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Today's Patriots a picture of yesterday's Dolphins

I am not going to predict the Dolphins will beat the Patriots this week. I made that mistake once already this season and got burned. No, I wasn't roasted as badly as the Dolphins secondary was in the regular-season opener. But I was definitely left hot under the collar.

So there's that.

The Patriots are a good team -- a very good team by any regular-season measure. But, you see, that's it. They're a good team by regular-season measures. They are 11-3 and the AFC East champions once again, but the problem for them is that's not enough.

The folks up in New England think differently than Dolphins fans do. They think Super Bowl. They measure the success of a season by how close the team comes to winning it all, not how close the team comes to being .500. They view their Patriots as perennial title contenders.

NOTE: The NFL has announced running back Reggie Bush has been named the AFC offensive player of the week. I tweeted this minutes ago. If you wish to get the latest information on the Dolphins from me via twitter, kindly follow me.

I view their Patriots much the same way I view the early 1990s Dolphins. The Pats have Tom Brady. Those long-ago Dolphins had Dan Marino. The Patriots have a nice complement of wide receivers and tight ends. So did those Dolphins. The Patriots have a bottom-third running game. So did those Dolphins.

The Patriots defense is not championship caliber. And neither was Miami's back in the day.

The Patriots will get in the playoffs as long as Brady is Brady. And that's what the Dolphins did with Marino.

But lately that hasn't been enough because playoff football is different. Playoff football requires some playmaking on defense. Playoff football means you sometimes have to turn to something other than your strength -- such as a running game or some significant stops on defense -- to overcome those moments when the other really good team takes away your strength.

The old-time Dolphins didn't have that other thing. And neither do these Patriots.

None of this means the Dolphins will beat the Patriots on Sunday. Miami simply isn't on the same level as New England. But if I'm right, this is what it all means:

The Patriots will probably run into a more complete team in the postseason and all their regular-season noise-making will be muted by the filter of the tournament. Then, eventually, Tom Brady will begin his decline. Perhaps it'll come gradually at first and faster as the years pile up. But it will come.

And there, again, today's Patriots will be like the Dolphins of yesteryear -- hoping the next quarterback or one of the next ten quarterbacks can live up to the work Brady did.


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Thanks. That's a compliment coming from you.

You never answered my question, oh wise one. You're sitting at 10, all three QBs are gone. What are you going to do?

I'd prefer to listen to the experts who at one point this season had Jones as the number TWO prospect after Luck and ahead of Barkley.

Posted by: Craig M | December 21, 2011 at 01:03 PM

Cool, because I have a feeling youre far better off having someone else doing your thinking for you. Even if theyre wrong.

That way at least occasionally youll get something right! LOL


Yesterdays Fool You treat the blog like its made out of toilet paper.

Posted by: Flush you | December 21, 2011 at 12:33 PM


Go back to sleep....you bring nothing to the blog. You wake up form your nap and profess to be an expert. I'm not the only one on here who feels that way. You come up with these stupid nick-names for people and you drag your fights long into the night. Get a life....or get a girlfriend even....but find something to do....you're a bore!


I don't know Sproles well enough to have an opinion but he's definitely one of the guys I would look at.

At least our secondary shouldn't be hobbled by heat exhaustion cramps and poor conditioning on Saturday.

Guys....we are literally two (2) men away from the glory days of the 80's & 90's.

1 - Head Coach
2 - Franchise QB

We will have both in place by the time camp opens in July.

Mr DyingFool suffer from dried up wife or wet noodle between legs.


Dumbass, if youre sitting at #10 and all the qb's worthy of selecting at #10 are gone.

A. You select an impact player at another position worthy of the pick


B. Trade down and get a qb that has a middle of the 1st to bottom 1st rd qb grade.

Any more dumbass questions?

Coach yes, but quality candidates will be hedging if we end up with mid-round draft pick - which we are hovering around.
QB ... well, we would have had our franchise guy if we could keep from blowing it by becoming super-players when we're eliminated from post season. The more we win, the more we're looking at Henne 2.0.
If we trade up... THEN maybe we get get the enchilada. Without that... all is at risk. But we might get lucky.


The option's always on the table to trade down to bottom of the 1st rd, pick up an extra 2nd rd pick, trade that(say 27th pick) to the Colts for Peyton Manning.

Then use one of your two 2nd rd picks for a qb who sits and learns behind Manning 3-4yrs.

Just so a certain dumbass here doesnt get confused. This is only an "OPTION"! LOL

Last couple games the offense has rushed for 200yds and has been very solid during our 5-2 win loss run.

Manning with a very solid run game would be lethal even late in his career. See:


Interesting Bush had is very best game with Jerry at LT. What may we deduce from that?

Tony Dungy was on ESPN this weekend saying if Manning leaves Indy, he would rather retire than play for another team.

Granted the scenario was if Manning was unable to recover from his neck injury.

Bottom line....Manning would never come to Miami so let's get that option OFF THE TABLE.

