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Todd Bowles in his own words

Todd Bowles held his first press conference as the Dolphins interim coach today.

This is everything he said:

(On how he moves forward from now after being named the head coach under these circumstances)- “I don’t think you can get a head job on a 14-2 team so the circumstances are different. Me and Coach (Tony) Sparano are extremely tight. Moving forward we have a tough team. We’ve been in every ball game as far as that is concerned. We need to make sure we finish that way. There are no playoffs to look forward to but we have three AFC East division rivals. We’re going to come out and play hard, play smart and try to win the last three.”

(On what it was like when he got the news that he would be taking over the head coaching job from his friend)- “He called me in. I didn’t hear it from anybody but him first. He told me the news and I was shocked initially. Me and Coach Sparano go way back even from the Dallas days. About six or seven years we’ve been together. We both know this is a high performance business and we understand the risk going in. We’ll still continue to be very good friends. I’ll try to finish what he started.”

(On how he addressed the team today knowing that some were disappointed by the news)- “As we all were. We’ve told them to send out their condolences and talk to Coach Sparano. He’s done a lot for everybody including myself. It’s a business. It’s like players leave, coaches leave and we got to continue on that way. We take body blows and we’ll move on.”

(On what he can show in this league)- “We have three games left. It’s not really about me. It’s just trying to keep the team afloat and making sure everybody plays hard and try to win three ball games. I’m a coach; I understand the conversations and the businesses very well. Whatever happens to me after that happens.”

(On what today was like for him running practice for the first time)- “Normally I know most of these guys from a defensive standpoint and the offensive skill people. But addressing the guys today felt in front of a big room it’s not really a big deal. We speak in front of the defensive room all the time. Addressing the situation and then getting them ready to go out to practice. I think the guys are positive. The captains responded. I thought everything went good.”

(On his message about the last three games)- “Just that we’ve been a mentally tough team, we’ve been a resilient team and we’re going to try to finish that way. Everybody is auditioning as they do every year whether the coach stays or goes. Everybody is professional, everybody has a job to do and we’re going to continue to do it that way.”

(On his coaching philosophy and what he expects out of the players)- “I expect them to play hard. I expect them to be tough. This late in the season it’s 13 weeks you’re not going to instill a different coaching philosophy but three weeks left in the season. We have a pretty good thing going in. Just going to play smarter, play together and try to play cohesive football and try to win a ball game.”

(On how important it is to separate himself in these games as a head coach)- “I don’t think it’s about separating myself. I just think it’s just about winning football games. Believe me this is not about me. I don’t stand up here… I’m not trying to be Don Shula. I’m trying to win football games. We have guys in place to win football games. I just have to make sure I manage the game smartly.”

(On Jared Odrick saying he is sarcastic in a detail oriented way)- “I’m extremely sarcastic in a joking kind of way sometimes in a professional kind of way. But I get my point across. We have a great understanding as far as what I expect from them and what they expect from me. I expect everybody to do their job and sometimes you needle people here and there as we do on the field all the time. I think they just take it that way.”

(On his personality compared to Tony Sparano)- “I think the message is the same. The approach may be different. Just hearing it from a new voice I think is the main thing. I think the coaching will be pretty much the same coming from me coming from a defensive side of the ball as opposed to coming from him with an offensive mind and being an offensive line. I’m more of a defensive back/defensive coach on that side of the ball. But the message is the same. We got to win.”

(On the Bruce Springsteen Christmas song at practice)- “No it wasn’t mine. We have offensive and defensive guys pick songs each week. Today was the offensive side. That was Jake Long’s Bruce Springsteen song. That may change next week (laughing).”

(On Matt Moore and if he had a minor concussion)- “No, he has a head and neck injury He’s taking tests right now. When he gets back and the training room gets back to me, we’ll evaluate that later and I can better tell you at that time.”

(On who took the majority snaps at practice today)- “J.P. Losman took some and (Pat) Devlin took some.”

