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Today's Patriots a picture of yesterday's Dolphins

I am not going to predict the Dolphins will beat the Patriots this week. I made that mistake once already this season and got burned. No, I wasn't roasted as badly as the Dolphins secondary was in the regular-season opener. But I was definitely left hot under the collar.

So there's that.

The Patriots are a good team -- a very good team by any regular-season measure. But, you see, that's it. They're a good team by regular-season measures. They are 11-3 and the AFC East champions once again, but the problem for them is that's not enough.

The folks up in New England think differently than Dolphins fans do. They think Super Bowl. They measure the success of a season by how close the team comes to winning it all, not how close the team comes to being .500. They view their Patriots as perennial title contenders.

NOTE: The NFL has announced running back Reggie Bush has been named the AFC offensive player of the week. I tweeted this minutes ago. If you wish to get the latest information on the Dolphins from me via twitter, kindly follow me.

I view their Patriots much the same way I view the early 1990s Dolphins. The Pats have Tom Brady. Those long-ago Dolphins had Dan Marino. The Patriots have a nice complement of wide receivers and tight ends. So did those Dolphins. The Patriots have a bottom-third running game. So did those Dolphins.

The Patriots defense is not championship caliber. And neither was Miami's back in the day.

The Patriots will get in the playoffs as long as Brady is Brady. And that's what the Dolphins did with Marino.

But lately that hasn't been enough because playoff football is different. Playoff football requires some playmaking on defense. Playoff football means you sometimes have to turn to something other than your strength -- such as a running game or some significant stops on defense -- to overcome those moments when the other really good team takes away your strength.

The old-time Dolphins didn't have that other thing. And neither do these Patriots.

None of this means the Dolphins will beat the Patriots on Sunday. Miami simply isn't on the same level as New England. But if I'm right, this is what it all means:

The Patriots will probably run into a more complete team in the postseason and all their regular-season noise-making will be muted by the filter of the tournament. Then, eventually, Tom Brady will begin his decline. Perhaps it'll come gradually at first and faster as the years pile up. But it will come.

And there, again, today's Patriots will be like the Dolphins of yesteryear -- hoping the next quarterback or one of the next ten quarterbacks can live up to the work Brady did.


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that's why they drafted Mallett

What Armando? Is it just me or does this article seem illogical.

Wow! If Dolphins fans are this depressed, wow!

Cheer up, Armando. Yes, all good things will pass but liven up. Live for the day, fella!

Agree with "Gibril please come back". The difference between the current Patriots and the former Dolphins is that Belichick was smart enough to draft Brady's successor (Mallett), while the current Phins moved up to the second round to pick a mediocre RB (Daniel Thomas).

I wouldn't say depressed, but just angry and frustrated. All we can do is voice our opinions and frustrations and hope for the best. Hope the people in charge of our team make the right decisions, in hiring a new HC, in free agency, and most importantly the draft.

Didn't take long for the Mallett supporters to chirp in.

Armando is right, the Pats are having their way with teams right now but they are very susceptable in a do or die situation. If Big Ben is healthy they won't get past the Steelers. I'm unsure about the Ravens and the Texans right now because they are hit and miss but the Pats have big holes and if I'm not mistaken they've been one and done the last three years.

How is this post ANYTHING about Ryan Mallett? Something tells me Armando knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Looking forward to this kid falling flat on his face, so people can shut up about him.

Hopefully when the Pats are on the decline, we'll be on the incline, and will win as much as they did when we get to be Kings of the AFC East again.

I won't hold my breath though.

Great compareson by Armando.When the pats won sb's they had a better defense.And we'll see about Mallet.All i know is that he better suck.

Be very careful when saying the pats will falter in the playoffs. Yes, the defense is poor against the pass and average against the run. Got worse since haynesworth was released. However, they do disrupt and create big plays. They cause a lot of turnovers. They are built very similar to green bay. Causing turnovers is the great equalizer for one that gives up a lot of yards.

Fake Spiderman @ 11:46. Why do guys post under someone name?

