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What now that Barkely isn't turning pro?

You should know by now that Matt Barkley is staying in school at USC, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

In my column, I present a couple of options the Dolphins have now that only two quarterbacks with top 10 grades -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III -- will be in the draft in a best-case scenario.

That means the Dolphins may have to trade up to get RG3 or Luck, if they have a conviction about him. Or they may simply have to find a lower-rated quarterback and believe he will become a great professional.


The Dolphins must hope, indeed pray, that Oklahoma’s Landry Jones enters the draft even though his season’s final month was a disaster and scouts are saying he needs an extra year in school.

The Dolphins must hope that Ryan Tannehill is ready for the NFL even though he was recruited to Texas A&M as a receiver and never played quarterback until the seventh game of the 2010 season. (Very raw prospect, this kid.)

The Dolphins must hope less eminent quarterbacks such as Arizona’s Nick Foles or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins are diamonds waiting for the next Miami coach to polish them into treasures.

I''m not a Jones fan. I saw him play a handful of games, including several late and he simply wasn't a take-charge guy. He didn't make any throws that impressed me. His arm was exceedingly strong or accurate. He puts up great numbers, I grant you, but Blaine Gabbert put up great numbers in college. And Jones reminds me of Gabbert.

I haven't seen Foles or Cousins. I hope they are legit. I have to study them more. (By studying them more, I mean I have to ask scouts and personnel people about them. I'm not a pesonnel man and don't front like I am. But I do have access to experts, and I'll share with you what they share with me soon enough.)

I know with Barkley out of the picture, the Dolphins will be studying them more, also.


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I heard on the radio that Bradford's annual salary is like 13.5 per season. Hard to move him.

Could see them holding the auction and I hope they get the pick. That would be fun and hopefully we outbid everyone.

Fin4life, Christmas is large up here. I'm about to get on my snowmobile, feed my moose then chew on some whale blubber as is custom.

What if Dolphins stick with Matt Moore and Chad Henne as backup next year? Then we can get Kalil to solidify the right tackle position!!!!

I have another thougt and guys are going to HATE it....but I'm just throwing it out there for discussion. In the event that we are unable to trade for Luck or RGIII, instead of just taking BPA at 8 or 10 or wherever we pick, how about trading the pick and getting a first for NEXT year and then taking a run a 1st round QB NEXT year. With TWO first and God knows what else we would have more ammunition to trade up. There's going to be fierce competition for RGIII this year and I'm suggesting we might might be best to take a run at Barkley and the other kid (forget his name) next year. I think Moore is good enough to keep us competitive and go sign a guy like Orton to back him up, giving us good depth for '12. Teams can generally get more than just a one for this year's one and maybe we use some of that to fill some of the other holes we have THIS year, like RT or safety.

Just to be clear, throwing the kitchen sink at Minni or St Louis for Luck or RGIII should be plan A, I'm just proposing something like this for plan B. I don't think I like any of the other QBs enough right now to pick them in the top ten.

Sorry Mark, not a moron. But appreciate the opinion. Can you answer why if it's so genius to swap franchise LTs for top QBs, why no one does it? Don't recall ever reading about any. Anyway, our GM doesn't think like either of us, so expect him to trade Bush for Acorn State Tech's 5'3" QB ;)

Fin4life, merry christmas, happy hannukah, joyful kwansa, happy atheist orgy.. et. al.

Guys I know this is a sports blog but here I go anyways.

Please vote for Ron Paul if you love this country. I'm not going to flood his name all in the blog because thats childish. I encourage you to You Tube and listen to what he has to say, he speaks the truth.

If we want America to prosper we can't sustain the pace that were curretnly on. WE NEED MAJOR CHANGES!

Just to point out some things he's pro.
- Paul is for the rights in the Constitution
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Please do some research on the guy.


Js, you wouldn't trade a left tackle for a top qb talent? That's pretty moronic. Joe Thomas and Jake long are probably the two best in the game and their teams may be picking in the top 5. I'd trade both long and pouncey for luck straight up. I just might not play luck in year one without the line though. But those positions are so much easier to find. There are 4 to 5the tackles that go in the first round every year yet there aren't even enough qbs on the planet to provide a starter to 32 teams. Do the math

Mark in Toronto | December 23, 2011 at 02:18 PM

Mark, excuse the constant reposting but gave my thoughts on this as well yesterday and here it is.

