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Todd Bowles in his own words

Todd Bowles held his first press conference as the Dolphins interim coach today.

This is everything he said:

(On how he moves forward from now after being named the head coach under these circumstances)- “I don’t think you can get a head job on a 14-2 team so the circumstances are different. Me and Coach (Tony) Sparano are extremely tight. Moving forward we have a tough team. We’ve been in every ball game as far as that is concerned. We need to make sure we finish that way. There are no playoffs to look forward to but we have three AFC East division rivals. We’re going to come out and play hard, play smart and try to win the last three.”

(On what it was like when he got the news that he would be taking over the head coaching job from his friend)- “He called me in. I didn’t hear it from anybody but him first. He told me the news and I was shocked initially. Me and Coach Sparano go way back even from the Dallas days. About six or seven years we’ve been together. We both know this is a high performance business and we understand the risk going in. We’ll still continue to be very good friends. I’ll try to finish what he started.”

(On how he addressed the team today knowing that some were disappointed by the news)- “As we all were. We’ve told them to send out their condolences and talk to Coach Sparano. He’s done a lot for everybody including myself. It’s a business. It’s like players leave, coaches leave and we got to continue on that way. We take body blows and we’ll move on.”

(On what he can show in this league)- “We have three games left. It’s not really about me. It’s just trying to keep the team afloat and making sure everybody plays hard and try to win three ball games. I’m a coach; I understand the conversations and the businesses very well. Whatever happens to me after that happens.”

(On what today was like for him running practice for the first time)- “Normally I know most of these guys from a defensive standpoint and the offensive skill people. But addressing the guys today felt in front of a big room it’s not really a big deal. We speak in front of the defensive room all the time. Addressing the situation and then getting them ready to go out to practice. I think the guys are positive. The captains responded. I thought everything went good.”

(On his message about the last three games)- “Just that we’ve been a mentally tough team, we’ve been a resilient team and we’re going to try to finish that way. Everybody is auditioning as they do every year whether the coach stays or goes. Everybody is professional, everybody has a job to do and we’re going to continue to do it that way.”

(On his coaching philosophy and what he expects out of the players)- “I expect them to play hard. I expect them to be tough. This late in the season it’s 13 weeks you’re not going to instill a different coaching philosophy but three weeks left in the season. We have a pretty good thing going in. Just going to play smarter, play together and try to play cohesive football and try to win a ball game.”

(On how important it is to separate himself in these games as a head coach)- “I don’t think it’s about separating myself. I just think it’s just about winning football games. Believe me this is not about me. I don’t stand up here… I’m not trying to be Don Shula. I’m trying to win football games. We have guys in place to win football games. I just have to make sure I manage the game smartly.”

(On Jared Odrick saying he is sarcastic in a detail oriented way)- “I’m extremely sarcastic in a joking kind of way sometimes in a professional kind of way. But I get my point across. We have a great understanding as far as what I expect from them and what they expect from me. I expect everybody to do their job and sometimes you needle people here and there as we do on the field all the time. I think they just take it that way.”

(On his personality compared to Tony Sparano)- “I think the message is the same. The approach may be different. Just hearing it from a new voice I think is the main thing. I think the coaching will be pretty much the same coming from me coming from a defensive side of the ball as opposed to coming from him with an offensive mind and being an offensive line. I’m more of a defensive back/defensive coach on that side of the ball. But the message is the same. We got to win.”

(On the Bruce Springsteen Christmas song at practice)- “No it wasn’t mine. We have offensive and defensive guys pick songs each week. Today was the offensive side. That was Jake Long’s Bruce Springsteen song. That may change next week (laughing).”

(On Matt Moore and if he had a minor concussion)- “No, he has a head and neck injury He’s taking tests right now. When he gets back and the training room gets back to me, we’ll evaluate that later and I can better tell you at that time.”

(On who took the majority snaps at practice today)- “J.P. Losman took some and (Pat) Devlin took some.”

(On new coach and possibly new quarterback and how it raises the degree of difficulty)- “I don’t think it raises the degree of difficulty. If you look around the league there is a lot of injured quarterbacks right now. People have to step in. J.P. (Losman) has been around for awhile. He understands what we’re asking him to do and understands the game. We’ll just try to make sure that (we give him) the game plan that he can work with.”

(On being soft spoken)- “You don’t have to change anything. When you have a head coach you have one voice. Assistants just normally have their loom and their positions. I can speak louder when need be and I have. It’s not really a big change for me. When you’re a defensive back coach you deal with the wide receivers most of the time as well as the linebackers and (defensive) line. Some of the guys you know but they don’t really get a chance to see your personality. These next three weeks they’ll see it.”