(On new coach and possibly new quarterback and how it raises the degree of difficulty)- “I don’t think it raises the degree of difficulty. If you look around the league there is a lot of injured quarterbacks right now. People have to step in. J.P. (Losman) has been around for awhile. He understands what we’re asking him to do and understands the game. We’ll just try to make sure that (we give him) the game plan that he can work with.”

(On being soft spoken)- “You don’t have to change anything. When you have a head coach you have one voice. Assistants just normally have their loom and their positions. I can speak louder when need be and I have. It’s not really a big change for me. When you’re a defensive back coach you deal with the wide receivers most of the time as well as the linebackers and (defensive) line. Some of the guys you know but they don’t really get a chance to see your personality. These next three weeks they’ll see it.”

(On also described as hard-nosed and straight forward)- “I’m probably more fundamental and technique sound. I’m hard on my guys at a position. Now that I have everybody I’ll be hard on them. They know what they expect from me. I know what to expect from them. You see guys work and you have a trust in them. They have a trust in me. At this point in the year we’re not fooling anybody so we’ll continue to go out and do what we’ve been doing.”

(On Coach Sparano not being in his office)- “It’s a little strange. It’s a little weird but it comes with the job. Big office, big shoes, big chair to fill.”

(On if Tony Sparano Jr. is still on the staff)- “Yes he is.”

(On if he was surprised that he was named interim coach with former head coach like Mike Nolan on the staff)- “We have a few people on the staff that were capable of the job including Mike Nolan, Karl Dorrell, Brian Daboll as well as a couple assistants that haven’t been named. It could have gone to anybody. I’m just thankful to have this opportunity. Coach Sparano trusted me and Jeff Ireland trusted me and Mr. Ross trusted me.”


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OK, you got me! I lied. I did however, have to wipe some cheap liquor off of my Computer Screen! I wonder how that would work?

WCLOMCS(Wiping Cheap Liquor Off My Computer Screen).

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I don't think anybody would get it...................

Posted by: odinseye | December 14, 2011 at 11:38 PM


Why you repost dumb stuff?

Earlier I was going to copy and paste this transcript on the last blog. But I knew what was coming and decided to be nice.

Keep it up and I won't be so nice.

Thunder Theif!!!!

Heh, Heh!!!!

It's the Bewitching Hour!

Telecaster or Stratocaster?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I'll just fondle the acoustic for a while.

Bottom's Up!!!!

Bowles, has the support of Ireland and Ross..hmmm, I bet he is walking through the halls of Davie checking his back constantly for that dagger pointed his direction.

That is too funny. The guy speaks English. I like him already. If that was Sparano, it would have been over after the second question.

Of course they are going to support him and then hang him out to dry in the off season. He is Tony's man so guess what. Bbye. That might be too bad.

What a nest of snakes.

Greetings American Cousins....here's one for you. When was the last time we had a coach that was a winner?

Answer - the great Don Shula.

I hope Ross knows what he's doing more than crater face or it'll be another 15 years of decline.........

It's the Bewitching Hour!

Telecaster or Stratocaster?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I'll just fondle the acoustic for a while.

Bottom's Up!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | December 15, 2011 at 03:20 AM

Oden, You are a loser, That is the only thing you've fondled besides your E.D inflected woody.Get a Life Hippie.

This blog is quickly entering off season stage of pure crap. Until September.

MeatSalad with a side of Penith Lamb Sausages

WOW,do you people have jobs?

OR 2nd shifters?



Looking at Greg Cote's poll.....seems that nearly 70% of fans who read Cote felt the firing was justified....anout 17% of that 70% wanted to wait until after the season...but nevertheless.....


I hope todd bowles wins our last three games and
is named head coach for 2012...my wifes maiden nam is bowles...its an omen....the african american don shula has arrived

Sorry if I try to write something intelligent....

Bowles has leadership qualities - in that he apparently sees himself as a caretaker rather than head coach. It will be interesting to see where this team goes the next three brutal games.

And why is everyone on the Fisher bandwagon now? First is was the kyle Orton bandwagon, now Jeff Fisher. Orton was a Matt Moore kinda guy you bring on to NOT LOSE the game; Fisher had the Titans for years. They had some tough teams. He wasn't that successful...he really wasn't.