Best Nickname hands down is Big Jake's, he's referred to as THE WAR HAMMER, talk about fitting regarding his pain threshold, his intangibles are off the charts as well but if we can trade him for a dominating future presence at the Q.B. position then it's worth the conversation when weighing the Pro's and Con's.

I remind everybody that Chris Hinton is a H.O.F worthy LT but the most interesting thing about him is he was the Franchise LT sent to the Colts in the Elway trade and while Hinton went to boat loads of Pro Bowls he never was part of a winner were Elway went to 5 S.B.'s and won 2, end of conversation of if the scenario is viable for me.

Js, trading elite left tackles happened before. Chris Hinton for john elway. Wasn't calling you a moron but not considering trading any player for a top qb talent is moronic. No other position on the team is even in the same stratosphere as qb. Not even remotely close.

Craig, interesting strategy. I'd consider it. I'm tired of non qbs being selected. Its almost the equivalent of not picking anyway.

Craig, dude, thought the same thing except for a couple major snags.
One, Kalil goes 2 or 3 this year. We ain't sniffing that.
2 kalil is a LT, so we'd be "tinkering" with his position? Nix.
3, Barkley is the only one I'm interested in that is coming out next year. The Tennesee QB looks real good, but he's not yet stepped up to expectations. We'll see how he does.

So it may be Barkley or bust. And the Fins haven't been considerate this year in their fan appreciation for drafting, so... I'm going to pass on this thought.

But way to think out of the box at least.

fin4life and JS,

I'm not trading Long for RGIII, but I might consider it for Andrew Luck. Really like this kid RGIII, but there's just too much uncertainty to give up Long for him. Yes, there's uncertainty with Luck too but I feel more comfortable with it.

Mark and I don't see Long in the same light, he's pretty much an untouchable as far as I am concerned but for a potential franchise QB I would look at it.

Mark and JS,

It's just a thought. I'm really not that keen on anything after Luck and RGIII this year, so far. That might change when I look at it a little closer. As Mark said, I'm tired of getting guys that are reaches. It's important we get this one right, otherwise we're wasting another 3-4 years on a QB. I'd rather we wait until next year than do a major reach picking top ten this year.

For those of you saying to sign either Flynn or Campbell......we have them in Matt Moore and we don't have to pay one cent more for him.

Phins78, you cant say everyone, or the entire fan base, when it came to Orton. I was NOT on that bandwagon, as Im sure there are a few others too.

I'm a fan of RG3 but my excitement is in question somewhat after reading an article on NFL.com last night that states:
"They [Baylor] don't call plays in the huddle. They walk to the line, the play comes from upstairs to the sideline, and it's signaled in," said one NFC executive. "The coordinator upstairs is reading the defense, (Griffin) is not doing that at all. And in the NFL, you're going to have to be the one reading the defense. You have to know what's going on at all times. And you have to get him under center, taking 3-, 5- and 7-step drops."

If true, then RG3 has got a lot to learn in the pro and won't start immediately.


Mark and fin,
Feeling ganged up on, but not budging. You guys had to go back to Elway to find me an example .. so kudos to the history lesson, but I'm still not off base with my assessment. 28 years is a fair gap fellas for this great idea to have prospered.
Nope, wouldn't do it. Not a chance.
Only way i do it is if I get another player/pick along with it that is good enough at LT that he protects my valuable $$$multi-million dollar rookie QB's behind. I'll give up HOF'er for good at LT, and a supposedly awesome rookie QB. But not a HOF LT for a pick. Nope.
Anybody else though. Pouncey would be hard to part with. Great Centers a b!@ch to find. But I'd part with him sooner.


Happy Athiest Orgy, huhhhh!!! ROTFLMAO!!

Thank pal but I'll keeo it to the Jesus fest all things considered.


I don't think he will start in the NFL right away, the same way that Steve McNair didn't start right away. We actually don't need this guy to start right away, anyways. We have a guy who can keep this team competitive in Matt Moore. The guy we're looking for is a guy who can step in and contribute in about 2-3 years time. It's more important that he be ready when called on, than ready to start from day one.

