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What if Todd Bowles turns out to be a revelation?

There is only one candidate to replace Tony Sparano that we know will absolutely, positively interview for the job: Todd Bowles.

Bowles, 48, will coach the Dolphins in the final three games of the regular season as their interim coach. He has been told he will interview for the opening once the season is over and that makes sense because he is black and that meeting will fulfill the Dolphins' Rooney Rule requirement. (That may sound cold, but the NFL is a cold business.)

That is not to suggest Bowles is not worthy of the interview.

The truth is Bowles has already interviewed for three NFL head coaching jobs -- in Detroit, Kansas City and Denver. And, according to one NFL source, Bowles came very, very close to getting the Detroit job that eventually went to Jim Schwartz.

Detroit General Manager Martin Mayhew loves and believes in Bowles. The two played for the Washington Redskins together in the 1980s and early 90s.

Bowles is also a guy that former Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells believes will eventually make a good football coach. So there's that.

All that, of course, will have very little sway in whether Bowles gets a legitimate opportunity to land the job after the season. You must understand that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is intent on hiring a big-name candidate to fill the post.

But ...

What if Bowles wins this week at Buffalo? And then wins next week at New England? And finishes undefeated with a season-finale victory over the Jets?

I know, I know, it's improbable. But that's precisely my point ... what if the improbable happens?

Suddenly you have a coach on your hands that took over a terrible (4-9) team and made them perfect. You have a coach who went into games against division opponents that had a 2-1 record against the Dolphins earlier in the season and gives you a 3-0 return. You have a coach that beats Bill Belichick. You have a coach that throws a wrench into the Jets' playoff run.

You have a hot coach candidate, no?

I am not saying the Dolphins will actually be able to raise their game for Bowles to the level of being able to win out. Even if they accomplish the feat, Bowles would remain a second-tier choice for Miami.

But would that be correct? What if the Dolphins have the next big thing in coaching right under their noses and don't know it?

Discuss ...


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Craig, Mangini has a .340 win clip as a head coach. That should scare you. The other guys, they are more than qualified.

Seems Petersen gave Ireland his first big nfl break(talent scout,Chiefs). perhaps that's greatest reason for his stay of execution.

Add Eric Mangini's Ross' highly respected football "consultant". Then for 2012 you get from top to bottom:

Ross + Petersen + Ireland + Mangini

= Most logical 2012 conclussion.

Todd Bowles = Interim

Under "no circumstances whatsoever" get it twisted!

Only thing that will shock me next season is if Mangini isnt next new hc of the Miami Dolphins!

The Ross-Petersen-Ireland connection nearly guarantees it!

Wow first it was fire Tony (done) now it was not his fault it was Jeff's,we need to fire him ASAP. Oh wait a minute if we hire Peterson we are screwed! Could Peterson be any worse then our last football god Mr. Bill P? Come on guys I know Ross is not football guy that everyone wants but remember none of these guys were his hires. You wanted changes lets see where all this leads, before you start raising so much hell. Remember most of us thought that the hiring of Bill P. would fix everything too.


I'm not asking for Mangini. He's pretty far down my list. He's the wrong fit for this team. I just think it's funny that some guys on here are saying Mangini sucks when he was obviously good enough to work for a Hall of Fame coach in Bellichick and get TWO head coaching gigs in the NFL. I wish I sucked as much as he did!

Craig, Mangini had his chances, with better teams than sparano had here one can argue yet his record stinks. Forget him

Until Ireland stil in miami we will be f.u.c.k.

Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss were good enough to work with belicheck too.

Norv turner and Dave wannstedt worked for a hall of famers in jimmy Johnson. Doesn't mean they were worth a hill of beans as a coach either. The history of the league is littered with guys that were good support coaches but couldn't carry the mail as the head guy.

FP4FG, based on his track record, I'd put Bowles in the middle of the pack of secondary Coaches. Like others said, he can't pick his players, that's the genius Ireland's decision not to have a ballhawk Safety for 4 years. But Vontae hasn't developed into a shutdown corner. Sean Smith is bubbling on being irrelevant. Clemons/Jones are average at best.

To me means Bowles isn't horrible (or else the secondary might be worse), but he's not off-the-charts either. I don't see anyone outplaying their potential (maybe Wilson, but he has potential to begin with, it was the off-the-field stuff that made him chancey).

Plus Mangini is probably the only hc candidate nearly guarranteeing keeping the present coorninator staff together.

However, the only "snag" I forsee is (just maybe) Nolan bolting. But Mangini is a "supposed" defensive guru.

If Nolan bolts, I can so see Todd Bowles getting promoted to our next new DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR under Mangini. That's if Bowles himself doesnt land a hc job with another team next season.

