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Carl Peterson likely role? President of the Dolphins

These are three things I'm hearing:

General manager Jeff Ireland will remain in the GM role throughout the 2012 season, as I first reported two weeks ago, owner Stephen Ross confirmed during a press conference a day later, and everyone in the organization I've asked maintains as truth rather than temporary P.R.

Yes, there is a slight chance Ireland might not be around if, say, Bill Cowher changes his mind, wants to coach and is hired by the Dolphins. But sources insists the chances of that happening are slim to none. Thus Ireland's chances of getting bounced are slim to none.

So there's that.

I've also heard from good sources that on the business side, CEO Mike Dee is safe. The Dolphins had good business years in 2009 and 2010. This year has been a bomb. No, actually it has been a bomb dropped in a sewer. It''s been bad because no win, no sellout ... no sellout, no money ... no money, no good.

The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable.

So there's that.

And finally, I'm hearing that owner Stephen Ross continues to seriously consider adding Carl Peterson to the Dolphins -- essentially transfering him over from his FanVision business to his greater, more valuable, more important business.

The NFL team.

But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill?

Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins.

He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee. He would be charged with presenting the Dolphins as one united organization under one umbrella rather than a divided organization that on the one hand plays football and on the other hand considers itself a business that happens to play football, as one internal memo last year maintained.

Peterson has done this before. His role with the Kansas City Chiefs was president, general manager and chief executive officer. So obviously he's got experience in all three. He obviously knows what all three jobs entail as his time in Kansas City spanned 20 seasons.

And he could come on board as a liaison between football operations and the business side -- working to unite the two sides of the franchise as owner Stephen Ross has been thinking about and wanting to do for several months.

So there's that.

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The one guy I didn't see on your list who is an UFA is Kyle Orton. If we're having a tough time drafting a number one QB in FA, I would add Orton to play with Moore. I think you've got to have two good QBs in this league and despite what people say, I would still rather have Orton over Henne. Sorry, i've been the biggest Henne backer but it just makes no place to bring him back.....just MO.



These College Football players nowadays are bigger, faster and probably better than many professional Teams of only 20 years ago.

OSCAr......... faster, my foot,,,,

how come the dolphins get ONLY THE SLOW,THE WEAK AND THE ODRICKS AND THE D.THOMAS'S ............????????????

Posted by: fin4life | December 22, 2011 at 08:26

Yeah, I said a while back that Manning going to the Titans is very likely. Thats the leverage he has.

Hopefully the fans will boycott against that idea. And lobby Polian to trade Luck away to the highest bidder.

Matt Moore will take us to a super bowl win next year...

If jim tressell is the next head coach of the colts like I think he will b then Peyton manning is done in indy. Tressell likes to call his own plays and they will pick luck and move forward. Fans will b mad for about a year until they start winning again and then they'll forget all about Peyton.

Manning retiring I think depends on whether he has permanently lost some ability, as Marino did. He did NOT look good last year and he will have to play and risk injury next year to find out if he can be the same player he's always been. Hmm.., tough.

ALoco buddy where are you? LOL

Another interesting Kellen Moore stat:

Ncaa record 50 wins in his 4yrs Boise St career.



hey dying breed barkley is staying..you be WRONG again...

Expert my azzzzzzz

if db-yg was our gm we'd be 0-21!

The Refs seem hell bent on keeping the Colts in the game with some phantom flags and either Mayock is brain dead or simply trying to turn a positive spin on what Irsay said about Manning. Mayock keeps going on and on about Irsay saying Manning will be treated like family and not an asset, huhhhh???

Irsay clearly said when asked if the Colts would draft a Q.B. that:

"He expects they would if it was the best player available"

On Manning's future, "I hope he will want to play with his twin boys in 10 years and not risk further injury"

On his place in Colts history "He is one of the true greats in NFL History it's why out of a sense of loyalty we paid him 24 Million this year even though he didn't play"

I'm not a psychic but I thought all the double talk was pretty clear about the thinking of Irsay who runs his team his way.