I predicted a 3-13 or 4-12 season. I wished I had been right and we wouldn't be talking about these 2nd tier QBs.

I agree with many of you: Do whatever it takes to get Luck or RG3.

BTW, Mark And fin4life,
Hinton was 22 when he was traded, so still next to rookie status. Not a pro-bowler, HOF'er or even close at the time. just great potential.
Enough siad on the matter though. Ireland will trade down to find an acorn.
4'10" Qb with a weak arm, club feet, one eye, but a great family ;)

The key is going to be to entice Minni or St. Louis to trade down. If Khalil is the target for St. Louis, which he may very well be, then forget them. Minni needs a lot of things and I think if RGIII is still out there, it's going to be a case of who's the high bidder between ourselves, Washington, Cleveland and whoever else.

OK guys....have to take off.....

I'll try and get on here tomorrow but if not Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or whatever your thing is.....

Hopefully 2012 finds us and our football team, healthy, wealthy and wise....


Nick Foles has an extremely quick release, can throw that deep ball with accuracy, has good pocket presence and seems to be polished for the NFL, if not right now, then very soon. My choice of QB's after Luck.

fin4life and JS,

I'm not trading Long for RGIII, but I might consider it for Andrew Luck. Really like this kid RGIII, but there's just too much uncertainty to give up Long for him. Yes, there's uncertainty with Luck too but I feel more comfortable with it.

Mark and I don't see Long in the same light, he's pretty much an untouchable as far as I am concerned but for a potential franchise QB I would look at it.

Craig M | December 23, 2011 at 02:33 PM

Guys don't get me wrong there is a heavy heart in the conversation but please my fellow HARDCORE FinFan think for a minute. Long has been hurt plenty in the last couple of Seasons and can probably thank Sparano if his career ends up being shorter than expected, thinking like someone mentioned yesterday the career of Tony Boselli.

I don't look to give anybody a history lesson JS because I understand I'm not the only HARDCORE fan on the sight by a long shot but trading away the only asset that could put us in the running for Luck is something I would consider. Craig M I hear you as well about not trading our Franchise player for RG111 (Great upside and Great chance to flop) I also have my miss givings as well but for Luck as much as I'd hate it I would because it makes sense in comparing the impact of the position to competing for a Crown.


I agree with your post from above.

mark and craig,
next years' top QB crop?
Barkley, and maybe Bray if he comes out.

You think we'll sniff the top spot again after this year's slap in the face season? They manage to win just enough to earn the same spot or worse. Ugh. We're screwed .. pick a year. Same effect.

Gotta try something. Whoever it is needs to be tried ASAP, no waiting 13 games like broncos did with Tebow. Try it, evaluate, next move.

trade up to griffin.
Trade down for Weeden, Cousins.
Trade ME if you need to... I'd be worth a couple of Gatorade coolers, then package that with a trade for a few more of us disgruntled fans, and we could end up with an extra cheerleader, or maybe a 7th round pick. ;)

BTW, Mark And fin4life,
Hinton was 22 when he was traded, so still next to rookie status. Not a pro-bowler, HOF'er or even close at the time. just great potential.

Enough siad on the matter though. Ireland will trade down to find an acorn.
4'10" Qb with a weak arm, club feet, one eye, but a great family ;)

JS in LA | December 23, 2011 at 02:48 PM

Your missing the point!!

Go back to were you looked up the info. and you will see the trade was almost straight up, rookie for rookie. Elway was drafted by the N.Y. Yankees to play Baseball and said he would play for them before the Colts who fell apart after the career ending injury of one Burt Jones.

The Colts made the trade but should have stood their ground, Elway was a Football player not a Baseball one and before you mention Bo Jackson, please remember that Bo went to meet the Bucs before the 85 draft after being promised it didn't hurt his College status and when he returned to Auburn was told that by meeting them his College career was over.

With Jackson it was personal but if your old enough to remember the 83 draft there was no question Elway was going to play Football. I'm not looking to be a KNOW IT ALL my friends just happen to remember the scenario's mentioned well, which I guess is beginning to make me old as hell!!!

RG34ME !!!!!

if im not mistaken chris hinton was a first round draft pick in the elway draft of 83. so to say he was a probowler is a stretch. no one could say then he would be as good as he was. having said that i say you dont trade a proven player for a prospect. keep long and give up anything else using players or draft picks. i would overpay with draft picks to get a qb and keep long. picks are a crap shoot. long is definate.