Bowles' name has been bandied about the last couple seasons and could finall strike gold this offseason. But I highly doubt it'll be with the Dolphins under any condition.

If sparano had a QB for the last three years, he would've been on IR indefinately right now thanks in large part to guys like Jerry,Garner, and our favorite dallas mascot *Columbo*...
Besides sparano never was able to get up and put together a fist pump free offensive plan for this team anyways!!

Im going to make a 2012 prediction:

Nolan bolts to become Eagles DC and Todd Bowles is promoted Dolphins DC under Eric Mangini.

I agree with Craig M 110%

Stop being such haters and just wait and see what happens. Peterson did draft Gonzalez and D Thomas...or has everyone forgotten that??


Are you really going to tell me that team Mangini had in Cleveland was better than the team Sparano had? REALLY? In all honesty?

Outside of Hillis and Joe Thomas tell me anyone on that offence who was worth a damn? It's the same again this year. Total crap!

And he did orchestrate the trades for Joe Montana and and Marcus Allen and they went to the AFC Championship

Eagles need a competent DC, Nolan will have sour grapes about being passed over in Miami for Mangini.

Becoming Eagles DC under Reid may be his best landing place. I just dont see Reid fired after 1 very bad season. The guy's been there 13yrs, he's earned "a one bad season" pass.

My $$$ is on fisher to become the next victim.....er...uh miami head coach!!!


Those teams that Peterson put together were epic! Exciting, tough, talented! It just didn't work out for them. Doesn't mean the guy 'sucks', as everyone tries to point out. I used to be very envious of some the teams they had in KC. So they didn't win the big one? Are guys really blaming Peterson for that?

Mark in Toronto, I'm going to quit the discussion on Mangini. He's not the guy I want. I'm just saying, he's not nearly as made as some are saying. There....I'm done.

I don't believe they have their guy lined up either. Why would they? What advantage would that serve? If that were true then why get rid of Tony now? In an age when last year's Harbaugh adventure became big news, I think Ross has been very careful to keep things quiet. They have lots of time to do this properly and I how Bowles is part of that process.

Posted by: Craig M | December 15, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Craig, I get your logic and it does make some sense. But still, I have to disagree.

Lets just use Fischers NAME as an example. Lets say their set on Fisher.

Well, SpOrano suddenly turned this team around after the 0-7 start. The Dolphin turnaround was all over the media. Speculation started immediately about whether or not SpOrano could save his job.

Even after the Eagles loss, SpOrano, if given the chance, still could have made a gigantic case for himself staying by not only winning out, winning out over AFC East teams. Either way, this leaves the speculations hanging around.

Other teams that didn't or don't promote interims could be talking to ANYONE unemployed at the moment(That why I suspect and used Fisher's name).

The ONLY reason(and most didn't think it made sense), the ONLY reason to fire SpOrano at this particular time, the only thing that does make sense, is to put and end to speculations and send a clear nessage to their "Canindate".

When you consider what happened last year with the Harbaugh debacle, this even makes MORE SENSE.

Petersen will be the "BUFFER" between Ireland and Mangini. It only makes sense.

That way if Mangini and Ireland "disagree" about bringing in certain personnel. Petersen, not Ireland, will make the final call.

Petersen's role will probably primarily be as a "GLORIFIED REFERREE" between Mangini and Ireland. When personnel differences occur.

If ross brings peterson then I'll be very dissapointed.

Sam 1966 - Ummmm, actually, Peterson is one of the winningest NFL execs of all time. Yeah...when he left, the team was pretty much in shambles, but that happens to even the best sometimes. They haven't exactly improved with the genius that is Scott Pioli either.

Was is Scott Pioli who made Bellecheat looke like a genius or was it the other way around? Or.....was it a combination of the two?

I think you can look at Peterson and Shotty much the same as you can look at Belle and Pioli. If they make Peterson the VP, it will be vital that the new HC and he can connect and get on the same page and all will be well. Otherwise....yes, disaster. But, you can say that about any other exec/HC combo as well.

Eagles need a competent DC, Nolan will have sour grapes about being passed over in Miami for Mangini.

Becoming Eagles DC under Reid may be his best landing place. I just dont see Reid fired after 1 very bad season. The guy's been there 13yrs, he's earned "a one bad season" pass.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 15, 2011 at 03:20 PM



Put it this way. If you were Jeff Fisher would you commit to the Dolphins at this point in time or would you wait until the season ended to see what other openings came available? Maybe SD? Maybe Dallas? Maybe Philly? Maybe TB? Maybe Indy? Regardless, if you conside yourself the top guy out there, wouldn't you wait to see everything available and then use one position as leverage for another to get the best deal and best fit for yourself. That's what any smart coach would do.

