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What if Todd Bowles turns out to be a revelation?

There is only one candidate to replace Tony Sparano that we know will absolutely, positively interview for the job: Todd Bowles.

Bowles, 48, will coach the Dolphins in the final three games of the regular season as their interim coach. He has been told he will interview for the opening once the season is over and that makes sense because he is black and that meeting will fulfill the Dolphins' Rooney Rule requirement. (That may sound cold, but the NFL is a cold business.)

That is not to suggest Bowles is not worthy of the interview.

The truth is Bowles has already interviewed for three NFL head coaching jobs -- in Detroit, Kansas City and Denver. And, according to one NFL source, Bowles came very, very close to getting the Detroit job that eventually went to Jim Schwartz.

Detroit General Manager Martin Mayhew loves and believes in Bowles. The two played for the Washington Redskins together in the 1980s and early 90s.

Bowles is also a guy that former Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells believes will eventually make a good football coach. So there's that.

All that, of course, will have very little sway in whether Bowles gets a legitimate opportunity to land the job after the season. You must understand that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is intent on hiring a big-name candidate to fill the post.

But ...

What if Bowles wins this week at Buffalo? And then wins next week at New England? And finishes undefeated with a season-finale victory over the Jets?

I know, I know, it's improbable. But that's precisely my point ... what if the improbable happens?

Suddenly you have a coach on your hands that took over a terrible (4-9) team and made them perfect. You have a coach who went into games against division opponents that had a 2-1 record against the Dolphins earlier in the season and gives you a 3-0 return. You have a coach that beats Bill Belichick. You have a coach that throws a wrench into the Jets' playoff run.

You have a hot coach candidate, no?

I am not saying the Dolphins will actually be able to raise their game for Bowles to the level of being able to win out. Even if they accomplish the feat, Bowles would remain a second-tier choice for Miami.

But would that be correct? What if the Dolphins have the next big thing in coaching right under their noses and don't know it?

Discuss ...


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Reagrdless, the team did the right thing giving Bowles the chance to run the show for the next three games. I like what I hear of the guy and I think it would be a shame if we end up losing him because of a regime change.

Todd Bowles isnt being paid a penny morethan his current salary as "interim hc". Interim hc is basically a "ghost position". Legally it doesnt exist.

I still don't think Ross signs off on Nolan.

We've had our defensive breakdowns and troubles for sure, but I see it as salvageable.

Our defense has been hovering around top 10 for two years now. Add a Super Star, a playmaker and/or a solid starter and we have a pretty good thing going.

A good solid draft and free agency period could put us right where we need to be.

I say: Keep Nolan right where he is!

I dont know about that especially if bowles has success in these last three games left(Unlikely)

But he might feel kind of F'cd over if winning the last three against division opponents led to ross and a gutless GM saying thanks for keeping the seat warm, now you can go back to your peon position....some ppl might take offense to that and leave anyway...and then ross and gutless GM are left once again with another black eye around the league....just sayin!!!

Like "clockwork" we incurr or greatest "rash of injury" outbreak, the last 4 games of the season. Has anyone noticed?

If that tradition holds pattern. Bowles is inheriting a truly untennable situation. He's destined to lose the final 3 games. By week 17, if not Sunday, Devlin will be the starting qb.

Remember the last 2 final 4 games stint?

..Last thing about Mangini. Look if you think he is hangover vomit that is fine..This is going to sound like an excuse. But I think Phin fans should be able to relate to this point. The 2 years Mangini had good quarterback play..his teams were playoff caliber..Year one in NY..He had Pennington(comeback player of the year) they went to the playoffs. Year 2 in NY, they were good until Pennington got hurt..Enter Kellen Clemens. Year 3 in NY..Brett Farve.They were fantastic until Farve injured himself(and met their fate by being beatdown by Miami in week 17)

Go to Cleveland..Year 1 Derrick Andersen gets hurt after coming off a carrer year.. I believe they were 3-3..Enter Brady Quinn..1-10
Go to last year Jake Delhhome, Colt McCoy, and another guy, I can't remember his name.. So you see the common denominator? What NFL head coach is going to be great with those guys behind center? I know that Sparano got the axe because the QB play here was poor..Do you think he would still be around if that was different?


Think about it. If Ross' has defensive minded Mangini in the folds, why force Nolan to stay when he really doesnt wanna be here?

It just causes even more dysfunction to an already dysfunctional situation. Plus it splits the locker room. At least defensively it will. Nolamn's sure to have defensive supporters on his side.

It would be better Ross lets Nolan walks if he doesnt wanna be here. Forcing him to stay would only be counter productive.

Nothing will allow Bowles to get the job because it won't sell with the fans. It will look like they are treading water. And, that is unfortunate but it is fact.

If im Bowles and know I have zero chance at becoming the next coach for this team after this year...I would throw out the BIG FU signal to both ross and gutless GM and win the last three games.....

That way it would F$cK miami even more in the draft and increase your chances of being hired somewhere else with a better chance at having success....