I don't know how many yards A.Foster has but he's easily over 100 with the entire 3rd Qrt. to go.

Dolphins should hire Mangini, he can fix our prolems...

We truly are a dysfunctional franchise.
United We Stand.Divided We fall.
Though Carl Peterson is change.
I don't think it's CHANGE We can win a SB with.
Let's look Ourselves in the reflection of the H2O.Peterson is a RETREAD!
Jimmy johnson was considererd the second coming.
So was the expired can of Parcels' brand tuna.
Obviously Our beloved team is going to go with Mr.Peterson.
And as fans We should obliged.
I,for one,am going to wait till the Miami
Dolphins do something that's indicative of winning instead of just being mediocre.
True Dolphans know We've that for more the last 15th years.


As a Marine, I am surrounded daily by masculine, athletic young men doing various masculine, athletic activities together.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit the base here and observe these manly activities. Afterwards, we can retire to my apartment to discuss the experience and enjoy a hot shower together.

Yours in manly strength,


True Dolphans know We've that for more the last 15th years.

Posted by: ozkar | December 22, 2011 at 10:24 PM


Could you write that in English next time? Total gibberish.

Barkeley is going back. One less qb in the draft

True Miami Dolphins know We have been mediocre for more than fifteen years.Incluiding some of the Marino era.
Why have We been mediocre for so long?
Because of cronyism!
Enough already.Let's increase Our trophy case NOT someone else's bank account.

So now that Matt Barkeley is going to stay in college do We overreach for a one year wonder by the name of RG3?
More of the same if you-all were to ask me.
Culpepper was a flop.
Enough with the mediocrity.

Sgt. Bricklayer,

On my ship we have a group sauna that I'd very much like to invite you to see and take in a nice steam. I also have a built in Jacuzzi in my private Captains quarters were we can discuss current World Affairs while we marvel at our bodies. Remember at the end of the day it's we swabbies that give you big sweaty boys a ride to go fight, semper fi my little soldier boy.

Holy cow, Colts just won. We now have a three way race for the top draft pick.

Luck is no longer guarantee to go to Indy.

The Refs gave this game to Indy, really don't get it. The worst calls, non-calls and phantom calls I've seen since the Pitt Vs. Seattle S.B. XL

I could be wrong, but, I expect the fact he's even holding a press conference could suggest he's leaving.
If he were staying, there's really no need to have a press conference. For what? To appologize to the nfl? Isay he wants to publically thank USC for the opportunity it had given him.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 03:04 PM

DB/YG/FB, You sir are the fountain of Misinforamation.LOL What a Dult.

..... We all know with Kalil leaving there's 99.9% chance Barkley's leaving too.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Who is we? Don't include others into your pool of pompous ignorance.

YG/DP/FB, Is a Idiot that you cam almost bet the family farm tha within 40 minutes he'll flip flop.

I'm not a psychic but I thought all the double talk was pretty clear about the thinking of Irsay who runs his team his way.
Posted by: fin4life | December 22, 2011 at 09:54 PM


I think it's pretty clear and HONEST if you ask me. Not to mention CLASSY.

If you think about it, something bad happens, who wants THAT on their conscience?

Surgeries aren't good. Second surgeries are even worse. Then when you add in that its neck surgeries your talking about. It's a scary thought. Most surgeons don't like to do third surgeries at all on the scar tissue and nerve damage tip ALONE!

Peyton has made Millions and had a great career. By mentioning the kids in 10 years, Irsay is injecting some badly needed perspective.

When it's all said and done, it IS a game and Manning has MORE than proved himself. I hope he takes Irsay's advice and saves something for the kids!

A couple random thoughts...

Whelp, thanks for nuttin' Mr. Barclay!!! Funny how a college kid can change the course of the NFL draft just by re-upping at his alma mater.

Barclay was the QB that I feel the Fins would have had the highest chance to angle for. His accomplishments and play on the field, his style of play, his positioning (what would have been) in the draft made for proper availability to pursue. All for naught!

I am ALL FOR keeping Matt Moore as he has definitely earned the nod to compete as many have stated.