Elway wasn't a sack away from parallysis.
That plain scares me.
I really dont think he'll play past one more year.


You have no farting idea what Manning would or wouldn't do. Blow your gas elsewhere please.

Before anyone gets there panties in a Peyton Manning's bunch. I know... I know.......

There's no guarantee he fully recovers from the neck surgery. Still there's no guarantee he wont fully recover from it either. If the run game continues to produce like it has lately, we'll be able to keep him upright long enough to protect him.

The Peyton Manning affair is only a matter of our medical staff properly doing thier homework on it. Unlike the fvcked job they did evaluating Drew Brees.



Bush broke the 76yd inside of the C and LG hole. This means Pouncey and Incognito. However, I do give the entire "left side" of the oline credit for all doing thier jobs.

Derek, I agree with your post for the most part, but SF went from Montana to Young, Green bay actually improved their QB after Favre. Not saying there will not be a drop off when brady retires, but the Pats are pretty good on the roster from number 2 through 40. That's why they could win 11 games without Brady. Pats always draft a QB with their multiple picks to develop and trade if needed. Cassel 7th rounder, traded for a number 2.
As for thier defense, I have preached it was bad for the last three years. But, they are middle of the pack in points allowed. Less points allowed than the Jets, same as the Packers. That's why they play the games. Oh and beat the Jets Phins.

We lost against the Pats
We Win against the Jets
Finish 6-10 and secure a top 10 pick (because other teams will finish 6-10 and we win the tie-breaker).

Now, depending on the needs of the teams ahead of us, we will be in the running for either RG3 or Barkley.

We are at a crossroads on Jan 2nd and the new HC pick is IMO bigger than who we start at QB.

Start Moore going into week 1 and groom our rookie QB to be ready to roll by mid-season if needed.

It's ironic that Eli has surpassed his older brother as the best player in their family. I wonder at family gatherings does Eli boast this in Peytoon face.

Difference here is that brees was a free agent, and wouldn't have to mortage our future to get him. He also wasn't anywhere near retirement age.
I agree Manning may be fully recovered, but for how lomng would even he temp fate? He wants another year to prove he's still top dog, and then... leave on a high note with neck intact?
Who knows, but I don't see a rosy picture with manning in most circumstances.
I have also yet to see an athlete who needed SEVERAL surgeries for the sam ailment come out 100%.


7-9 got us 15th pick last year. Only 1 win away(6-10). I would say somewhere between 12th-13th pick. Not 10 or lower.

Gassy....agreed I have no idea what Manning is going to do.
But Dungy (ex-coach & friend) along with Charlie Casserly (former GM and football guru) do!

Therefore I'm just passing along information from trusted sources.

Now excuse me as I need to drop the kids off at the pool!

Getting one of the top 3 QB's is history. Nobody is giving them up for a trade. Move on...

Why is that ironic? Eli is the only one playing right now. Not sure how that constitutes "irony" in any way.

Is it ironic that Reggie Bush is a better player than Barry Sanders right now, too?


I have no idea what Manning is going to do. But Dungy (ex-coach & friend) along with Charlie Casserly (former GM and football guru) do! Therefore I'm just passing along information from trusted sources.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | December 21, 2011 at 01:36 PM

Perfect example of how dumb and gullible our society has become. No wonder Washington is a total mess with voters like the above out in full force.

They think TV commercials are produced by Encyclopedia Brittanica LOL.

We are sitting at #8 right now...

If we lose out we can statistically be in the top 5 so lets not rule out a top ten finish yet.

Both the Pats & Jets play us hard every time and the folks in Vegas have us listed as underdogs.

5-11 is a real possibility!

It will be a good test for our D to play against and elite offence and QB. Conversely, it will be a good challenge for NE, to make preparations for the Playoffs. Good game for all.


If Luck makes it a condition he starts as a signing demand. The Colts are in quite the dilenma. Should Luck refuse to sign because he doesnt get that guarantee:

Colts have to trade Manning, Manning retires, negotiate a trade feesible for Luck, or Luck re-enters the 2013 draft.

Even if the Colts are able to sign Luck and keep Manning. There's great chance it will only be a 1yr arrangement.


TV, Analysts, Friends, Jokers, its all about entertainment, capturing YOUR attention so that you will succumb to the commercials.

Dungy doesn't know what Peyton doesn't even know yet.

Now, go vote for Ronald McDonald...

Peyton is done in Indy. No way they are paying a 36 yo QB with fused vertebrae a 28 million dollar bonus. Use common sense here.

Draft order if season ended today:

Colts - Luck
Rams - sticking with Bradford
Vikings - sticking with Ponder
Bucs - sticking with Freeman
Jags - invested heavily in Gabbert
Browns - McCoy is average...may go QB here
Skins - Shanahan is picking QB, no doubt
Fins - Ross has said "QB early" is his decision

So...the optimist in me says we are in the hunt for Barkley, RG3 or even Jones.

Have FAITH my friends!