How's passing on Mallett for Daniel Thomas looking now?

No way Ireland trades any first round picks to move up to get either Luck or RG3. Not happening. If anything - and if he can find a partner - he trades down.

Not that he hasn't traded up before (see D. Thomas) and not that he hasn't ever given up too much (see D. Thomas and B. Marshall). I just don't see it at the QB position. IF they take a QB it'll be Moore (if he isn't gone by their 2nd round pick) or another 2nd rounder. Moore wouldn't be a bad choice but, once again, we'll be watching the likes of Matt Moore next year.

For those saying re-sign Henne? Really? Why? Were you watching the last three years? Moore may not be a franchise guy by any stretch but he is, by far and away, a better QB than Henne. He makes things happen when there's nothing there. Henne is incapable of that. Moore, at least, is exciting to watch.

BPA? Knowing Ireland, that means another O-lineman. RT? With a top ten pick? Is there anyone even close to good enough to warrant that? Heck, it's almost worth considering a trade for Mallett. Maybe our first and a lower pick/player for NE's first and Mallett? I am talking out of my arse when it comes to trade value here and Beli probably wouldn't even consider a trade with us. Fact is, that second should have gone for Mallett, not Thomas. If we can't/won't trade up for RG3 (several firsts would NOT be worth it) what are we going to do? K. Moore? Mallett? Stick with Matt Moore? NO FAs are going to be worth a second thought. Finally a top ten pick and it's going to be a waste of position. How's the rookie CB/FS class looking?


To add a thought: There is talk the Vikes will be in play for a QB and put Ponder on the trade block. Thoughts?

Jam, F Ponder!

You people are absolutely out of your minds if you think RG3 is the answer for this franchise. For heaven sakes someone tell me the last time a rushing QB won a Super Bowl? I would have prefered Barkley over jones but at this point I'd take Jones over RG3 in a heartbeat. Griffin is nothing but the next Vince Young. Ive watched footage of him until I'm blue in the face and I honestly don't see the NFL pro style game. I've tried to get excited about him but I just don't see it. I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Griffin is a great college style, spread offense player. I want a long term solution to our QB problem. That can only be found with a POCKET PASSER. scrambling QBs have wonderful 2-3 year splashes in the league then they wash up and make their rounds through the NFL from team to team trying to maintain their legitimacy. I would rather keep Matt Moore as the starter rather than waste first round picks for this novelty QB. Yes I said it. Mark my words: RG3 is not the answer for the Fins. Why? History speaks for itself: SCRAMBLING QB'S DON'T WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Sorry, fin4lkife, how am I missing the point?
You just made my point for me.
Rookie for rookie would be swapping baseball cards to GMs. Sure they'd do that. Trade Kalil for Luck, or RG3. SURE! Glad to. Sounds risky considering Elway's wishy-washiness, but they're still not known comodities.
That IS my point. Guaranteed HOF LTs versus unknown QB commodity?
Anybody else, Yes, but not that one.
Ya'll can go over to Oakland where they do crazy trades like that. Not me.
Guess if I'm your GM, I'd get hate mail, and spawn site like "fireJSinLA.com".
Well, IF they take your advice, better pray they find a suitable replacement to keep Rookie QB unconcussed. Really, I'm serious. Do it, if ya gotta, but PLEASE GOD don't find a Mark Columbo in FA as our LT.
We'd be 3-12 that season, with a surgically repaired QB, and a chance to draft another LT.
Like I said, though. Ireland won't take either of our arguments, anyway. He'll do something unexpected - that I'll wager on.

thanks, crash1.
At least my lonely island is being slowly populated.
Anybody else on my roster but Long.
Long for Aaron Rodgers? Yep. (as if)
Long for a pick, and a prayer? Nope.

PhinFan, Your an idiot, Cam Newton came from the spread offense in college and look what he's doing in the NFL. Last year Rodgers won the superbowl gueess what he can scramble, so can Rothelisberger. Instead of comparing RG3 to a dumb ass like VY a better comparison would of been Steve Young youracist prick.


I think the Phins already drafted Russell Wilson in 2009. Only back then his name was Pat White.