I do feel like most all but the most blind Henne loving followers can see that Matt Moore caused a spark. Moore came in, on short notice and caused a spark that was NOT there under Henne's direction. Henne had 4 years!!!! That's it, he's trade bait and I hope he fetches a 4th-5th round pick after all the time and teaching the Fins sunk into that kid.

I'm starting to really believe that Brian Billick will end up being the next HC. It just works out nicely on too many fronts. Namely, Nolan can stay as the DC as he and Billick worked together prior.

I hope this will be the case as Nolan's DEF ended up acting a lot more like they were suppose to. No telling what the team might have been like with an entire camp and off season instead of the CBA bs. Billick has the hardware and a fairly decent winning record as HC. I think he is a good communicator which is a sharp contrast to Sparano.

With Barclay off the table, I hope the Fins pursue RGIII even harder. There is a huge reason why he won the Heisman trophy. The kid is electric, he has great athleticism, is very smart and well spoken and would team nicely with Moore to create a very killer one two punch. Moore's experience and level of play will most likely mean some learning time for the drafted QB.

If RGIII is off the table I say wait. Hold off as reaching for Landry Jones or Foles or Tanneyhill will end up back firing. None of these three are franchise material imho. Most have limited time at the position.

Maybe take a chance on a guy like Kellen Moore (round 2-4?) who seems to really take care of the ball well. He has played a lot of great college teams over his time at Boise St.

My sleeper QB is still Case Keenum of Kansas. Live lazer arm, had a red shirt year and an injury year so he has been a QB for a long time in college. Always about 3 to 1 in TDs to Ints.


PS I think Ross is so enamored with catching a whale that even if Bowles runs the table he won't get the HC position. Tall order so lets wait and see how the team plays vs Patsies and Nyets.

I gotta get up early...I'll catch up with y'all later!


Dear Mr. Salguero,

If you were to nominate me as the next canidate to serve as President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins(hint, hint), my acceptence speech would go something like this:

"Governor Salguero, Senator Soiled Bottom's, Mr. DC Dolfan, Senator Fin4Life, Senator Mark In Toronto, Speaker ALoco, Fellow Fin Fans, I want to express my thanks to Governor Salguero for his generous and heart-warming introduction.

It was my great honor to place his name in nomination at the 2011 Sports Writers Blog of the Year Convention, and I am delighted to have his support and his counsel and his advice in the coming months ahead.

With a deep sense of duty and high resolve, I accept your nomination.

I accept it with a full and grateful heart--without reservation-- and with only one obligation--the obligation to devote every effort of body, mind and spirit to lead our Dolphins back to victory and our City back to greatness.


Whuddya Think?

Can I count on YOUR support?

Rob in OC

Henne trade bait?

Fetch a pick?

He is now an unsigned FA.

How is it someone writing these long posts doesn't even know that?

So now that Matt Barkeley is going to stay in college do We overreach for a one year wonder by the name of RG3?
More of the same if you-all were to ask me.
Culpepper was a flop.
Enough with the mediocrity.
Posted by: ozkar | December 22, 2011 at 10:55 PM

Griffin is far from a one year wonder. Besides throwing for over 4,000 yds and 36 td's this year he threw for 3500 yds and 22 td's in 2010. He has over 10,000 yds passing, over 2,000 yds rushing and will have over 77 td's by the time he is finished with his career at Baylor.
In 2009 he had an injury and didn't have a full season. Imagine what he would have done in his college career if that injury did not occur.

Prediction : Ross will be the worst owner the Dolphins have ever had. He is way over his head in the NFL.

With the Colts win last night the top three in draft order just flipped to:

1. Rams
2. Vikings
3. Colts

Very interesting.

Rams play Pittsburgh and Vikings play @ Redskins. Rams will retain top spot but Vikings could end up in 3rd spot after this week.
Hard to believe the Rams were in that same position just last year and picked Bradford #1 and now they are looking at the possibility of being back there again come April.
Luck is one hell of a prospect but how do you justify taking him #1 when you just drafted a "franchise" quarterback two years ago and you will still have to find other offensive weapons to surround him with.
I still think the Rams trade out of that position to get Blackmon(if he even declares)and accumulate a bunch of picks to try and get better fast.