I am holding out for Rob Ryan...that would be exciting. Two games a year a huge rivalry. Say what you want about his brother, but the Jets are better off with his mouthy crazy butt. And more fun to watch than Miami has been under Sparano, conservative to a fault.

Bowles? We don't need another coach that can't speak English properly.

Rob Ryan is a low class, disgusting slob. Also his defenses are not that great. Pass.

Good morning guys,

Bowles? Ok that does nothing for me. Miami is a very flawed team but the secondary was one of the areas that has been very flawed and inconsistent to say the least.

It's not like Bowles has all world talent to work with but the the progress of Vontae Davis has been very slow and I for one believe Vontae is very immature but also has a ton of talent and Bowles clearly hasn't gotten through to him yet or anyone else in the secondary.

Does anyone besides myself find it odd that all the interim coaches have been minority candidates?

seems like a good guy. I hope we get a couple of win or at the very least beat the jets. Knocking the jets out of the playoffs is as good as going to the playoffs.

Does anyone really believe there will be a coaching search? We know they wanted to fire Sparano 11 months ago. Does it seem logical they held off looking all this time? It seems more logical to me they have been engaged for many months now in identifying their candidates and already have one or two targeted that they are confident will accept.

Hey Andy. I read your post yesterday about the Rooney Rule, and agree it might not be the best way to fix a problem the NFL feels it has getting more minority Head Coaches.

There are flaws, however, I think it's obvious the rule has produced more minority HC's. And that's a good thing. If over 75% of the personnel on teams are minority, the NFL wouldn't get away with not having minority HCs for very long (and they understand that).

You may feel it's best to let that happen organically, but it wasn't happening fast enough, so the NFL felt it needed to push teams in the right direction.

I think in a few years (within the next decade) there should be enough minority HCs in the league, or at least a pipeline to attaining a HC position for minority candidates, that this type of incentive won't be needed.

But, under these rules, no, I don't think it's odd. I think teams were trying to get ahead of others by satisfying the Rule, thinking that if they had a candidate currently not on a roster they wanted to hire, they could first interview their interim HC (which before yesterday they were allowed to do) and then hire the HC candidate they wanted. Yes, that's not really fair to the interim HC, since he most likely was never really thought of as a candidate, only interviewed to satisfy this Rule, but it is what it is.

Us as Americans are trying to wade through our racial history and get to the other side, where we can really be a post-racial society. Things are tricky, as this has been a problem centuries in the making, and I don't think there are any easy answers. There are good points on either side of many of the debates surrounding this issue, and the passion and emotions can be constructive and destructive. I think if we all spent time to understand the position of the other side, we might actually get to a point where it's really only about equality for all. But that takes people of good will to come together. Not really something we're very good at right now if you look at the current events of the day (our government, our economy, etc.).

But I agree, when this period is closed, we'll look back and say the Rooney Rule might have done as much damage as it did good for what it intended.

Jon Gruden!!! Jon Gruden!!! Jon Gruden!!!

Miami has had no identity to speak of for a very long time. In the 70's which was before my time it was a 3 headed monster with Csonka, Morris and Kiick and a very good no name defense with a HOF QB in Griese.

The Marino/Shula era was all Marino airing it out all the time.

Even the Jimmy Johnson/Wannstedt era at least had defense and wanted to run the ball all game.

What is Miami now? We claim to be a run first team but abandon the run early and often even in tight games. The defense is hit or miss for the most part.

Gruden brings instant credability to a team that needs it. He is a proven winner. And you hater all bring up he failed in Tampa Bay at the end and maybe he did but he turned Oakland around from a doormat into a team that went deep into the playoffs and if not for some BS tuck rule would have taken them to the Super Bowl. He did more with less in Tampa Bay on offense and the wheels came off at the end and he never was given time to fix it because the Glazers didn't want to re-up the 1 year he had remaining on his contract and went with Raheem Morris.

Gruden made career journeymen Rich Gannon a league MVP.

Gruden made Brad Johnson another career journeymen a Super Bowl winning QB.