(On also described as hard-nosed and straight forward)- “I’m probably more fundamental and technique sound. I’m hard on my guys at a position. Now that I have everybody I’ll be hard on them. They know what they expect from me. I know what to expect from them. You see guys work and you have a trust in them. They have a trust in me. At this point in the year we’re not fooling anybody so we’ll continue to go out and do what we’ve been doing.”

(On Coach Sparano not being in his office)- “It’s a little strange. It’s a little weird but it comes with the job. Big office, big shoes, big chair to fill.”

(On if Tony Sparano Jr. is still on the staff)- “Yes he is.”

(On if he was surprised that he was named interim coach with former head coach like Mike Nolan on the staff)- “We have a few people on the staff that were capable of the job including Mike Nolan, Karl Dorrell, Brian Daboll as well as a couple assistants that haven’t been named. It could have gone to anybody. I’m just thankful to have this opportunity. Coach Sparano trusted me and Jeff Ireland trusted me and Mr. Ross trusted me.”


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Why? Billick coached Tony Banks to no avail.

In RE to Gruden....personally, I think he would be ideal....and he would be my top choice for numerous reasons. That said, it's a fantasy.

I can only go by what he's said on numreous occasions on various sports shows...he's not interested at the moment. Couple that with the long term and lucrative extension with ESPN.

Could that all be posturing? Sure, I suppose it could...but the situation doesn't really call for that. It's not the same thing as....for example, Saban saying he's not going to Alabama and then he splits....Saban was in the middle of a football season. Not to mention...and I may be nieve here, but I think Cowher and Gruden are more standup individuals than Nick Saban.

Of the "name" coaches out there that aren't pure fantasy, I would be interested in Billick. Unlike Cowher or Gruden, Billick has expressed that he would like to return to coaching. He's an offensive minded guy and has also shown an ability to adjust his philosophy to team strengths. That's good coaching.

Colts 0-13 next 3 games Titans, Houston,Jax Predicted record 0-16

Vikings 2-11 Next 3 games Saints, Redskins, Bears Predicted record 2-14

Rams 2-11 Next 3 games Bengals, Pitt, 49ers Predicted record 2-14

Panthers 4-9 Next 3 games Houston, Bucs, Saints Predicted ecord 4-12

Browns 4-9 Next 3 games Cards, Ravens, Pitt Predicted record 4-12

Miami 4-9 Next 3 games Bills, NE, Jets Predicted record 4-12

Bucs 4-9 Next 3 games Dallas, Panthers, Atlanta Predicted record 5-11

Redskins 4-9 Next 3 games NYG, Vikings, Eagles Predicted record 5-11

Jax 4-9 Next 3 games Atlanta, Titans, Colts Predicted record 5-11

Looks like if my predictions are correct we could be picking 5th or 6th depending on Strength of Schedule between us and the Browns.

I feel like we could get either Barkley or RGIII picking in that area.

All that said....if I were the GM or owner, I would certainly contact both Cowher and Gruden...as a matter of due dilligence.

But then I would quickly move on to more realistic options and start getting this thing looking forward.

Andy, I feel like Wolfman considering Gruden. He would be a very good choice but I doubt he comes back to FB.

I am betting on Fisher.

IF...Barkley & RG3 are on the board when we pick you take RG3....PERIOD.


I'm not a fan of Billick at all personally. He was on Mike and Mike this morning and was talking about NFC playoff teams and said the way Atlanta is coming along with Matt Ryan having other options like "Julio Cruz" they can be dangerous.

Ok who the F is Julio Cruz? And yes I know he meant Julio Jones but he is an idiot to me. But RG3 and Billick? If it meant he was part of the reason RG3 got to Miami by convincing Ireland that RG3 was worthy of trading up a few spots which it's going to take then I'm all in for that reason alone.

Billick/Matt Moore and some 2nd or 3rd round prospect, NEVER!

Texas_Dolfan - Agreed....that's right about where I have Miami picking and I also believe we can pick up Barkley or RG3 there.

IMO, the Vikings, Rams, and Panthers aren't going QB. Yeah, I know....new CBA allows for less risk....but the reality is you can't just go picking a QB every 1-2 years...you have to try to build something around them and develope them before you just throw in the towel. Plus, it creates friction in the locker room.

Wolfman -- Looking at my predictions and barring a trade I feel like picking 5th we'd have our choice of Barkley or RGIII. Picking 5th would mean the browns are picking after us.


I hope Losman starts this week cause that could be a win if Moore starts. Let's also hope Losman doesn't have an out-of-body experience and have a career day vs the only team who ever considered him a first round pick.