How old is Brady 33? so what does he have 3 good years before they come back down to earth.


I disagree. Their secondary is VERY vulnerable and they have no running game to keep the other team off the field. They will get into shootouts EVERY week. Very tough to win a Super Bowl that way. Let's watch and see who's right.....if it's you, I will bow to you...LOL.

sad part is if we do happen to win the last two games the FO will say see we have the pieces just bad coaching and moore is our QB of the future and will not go after a QB in the draft and will just re-sign Henne as a backup. I can not root for miami to lose against the Pat and Jets just hope front office goes after a QB in the draft


You mean its just now struck you that the Pats are:

O-V-E-R- O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D?

Wow, how long did take you to find out that the Cow's milk came before the milk carton?

Still, none of the Afc playoff calibre teams are playing particularly great. Anything can happen.

There's even chance, wait for it...wait for it...


it does not matter if there 2ndary is vun or no running game they have ( do i need to say it) " TOM BRADY" thats all they need period.l

Armando tweet about Landry Jones being a possible good get at 8-15. Well, yes, that is a tad higher than where he's currently rated, but assuming the top 3 are gone, Jones would be next up. However, we don't have the combine yet to equalize the evaluations yet. I'm not normally a big believer in the combine, - it creates so many overhyped mistakes -, but in this case, I want to see Jones firing NFL long/fast/accurate out routes etc so we can see if the knocks on him are right or wrong. Honestly, after the big 3, Weeden may be my next choice. Foles, Cousins I need more film on. They may step up to that spot. Tannehill, and Manuel need to drop to 3-4th round in my opinion. Way too, raw, and proved absolutely NOTHING in college to warrant high draft status.

Does anyone know if Peyton risks injury by getting hit again?

This year's REAL super bowl will probably be Green Bay vs New Orleans in the NFC championship game.

The sb game vs the AFC oppomnent will probably be little more than a crowning ceremony.

..."that's why they drafted Mallett"...

Posted by: Gibril please come back |

I got news for ya.... Mallet is not going to be Tom Brady. Oh, he may do well in a Bill Belichick system set up just for him. But Tom Brady is a 1 in 100 QB who fell out of the sixth round sky right into Bean Towns lap...

The day Brady begins to deterierate, so will the Patriots... and the day he is gone, so will be the Patriots dominance in the AFC East... It happened with Miami and Marino, Buffalo and Kelly, Dallas and Aikman, San Fran and Steve Young, Arizona and Warner, Denver and Elway, Pittsburgh with Bradshaw... Like me to continue???

When a dominant QB is lost of retires from ANY team, They suffer a team setback while waiting on a replacement, so far Rogers in Green Bay taking over for Favre is the one and only exception to that rule. Mallet does not have the brains of Brady nor the accuracy.

Was that another fake Spiderman?

T.brady will be a great test to see how far this secondary has come since the opener. Hopefully they've turn a corner.


The Patriots TE's will be the most difficult task for the Dolphins defense. i see us giving up some big yards from their TE's in the passing game.

However, a Pats vs Tebows AFC championship game isnt outside the realms of possibility.

A Pats vs tebows AFC championship game would have me lean towards the Tebows by 3pts.


It was only a matter of time before other teams caught up with Harbaugh's sluggish ball control style. Getting harbaugh would have been more of the same old Parcells blueprint.

It catches you off guard at first, but it doesnt take too long to catch up too. 49ers will be one and done in the playoffs. Then everything will be downhill after that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Yesterdays Fool

You treat the blog like its made out of toilet paper.

This fins team is not able to beat an opponent when they are in good form...fins this season only beat teams when are struggling.

"how close the team comes to being .500"
That's really huts. But it's a fact.
Tree seasons up to now and the Dolphins could not achieve .500

I remember those days when Jim Kelly & Co. would pick our defense apart every year. My gut feeling is the Pats are better than those dolphins.

