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What now that Barkely isn't turning pro?

You should know by now that Matt Barkley is staying in school at USC, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

In my column, I present a couple of options the Dolphins have now that only two quarterbacks with top 10 grades -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III -- will be in the draft in a best-case scenario.

That means the Dolphins may have to trade up to get RG3 or Luck, if they have a conviction about him. Or they may simply have to find a lower-rated quarterback and believe he will become a great professional.


The Dolphins must hope, indeed pray, that Oklahoma’s Landry Jones enters the draft even though his season’s final month was a disaster and scouts are saying he needs an extra year in school.

The Dolphins must hope that Ryan Tannehill is ready for the NFL even though he was recruited to Texas A&M as a receiver and never played quarterback until the seventh game of the 2010 season. (Very raw prospect, this kid.)

The Dolphins must hope less eminent quarterbacks such as Arizona’s Nick Foles or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins are diamonds waiting for the next Miami coach to polish them into treasures.

I''m not a Jones fan. I saw him play a handful of games, including several late and he simply wasn't a take-charge guy. He didn't make any throws that impressed me. His arm was exceedingly strong or accurate. He puts up great numbers, I grant you, but Blaine Gabbert put up great numbers in college. And Jones reminds me of Gabbert.

I haven't seen Foles or Cousins. I hope they are legit. I have to study them more. (By studying them more, I mean I have to ask scouts and personnel people about them. I'm not a pesonnel man and don't front like I am. But I do have access to experts, and I'll share with you what they share with me soon enough.)

I know with Barkley out of the picture, the Dolphins will be studying them more, also.


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Pondering retirement after the regular season...

The "big three" turned into the "top two", assuming that Luck and Griffin both declare. The good news is that the Colts don't have such an ironclad grip on the #1 spot anymore.

With the Colts winning, it could well be the Rams picking first...do whatever it takes to trade with them for the pick and choose Luck! Two 1st's and more...fine, do it.

By the way, I agree with the scouts that Landry Jones needs another year in school. He is definitely NOT a 1st round pick in this year's draft.

I'm looking at Tannehill and Foles as possibilities.

Andy, Im only concerned that Ireland have never traded up in previous drafts. He's more thank likely to trade down but I hope we can get RG#.

Can't see any chance that the Phins beat the Pats this weekend. It will be Gronk, Hernandez, Welker and Brady all day over the Miami secondary. Going to be a long day for Smith and Davis. I'll be generous and say 31-14 but in reality I think it will be worse than that.
I think I'll sit and wait now for GulfDolphin to come and rip me for my prediction.
Posted by: Craig M | December 22, 2011 at 09:04 AM


Craig, You were right when you explained to me earlier this week, that it is fans like you - the voice of disdain - that perhaps makes the franchise wake up and smell the coffee.

I will no longer call anyone out when they post negative comments regarding our Fins.

However, I do wish to type: GOOoo Miami!

I do hope we win, although unlikely...

colts need to win next week, otherwise will get pick 1

Oh yeah yeah, trade everything, then Luck will throw at his mother and father in years to come with dolphins having nothing to draft cuz they gave it all away

Henne put up 430 yards vs NE in opener. Moore should put up more than 500 yards because he is so much better.
Just 9 more days and Henne will be gone into free agency and we will again get zero compensation for a 2nd round pick (Pat White, Patrick Turner, Matt Roth etc).

Turner was a 3rd or 4th I think but ok.

Turner drafted in 3rd Round 2009.

Rookies, some undrafted, will be starters on this team next season at the following positions: RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS
The starting QB will be Matt Moore and he will be backed up by Pat Devlin.
I think we should use the draft picks on the defensive side of the ball and the undrafted free agents on the O-Line.
Anyone disagree?

I wonder if as part of his due diligence Matt Barkley or his father read through these archives to get a read on the fans of this team.
He's staying school specifically so he doesn't come here.
Can you blame him?
This is a team with no legitimate pro bowlers that blames the QB solely for its failures.

TheSMF, Your an idiot. Fans are always going to have an opinion on there teams. There are some Ravens fans who want to fire Harbaugh and he's done nothing except win. The kid just enjoys college and doesnt need the money like many of these black poor kids who declare early.


I want to see how Matt Moore plays these final few games before I anchor him as our hopeful starter next season.

Thus far, impressed...

I don't think there's any point hoping for those 2nd tier QB's to enter the draft. The Dolphins have three options for a great QB: Peyton Manning (unlikely), Andrew Luck (unlikely), and RG3. We're probably going to have to give up next year's first round pick in order to trade up and get RG3. Let's hope and pray that Ross is demanding Ireland to do that. Yea, Ireland made the smart move last year in not overpaying for Orton, but we have to get a QB this year. We have to. Too many wasted 2nd round picks spent on QB's that didn't pan out for the Dolphins, we need to land the prize this year. That prize is RG3.