Im sorry, but those exact same arguments can be made about Sparano. The true measure of a hc isnt how he handles things when everything's ok. His true measure is how well he handles things when everything seems to be going to hell.

The worst hc alive is a great hc when everything's perfect or at least very fine. Hell, you or I can be very good hc's under those conditions.

Problem with Mangini, he seems to completely lose his team and locker room the the waters becomes rough. When things are rough he seems to make his players hate him.

His huge ego probably wont allow him to soften his player relations stance when he arrives here in Miami.

...Luckily for all of us, I'm not the G.M. So if I'm wrong it has little consequence except for taking a little bit of ribbing. I have no idea who the right guy is for this franchise to be frank. There are so many variables that come into play that are above me, that it makes it an impossibilty to really make a guess. Sure I could mention a name and be right about it. But the combination of all of the factors that come into play as far as being an NFL head coach for a franchise in dire straits is difficult enough for the guys who are supposed to know what is going on.


Again well said. I think the other name you were looking for was Senecca Wallace.


I would think about it, but I just can't get passed the Magini being here part.

If Magini gets any job here AT ALL, it'll be as Tony Jr's replacement. Not Tony Senior!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just say no to Todd Bowles as HC.

You watch as soon as he interviews for the perminant HC position, woman will start comming out of the woodworks with comlaints of sexual harrasment.

He would also try to implement his 9-9-9 defense.

Soiled :)

P.S. Please dis-reguard my above statements, the old lady says Im confused between Todd Bowles and Herman Cain

The biggest problem I have with Magini is just that: He has lost not ONE, but TWO lockerooms.

If this ain't enough to get black balled nothing is. Mangini ain't coming to Miami-PERIOD.

Not even as Tony Jr's replacement.

You can BET own nat!!!!

I think if Bowles goes 0-3 or 3-0 he will not be HC next year.



What's wrong with Herman cain? He's only a "black version" of Newt Gingrich. With Cain it's 9-9-9, with Gingrich its mine-mine-mine.

Both are clueless idiots!

..YG..That was kind of my point. I wasn't making an excuse for Mangini..You are expected to win under any circumstance fair, or unfair. I used Sparano beacuse I don't think we are having this conversation if the quarterback play here had been better. So, perhaps it won't matter who the head coach is if we fail to find a competant quarterback..It could be that simple? I think you mentioned last week you thought Sparano could be successful on a team with a good QB. I was just echoing that point with Mangini..

Craig, how many more times are you going to say you're done talking about Mangini and then proceed to talk about Mangini?


You're right on the money today (not that you're usually very far off). We could have BB come here and if the QB play wasn't up to scratch we'd still be looking to replace him a few years down the road.


With Mangini, Brandon Marshall haters may get thier wish. One of first acts maybe to trade Marshall out of here.

Stune tuned, it'll be a very interesting and dysfunctional offseason!


Exactly, competent qb play is a must have. Shula was a disciplinarian and I understand thats important too. But Shula seemed to know where to draw the line. He never lost his locker room.

My fear with Mangini is that line maybe severely blurred!

DD -

Absolutely right in RE to the QB play. The QB can, and usually does make or break the coach.

Without Brady, Bellichick is a ho-hum coach who would most definitely put up some winning seasons...but also some losing/break even seasons. Nobody would be talking about a Patriots dynasty, that's for sure....no back to back superbowls, etc. Even with Brady, they can't seem to get past the 1st round these days....so maybe his schtick is getting old. He probably would have been cut lose 3 years ago if it wasn't for Brady.

Put a Brady (or franchise QB in general) on a Sparano coached team....I'm sure we would have at minimum been in the playoffs the last four years and none of this conversation would be taking place....at least 3 of the 4.

Regardless of the HC....my Christmas wish is that the Dolphin fans will get behind the QB that they draft in the 1st round and cut him a little slack and allow for some developement.

Having a new little one at home is teaching me one thing.....patience......and I think everyone will need a bit of that when we bring in a rookie. Unless you really have a "Ryan Leaf" on your hands, it takes a good 3 years to evaluate where you are with a QB. Only a handfull of guys have come out of the gate with guns a blazin'.....so history, for the most part, indicates the need for a little patience and perseverance.


Im expecting our next starting qb(Manning) to come from Indy, not the draft.

YG - we shall see. I think there's a very good chance Miami takes one in the draft. I also think there's a reasonable chance that Indy holds on the Manning for at least a season.

Put the crack pipe down Mando. The only reason Ross chose Bowles over the other coaches with more experience on the roster is because he is black and that takes care of the Rooney Rule.
End of Season he gets fired along with the rest of them.

Firing Sparano now was a mistake, makes Ross and Ireland look classless. Now Tony Sparano with his goodbye quote looks like the classy one.

YG -

Let me put it this way....

If this was the commodities futures market, I would be putting most of my $$ on Miami drafting a 1st round QB. I would hedge on Manning either staying in Indy or being released to go wherever and Miami, at minimum, talking to him.

