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Carl Peterson likely role? President of the Dolphins

These are three things I'm hearing:

General manager Jeff Ireland will remain in the GM role throughout the 2012 season, as I first reported two weeks ago, owner Stephen Ross confirmed during a press conference a day later, and everyone in the organization I've asked maintains as truth rather than temporary P.R.

Yes, there is a slight chance Ireland might not be around if, say, Bill Cowher changes his mind, wants to coach and is hired by the Dolphins. But sources insists the chances of that happening are slim to none. Thus Ireland's chances of getting bounced are slim to none.

So there's that.

I've also heard from good sources that on the business side, CEO Mike Dee is safe. The Dolphins had good business years in 2009 and 2010. This year has been a bomb. No, actually it has been a bomb dropped in a sewer. It''s been bad because no win, no sellout ... no sellout, no money ... no money, no good.

The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable.

So there's that.

And finally, I'm hearing that owner Stephen Ross continues to seriously consider adding Carl Peterson to the Dolphins -- essentially transfering him over from his FanVision business to his greater, more valuable, more important business.

The NFL team.

But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill?

Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins.

He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee. He would be charged with presenting the Dolphins as one united organization under one umbrella rather than a divided organization that on the one hand plays football and on the other hand considers itself a business that happens to play football, as one internal memo last year maintained.

Peterson has done this before. His role with the Kansas City Chiefs was president, general manager and chief executive officer. So obviously he's got experience in all three. He obviously knows what all three jobs entail as his time in Kansas City spanned 20 seasons.

And he could come on board as a liaison between football operations and the business side -- working to unite the two sides of the franchise as owner Stephen Ross has been thinking about and wanting to do for several months.

So there's that.

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There you have it, Manning should at least be on the table as a possible option now! LOL

Maybe he'll mention yg in his announcement.

'To the guy who said it was a 99.9999 per cent I was turning pro, who said it was like us needing oxygen to breath, that with Khalil turing pro, that there was NO chance I'd be back I say.......HA!'.

Armando should be putting up a new Matt Barkley blog within the next 30 minutes!


We missed you.....

Can I hand this over to you? I'm off to drink.....LOL.

YG, HA! You were wrong!

..... We all know with Kalil leaving there's 99.9% chance Barkley's leaving too. You're not making a "revelation" by going on record as saying so. It only proves even an idiot(you) dont believe Barkley's staying. LOL Posted by:

Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 11:45 AM


On to the next flip-flop......

99.99% is a degree of uncertaincy idiot. So are million to one odds. Boy are you dense woodpecker! LOL

Well, yay, I got it right...
Damnit. Oh well.

Anyone know when RGIII is announcing? Wouldn't it be a shock if he stays in school too?....LOL.

Its all about RG3....we must be in the running for him!

Barkley not coming out. The prospects narrow and with the Fins being cheered on by fans to keep winning, we will be out of the race to draft any QB. Currently we moved from 7th spot to the 9th spot.

Yea.. let's go fins... Baa Humbug.


I was 99.9% wrong, but .1% right! LOL


Why is it that Barkley stays and he's def a top 10 pick but some of the guys on the Hurricanes like Forstan come out who hasnt even played a complete season?

Craig M.....

i'm not gonna engage that loser.....

I will just continue to let his own words drown him.....AS USUAL.....

99.99% is a degree of uncertaincy idiot. So are million to one odds. Boy are you dense woodpecker! LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 04:10 PM


True Idiocy KNOWS NO BOUNDS.....or humility apparently......

Patten wearing aqua next season???

Barkley on slightly increased the chances to get RGIII. We werent getting to sniff Luck or Barkley in this draft.

I only hoped Barkley to declare to land us a better chance of landing RGIII. Ireland's job just got harder.

Trade down, pick up an extra 2nd rd pick, and use the traded down pick in trade for Peyton. Still, Barkley's decisioned increased Manning's offseason trade value too.

It just may come down to RGIII or bust. Just dont include Jake Long.


We missed you.....we had a field day with him today.

Told me I was actually 'making stuff up' that Peter King was posting on Twitter. He's a beauty. I'll let you have the second shift...