Watch the 1st game of the season against the Pats. There was a pretty damn good QB that played and threw for over 400yds. The Phins would have won that game if the "D" was not so bad and our WR's could catch.

Hire the OC from Green Bay please!!!

Like DC said, nothings changed, options have narrowed. Hopefully the first pick gets wrestled away from St. Louis and Bradford or luck end up on the market.

Robert Griffin III is the real deal!!!

No more second round qbs though. I'd rather they not draft a qb at all than try to pass one up as a solution to our qb dilemma.

I'll trade next year first to move up in the draft this year. As Nick said eariler dont even think about any 2nd tier QB. Ireland went to Baylor RG3 goes to Baylor a match made in heaven.

Picks on defense and o line? Jeff Ireland, get off this blog!!!

John, agreed give up two firsts a second, whatever it takes, just get it done.


Diamonds Armando? Don't you mean acorns?

...I can't even really speak on any of the remaining quarterbacks. I watched Jones 3 times..He was awful twice, and had a good game once..He clearly will not be a day one starter.
Foles I watched once, and he was impressive. He called his own plays that game(UCLA) was accurate, threw the deep ball..blah blah blah. It was UCLA. But he played well. Tennehill???? Didn't see him take a snap.. Cousins. 2 games and he was good. I don't know if he makes it into the top 10. This could be a trade back guy. But right now..You can't take him at a premium spot 1-10.

I don't know what is going to happen.

Two things: I doubt that Miami had anything to do with Barkley staying at USC. If anything, it might have been enticing if Miami DID have a shot at him. But Cleveland or Washington was just as realistic if not more so for him, and the warm weather kid might have seen that and thought: Hmmm, USC's talent and hot chicks for one more year, or Cleveland/Washington for my career? ...
Second thing: I'll falling more and more off the Landry jones bandwagon (for no particular reason other than heresay). Foles and Cousins I simply need to see more of, besides higlight reels. After those guys, you might as well take a nap until you get to K. Moore and Keenum. Moore strikes me as a diamond in mud. And Keenum needs to be seen outisde of Houston to get a better gauge. He reminds me a lot of Jones, but hard to tell with the competition he faces.
Just plain not excited about anyone except the top two.
Tannehill is Akili Smith 2.0, and Manuel is all potential, no reality. Why these Dolphin bozos lose when they need to win, and win when they need to lose is beyond me. Colts are wondering the same thing rigth about now.

Nick Foles has the tools. Big guy, very strong arm. Don't forget about Oklahoma states QB who's name escapes me right now. He's like 27, but his release is unreal if you get a chance to watch him. I wouldn't use a 1st on him, but he's intriguing.

If you can't get RGIII or Luck, I would advocate bringing in Peyton(if released) or Matt Flynn and take a guy in the mid rounds like Foles. It's foolish to take a guy high just for the sake of taking a QB in the first round.

Why would we draft a QB? WE already hve Henne.

Merry Christmas to all Miami Dolphins fans!

New York Jets fans - for Christmas I hope you catch your wife cheating on you.

Kellen Moore will be a great prospect and a beast in Miami

I'll get people mad to say this, but I'll say it again....
Matt Moore will never have a higher trade value than right now. Numerous teams are looking for quality QB starter, and his stock is as high as it will ever get. There are multitudes of vets who will be on the streets begging for work for next season, and several of those are viable regents for the QB throne until rookie QB X can get his act together. Moore can get us a good draft pick, that we can package with other picks/players to move up to have a shot at Griffin.
Worth it?
Moore will be regent starter, and eventually back-up by mid-season. How much is a back-up worth to you? FA vet will have less stock with the team office, and we'll be more willing to turn the reins over when it's time.
I know it won't happen, but worse things could happen. Just food for thought.
I'm not going to respond to vitriol, but I'll be happy to discuss.

Tim in Tampa,

A wife would indicate they can pull women and get laid, which with they're obnoxious personalities we know is not the case.

..The evaluation process will be a long trying ordeal. Everyone is going to have their favorite guy, the experts will go back and forth about who is the 3rd or 4th quarterback, and Robert Griffen will crush the combine, and afterward people will come here and say he is better then Luck.

My point is right now..Nobody has a clue as to what we are going to do. I don't mean this as an insult. But there is too much time to even try and pretend that all the scenarios have been played out. We may not even draft a quarterback again. I know this will drive people nuts. But if the Phins have the minset to take the BPA..If we stay at 8..It isn't going to be a quarterback.