The "JOE MONTANA" trade orchestrated by PETERSEN is why I believe under PETERSEN a:

"PEYTON MANNING" trade could be on the table too.

If ross brings peterson then I'll be very dissapointed.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | December 15, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Dissapointed??? forget that!!! I'll just call it the status quo that we like here in miami...just sayin

Miami Dolphans, Your Next New Trifvctus:


Get used to it!

Everyone ready for 10 more years of Medorcrity?

Here's the problem Craig. There's nothing wrong with being a contrarian. But what do you get out trying to defend Mangini? You yourself says he's not your guy? You yourself say his record as a HC isn't very good. So why argue the point? Because someone said he sucks? Are you the defender of all NFL personnel?

And it's NOT just his record. It was reported that Holmgren couldn't stand Mangini. And I'll take Holmgren's analysis of the guy over you anyday. His own PLAYERS, from BOTH teams he coached for were negative against him. He lost his locker room in BOTH places.

So, because he was a good Coordinator on a Tom Brady team, we should all bow down to his accomplishment.

I'm very sorry, but you're 100% wrong. Mangini should NEVER have been given a second shot, because he proved how unprepared and inadequate he was the FIRST time around. And the reason he GOT his 2nd shot, like you alluded to, is because he went to one of the worst franchises in the NFL. If they could spot talent, they probably wouldn't be down so low, would they?

So, nobody needs you to defend people who don't deserve defending on this blog. I'm fine with you defending Sparano, or Ireland, or Ross, or any player on this roster (or who was on the roster). But there's absolutely no reason to defend a guy who has no ties to this team other than being friends with the Owner.

I actually like the adding of Peterson. If Ireland is as bad as some of you make him out to be, then he can learn from one of the best in the game. Doesn't hurt to have an extra set of ears and eyes and to have a sounding board. He can mentor Ireland further and if he feels he's no damn good, can tell Ross that and eventually have him replaced. I honestly can't see how adding Peterson becomes a bad thing, unless his ego decides to take over and it's causing turmoil internally. But I don't see that happening.

Nolan bolts to become Eagles DC and Todd Bowles is promoted Dolphins DC under Eric Mangini.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 15, 2011 at 03:17 PM

Nolan can't make a lateral move without Ross signing off on him. I don't think Ross lets him go.

The only way another team can hire him away is if's it a promotion scenario. It would have to be a title at least as high as assistant Head Coach.

What if Nolan puts the defence in position to allow no scores over the next 3 games, and what if the defence scores 18 points per game in take aways. then what if we make Nolan the new HC. what do you think?
Or what if Losman turns into Marino under Daboll and he throws 400 yrds 4 TD's and no INT's over the next three games, and what if we make Daboll the next HC and what if Losman is made our franchise QB. What zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh yea do you think? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ geez is there abso ZZZZZZZZZZZZZlutely nothing to write about? Mando I mostly enjoy reading your column but the past cpl are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


I have yet another reason.

The loss to Philly was brutal, plus ensured another losing season. Why wait? By then Ross gave Tony his fare shake. More importantly, what if Sparano won out against the 3 division rivals, then all of a sudden it makes it harder to fire him once again. They seized the opportunity.

Weihth Jax and KC already fired their coaches, they had to t

god i hope not YG,

Manning is one injury away from ending his career....trading for him now makes no sense given our other desperate needs on the offensive line front....
Now if we could trade for luck, Im all for it...just sayin!!!

Craig M...I agree with everything you said except for Ross.. So far Ross has been a characterature of himself..Labeled by people who cover sport as a bafoon, and one of the worst owners in the league..Now the sample size is small, and perhaps unfair..But these are words that aren't directly from my mouth, but by those qualified to make these judgements.

His book isn't finished. He has an opportunity to get better. He has a chance at redemtion. But so far you cannot argue that he has been a failure..Our team is worse today, then it was the day he took ownership. As in any endevor, if you are the owner, the ultimate responsibility falls on your shoulders. It is ownerships responsibility to surround themselves with the right people to succeed. In any buisness, and Ross should know this it is rule number one.

Only bright side to the Petersen-Ireland-Mangini trifvctus is Petersen isnt going to bolt for the broadcast booth in 2and 1/2yrs like the Parcellian did.

Still that could end up being an even more terrible thing. I believe the signing of Petersen as football czar almost guarantee Mangini comes aboard next.

You gotta first get the Ireland/Mangini personnel dispute refferee aboard first.