With that being said I was wondering how to get ahead of Jacksonville just in case new ownership wanted a play maker like RG3 and I see they have the Colts. Now Jax isn't the best and could lose but they should win that one. And same for Washington I didn't know they had the Vikes which should be a win with the way they blitz and facing Ponder or Webb.

In that case Miami may be able to stay pat and get either Barkley or RG3.

I would take either but if I had my pick between the 2 I would go Barkley.

AndyNJ - One comment? That does it for you? I listen to Mike & Mike every day on the way to work....Billick is one the show all the time....I generally find him to be very informative and incredibly knowledgable of all things football.

Another thing I like about him....and listening to hime regularly....he talks about certain things that happened while he was HC with the Ravens...and he speaks of specific instances where he screwed up and he admist he skrewed up and notes what he would do differently. To me, that's pretty important and shows and ability to learn for mistakes and a realization that he's not perfect.

So We forsee Our franchise perhaps including Brian Billick as the head coach.RG 3 as the franchise qb.Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator.And Ireland as gm?
Not so sure its that intriguing to me.

Andy, From what I've read it looks as if Jerry is starting at LT because Long is out. Now that could change as Long doesn't miss games but I am hoping it happens. I feel for Losman if it does but I am hoping to see a little of Devlin. I am not even sure he's been moved up from the PS yet. Like everyone here I've also read that Losman is splitting snaps with Devlin so it is a possibility.


No one instance doesn't do it for me. I just found it funny and if you ever listen to him during the games that is not his specialty, being public speaking that is.

I agree he's very smart when it comes to football and really knows the game. But I also feel Mangini is very smart and knows the game but their track record doesn't do it for me.

Billick was a great offensive mind when he was an OC for the Vikings but as a coach his offenses were never really good. He did win a SB and you can't take that away but he did it with one of the best defenses ever. Now in that SB he did show case some very good play calling with the Stokley one on one with Sehorn that was called at the perfect time but as a whole I don't see any evidence of his offensive abilities as a Head Coach. He also never developed a QB while being a HC. He went to the playoffs 4 times in 9 seasons with some great talent.

I just don't like that move personally.

Mangini not that you were arguing for him but please what has he ever done?


Yeah Jerry at LT would probably not be as bad as we all think when playing the Bills. They really struggle to get to the QB. They have something like 5 sacks in their last 4 games I read or 4 sacks in 5 games, something like that. But obviously Long is superb and is a great run blocker so with the best o-linemen out Miami's offense should struggle some. Add to the mix JP Losman and a new HC and it seems like the perfect recipe for a road loss. Now only if Buffalo would be in 20's we would really be in good shape. Supposed to be 38 and partly sunny lol.

I want to lose out as much as anyone but if we had to win a game let it bet knocking the jets from the playoffs. For such a wasted year watching Miami that would be bittersweet at least to end the season.

If we were to have to win one more I would want it to be the jets too. Especially if we were able to knock them out of the playoffs.

AndyNJ -

The offense in Baltimore was not all his doing. He didn't call the shots in RE to personnell. That would be Ozzie Newsomes deal....The Wizard's philosophy is "right player at right price". Ozzie built a stunning defense, but didn't spend a great deal of time dealing with offensive issues.

Of course, you also have to go back to that era and look at the general philosophy of the NFL....play defense and pound the rock...that's what Baltimore did.

I have no idea how much influence Billick had in personnell matters. I've heard Ozzie is pretty easy to work with, so I imagine he had a great deal of input...but Ozzie has final say.

Ozzie made some collasal errors after the 2006 season in waiving Jamal Lewis...and failure to re-sign Adalius Thomas and Ovie Mughelli (hey, it happens even to the best)....and that, more than anything and coupled with a bad draft lead to the disasterous 2007 season...afterwhich, Billick was shown the door.

AndyNJ - I would never argue for Mangini....ever! That said, if they ended up with that hire, I would suddenly become a huge Mangini fan....at least temporarily.

Oh yeah....they also traded away Willis McGahee after the 2006 season.....not there best moment and Billick paid the price for something he ultimately had no control over.


I agree not everything was in Billick's control but for a supposed offensive guru his offenses lack imagination that's for sure.

If Billick were the hire Miami gets a QB thats a win to me. I would be willing to give him a chance to prove himself all over and see where it goes.

If Mangini becomes head coach I will be pissed off to say the least. I will be the first guy in line who said I told you so at the end of his era. I don't see what he brings to the table at all.

AndyNJ @ 12:19 -

I disagree....it was actually pretty imaginative given the groceries he had to work with. He had much more talent in Minnesota to work with, so he could do a whole lot more.

Can't cook a gourmet meal when all you have is beans and weenies. You can only hope to dress it up a little with some garnish and make it presentable.

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