Nick Foles was QB of a 4-8 team. Scored only 10 points against Oklahoma State's porous defense. The teams they beat were pathetic in general, and barely beat Arizona State which was destroyed by Boise Stae last night. So if he really has all the NFL tools, why in the world di they suck as a team?
Griffin managed to make a bland Baylor team into a national force. Luck made Stanford championship caliber. Barkley has keep USC in respectability for years. Weeden had Okie State edging for a BCS championship vote. So...
Why hasn't Foles manged that?
I really honestly don't know the answer, and don't know enough about him, but I do have serious questions that should be considered.

IMO, Jones isn't worthy of being picked higher than the second round (if that high). Saying he reminds you of Gabbert isn't exactly a compliment given how Gabbert has played. If Griffin does declare for the draft and Ireland determines that he is as good as advertised (he's certainly my first choice), then it would be like malpractice not to do everything possible to move up. There aren't any other QBs that will have an impact as soon as Luck and Griffin.

Tim in Tampa..Thank you..Merry Christmas.

Funny post.. I agree with Jon. Those chuckleheads couldn't possibly have wives. Maybe a blowup doll they call sanchez, or a jelly filled hole in their mothers basement wall..But not wives.

Wives are for losers. I have my hand or my many GF's. Oh YEAHHHHH!! Player Player Hoot Hott!!!

I think mortgaging the FUTURE on RG3 is Miami's best shot at getting a long term franchise caliber QB.

Matt Moore has played good since Miami somewhat turned it around. But it's fools gold. It is a lot easier to let the ball fly when you are 0-7 and have nothing to lose as opposed to next year when Moore goes into training camp as the #1. My bet is he will struggle, then play good and then struggle again and with him Miami is in NFL purgatory at 8-8!

RG3 on the other hand would be Ireland's saving grace for at least the short term anyway. He would surely put butts in the seats. He would be the Dolphins version of Willie Beamen lol (Any Given Sunday). He's young and exciting and even if Miami struggles the second he gets the starting nod fans will still stay tuned in and want him to win and progress. Not like this year where we all hoped to Suck for Luck until the Dolphins decided they remembered how to play football.
I would be willing to swap 1st with whoever holds the #3 spot because Luck will go #1 to Indy (they still will get 1st pick based on strength of schedule), St. Louis or Minnesota will draft Kalil from USC and then at #3 trade up! Swap 1st, give a 2nd and next years 1st and 4th should do it. If they want more I would do it.

RG3 is a unique blend at QB. He is a QB who happens to be a supremely gifted athlete. He is not an athlete who happens to play QB. In this new-age NFL where you can't sneeze on a QB his athleticism and scrambling make him that much more of a MUST-HAVE!

(From previous blog)

I don't think that there was any choice regarding QB in the off-season. I didn't like any of the prospects available to us and they all proved to be huge busts during the season(Orton and the rest). I think that Ireland showed he was willing to make decisions based on what was best for the team, rather than try to desperately fill holes to save his job. Sporano, well, to be honest, aside from the over-exxagerated celebrations for field goals, (AT THE END O' DA' DAY)I couldn't even stand listening to the guy talk.
What bothers me most about the decisions made is that we spent the past few years dedicated to fixing the O-line through the draft and we still have a few "turn-styles" leaving an open route for opposing defenses to crush the QB. I think that more money/effort could have been spent bringing in a top level guard/center to help the middle of the line and we could have left Carey at RT where he belonged.
I don't know if Luck or RG3 will turn into franchise QB's in the NFL or if they would be worth trading up for. Frankly, I liked Barkley. My opinion would be to go for broke and trade up for the top spot and draft Luck, if trading up is even a consideration. That is based on whether or not either of them come out in the draft and whichever team has the top spot will let go of it.
Maybe we have no choice but to look in free-agency. Either way, Matt Moore will likely be the starter at the beginning of next year, especially if the only QB behind him is a rookie.
To be honest, I do think that Chad Henne has more of the physical tools than Matt Moore has and has looked impressive in a few games, however, there is something intangible missing, quite obviously. What Matt Moore lacks in those certain tools that Chad Henne possesses, he makes up for with the intangibles that Chad Henne lacks. Could be that Henne never had the proper coaching, or it could be that he will always be a bright star one game, then a total dud in the next.
Too bad they weren't one complete QB...
One thing that Moore has, which will win more games for the Fins, is a much more positive TD/INT ratio. Moore has a better chemistry with the receivers and puts a nicer touch on the ball. Henne may have a better arm but that doesn't mean that he can make the throws that Moore can. I firmly believe that if we started the season with Matt Moore and had brought in a solid interior lineman, we would be in playoff contention right now.
Is Moore a franchise QB? Not a chance. A solid, over-achieving second stringer(top 5 second string guy for sure) but hardly the future of a franchise. I also see Henne as a second string guy. Again, both are missing a piece to the puzzle and if I had to choose, I feel safer with Moore under center.