If there is one thing he does it get the most out of the least! With Jake Long, Pouncey, Marshal, Bess and a 1-2 punch of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas along with some solid piece on D, and the cash Stephen Ross would be willing to spend the possibility is there!

I'd be more excited about Bowie's being named the head coach than a lot of the names being floated out there, especially mangini


What's up buddy? Yeah I don't want to come off as if I'm some bigot who has a problem with minority head coaches because I'm not. If Miami's next HC was a minority coach and was a good one I would be all in and never flip the switch when things go wrong. I would look at it as another bad HC not a bad black HC if things went wrong.

But the idea of HAVING to interview one is so counter productive to me. Point and case the entire world knew Dan Snyder wanted Mike Shanahann. He was a big flashy name with a Super Bowl winning resume and that is who Snyder wanted. But instead of going right for Shanahann. So Snyder interviewed 2 in house minority candidates just to fulfill the rule. To me it was a slap in the face to those candidates. If I were them I would have never taken the interview.

But just like anything in life the best most qualified person should be hired by the hiree(owners). Even if the owner gets it wrong it is who they decided to go with whether they are black or white


I wouldn't be excited if Mangini were the next HC either. I might become physically sick if that were the case lol.

But Bowles? I'm not saying he isn't qualified but and also he was not working with the most gifted secondary but my FIRST impression of him is a negative one as being a long term HC. He couldn't get anything out of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith who both may not be All Pro caliber but have not shown significant signs of improvement in 3 years under Bowles. FS I will give him a pass there he was working with very little. But Miami's secondary is one of the worst in the league in creating turnovers, they are hit in miss in coverage like most average secondary's and if he can't even coach UP a unit, what makes me thing he can coach UP an entire team?

At least Sparano who stunk as a HC IMO was very good when he was in Dallas coaching the O-line. Now when he had to coach a whole team in Miami he couldn't do that right either but for a time he was very good at what he specialized in. What does Bowles do?

Gruden sucks. Seriously. He is not the answer. He would give Ross the glitz he wants, but with Gruden it is all sparkle and no substance. A terrible evaluator of talent and did a terrible job developing players, especially QBs. No thank you!

I'd be more excited about Bowie's being named the head coach than a lot of the names being floated out there, especially mangini

Posted by: Mark in Toronto


Didn't realize David Bowie knew anything about American football! But I guess it would fit it with Ross's need for star power.

Andy, I agree with your last sentence that in a perfect world that's how it should be.

I also agree that the #1 priority Ross should have in finding a HC is will that person be able to develop a possible young franchise QB, and/or will they be able to game plan and strategize to maximize that QBs potential.

That's why I'm not a big fan of Fisher. He's not known as some offensive genius. Only way he'd work IMO is if he got an offensive guru as OC/QB Coach, of the Mike Martz/Andy Reid/Mike McCarthy pedigree. Otherwise, Fisher won't be able to create the offensive this team will need in the future to compete in this division.

John Gruden = full of it, especially himself. Talks the talk, but can't walk the walk. They couldn't run his ass out of Tampa fast enough. Took a very talented team and basically destroyed them. Sure he won a Super Bowl, but it wasn't with his guys. Couldn't develop a QB if his life depended on it. Seriously, Gruden would be a huge mistake! Sure it would be fun until everyone realized they guy can't evaluate or develop talent. No thanks!

I don't like my coaches soft spoken. Strike one against Bowles. In his defense, he is over his head...

Matt Moore getting hurt may have been the best thing to happen as far as draft position. Win one more game, and Miami is really in trouble. We need to lose the last 3 and get some help to secure a top pick...

Ireland sucks, good one!! Ziggy Stardust is not what I was trying to type, my stupid autocorrect doesn't recognize Bowles, and replaced it with Bowie. Mr. Bowles name is now in my dictionary.

Mangini would absolutely be the worst possible choice. I'd frankly rather Norv Turner or even Cam Cameron back before I'd want Mangini.

And I'm not saying that to say I like those 2 guys. I've picked two of the most loathed people to highlight how little I think of Mangini.