Joking aside, Wilson looks like he throws a little bit better of a ball, but I don't know man. I'd rather see Kellen Moore than Wilson; he throws a great ball and he's an inch (or two) taller.


There is no guarantee in what any player will be when he goes Pro but if you look up Hinton he was every bit the can't miss that Jake Long was when we passed on M.Ryan for him, there is no arguing that specific point. You say proven commodity, I say player who is hurt more often than not. I say give me a Q.B. to compete know and you come back with reasons to stay with Long.

I won't argue or debate your position because it's all a CRAP SHOOT with the NFL Draft but believe in my heart that we can live without the perennial Pro Bowl LT if it means a Q.B. that has the potential to get us to the S.B. Please understand it is a point of view and I could be wrong but it is my opinion while I completely respect yours friend.

What a disaster, this is worse than 0-7. 5 wins just set us back another 2-3 years...Thanks for trying guys...it's like they said, wait, if we completely tank the season, then we'll get better. Let's win some so we can make sure we'll be bad for years to come...

Gotta go buy some more gifts for the Kids my wife ain't easy, Happy Holidays fellas!!!!!!


If I was guaranteed the Qb would be awesome, then SURE.
But like you said.. Crap shoot.
Sent an email to Armando, asking his opinion. We'll see if he replies, and if I have another person on my lonely island, or if I need to start talking to volley balls. ;)

I'd take Moore any day over Wilson.
Wilson is great exactly where he is. He'll be another one of the countless amazing athletic college QBs that won't work for the NFL. Really sad, but I'd bet on it.
If we go on stats alone, Moore has more than most everyone else in the draft. He just needs platform cleats.
He's Flutie, straight up. Still an upgrade, but, I'm not seeing super-bowl. Just don't know.
Man, this years combine will be interesting.

Really John? You're one of those folks who throw the racist card around like a football simply because you don't like my opinion? Pathetic. Here's a tidbit for you. Warren Moon was a great QB. He was mobile, but not a scrambler/run first guy. He's a HOF QB and deserves every bit of it. So save your demagoguery for your next political talking point. Rogers is mobile, but you cannot possibly put him in the same playing style as Cam Newton. If Rogers had the knee issues Marino had, he could still slice and dice a defense because he has the pocket presence and awareness, accuracy, and perfect field vision. Most scrambling QB's only know one thing when the blitz comes on: RUN. In the meantime, grow up.

PhinFan, Obviousley you no nothing about RG3 and just wanted to compare him to jeez ummm another black QB. His first instance is not to scramble. Can he? Sure but thats always his last option, just because he can scramble doesnt make him a scrabling first type of QB..

Get your facts str8 before before you come on the Dolphins blog blogging your moronic thoughts...

I gave up on the NBA in the 90's , look's like it's time say goodbye to the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins didn't take a QB next year. If the NFL billionairs weren't so cheap they would have a minor leauge to train NFL players, instead of relying on colleges who can't produce enough great pro quarterbacks.

Phin4life, its hard to become a great QB, Thats why there only like 5 of them in the NFL now.

Best NFL comparison to Kellen Moore besides Flutie?... he's sitting on the Jets bench, his name is Greg McElroy. And he's taller.
I actually was hoping the fins took him last year.
Smart, winner, accurate, leader, doesn't make mistakes, sees the field and reads defenses like a book. Just doesn't have an arm like M. Stafford.
Very Brees-like, but needs more arm polish.
Late rounds, easily availble. Ah well. Spilled milk.

That Guy @ 1:41,

I don't know about drafting a Tackle first round this year. It'll depend on how it plays out and whose available, etc, etc.

Having said that though, I think you're onto something. You'll take a lot of heat here just for sugeesting it. But the truth is, the pendulum does swing back and forth. It's tricky, but the leading edge is where you want to be.

I've thought your scenario through and I think it'll work. Matt Moore is starting to look like he could be a real solid QB. With a ferocious run game and solid D, he could be "That Guy"!

I still say we get a QB in round 1 if available. If not, I like your plan B. You never know, if John Jerry can play right tackle next year like he did left last week, we could wait and get a road grading guard in the second or third. Maybe get Wake's bookend in the first and another corner in the second.