Pitt & Balt don't look all that good either, I can NE making it to the SB. Also see the Niners out here looking like the best team in the NFL. Better than GB even. Too bad we couldn't pick up Harbaugh.

Will Allen should make for a better Welker matchup than Sapp. Gronkowski will be the wildcard. He's just so big and physical, he's a tough cover for lb's no matter who or how well he covers.

I also look for a heavy dose of Ocho cinco if matched against Sean Smith. Vonte's fire hot, I dont look for Brady to test him a whole lot.

JS in LA,

Count me as one of those who's still keen on Jones. At one point this season I liked him better than Barkley. Problem is when a guy has one or two bad games everyone magnifies it. The plan should be to get the next starter for the next 10 years. Jones may not be that guy right now but was Rodgers? No, I don't think people could say that he was for sure, otherwise he wouldn't have dropped like he did. If we can't trade up to get one of the three guys then take Jones or whoever is the 'next' QB. Let's get this thing rolling and start planning now.


Sissy Krissy, I guess the green grass has definitely fooled you seeing the 49ers win against Roeslithberger virtually playing on crutches Monday night! LOL

I was just just saying that the Pats are thinking ahead. Obviously they won't be the same without Brady. Brady is an all-time top 10 QB.
But they drafted Mallet, who could very well end up being a good or very good QB.

Chad Henne the Robot

Landry Jones the RobotII

Enuff said!

Landry Jones is about the same pocket statue as Chad Henne once was. He's about as stoic and emotionless too.

Chad Henne = boring

Landry Jones = boring


Ill hope you're right, because as it stands, Jones is probably the best we can do assuming someone else doesn't need him ahead of us. The games I watched him play, i saw nothing impressive or unimpressive, either way. But his offense is also not built for quick strike, heavy throwing. Hence the reason I want to see him measure up throw for throw with the other candidates.
His football IQ seems decent, good NFL body, and good coaching. The knocks on him are the arm strength and ability to strike hard/fast at marginal targets. Hard to gauge until he really gets on an NFL team.
If I had a guess, I'd say Henne with a better eye for the field. Hoping to heck Im wrong. But he's a way better prospect than Manuel or Tannehill, that's for sure (to me).

However, Landry Jones may make some lucky team a perrenial one and done wildcard playoff team.

That's great if only making the playoffs makes you blow your wad!


Absolut4ely! Landry Jones is:




If Landry Jones is what this fo drafts in rd 1, they may as well just resign Henne and draft an offensive lineman.

At least that way we dont just completely throw away the 1st rd pick.

Considering Foles is close to pushing up into the 1st round, (right now seen as late 2nd), is there anyone who's seen a lot of him that has an opinion?
**Weeden is definitely NFL quality, but you get about 5 years out of him before he retires. Not a building block.
**Tannehill, Manuel RAW, not-ready-for-primetime NFL QBing. Serious doubts.
**Foles, Cousins, and Lindley next on the "experts" board. Really not up on any of those. Need research.
Please Lord let us be able to trade up.

Ohio Dolfan, Yes another fake spiderman @ 12:26.

I would much rather have the Oklahoma St qb over Oklahoma's Landry Jones. Only downside to him is that he would be 28yrs old in his rookie nfl season.

IMO, Landry Jones is bust waiting to happen.

with all due respect, there is little in your article that is all that enlightening. you are describing the natural progression of any organization centered around the unusual talents of a particular individual (in this case, brady). eventually, that talent ebbs and the organization must adapt, which can take time or may not happen at all (as has been the case with the dolphins). guess what, the same thing happens in biology, fortune 500 companies and politics... you are stating the obvious

to me, your article smells a bit like sour grapes. it's like telling a very attractive woman, "one day, you will be old" just because she won't sleep with you


I would even take Nick Fowles over Landry Jones! LOL


Seriously....with some of the predictions you've gotten wrong, I put VERY little stock in your opinion. You could describe Matt Ryan as being robotic. The guy gets the job done....oh yeah, to date he's one and done in the playoffs too.