Being in Arizona I have watched several of Nick Foles games. He does have a good arm the size but generally didn't perform well against the better competition. Arizona has been really bad the past year and a half and a lot of his yardage came when playing against cover two type coverage and in garbage time. Maybe the guy will go on to be the next Dan Marino but I haven't been impressed.

Couple of quick thoughts:

I don't see Indy screwing things up and losing the Luck sweepstakes. Then again, I didn't see them winning two games. They have Jacksonville, so anything is possible. If it's St Louis or Minni with the number one pick, sell the farm for Luck. I'm fine with that.

ALso, sell the farm for RGIII. He doesn't have to start right away but the kids got amazing talent.

After that, I have NO clue. I'm not sure you can justify any of the kids left with the number 8-10 pick. I think there has to be a trade back or maybe we draft safety or RT in the first and take a QB in the second. I just don't know. The options are limited.

Curious to see what guys think but I think Barkley going back to USC is a kick in the ba*lls we didn't need.

JS, the only thing I wonder about Luck, is the fact he has played with the best OL in college football, rarely has he won games with his arm. Many were won due to the running game. Landry will probably remain in college, luck I think declared, RG3 as far as I know still has not declared. The Media started in week 1 announcing draft positions and stating this was a thick QB draft, fans started in week 3 and 4 here ranting as to which QB we should draft. Oddly most of those top tier QB's are jr's. I stated a while back, that a lot of these QB's might not even be available in this years draft. So now here we are, still wondering who will be available, and the media is now freaking out because they were wrong. Who knowes who might still be wanting to return to college. The pickings from the senior QB's does not appear all that great..And to get Luck, or RG3 will take a genius move by a genius GM. that we dont have either.

...JS in LA.

I'm not a Foles supporter..I haven't seen enough to say one way or another. But I think you have to take a deeper look at the team he played on. Did you know both tackles were Freshman? Did you know that the right guard was a Sophomore, and the Left tackle a Junior...Not really an experienced group..This isn't an excuse for him. But for a guy that is limited as far as escapability. Who success is dependant on getting the ball out, and in rythm. I would bet that he was under diress most of the time.

I wrote this yesterday in the Petersen blog but I'm re-posting here because it's a better fit. Here is a list of the 2012 FA QBS.

QB Kyle Boller UFA Oakland Raiders
QB Drew Brees UFA New Orleans
QB Jason Campbell UFA Oakland Raiders
QB Dennis Dixon UFA Pittsburgh
QB Trent Edwards UFA Oakland Raiders
QB A.J. Feeley UFA St. Louis Rams
QB Matt Flynn UFA Green Bay
QB Rex Grossman UFA Washington
QB Shaun Hill UFA Detroit Lions
QB Josh X. Johnson UFA Tampa Bay
QB Josh McCown UFA Chicago Bears
QB Luke McCown UFA Jacksonville
QB Brady Quinn UFA Denver Broncos
QB Chris Redman UFA Atlanta Falcons
QB Alex Smith UFA San Francisco
QB Drew Stanton UFA Detroit Lions
QB Charlie Whitehurst UFA Seattle
QB Vince Young UFA Philadelphia

That is our list to choose from when they don't re-sign Henne as many of you are predicting. Obviously Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, and Drew Brees are likely to be re-signed. The rest I wouldn't even give a second thought except Matt Flynn. But Matt Flynn will be very highly sought after by many teams needing a franchise QB. And again, he is unproven for the most part.

Landry Jones hasn't even said if he will enter the draft or go back for his senior year.

And if Indi releases Manning I don't see the Dolphins being a team that he would be dying to play for. So if Flynn goes to a team with more stability (I would), Peyton stays in Indi,goes to another team, or retires, Landry stays in school (hell this kid isn't even worthy of a top 15 pick!), and Luck and CG3 are gone by the time we draft what is our next move? I'M afraid the Dolphins may be stuck with Henne for a bit.

Armando, I will provide you and the Dolphin brass the answer key to this situation...

1) With the first round pick (assuming RGIII is gone), we draft the best available "playmaker" on offense or defense. Do not trade up!

2) Second round, we draft Boise St qb Kellen Moore.

3) Third round we address the offensive tackle situation if not done so already in free agency.

Happy Holidays everyone! Fins up!