I would not buy the Manning traded to Miami stock. I may hedge a couple bucks on the possibility he's traded somewhere....but my bigger bucks are locked into release if he indeed leaves Indy.

But you know how those commodities markets are....pretty volatile. Who knows, I may be selling off my stock like crazy when the seasons over.



If Todd Bowles pulls off the improbable (or impossible, depending on who you are and how you look at it), the more power to him. Give him an interview and see how it goes, sufficing the Rooney Rule and giving a legitimate head coaching candidate a shot at the job. If it turns out bad, then that is another story. Look at Leslie Frazier, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He won all his games last season as interim coach, only this year he is in as bad of shape with his team as the Dolphins are.

I commented yesterday on one of the blogs to the possible hiring of Jeff fisher. There was a name that I left out - Brian Billick. I have watched Billick coach for years and think that if we don't get Fisher, then we should grab Billick. He has all of the same qualities as Fisher and is about the same age. I have resigned myself to the fact that Bill Cowher will not be on the sidelines next year for the Dolphins (though that may not be such a bad thing.) We need to keep our options open everyone. Who knows, maybe Andy Reid will become available (though I doubt it.) Let's all just keep an open mind, shall we?

They Did have the next good coach. Jason Garrett was our QB coach and we gave the Cowboys permission to interview him, and then hired Sparano the next year i believe. Not sure of the timeline.

Im with wino. Ireland should have been shown the door & let it hit his a** on the way out! Can't believe this dirtbag is still with the dolphins!

Speaking of fair, whether the coach is Cowher, Gruden, Fischer, Billick, Bowles, Miles, or anyone for that matter, how about we start next year with a POSITIVE attitude and sell the damn stadium out every game to give the team a home field advantage they can use? Just a thought ...but the fan base can play a big part too.

Big name HC might just there for big pay check , hope not. No matter how season ends I think Bowl es at 47 is young and hungry but not big name seat filler that Ross wants. Fins have a young core that suffered badly from lockout. To the GM haters this draft will produce more quality starters since Shula days. His first draft with no meddling from Tuna produced BPA in every RD. In three yrs from now I would put serious coin on that.

Enjoy your empty stadium Mr. Ross.

I would like to interview a new owner

What if Bowles wins this week at Buffalo? And then wins next week at New England? And finishes undefeated with a season-finale victory over the Jets?

Then he'll all but ruin our chances of getting Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins will NEVER get to know if Bowles will be great. But if he does well the next three weeks, another team might.

And Parcells thought Sparano would be a great head coach...how'd that turn out?

I hope both coaches have a good future. But then, I am still a fan of Jim Tressel

I'm looking around and I don't see any other coach out there that did a darn thing. Cowher has been out of the game too long. Fisher ain't done squat in 17 years.

If Ross really wanted to shake things up he'd hire Denny Green. That man don't take no krap from anyone.

IF a bullfrog had wings.....

It is ridiculous to suggest that Bowles should or should not be hired based upon the next three games. This team is simply not good. It go a coach fired. It should have gotten the GM fired.

Whoever gets selected as the new head coach should be selected because the front office thinks he is the best candidate because he will be able to turn the team around in 2-5 years.

The win/loss record of the next three games this year is not what matters.

How does he handle himself with the team? How does he manage the game time situations? How does he handle the press during the week?

That's what matters to me.

Sit Jake Long for the rest of the year.
Sit Matt Moore for this game.


The only thing that qualifies a good coach is his quarterback! How many so called "great coaches" sucked after they moved on and got a mediocre quarterback. Give Bowles Tom Brady and Cowher Chad Henne, who will look like the better coach after a full season!

Ha ha ha ha! Your column just Bowles me over laughing. Ross will not play Bowlesing for dollars when hiring a new head coach. He wants a superstar and it is his money. Bowles will be there to make Art Rooney happy and then poof, he will be gone. But wait he may have a chance if he wins eleven out of his next three games.

Bowles... why didn't i think a that....
Hmmmm.... or de ja vue...

either way, he is a good coach and will be a HC one day in the NFL.

What do you mean Bowels to iover a terrible 4-9 team, hell they have been playing their best ball the past 7 games. Lets see, they won 5 of last 7. COM-ON MAN.

Bowles came from the best coached team of his era...most of the guys from that Gibbs era ended up even more successful after retiring. Look at Grimm and Mayhew. Consider Green. Even Manley fought to be a better person, after coming into the league as an illiterate college graduate addicted to a a variety of drugs. Who thought Clark would be a successful individual? Doug Williams is known as one of the best influences today in the NCAA and NFL alike. Anyone who served well under and since Gibbs is a good candidate.

Never mind that beating New England was a dream; I say give the guy a chance as the type you build a franchise around, not as yet another quick championship guy hot off the college press. Miami hasn't had a long-term HC solution since Shula.

I think he should get the chance. How much worse can it be. If the players respect him as a coach then it should be no problem. As we have learned in the past...big names don't neccessarly mean big wins....LOL..you would think they would have learned that by now.

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