And another thing, saying someone sucks is a figure of speech. It doesn't mean what you're trying to say it means. It doesn't mean this person has no abilities whatsoever.

I tried to play drums. And I SUCKED! Yet I was a piano player and started my own band in college. We started a production company and broke even. So, I did have SOME credibility as a musician. But as a drummer, yeah, I SUCKED!

Just because a poster said Mangini sucked doesn't mean he thinks he should never have been given a position in the NFL. It just means, when given a huge opportunity to lead a team, he failed, miserable, TWICE!!! Guess what, as a HC, MANGINI SUCKS!! That's a perfectly accurate statement. Nothing wrong with saying that.

Your mischaracterization of the word "suck" is the problem. Suck doesn't mean incompetent. It means no good. I'm still trying to figure out your issue with that.

But Craig, a major reason the personnel sucked in Cleveland is because of Mangini. He had significant input and major say. He did have decent teams in new York though.

I dont see it given mangini's head coaching background.....thats not someone that is gonna breed life into the dolphins organization, and ross is desperate for a star.....

Wow How you all forgot, Miami's D lost there first 5 games, and were useless against Philly, What team(Or Kool-aid) are you drinking?, This team is what the record says it is 4 and 9 and more yhen likely ending up as 4 and 12., You people make me want o Know "What team are you seeing"? The 4 and 9 team or a 9 and 4 team???? LOL, This team is 5 years away from a playoff team LOL.

Wow How you all forgot, Miami's D lost there first 5 games, and were useless against Philly, What team(Or Kool-aid) are you drinking?, This team is what the record says it is 4 and 9 and more yhen likely ending up as 4 and 12., You people make me want o Know "What team are you seeing"? The 4 and 9 team or a 9 and 4 team???? LOL, This team is 5 years away from a playoff team LOL.

Posted by: Just Passing By. | December 15, 2011 at 03:39 PM

Go drink some more Kool-Aid


Who are you to say Mangini didn't deserve a second chance or that he wasn't prepared. Prepared for what? Are you telling me THE most detailed, most organized, most OVERLY-prepared coach in the history of the NFL in Belichick, would have a guy on his staff who wasn't any of those things? Are you telling me he didn't learn how to be a Head Coach from one of the best. Don't believe it.

And you said 'Holmgren couldn't stand him'. Where did you read that? Does that sound like the kind of thing Holmgren would say about one of his coaching brothers? Doubt it. He fired him because he wasn't HIS guy and the team didn't win with Mangini there. Pat Shurmur is his guy....and the team's still not winning.

To say a guy 'sucks' because the record of his team sucks is EXACTLY the crap we had to listen to on here last year from people about Daboll. 'He sucks because his team was last in offence'. Well I think we saw how that turned out.

I'm not even a Mangini fan but I have a problem with gys just randomly saying that about a guy because the team he coached struggled. The Joe Gibbs Redskins PARt Deux struggled, Shanahan is struggling this year.....sometimes a coach can only do so much with what he's given.

NAH BLAH Blah... Blah blah blah.... Blah.

Yeah Craig,

But the conversation wasn't about what a Head Coach would do. It was about if Ross and Ireland ALREADY have a Top Canidate targeted.

It was about why Ross is making the moves he's making right now. I think the ONLY explantion for this series of events is to send a clear message to **WHOMEVER** it is, that there will be no SpOrano speculations and no Harbaugh like debacles.

I mean, Ross and Ireland can't force anyone to sign on, but it looks to me like their doing EVERYTHING they can, to let the guy know they want him.

Seriously, think about it from that perspective. As an interim, do you think Bowles is more qualified than Nolan? I think they skipped over Nolan, not just because they want to keep him at DC, but also so as not to cause an NEW speculation of Nolan possibly keeping the job. I think they did it three fold. To get a jump on the Rooney Rule, to try an keep Nolan at DC and probably MAINLY to assure their targetted canidate that there will indeed be a Head Coaching position available in Miami.

Craig, Mangini sucks, get over it.


All depends on long Nolan current Dolphins contract is. Like Denver, Ross could give him permission to leave if he doesnt wanna stay.

Ross' thinking could be he has a defensive minded hc in Mangini and they only need promote Bowles(dc) to replace Nolan.

This will be a very interesting offseason for dolfans to say the least.

Times have REALLY turned to sh#t for the fish if mangini is the best coaching solution we have out there...just sayin

They didn't promote Nolan because then it is too awkward to demote him back to DC. They promote the guy they don't give a ferck about, Tony's buddy, say thanks but no thanks, bring in the guy they already have marked, and Nolan/Dabol stay where they are.