You've got this idea that teams are just DYING to let us trade down with them. That's BS!! If the top three guys are as dymanite as you claim they'll be, why would anybody not take them? So you're picking 9th and all three guys are gone becuse nobody would trade down with us. Now what? Your move hotshot....

If Im correct Weeden would be close to 29 at the beginning of next season (born Oct, 1983). He's a damned fine passer, though. ARggghhh! Curse you aqua scum!

Nick Fowles could surprise and be 2012's verion of Andy Dalton. Im not saying Dalton will be a top 5 nfl qb, maybe maybe not.

Just saying, possibly Fowles could possibly have a similar 1st yr impact.

Dying Fool tell us again how Stanzi was the steal of the last draft.


Wrong? Youre king of wrong on this blog. I never claimed to be any kind of expert and neither are you. I kill time here.

Pot meet kettle. LOL

You CAN'T take Weedon with the 9th or 10th pick. That would be CRAZY stuff.....tops he's a late first round pick and he's 28 years old. Why would someone do that? You'll be looking for another !B in 5-6 years and you've got no idea when the guys ready to step on the field or even if he's any good. That's suicide IMO....

YGDB tell us again how Sparano is hottest coach on the market.

matt moore is a better qb than mallet. mallet is brady quinn cat nip for dumb fins fans on here. this years draft has at least 5 QB's who will be better than that chump. i think matt moore could be the answer though. he can make all the throws, has that gunslinger swagger and move well in the pocket. the combo of thomas and bush will be sweet. i don't think we need to rip everything apart! make bowles the coach. keep both coordinators and have a great draft. get a QB for the future, a right tackle, and a stud TE and another safety. draft the best available with the rest and see what you can grab in FA. i think we had a good draft/FA last season. have an even better one this year and we are in the hunt.

Rotor Rooter,

Uh, buttplug.......

The situation for Stanzi hasnt even arisen yet. I never hje would be an instant impact player.

Now go take a long hard sniff of yourself Mr. Buttplug. You stink! LOL

I'd prefer to listen to the experts who at one point this season had Jones as the number TWO prospect after Luck and ahead of Barkley. I haven't watched the kid enough but his game can't have fallen that far. We're not asking this kid to walk in and be a day one starter. We're asking him to come in and learn and get better. To take this guy in the first is NOT a mistake. To pass and REACH for another guy or not to take a QB at all IS a mistake.

Few things in life are more pathetic than middle-aged guys in a strip club drinking and spending their way to the comical delusion that the girls performing have ANY interest whatsoever in them aside from their wallets.

I've known some strippers and there wasn't one who didn't think 99% of the clientele was both disgusting and pathetic. If the money wasn't good, they'd laugh right in their faces. That's the truth.

"The folks up in New England think differently than Dolphins fans do. They think Super Bowl. They measure the success of a season by how close the team comes to winning it all, not how close the team comes to being .500. They view their Patriots as perennial title contenders."

Exactly. Too many fans settle for QB's like me Armando, QB's that are solid against bottom barrel teams and below average to sucky against good teams.

jon, great self portrait. and your name fits


Still you have comprehension issues. I never said take Weedom with a upper echelon pick. I said I prefer him over Landry Jones.

Dumbass, has it ever occured to you I dont consider Jones worthy of a 1st rd pick period? Geesh youre stupid. LOL

OK, devils advocate here...
If Foles is a top tier dude, then why wasnt Arizona so much better? His highlight reel looks great (as most do throwing deep to wide open receivers), but how is he at being a leader? Winner? Solving complex defenses, making plays when there aren't any there?
Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Rivers, Roethslesberger, ..heck even Tebow do this. That's what we lack.
BTW, Mallett never did that, so please Mallett fans keep your comments dimmed until after we see the boy fill brady's shoes. Dalton WAS available for us to grab last year too, and we did blow that one.

I've known some strippers

Posted by: jon | December 21, 2011 at 01:04 PM

Very impressive. So you are saying you had 5 bucks to pay a cover charge or you live in scuzzville.

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