Expect to hear TONS of RGIII for MVP and Manning trade talk over the next three months.

I think I could write the script....

Sissy Krissy and CraigM exchanging vows of love. How romantic!

Krissy in her bridal gown and CraigM in his grooms tux. Anyone got a camera?

Anyone has some rice? Serena can catch the bridal boquette. Come on Krissy, toss it! LOL

yg, I agree. Now Manning is on the table. But I'd still rather sell the farm to get RG3.


Doing what he does best....name-calling.

You going to drag it into the night tonight? Have fun....I won't be around.

ESPN Draft jerk off Mel Kiper being very critical of Matt Barkley's decision. I think it's unfair on Kiper's part the kid wants to finish his degree and very matter of fact said it weighed more than going Pro now, good for him. Let's hope his new LT keeps him verical next year, if he stays healthy though he should be #1 off the boards in 2013.

Interesting comparison just made on ESPN regarding the numbers head to head between him and Luck.

Barkley Luck
3,581 Yds passing 3,250 yds
39-7 TD / INT 32 / 9

Against arguably the same competition out in the WAC Conference.

Armando writes in his article > ****But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill? <****

As I have been reporting now for some time, Peterson is already employed by Ross so there is no hiring as Armando reports in other posts.

Peterson WILL BE Ross HIRED GUN. Ross will tell Peterson when to pull the trigger and POW... Ireland is fired.

It is just a matter of time. Ireland fully comprehends that he will be wacked if ANY prospective HC such as Bill Cowher, or any other STAR want's as part of his demands to bring in his own GM.

I dont care how many pressers Ross has saying Ireland is safe ofr staying for the 2012 season.

REMEMBER WHO was Sparano's FRIEND and BACK Stabber? Ireland was. Ireland knows that Ross made his billions by not being stupid. Ross says he has a sort of kinship towards ireland and likes him BUT, remember the old "Your a nice guy but I gotta fire you"

Ireland is a a dead GM walking and look for Patterson to wack him on the orders from Ross.

Soon, have patiance but it will develope slowley and mithodically and with purpose.

Ross will hand pick the next Head Coach for a reason. he knows if he intrusts ireland to go after Cowher that ireland knows he esentially is committing sucide. hence is why Ireland wont interview any STAR HC if it has any tinkle of them wanting thier own GM.

nyg still stuck on cowher. funny. must be love.


Sorry man, you're dead wrong! Ireland works for Ross. It's his job to do what the boss wants. He doesn't, he's gone? What would you have done? Given up you job?

This idea that guys paint him as a 'back-stabber'....based on what? Doing what the owner requested, which was to travel with him to meet with Harbaugh. I don't get the connection.


You still convinced Cowher's coming? What about when the new coach is in place? Still then too?

Professor Lou,
If Manning is released as I expect him to be, the darkhorse team for him to land would be the Jets. Guys will argue with me on here about it but I think with the right QB they have a team that could win now. Yes, their running game is lousy right now but it goes as their QB goes. Nobody fears Sanchez, so they stack the run and dare him to throw. I think if they come up short again, as I expect they will, that they might take a run at Manning. It's EXACTLY the kind of move Ryan loves to make.
Posted by: Craig M | December 22, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Cowboys. If Jerry Jones had a chance to bring in someone the caliber of Peyton Manning he would part ways with Romo in a heartbeat. He would have Murray in the backfield and Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Whitten to throw to.
Cowboys defense is suspect at times but Manning's ability to keep a drive alive compared to Romo's 3 and out's would keep the defense off the field more than they are now.
That would be my pick. However, it is subject to debate and is also conjecture until something takes place.

Again, CraigM's comprehension skill elude him. Just caled NYG wrong when Armando"s artcle plainly reads:

"He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee".

Kind of means he's Ireland's boss, doesnt it dumbass?

Now apologize to NYG, idiot! LOL

JAX has a new owner and a rookie qb that needs guidance, there are many possibilities for Peyton.

Craig M / NY "G"

I was listening to this very argument on the Dan LeBatard show and I gotta admit I always thought Ireland a weasel on the subject regarding the HC Harbaugh fiasco. I listened to alot of Pro and Con's regarding the argument one way or the other and came away thinking Ireland could have asked Ross for permission to give Sparano the heads up but are they really that tight??