Well, Justin Blackmon told media on December 7th he plans to declare for the draft after the bowl game.

Richardson, Kirkpatrick and Hightower all declaring after season.
Worthy (MSU) and Mercilus (ILL) also expected to declare.
Also coming out:
Fletcher Cox
Orson Charles
Montee Ball
Nick Perry

Mohammed Sanu
Mont Teo
DJ Fluker

Stay deep!

just hold on if the colts lose next week they get the first pick(strenght of schedule) rams and vikings will end up with a harder schedule so colts are in driver seat the only way colts do not get first pick is that they win next week and vikings/rams lose last two games

to date, 19 underclassmen have stated their intentions to declare for the draft. this trend needs to continue. it could be one of the deepest drafts in history if the underclassmen continue to declare.

if colts, rams and vikes lose remaining games the order is rams, vikes, colts.

Hey I got an idea

Let's all come here to report all the same news that has been widely reported on all the major sports sites and pretend we are the first to inform others of news.

A whole bunch of breaking news this morning

1. Colts will weigh whether to keep Manning.
2. with Barkley staying in school, that is one less top QB available in the next draft.
3. Several teams, including the Dolphins, are now actively looking for a new HC.
4. The Packers won the last SB, so until there is a new SB winner, they are determined to be the reigning champs.

Ireland made some decent moves in 2011; the draft, Bush, Moore etc.....all after Parcells ran away. Many of the mistakes had to be Parcells; Henne, White, Turner etc.....Parcells is a dinosaur who could not draft skill players. Ross obviously trusts Peterson more than Ireland. So hire Peterson as a consultant. Ross is certainly not letting anyone know his thinking for a head coach. The ambiguous statements from both Ireland and Ross should show you guys in the press that.

Armando should be putting up a new Matt Barkley blog within the next 30 minutes!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 04:08 PM


A lot of us get MANY things wrong.....this guy never seems to get anything right......

Spider, I was 99.9% wrong, but .1% right! LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 04:11 PM


LOL indeed.......but i doubt you understand why i am laughing.....

Odin @ 4:19 AM......

While I think your honorable posters in attendance @ your acceptance speech are among the VERY best this blog has to offer....

I pray that you would never be in position to accept that job.....

You are to much of a Homer.....and lack the objectivity to make the TOUGH decisions to make this team better....you seem to slow to realize a mistake by this current FO......and then even when the mistake is a clear as the nose on your face.....you dig in DEEPER in your convictions on the player(s).....sometimes you have to realize a mistake and move on.....not become a mistakes BIGGEST cheerleader.....Its that kind of thinking that has this organization mirrored in mediocrity for nearly 20 years......minus the rare playoff birth....followed by the even rarer playoff win.....

So Mr. Odin.....with all due respect sir....i must decline in giving you my support as president of Football Operations.....


Good morning my dolfan brethren. On this eve of the eve of Christmas, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everyone that....Jesus was a Jew!!!! So I find it ironic that while you're all celebrating his birth, he's celebrating Hanukkah, lighting a menorah and spinning a dreidel. Funny how those things happen.

Anyway, whatever you celebrate, don't expect any gifts from the Miami Dolphins organization. Doubt we get us our "star" HC (that might turn out to be a good thing).

And with the news yesterday, our QB situation has gotten bleaker. It's either hope RG3 falls to us (fat chance), give away the farm to get him, Luck, or a FA QB if the team who gets one of those guys has an expendable QB (Manning, Bradford). Or stick with Moore and get the next sucker to watch his career die in Miami.

Not very promising. Ahhh, don't you love late December in Davie? It's like we're stuck in a Groundhog Day sequence, with no end in sight.

Anyway, just wanted to spread that good cheer this fine morning.

