesome at recruiting Bradford threw for 36 T.D.'s as a Fr. and won the Heisman as a Soph.

The accomplishments of L.Jones pale in comparison playing on arguably a more talented team than Bradford's crew. In the Q.B.'s you mention you forget that A.Rodgers more than anything was stuck in the Kyle Boller (Ravens 1st Rd. pick 03) hang over that had alot of teams questioning if it was Coach Tellford's system at Cal. that produced the success or the player, remember K.Boller was a can't miss product that went to the O friendly HC in Billick and bombed horribly.

Today grouping him in the same converstion with Rodgers seems dumb but then don't you think the team that drafts the player plays a role in their success, imagine Rodgers thrust in as a day one rookie by Saban in 05. Drew Brees was stuck with the hight stigma and Brady had to deal with a Championship or bust Brian Griese led Mich. team and later with the Drew Henson phenomena which relegated him to a part time College Q.B. Very different set of circumstances.


Another scary thing about Jones is he seemed to cool off late in the year. Henne usually played his absolute worst ball at season's end.

Though not carbon copies, I see many Henne similarities in Landry Jones and it scares hell out of me.

Here's a link to Wilson's 2011 highlights:


Agree...Jones has cooled off and that's a concern.

Ross wants a big name HC and to draft a hot QB...I say we move up to grab RG3 if we fall out of the top 10.


Great analysis. I think you should be doing this for a living (not being sarcastic about it either). I agree with a lot of what you have just said.

The problem now becomes with Barkley all but out of the picture, what do you do? Me, I mortgage the future to get RGIII. Do whatever it takes. This roster, for the most part is good enough and young enough to be competitive. You can still add people in FA and guys will want to come here for the weather and to play for a guy like Fisher (or whatever coach gets the security with a new gig). Give the Vikings what they want for him and move up. It's boom or bust time....I'm all in.

I just don't have a good enough feel for some of the other guys and I don't see the point in grabbing one with the 8th or 10th pick. I'm also not in favour of takig one in the second round. Sell the farm to get him and trump Washington and whoever else. Who's in?

I like Henne. He is better than half the qb's in the nfl. He will start somewhere and torch us one day.


Is dead right. The wins against Washington and Buffalo are going to cost us the chance to draft RGIII where we finish.

Do you also agree with Mark, that you sell the whole draft to get RGIII? I'm with him on this one. Can you fire Ireland if he's wrong on this one? I don't think you can.

CraigM's the only one spouting the Peter King bs without stating where he's getting it from. Ive google everywhere and nothing's coming to substantiate CraigM's getting from Peter King.

My guess is Craigm's talking out of his a*ss crack and trying to validate it stamping King's name on.

Even if it where true, it's the same Peter King who has picked the Dolphins to win the SB in the past. Lots of credibility he has. Plus, I doubt it was told to him from Barkley directly.

If that were the case, there would be no need for Barkley to hold a presser today, now would it?

Here's an unofficial poll from a Redskins website asking who the fans want other than Luck: We are hunting the same ducks as everyone else.

Robert Griffin III 58.38%
Matt Barkley 32.97%
Landry Jones 3.96%
Ryan Tannehill 2.88%
Brandon Weeden .18%
Nick Foles .18%
Case Keenum .44
Ryan Lindley 00%


Try a little thing on the Internet called Twitter. You might have heard of it.

Ya dumb ass!!


If Barkley were out of the picture a couple other teams could be looking to mortgage thier future for RGIII too. It isnt as easy as your very "simpleton" brain makes it out to be.

Buy a vowel, get a clue, stool flusher! LOL


Try a little thing on the Internet called Twitter. You might have heard of it.


yg (not even sure why I'm even still talking to you),

I didn't suggest it was going to be easy. I'm simply saying, do not be outbid for him. Is that a difficult thing for you to understand?

F U Matt Barkley!

Kiper just released his top 10 quarterback prospects as of the day before the draft they were taken in, then said Luck would be #2. Funny that Ryan Leaf is #5 (epic fail) At least Jamarcus Russell is not on that list ...Ha!

Here's the list:
1) Elway
2) Kelly
3) Bledsoe
4) Manning (Peyton)
5) Leaf
6) Vinny T
7) Andre Ware
8) Troy Aikman
9) Boomer Esiason
10)Steve Young

King's actually talking about it right now. He's saying the price of RGIII just went up. Probably to the point where teams will overpay for him.

I still think Washington, Cleveland and Jacksonville will look heavily at QB. Washington will know the status of Manning by the time the draft rolls around, so perhaps they may bow out of drafting one and try and add a guy like Manning but I have to think Cleveland and Jacksonville won't be happy with what they have.


Interesting that Matt Ryan isn't on that list. Tells you that he's not the slmadunk number one pick some people think he should have been. I would agree.


Read my posts, I already mentioned the price of qb stocks just went up idiot. I just told you something before King told you. If you think Im an idiot then King's stock should have really deflated with you. ROTFLMAO!

Craig M @3:47,

Here I agree with you 100%, after Griffin the drop off is considerable. I for one have no problem with trading away the 2012 draft if it means we get either of the top two. I will go on record and say if Ireland engineers such a move I will back off my comments about him all together. I also feel that we can't make the jump without finally jumping off a cliff on a hunch with one of these kids. You can't expect to be great without risk and I feel strongly that the top 2 in this draft have enough upside to dwarf any doubts about their ability at the next level, the Barkley announcement is coming on live now, will be back in a minute with his decision.

My guess is that Matt Barkley wants the limelight for himself...does not want to share the stage with Luck & RG3.

Don't want that kind of leader on my team...see ya!


Stupo that's the same reason we could explore a Manning trade. Ive said these things. Boy you should feel stupid now! ROTFLMAO!

Barkley on the podium now!!

Barkley's staying he's thanking coaches! LOL


Yeah I do think you're an idiot. I've always thought you were an idiot.

You're a self-obsessed, know-nothing, big mouth, nothing to contibute, repetitive, flip-flopping, unoriginal, self absorbed, back-stabbing, name-calling, unfunny, belly-crawling, lousebag, douchebag, liver lips, idiot.

With special accolades to Mr Chevy Chase.


Craig M....

The floor is yours.....LOL......

Barkley just confirmed he is staying, says:

"2012 Trojans have unfinished business and I intend to be a part of it"

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