Done talking about Mangini guys. As I said, I'm not even a FAN. I don't want him here....OK? He's not the right fit.

DD, I agree with a great deal of your last post. I'm not overly impressed with Ross as the owner of this football team either. However, all I really want from my owner is to be put the right people in charge to run the show, provide the resources when asked, don't hide your head in the sand and show up for games. I'm not a fan of this circus sideshow he's trying to do but I also understand why he's doing it.

As you've said DD, it's too small a sampling right now to have a sure opinion on Ross and he does have the chance to set some things right. Ireland and Sparano were no this hires and the Harbaugh situation, while well intended was poorly thought out.

dont see it given mangini's head coaching background.....thats not someone that is gonna breed life into the dolphins organization, and ross is desperate for a star.....

Posted by: superPHIN | December 15, 2011 at 03:36 PM

Super, Miami should get Al Pacino For that "STAR COACH" he did a great job in "Any given Sunday", Though the Owner was Cameron Diaz(And Ross Aint No Camron Diaz) Maybe it would be better then Eric Mangina..., Just the fact people are gonna make fun of his name is a reason to just say no..

A good offensive line coach who Parcells thought would be a good head coach just got fired, and you think that a good defensive backs coach who Parcells think would make a good head coach should be the head coach of the Miami Dolphins?


I can see Daboll almost definitely staying put. For me, I believe it's 50/50 whether Nolan stays or goes.

The real crux of the matter is that the coaching pool is very limited.

I was reading an article several weeks ago and an NFL owner was being interviewed....in his view, the pool is so limited this year that "owners are going to have to be more creative and be willing to take more risk"....in their next HC hire.

This seems to be pretty apparent. It doesn't appear that Cowher or Gruden are interested in coaching anywhere. In RE to "named" coaches, that leaves very few options.

Then you have to consider the competition. There are alread 3 HC positions open....and several more likely to come open at the end of the season.

To make matters worse, there don't appear to be any "Jim Harbaughs" from the college ranks who are really putting themselves out there.

What you have left over are current coordinators and assistants with HC experience and green asistants looking to catch a break and become the next big thing.


I beg to differ, Mangini is the a perfect fit with the clowns we'll already have in place. If the hierarchy was less dysfunctional then Mangini wouldnt be a perfect fit in Miami.

Think about that.

..I am a fan of Mangini. I will take any guff, as it is just my opinion, and will have nothing to do with the final say in who ends up being the head coach..Now to be fair, and this could disqualify my opinion, but it is honest. This is just from watching him on first take..You cannot deny that he is smart, well spoken, and knows the game..

Now, I hope that if Ross does hire him it isn't for the same reasons I like him..that would be a mistake. But I agree with what Craig said..He has experience with some pretty sharp football minds. They thought enough of him to give him a chance..Now I understand his record is not good..Bad in fact. And that should be enough for us to pass. Totaly understand that. But you cannot just assume that he would be a failure here, just as you can't assume a guy like Fisher would succeed.None of us know. We can only hope whoever it ends up being is the right choice.

They didn't promote Nolan because then it is too awkward to demote him back to DC. They promote the guy they don't give a ferck about, Tony's buddy, say thanks but no thanks, bring in the guy they already have marked, and Nolan/Dabol stay where they are.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | December 15, 2011 at 03:46 PM

this sounds pretty cold but you make it sound like bowles was hired soley on the basis that he was the most expendable person out of the bunch....thats a helleva promotion*lol*or demotion...just sayin!!!


Think about it? For the top 3 hc candidates available, the Dolphins situation is far more dysfuntional than the ones they left. Except maybe Fisher's, but just as dysfunctional.

Why would any of the top 3 candidates want to walk into that?

Mangini's the perfect fit for the current circus. Hell he's already under Ross' "BIG TENT".

Think about it.


"Interim" isnt a promotion or demotion. You got it wrong.

If Nolan was labeled "interim" he's still effectively and legally the "dc".

"INTERIM" is not a "legally binding" position. Have you ever heard of a guy being fired as interim hc?



Well said at 3:52 pm. I'd like to think that Ireland and this organization di a little deeper, rather than just looking at a guys won/loss record and saying 'he sucks...next'. Not really what I want from the guys running the show. It's hardly doing there jobs.

To do that would have meant BB never got a job in this league again.

The reason I'm not sold on Mangini for Maimi is because I think he's the wrong personality type for what we're looking for. I think in a city like Miami and with this team, we need a guy that will keep guys accountable, who will get in their faces and will coach with some fire. To me that starts with Fisher and Gruden and Cowher, if they come available. It's the same reason I think Andy Reid would be the wrong fit for this team. That's just my opinion.

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