All Im doing is throwing possibilities out there. Something some of you are either unwilling or dont possess the fore-sight to do.

So while your panties are still in a bunch, I'll throw out another possibility:

Contingent upon his combine, RG3, is "PRESENTLY" considered to be available into the mid 1st rd. I havent stated any thats concrete and neither have any of you.

Im doing the exact same thing as you guys, throwing out possibilities that could exist. Until draft day, no one's right, no one's wrong. If some of you dont mind. I do have right to my own likes or dislikes dont I? LOL

I do have right to my own likes or dislikes dont I? LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 21, 2011 at 01:49 PM

No right to call everyone a dumbass that doesn't agree with your dumbass opinions. Sparano hottest coach on the market my AZZZZZZ.

I love that everyone thinks Armando is a Dolphins fan because he writes about the Dolphins. As if he interviewed at a Miami paper because he was just such a huge Dolphins fan that he HAD to cover the team.

And no matter how many times he tells people he's not a Dolphins fan someone insists on making him one in their post.

Guys he gets upset when the Dolphins suck because it is no fun to cover a garbage team, that is all.

Fans are so delusional.

Apparently people don't know that the packers defense is ranked 31st and almost as bad as the Pats. No ones talking about their suspect defense. You're just a bitter phan

yesterday...I could not agree more.
this forum is a place to share ideas and gather intel.
some trolls like to insert sick humor or toss around seemingly oddball topics like what's cooking for dinner tonight.

Anyway, we will all be anxiously waiting the new HC announcement and subsequent draft picks with bated breath.


Rams- Kalil(protects Bradford)
Vikings- Juston Blackmon(lethal target for Ponder)
Bucs- Defense
Jags- Barkley(Gabbert looks terrified)

Redskins look like biggest RG3 threat. Shanahan could also have visions of Elway in his head and pulls off a Manning trade. He does have big enough balls to do this.

Armando the Patriots will beat the Dolphins and then make it to the AFC Championship game. Welcome to today's NFL where offense rules, spreading the field dominates and scoring points is a forgone conclusion. If the Patriots score 34 points and the opposition scores 21 points! Who wins?

Armando your thinking old school NFL. In today's NFL you keep the other team from scoring by playing keep away and scoring a good percentage of the time you get the ball.


Ive been saying for the longest Armando isnt a dolfan. He's a fan of slected dolphin players, but hardly a team fan.

There are many players on the team Armando would far rather write something negative about than positive. even when these certain players do something positive, Armando is very slow to acknowledge it.

No way Armando is a Miami Dolphins "TEAM" fan. His writing has FULLY proven it!

"The Patriots will get in the playoffs as long as Brady is Brady. And that's what the Dolphins did with Marino." I respect Marino, but his first year was the closest that he ever got to the SuperBowl, when Joe Montana went on to beat him in the playoffs, never to see him again as Joe went on to win 4 Superbowls! That's history and that's the truth! Marino brought excitement, but he NEVER was on a winning franchise in his era, the first year against Montana being the closest that he ever got! Just saying...

Fins will beat NE in an upset. NE due for an off day.

Within a month, we went from shoe-in for Luck, to - OK, Barkley's good enough, to - Maybe we end up with RG3, to - Well we MAY be able to luck out and grab Jones, or maybe Foles. Two more weeks to go, and we've managed to screw ourselves deeper almost every week. So my faith is at an all-time low that we'll come out of this season with a great new coach, and franchise QB.
Great coaches want great QBs, and we're letting those possibilities slip away. So our attractiveness to coaches is slipping as well.
Really losing faith.
Fingers are crossed, but that hasn't worked at all this season. So...
Bummed. Probably stay bummed until something great happens. hasn't yet.

Like to hear something out of Jeff Fisher. Maybe I'm not watching the right shows but where's this guy been? Does he have the passion to coach again? How does he feel about the Dolphins and the state of the NFL?

Heard Billick on a radio show yesterday and think he'd jump at the Fins job. Of course he wouldn't come out and say that but reading between the lines that's what I got out of the interview. But why has he been out of the league for so long?

Interesting Bush had is very best game with Jerry at LT. What may we deduce from that?
Posted by: Hmmmm | December 21, 2011 at 01:24 PM

I think we can confidently conclude two things about John Jerry as of late:

1. He's recovering nicely from his juicing "issues". He's replaced laziness and enhancers with good old fashioned hard work.

2. Ireland and SpOrano screwed the pooch yet again in forcing him to play inside rather than his natural position at Right Tackle. I can **NORMALLY** understand mistakes like this. However, when you consider Carey didn't play well enough to hold the tackle spot a year ago, and Colombo is just Colombo, it becomes MIND BOGGLING!!!!

Congrats to Reggie, well earned. You have proven many wrong, including my own doubts. I yes I did vote..

buffalo sux.

Everytime we win are draft pick hopes go down the tubes.

Miamy clowns keep dreaming ! Patriots always be on the elite tier and you never ! I fill sorry for YOU , no just kidding , lousy losers !

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