I say Campbell may be re-signed because Palmer is fragile and Oakland will need a viable backup.

Honestly, I'm kind of glad Barkley stayed in school. I certainly didn't want him on the Dolphins. The only positive with having him enter the draft is that another QB-needy team ahead of us might have drafted him, allowing us to select RG3. But the Dolphins can't take chances here, they need to make the move to get the guy. Whatever it takes... Because no more Koa Misi's or Kendall Langford's or Jared Odrick's are going to turn the Dolphins into a winner. RG3 has the potential to make the Dolphins into a Championship team. I think Ross realizes that, but his history doesn't show it. Just gotta' wait and see...

For the last time, it wasn't Ireland who should be given credit for not pulling the trigger on orton. Ireland agreed to a trade, agreed to a new contract for orton. It was Ross who asked his scouts whether orton was a franchise qb before signing off on it and they said no. Therefore no trade. Ireland wanted it, Ross turned down the deal.

The worst thing any team can do is trade from weakness. Dave Wanstadt's career is litered with trades that were made from weakness, insecurity and fear. How did that work for him?
Moreover, much of the reason that the Dolphins are where they are today is bad trades that were made during the Wanstadt era.

PS. Don't be chocked if Andrew Luck stays in school another year. He has one more year of eligibility and he may use it. Reason? If I am Andrew Luck and the Colts have the #1 pick I will not come out and sit behind Payton Manning for 3 or four years. QB's drafted in the 1st round now play right away. Luck will not be happy sitting.

Wasn't aware that Ireland wanted Orton...if so, then we are in serious trouble...

Total out-of-my-behind comment, but if I were RG3, my only real consideration on whether to leave or return would be WHO was in position to draft me. His stock can't get higher really, $$$ in the new CBA is too close between picks 1-5 and 10-15 nowadays. If he hurts himself (running QB, likely), or has a down season because of Baylor's lack of talent... who knows. Can't win a chamionship there, already won the heisman. Only reason to stay is Cleveland or Washington. If the fins can finagle a higher pick, or promise his agent they plan to move up to pick him... THEN maybe he'd feel better.
Don't be fooled, Miami is still a decent destination for draft picks. No state tax, sun, water, babes, high-life clubs. Young men with $$ generally like that.
Imagine you're a young dude with mega cash: St. Louis, Cleveland, Washington, Miami, Jacksonville. Which one sounds best?
Come on Ireland - time to make a play.

Another 10 years of heartache kind of trouble...

I'd like to see Kellen Moore or Brandon Weeden.

First off, Kellen Moore is no shorter than Drew Brees, he has the winning mentality and he's accurate.

And yeah Weeden will be 29 yr old rookie, but so what? He's good! Really good. So the Phins will have to look for another QB in 7-8 years instead of 14 yrs, big deal. When's the last time they put the same QB on the field for 7-8 years? Exactly. I'd be glad to see them choose a 29 yr old rookie who has the skills and the maturity rather than continue on with the annual turnover at that position.

Couldn't be happier to see that Barkley isn't going pro the year the Phins are looking for a QB.

Barkley is just as overrated as every other USC QB prospect (Leinart, Sanchez, etc)

Anthony the whole fan base wanted Orton, remember everyone booing Henne and chanting Orton? Ireland isn't the only one sailing in the moron boat, he has plenty of company.

I didn't want Orton. He has always sucked. He sucked on the Bears and he sucked in Denver...

Washington should beat Minn so we will jump infront of them for RG3 because we are not beating NE.

It's funny t me to read posts and especially articles by journalists that state things like, "oh well (on Barkley), at least they can still sign Matt Flynn".

Something people aren't realizing is that there are another 6 to 12 teams looking for a QB and if there are only 2 to 4 ready QBs available why would anyone assume they would want to come to the Dolphins? These people are living in the past. The Dolphins are no longer a sought after destination. The organization has been a mess and we now have plenty of competition when trying to land FAs. Sorry to be a party pooper but we don't even know who the new coach is yet. Mangini comes in and what GOOD QB is going to want to play for him?

Phins78, Henne is too expensive. He'll want starter moeny, and we won't be willing to do it. Nope, he'll bolt.
If we get a new rookie QB, then I doubt we pick up a pricey vet.
We only pick up a pricey one if we trade Moore.
Even if it's somewhere in the bowels of the draft, we're coming away with a rookie QB.

BTW, folks, K.Moore will not be a 2nd round pick, so if we take BPA in the 1st, we have a round or two more to go before we get to Moore. He's rated at pick 240 right now by CBS sports. I believe he'll move up a lot before the draft, but his size will keep him down.

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