I'd rather be strapped down and forced to watch the MNF stunning loss to the Testaverde Jets in the 4th quarter over and over for a week than see Mangini in a Dolphins jacket on the sideline.

Andy, you make a good case but man, I would take anyone including Bowles over Mangini. I think it would be a significant step down from sparano to be honest.

DC, fisher recognizes this and always had strong offer dive Co ordinaries in Tennessee.

Damn it autocorrect!!!

Enough with this "I hope we get a couple of wins" Whats the point of winning the rest of the games this season? Will you feel sarified for that Sunday? Its pointless.

I hope we lose the rest of the games and get the best draft pick possible. Bowles isnt going to be the coach so who cares hif he's soft spoken or not, he will not be here next year.

Agreed irelandsucks. That hot stretch put us in a tough spot. We need to lose out. Both Washington and jax have a winnable game of their schedules. We need to be ahead of those teams and probably still need to trade up with St Louis or minny.

Amen IrelandSucks. I'm curious how the "just win" crowd thinks today. We're not going to the Playoffs. We've basically done nothing this year. We had a chance at the 1st or 2nd pick, and wasted that chance by winning 4 meaningless games. Games that in a month, let alone a decade, will not be remembered by one single fan.

However, the damage that might have been done will last that long. If we don't secure a franchise QB, and one of the teams who drafts before us this year does, we'll really have to think about how these meaningless wins hurt us.

For those that say the lose mentality is faulty, I think you people are extremely short-sighted. We've been 7-9, twice. Means absolutely nothing. Doesn't help for this year, doesn't help for next year. Does nothing but hurts your chances garnering a top playmaker and helping your team next year, when it might mean something.

Im glad we have more lose out guys then win out guys on this blog..

With Regards to the Rooney Rule:

How about the following being added to the "must interview first" rule:


There, that should cover the most of the cry babies.

Bowles is their token boy. The fact Ireland did not inform B
owles speaks volumes to him being spinelessbastard.
Ross needs to get it right for the fans.

i heard we are getting a new team mascot to replace the dolphin; its a clown.

we won't get our dolphins back until ross sells the team and ireland is ushered out and ordered to stay off the property! until then,who cares?


Let me jog your memory.

Oakland - Gruden took a terrible Oakland team that won 4 games the season before he arrived and in 2 seasons they were in the AFC Championship and the following year was a BS Tom Brady tuck rule away from another AFC Championship game. He did all this while working with one of the most difficult owners in sports at the time Al Davis.

- Gruden made Rich Gannon a career journeymen of a QB into a league MVP and sent him to 4 straight Pro Bowls.

In Tampa Bay he did what he had to his first year and signed FAs on offense to finally get over the hump with Keenan McCardell, Ken Dilger, Joe Jurvicius to pair with a ready made defense and won the Super Bowl in year 1 with less then stellar talent still on that side of the ball. Year 1 was the ultimate success.

- made Brad Johnson a very good Super Bowl winning QB that year and was a good QB for about 2 more seasons while in Tampa.

Gruden had 4 years in Oakland and went to the divisional round and AFC championship and a coach who went to the playoffs 3 times with a Super Bowl win in 7 years in Tampa Bay while working with good but not elite talent is a winner to me.

Do you forget Bruce Allen was brought in Tampa Bay so they can rebuild the teams in Tampa but Gruden was still expected to win while the shed the HUGE contracts of Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Simeon Rice and Keyshawn all players whose contracts were signed before Gruden ever got there.

You can HATE all you want but everyone knows here whether they like my post or not I always come with facts and not "Gruden sucks" or some random opinion.

Gruden would be a great hire if Miami can talk him into working with Ireland.

Andy....I'm not opposed to Gruden more than I'm opposed to getting an aging, former HC who has already won the Superbowl and has been living the cushy life the past few years.

Where's the "fire in the belly" going to come from?

I cannot recall any HC that won a Superbowl, retired, came back to a crappy team and rebuilt a dynasty.

If you can name one, please do so now....