Some arguments went that like everybody else in life you have work related friends and life long friends and would you risk your lively hood on the latter, especially when it's true that work friends usually are a thing of the past when you leave a certain job.

Ross told Ireland to get on the plane, even had he asked to speak to Sparano what does he do if Ross says I paid over one Billion for this team and I'm your boss so get on or pack up your things ASAP and get out of my sight!! The situation must have been a tough one.

On the flip side C.Pennington was live and said they were tight and Sparano should have been given the heads up by his friend. Chad went as far as saying he would have not gotten on the plane in Ireland's shoes but that's easy to say and harder to do. In honesty I'm not a fan of Ireland and have stated why many times but given he's staying I hope with all my heart he proves me dead wrong!!

Craig M,

The backstabbing and traveling during the harbaugh fiasco was the icing on the cake.

Both Ireland and Sparano if you recall were on ropes. Ireland and Soprano were rewarded contract extensions correct?

Ireland has no integrity and no balls. He should have went to Tony and said, listen Tony, I'm really sorry but you at this time aren't cutting the mustard. The team is an embarrassment to the fans and your not Head coach material.

So I'm just telling you as your GM and friend that your job is on thin ice. Ross asked me to go with him to try and get your replacement. If we hire harbough I must fire you so I am giving you an opportunity to resign or stay to see how this plays out, but I wanted to be honest with you.

Ireland is protecting his own butt. Yes, he works for Ross but do we really expect anything else from a Scout in GM clothing?

yes, Cowher is coming.

Any team not named Green Bay, New England, or Pittsburgh could make a run at Manning. Teams with wildcard at best shots with Manning can rule themselves out.

There will be a derby of teams exploring the Manning option. Miami should be attractable because with Manning we become a legit afc SB contender. Just the type of team Manning would covet in his advanced career.

If the Dolphins want a QB in 2012 Mr. Ross better send some draft picks and 72 Virgins to the top two teams picking in the up coming draft


You and all others that aren't Ireland fans. Seems this team needs to have a whipping boy and Ireland's the latest one. It was Gibril Wilson. It was Ted Ginn. It was Henne. It was Sparano. It is now Ireland. Nothing short of a Super Bowl victory will give him breathing room. Never mind the good moves he makes, let's focus on the bad one's he makes. I don't know anything about the guy himself, nor do I really care, I just care about the team winning. I believe the players he has here now after almost four years are a lot better than what he inherited. That's just my opinion. Others can feel differently if they want.

If I couldnt get manning or RGIII, I think I would trade down and roll the dice on Nick Fowles before taking anyother qb.

Such foolish talk. Manning will never play again. That six week recovery period came and gone a long time ago.


Your last post implies that Ireland is in charge. But he's not....it's Ross' show. He has even come out and said that he'll be picking the next coach. There's not that many organizations that wouldn't let the GM hire the coach. Ireland works for Ross. None of us know what conversations were had between Ireland and Sparano.....it's all speculation. But it's fair to say, if Ross, your owner tells you to get on a plane because you're going to interview Harbaugh you do it. If he tells you not to talk to Sparano about it, you do it. You start doing your own thing, you're out of a job. It's how sports works and it's how business works. There is nothing about it that is back-stabbing or under-handed or any of that.

When Cowher comes, I'll be the first to congratulate you. I don't see us having that conversation.

I respect how some say trade the house on RGIII. However, with Barkley outing, There are at least a couple other teams that will have that same mindset.

The question is how much is too much? Which team becomes the next "Mike Ditka"? Remember Ricky?

I'm dying to get back into coaching. That is why I have not interviewed for a single opportunity in years. That is why I am keeping it a big secret. I've been holding out for a rare opportunity to work for a totally dysfunctional team with no QB and an untrustworthy FO.


We had better trade up, as Barkley is staying at USC.
We will not get RG3 (if we want him) at pick 7...and, based upon previous drafts, that MIGHT be too high for someone without the NFL style QB chops. But i am admittedly no NFL scout...i just liked Barkley's style, and Marino-like moxie.