I wish I could be there to watch it unfold with you, but I prefer to enjoy my holidays. So I'm pulling a Four Christmases. Told my fam in Orlando/Fort Lauderdale I can't come down, have to go help free some beached turtles in the Caribbean. Off to some relaxation, sipping lemon daiquiris on the beach, not thinking about the mediocrity I'm sure to come home too.

I love you all (most of you), and I know you all love me back. We'll whisper sweet nothings in each others ears in the New Year. Looking forward to fighting with all my favs (you know who you are), ESPECIALLY kris. I'm a have to tell YG to cool off, leave some for me, lol.


Have a GREAT VACATION man.....i hope you get the gift of true relaxation.....

We should look @ the calendar and look @ going to a FINS game in the area next year.....I think I will only stay in the DMV one or two more years...then i'm headed down south (if I get my wish).....

and for me DC.......

Were hosting Christmas this year...so I anticipate a stressed out wife....a drunken guest.....and way to much money spent....but they say these moments are priceless....

I can't wait for the New Years Party (its @ somebody else's house)....

DC, enjoy the time off.

I enjoyed watching Indy win. One more win next week and Andrew luck is wrestled away from their grasp. As much as I would like him to ourselves, it makes me extremely bitter to think Indy can go from peyton manning to Andrew luck. Just not fair.

Too bad about Barkley but I wonder if it really made much difference with Mr. play it safe, 5 for a dollar Ireland in charge.

I guarantee you if Luck was there at #9 (or whatever pic we'll get in the 1st) Ireland would trade back for multiple pics. It's in his DNA, he can't help himself.

Being an idiot is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Fire Ireland and let's move on for real.

Let's not forget who signs Ireland's paycheck...Ross wants a QB in the 1st round and I believe him.

Thanks guys. Good luck with the drunken guests kris. I'm down for going to a fins game around here next year!!!

Mark, I was thinking the same thing. I'd really rather ANYONE but the Colts to get Luck. Of course us being #1 on my list. Hear me Santa? Make it happen.

I try to look at this objectively. The stadium is empty, morale around the franchise is bad. The dolphins are in sad shape, and Ross is losing money or coming close to it anyway. People like him don't settle for that. I don't think Ireland will survive another year if he doesn't pull the trigger given the opportunity.

Anyone thinks were going to mortgage our whole draft to get RG?

Mando, it seems like much to do about nothing.

How about some real information,like who did the blogger known as, "HOME" pick this week in the match ups?

Who did "HOME" pick in the New England vs Miami game?

What was "HOMEs" score prediction against New England?

We want some real information, Mando!


I think mortgaging the FUTURE on RG3 is Miami's best shot at getting a long term franchise caliber QB.

Matt Moore has played good since Miami somewhat turned it around. But it's fools gold. It is a lot easier to let the ball fly when you are 0-7 and have nothing to lose as opposed to next year when Moore goes into training camp as the #1. My bet is he will struggle, then play good and then struggle again and with him Miami is in NFL purgatory at 8-8!

RG3 on the other hand would be Ireland's saving grace for at least the short term anyway. He would surely put butts in the seats. He would be the Dolphins version of Willie Beamen (Any Given Sunday). He's young and exciting and even if Miami struggles the second he gets the starting nod fans will still stay tuned in and want him to win and progress. Not like this year where we all hoped to Suck for Luck until the Dolphins decided they remembered how to play football.

I would be willing to swap 1st with whoever holds the #3 spot because Luck will go #1 to Indy (they still will get 1st pick based on strength of schedule), St. Louis or Minnesota will draft Kalil from USC and then at #3 trade up! Swap 1st, give a 2nd and next years 1st and 4th should do it. If they want more I would do it.

RG3 is a unique blend at QB. He is a QB who happens to be a supremely gifted athlete. He is not an athlete who happens to play QB. In this new-age NFL where you can't sneeze on a QB his athleticism and scrambling make him that much more of a MUST-HAVE!

Andy, The only thing I'm afraid of is Ireland have never been the type of guy to trade up in the draft. As a matter of fact he prefers to trade down. I truly hope Miami can get this kid somehow but history telling us it doesnt look good.

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