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What Dan Marino REALLY said on his podcast

Yesterday I shared with you Dan Marino's take on Bill Cowher and the quote he gave dolphins.com relative to whether Bill Cowher would be coming back to coaching or not.

The folks at the website made the media aware of the quote on their podcast through emails. They included the podcast link and a transcript of the pertinent quote from Marino that gave strong indication Cowher is to be believed he's not coaching in 2012 and that Marino thus believes his CBS collegue.

This is part of that transcript sent over by the folks at dolphins.com that was of most interest. Marinno is speaking of Cowher here:

"... I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over time but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward guy that tells the truth all the time and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back (to Coach) and I believe him."

Great. So Marino says Cowher is an honest guy and so he believes he won't coach.

Except that's not what Marino actually said. I listened to the podcast this morning. And this is what Marino actually said:

"... I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over, you know, time now but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward, you know, guy that tells a kind of the truth most of the time, I would say, or all the time, and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back and I believe him."

Not a huge deal, but believing a person who tells the truth all the time is a lot easier than believing a guy who tells a kind of truth most of the time.

I wanted to correct the record because a couple of you who listened to the podcast noticed the difference between what Marino said and the transcript and pointed out.

Does that mean Cowher will coach in 2012? Not necessarily. Does it mean he will coach the Dolphins? I keep hearing from people in NFL circles that he will not.

But what Marino actually said leaves wiggle room that the transcript didn't.


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Billick is old school. Not sure you can win in today's NFL as old school. He seemed tired and burned out, not sure he can adapt to today's high scoring NFL. No one is going to the Superbowl these days without stud skilled players.

Let's give Mr.Ross some consideration.He bought the team with the Parcels regime.Going after Harbaugh last year wasn't DUMB.

Is anyone watching Adam Schefter on espn.

Even he says that Luck and Manning can't coexist.

Ross, Luck can be in Miami for right price. Make Polian an offer he can't refuse.


That by the way is the biggest problem with Parcells. He had a strategy, but it was a good strategy for 1990, not 2011. You have to have studs at the skilled positions these days, and Parcells never tried to get studs at the skilled positions in round #1 (where you have to take them). Ireland has continued this loser mentality.

Blah blah blah,Blah Blah Blah., Blah blah blah, Like I said before, the team that scores the most usually wins. Blah blah blah.

Dick LeBeau is also considered old school. Yet he fields the best defense in football year in and year out.

Old School isn't bad on it's face. As long as you have a philosophy that works, and bring in the right talent to help perfect it.

Billick was a great offensive mind with Minnesota. However, when he got a HC gig in Baltimore, he was never able to bring in the talent to improve that offense. And that bothers me. He had all those years, with a lights out defense, and couldn't ever get enough talent to fix the offense (his favorite was Kyle Boller, SERIOUSLY). It took Harbaugh to come in and do it. Sure, Billick won a SB, but I doubt that could ever be done again that way since there are teams (Green Bay, Saints, Pats) who consistently score 30 points a game, and no defense can stop.

FP4FGs -

I don't know any specifics on why Billick hasn't coached since 2007....but you could ask the same for many.

Why hasn't Cowher coached since 2006? Why hasn't Gruden coached since 2009?

The logical answer is that they have all become successfull t.v./broadcast personalities and they have enjoyed doing what they're doing post coaching career.

One thing I do know in RE to Billick is that he has stated early on that he needed some time away to reflect on his life as a HC and has regularly stated that this step back has allowed him much personal insight as to things he would do differently.

It's just been the last couple of years that he's made mention of possibly coming out of retirement to coach again.

Personally, I still think he's a long shot...but not as long as Cowher or Gruden who both repeadedly say they are not interested in leaving the studio to get back on the sideline.

I can really only go off of what people say...I think too many try to "read between the lines" and try to connect non existent dots because they have become infatuated with the idea and notion that one of these guys could be our next HC if the Phins just do X, Y, & Z to get them.

Like I said, of the three mentioned, Billick is the most realistic prospect...but still a long shot IMO.

I would NOT trade up for Luck. For one thing, it will cost WAY too much and the Dolphins have way too many needs. Hopefully the Phins lose the next 3 and will still have a shot at a top-5 pick. Whose to say RGIII or Barkley doesn't end up being better then Luck? I'd be willing to role with one of them.

There's my troll, where you been? Crying in the corner of your basement still from the verbal beatdown I either gave you a while back or just the other day? Glad I'm still the center of your World.

If We're going to go the retread path again.Then Carl Peterson and Marty Schotennheimer with a franchise qb pick could be championship potential.

But IrelandSucks, let's say we draft around 8-10, and there are at least 3 teams believed to want to draft QBs ahead of us. Would you be willing to move up to get one of those 3? Or would you stay where you are and just settle with possibly one falling to our spot, or going for the next guy on the board (whomever that is)?

My answer is move up, because it's pointless filling holes if you leave the most important hole unfilled.

Indy would rather say adios to Payton and his contract then to trade away Luck. Indy is SO bad I am surprised Payton would even want to play there. You are looking at a MAJOR rebuilding project, 10X worse then Miami.

I think there is a better chance you will see Payton in a Dolphins uniform via free agency then to see Miami trade for Luck.