First off he didn't retire like Dick Vermeil or Cowher or Ditka or Joe Gibbs he was fired. Big difference. He still wanted his job those guys were ready to enjoy life outside of football.

Gruden lives football. It's not an act. He does the QB break downs before the draft with the rookies, he does it on Monday nights and him being fired up is not an act IMO.

He didn't step down like Cowher he was flat out fired. At the time many thought it was unjustified. He was expected to continue being a playoff contender while the Bucs retooled with younger players. Remember he took over a veteran team that played not to lose and lost every year in the playoffs before he got there. He added a few pieces and in year 1 they won the Super Bowl. He is a VERY successful coach. He believes in his version of the West Coast offense which happens to like to run the ball more then most. Miami would be relevant and have an identity which every top team seems to have (piggy backing off of DC's comments from yesterday).

Hell, I'm not a fool. I'm a 100% win-out guy when it counts; now, I don't care one way or the other.

Dick Vermeil was as good example as he did come back with St. Louis and win it all...granted he had Kurt Warner in his prime, but you did name one.

Gibbs & Dikta in their second tour never won many playoff games and did not built teams to last.

But...with that said, Gruden seems to still be young enough to make an investment in time to build a winning team.

I and many blogger here, don't want a flash in the pan. We want a decade of winning and that all begins with a great HC/QB combo.

Will a potential Gruden/RG3 combo be one for the ages?

Only time will tell...but I can tell you this

Bowels/Moore ain't going down in history!


To correct you and myself I was actually pointing out Vermeil who didn't win a SB after he retired. He never won it in Philly came back won it in St. Louis but thenretired again and didn't win it in KC.

But I don't care what anyone says, Gruden is a GREAT coach and a very innovative offensive mind. He also is one of the best halftime adjustment coaches in the league. He has a HUGE ego but that's what is needed when you coach against Belichick and Rex twice a year. But his ego also doesn't come into play in what is best for the team. He runs a West Coast offense yet when he was in Oakland he had highly efficient QBs with a top 10 running game with Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley of all people and in Tampa Bay Cadillac was rookie of the year under Gruden.

Gruden gets the most out of what he is given, period.

Funny you say Cadillac was "rookie of the year" under Grunden, as he was in the same draft class as Ronnie Brown who won nothing as a Dolphin.

I'm not "Anti-Gruden" I just want a HC who will be the best "Fit" with our players, GM & Owner.

If Grunden can check his ego at the door when he meets with Ireland & Ross, then bring him on board.

Well....no Cowher posts so far....that's at least refreshing.

Now can we please stop talking about Gruden? He's not going to Miami or anywhere else. He likes his t.v. gig and little QB show too much. He has no interest at this point in returning to the side-line where he'll have to bust his arse 100 hours a week.

Let's start talking about realistic candidates please....and get over these wet dream, fantastical scenarios.


We gotta agree to disagree I guess. I'm a huge Gruden fan and feel he is exactly what Miami needs. Miami fans and players need his ego so the team takes on that personality too.

Gruden can match coaching wits with the best of them (Belichick, Rex) and he knows it. His players know he runs the show they make the plays. Sounds familiar to the other 2 teams who happen to be perenial playoff contenders and of course Super Bowls with Belichick.

wolfmna, please let us know who are your candidates for the HC job?

Any reason why Bellick hasnt coached since 2007?


You don't think Gruden has any interest of getting back to coaching? We can all assume he would rather stay on as an analyst for MNF and ESPN but does any of us really know? No.

Money talks and Stephen Ross has plenty of it. And money is not his only motive if one thing we all can assume is Gruden has a passion for football. Do you think a guy with his passion who was FIRED, not resigned doesn't want to get back to doing what he is and thats a Head Coach.

Now maybe your right and Gruden won't even consider Miami because of lack of offensive talent and most importantly no QB who is a long term solution but to say he'd rather sit in a studio is a bad assumption considering who we are talking about.

Would We,Miami Dolphins fans,be pleased if, Brian Billick and RG3 were a part of Our team?

I'd take Billick & RG3 in heartbeat!

....but we're probably going to get:

Mangini & Weeden....and that would make me cry.

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