IMA, Shut the hell up you dont know what your talknig about

now barkley staying in school, unreal. it just gets worse and worse for the fins

and now maybe griffin going back to school. what a disaster, damn im pissed

Craig M,

By now you know that I dispise Ireland and that I look for Cowher to be the next HC/GM. No if ands or buts there.

So now onto my reply to your post 4:56p

Are OK with the fact that Ireland has no balls or integrity to stand up like a man and tell Ross NO. Doesn't that kind of remind you of the last starting robot QB we had?

I don't want a scout disguised as a GM with no integrity, no balls to stand up to his boss in fear that he will lose his job.

yes, Ross owns the team and I would say to Ross that I was hired as the GM of this team and I know what I'm doing. If you (Ross) are going to do my job, then I am not doing MY job so fire me.

Also,it IS apparent that Ross also does not trust Ireland to do his job as GM as he deemed it necessary to take matters into his own hand which backfired BIG TIME with Harbaugh.

THAT cost Ross millions for trying to smooth it over with Soprano and Ireland with contract extensions.

Ireland should fire himself.

Luck will be a bust. Let some other sucker team grab him.


It isnt all bad, we can sign Curtis painter as our starting qb next year and it guarantees getting Matt Barkley 1st overall in 2013. LOL

luck will be damn good. how pathetic has this frnachise become yesterday, so sad. i was fired up for 2012 with a drafted qb finally. now its luck and nobody else out there

YG and fin4life,

How's it going gents?

Thanks for your input as I respect that including those that don't agree with me which is life.

Good comments also.

Below is not against anything that you both commented on, just wanted to extend my rant as I didnt post one today... yet.

I was and am 100% against Ireland as GM.

Ireland's resume only showed that he was a scout for KC for 2 seasons and then was hired as a scout for the Cowboys.

parcells brought the Scout to Miami with a title of GM. he also brought Sparno in diapers as HC.

We all have watched it unfold. Tuna left to attempt to preserve his own reputation as he fully know he made two big mistakes as well as drafting Hennie and Pat White which in Parcells own words, he is very disappointed in Hennie which in turn means he is very disappointed in his helpers Soprano and Ireland.

We have purged this team (so far) of some of the Parcells crap. Some was good but the bad outweighs the bad IMO. Soprano is gone and we need to completed the purging with firing Ireland the Scout.

Just my observation and view point.

We lack leadership and with Ireland's back stabbing who can trust him? Will a STAR HC come in knowing that?

I wouldn't... i don't trust Ireland. The Scout needs to go.


Just wanted to clearify that in my sentence in my post above,

When I used the word life, I wasent refering in short to you.


Last season our expectations were will we ever draft a qb 1st rd again period. After the 0-7 start, now its exploded to a top 5 overall calibre qb or bust.

2011 draft had we traded back into the 2nd rd and taken Mallet instead of D Thomas, dolfans would have been pooping thier pants in joy.

Had we not had the terrible 0-7 start, Dolfans would be happy to get Ryan Tannehill bottom 1st rd 2012 draft. My how our expectations have risen.


..Blow for Barkley 2013!!!

Now we can get into our comfort zone and draft a right tackle, or another 5 technique defensive tackle...Woo!!

lol dd so true. we will draft some garbage lineman now

YG and DB,

We moved from the 7th spot up to the 9th spot. If by chance the Fins pull out a W against the pats we shall move further up the ladder and with a W against the Jets, we mover even further away from anything.

I see a push in the off season if we cant get a QB for the fins in to make a move towards P. Manning.

But we will need to see how the spots pan out as always.


IMO, could mean petersen doesnt want the everyday rigors of the gm job. Also keeps a gm play should they entertain a Manning trade option. Hard to make a trade like that when you dont have a gm in place.

Like you said, Cowher's not totally out of play. With the yo-yo's running things down here it just makes for a greater longshot.

Cowher's not off the table until he public declines an official offer. The clock begin ticking on Cowher as soon as the final whistle blows to end the Jet game.

One final comment on the Scout Ireland.

His MO is to look for "value picks" and Acorns.

That is what we get with a Scout dressed in GM clothing.

nyg we wont win another game this year, thats the only good news i have for u

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