DC -

Ozzie is and was responsible for personnel decisions. They drafted Boller because he was the best QB option in the 2003 draft (19th overall pick) behind Carson Palmer (1st overall pick). Boller was the 2nd QB off the board.

I don't think it's Billick's fault that Boller was a bust. Ozzie took a swing because that's what they had to do (much like the Dolphins have to do this season).

As everyone, including myself, is fond of saying....it's always a crap shoot. Being a high pick, the Ravens had to live with that decision for a time.

The Ravens were perrenial winners under Billick. Some very unfortunate decisions were made after the 2006 season by the Wizard (everyone has a bad moment)...these, combined with an abundance of injuries led to the 5-11 season in 2007 and subsequent firing of Billick.

Luck is much better than Barkley. And the offense would have to be tailored to fit what RG does. Luck can start right away. I'd trade away as many picks as it would take to solidify the QB position. Don't need to draft players that may or may not work out. When Miami has an glaring need for a QB. Fix that and everything else will fall in place.

wolfman, I don't fault Billick for the Boller pick. But being up in DC, I was close to the action so heard a lot of Ravens news back then. And most of my friends who were fans couldn't understand how Billick kept supporting Boller (even after everyone else in the NFL knew he wasn't a starting-caliber QB). Billick kept defending him, talking about how smart he was, not giving anyone else a chance.

That's the part I'm skeptical about. You're right, those teams won, but their offense was horrendous. They won because of the defense, and could never get back to 2000 levels because they had such a small margin for error (like all teams that can't put up points).

THAT is the HC's realm. He should be the first to spot that weakness. He should be able (over what, 5-6 years) to fix that hole. Billick wasn't. I don't have faith he can fix our 30 year hole here.

Others have said it, but it really doesn't matter who our HC is (our history tells us that). Miami won't EVER gain prominence again until it has a franchise QB. Might, could happen somewhere else, but not in Miami.

We need a QB...PERIOD!!! (right kris?).

We get that, then my 95 year old Grandma could be HC and turn things around.

It's all about the QB.


I was going to bring up the whole Boller thing too but decided not to being that even the best evaluators strike out big time once in a while.

However, you are spot on. Billick had a great, great D but couldn't provide enough offensive spark to go with that. That is why I am not a believer in him. I'm not sure exactly what it is that he brings to the table.

Like in Sparano's case he was supposedly a good offensive line coach for whatever that's worth but he could never get Miami's o-line right. I feel Billick is a better coach then Sparano but to me that's not saying a whole lot. I think Billick like Sparano is best served in a smaller capacity


Respectfully, there is so much wrong with your post at 1:50pm, I don't even know where to begin...

I'm not convinced Billick WAS a 'great offensive mind in Minnesota'. I thought he was but where did that go in Baltimore? When you have a team that has the talents of Moss, Cris Carter, Cunningham and Robert Smith, I think you and me could be considered 'great offensive minds'. Some of those guys were just so gifted, the QB just had to put the ball up there for them to get.

Then you said 'Billick was never able to bring in the talent to improve the offence'. He was the HC, not the GM. It was Newsome's job to bring in the talent. You said 'he could never get enough talent to fix the problem'....again that's Ozzie's job. Billick coaches the talent.

Then you said 'It took Harbaugh to get it right'. HUH? What have the Ravens ever won under Harbaugh? I'm not a HUGE Billick fan but at least give the man his due. He won a Super Bowl with that team. Harbaugh? Still trying to get his team over the hurdle.


The team stuck with Boller as long as they did because that's what you do with first round QBs who you have a lot of money invested in. That might change somewhat under the new CBA. We'll see. I never saw what the Ravens saw in Boller but as someone else said, they needed a QB and Boller appeared to be the second best one in the draft. It didn't pan out and they eventually had to go with McNabb.

DC -

I disagree somewhat. First off, it's always interesting to see what the local fans have so say, but often, they are too close and everything is too personal. Fans tend to lack any patience whatsoever for development.

As I recall, Boller started out of the gate in 2003 and was injured about half way through the season. He played all of 2004 (2nd season) and by seasons end, many analysts thought he was beginning to come into his own.

Boller was injured in the first game of the 2005 season and out for about half the season again. When he came back, he had a reasonably good remainder of the season, but the organization was actualy poised to move on.

They made the trade for "Air McNair" in 2006 and McNair was named the starter and Boller relegated to backup duties.

I personally don't see 3 years as an overly long stretch to develope a QB...seems just about right to me.

It's apparent that logic is not a strong suit for many people. Saying "he doesn't have any plans" is not at all the same as saying "he will not" or "he has no desire." He could be *extremely* interested in joining the Phins, but hasn't actually formulated that desire into a plan. If that's the case, saying "he doesn't have any plans" is perfectly true.

Still, I won't hold my breath. Why any competent person would want to work for the Phins with Ross as the owner is beyond me.

The one thing that I haven't read much of, is the fact Nolan was Billick DC before he became the HC in SF. Might that be a reason that Billick should be considered an ideal candidate in Miami. Probably would mean the end of Daboll but maybe Nolan would stuck around.

It's like trying to talk to someone with a cleft lip. You want to stare at other areas of the face. But you just can't. You keep going back to seeing that persons teeth thru their lip.

Thats how I feel about the QB position. I stare at it and say "WTF is THAT"?!


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