Also, personally, I think were pretty good at RB right now. Bush and Thomas look impressive and it only gets better as the Line comes together(the LV over/under on Bush'd rushing yards was 500. I cashed in for $500).

***** MY DAILY RANT*****

I will keep this short...

Since the Fins decided that winning a handful of games really was THAT important and since some fans are delighted that the Fins won those handful of games, we are out of the running for a QB.


Since we cant even SUCK correctly we are what our record says we are and we suck.

With THAT in mind as for most of you it is, here is what i am proposing.

1) I would trade the entire draft, lock, stock and barrel for Andrew Luck. Much like Ditka did for Williams. Doing that will pay dividends for the next 18 -20 years.

2) With Ireland still hiding in his corner like the rat I think he is, we all know that he wont do #1 above. So, until he is fired, we may need to take a run for Patten Manning. The Colts will own him over $30M so if they draft Luck Patten is gone.

3) Throw the house at Bill Cowher which also will mean that Ireland is gone. We kill two birds with that stone.

Ya, ya, ya I know, all you anti Cowher people out there and all the anti Luck fans. What are you complaining about if we get both or one or the other? It's a first step in the correct direction towards bringing home a Championship and Superbowl title.

Cowher will do what he deems necessary to rebuild this team and bring in whoever he wants. Believe me, if Cowher is the HC, the seats at cracker jack Stadium will be selling like Hot cakes making Ross very happy. With Luck and Cowher, the stadium will be sold out for years and years in advance which makes Ross happy.

With Cowher and Luck at the helm, that will make ME happy as well as any Dolphin fan.

That's my rant and I'm sticking to it.

I'll be back but just in case...


NY "G"

- For the gold standard (this is the real currency)
- End the Federal Reserve.
Please do some research on the guy.

Posted by: Jim McDonald | December 23, 2011 at 02:29 PM

This won't work in AmeriKa!

The last two Presidents that tried this were assassinated. The Fascists are too deeply ingrained. It will NOT be allowed nor tolerated.

Research THAT!

Impish question...
If you were Indy (assuming #1 in the draft), would you take a whole draft (8-10th pick in the 1st, etc) for Luck?
I'm not sure anyone would, but maybe.
If we trade up, I'm assuming several very good players AND draft picks are involved.
It would need to be very sweet to give him up.
not sure we have the pieces.
But I want him too.

I agree with you NY G. I'd be willing to throw in about a quarter of the team as well as the entire draft to get Luck at this point. You're probably right that Ireland isn't ballsy enough to ever do something like this and that's one reason he needs to go.

Plain stupid to trade Long,already a Pro-Bowler,for a POTENTIAL star QB.Keep what few stars you have and build the team around them.

odinseye, there have been no president's who ran there campaign citing the Constituition as the document we American should look too as a guidance.

Our fore fathers knew that a country relied upon on so much on governmenet couldnt sustain.


yay! Another person to keep us company on (less-lonely now) DontTradeLong Island!

Thanks allwhite.
think that makes 3 people. ;)

Haha. I'm not on that island. Sorry guys. Long is the best player on the team and the last guy I'd want to trade, but for Luck I'd trade even him.

Look folks, it's a catch 22.
You need Mr. Awesome QB to want to protect, and you also need a behemoth to keep Mr. Awesome out of the hospital, or scared and throwing picks. How awesome would Marino have been without Webb to keep grass out of his teeth.
You need both.
We have one. Lets concentrate on getting the other.

I just heard on nfl.com if the rams get the first pick we would trade are whole draft get luck that would be great for us if that happen propley wont happen with ireland he would trade down get a RT.

I'm just curious where all the idiots who were so hung up on winning stupid meaningless games will be when our draft sucks. Probably trying to put some positive spin on the lineman we draft.

"desire" is all they said, but at least it's on some other site besides this forum.
yay for that.

And they didn't say trade Long. Double Yay.

Just read this. Current Colt Left tackle is a former 1st round pick a year or two ago.
So, Colts unlikley to trade for Long, regardless.
St.Louis? Saffold, second year guy. 2nd rounder. Hard to say if it would be worth their $$ to trade. Maybe.

Like I said before, man-cover CBs are hard to come by, so Davis is valauble. Wake? Pouncey? Bush? Dansby? Marshall? Mix a couple of those with some picks ... maaaaaybe, just maaaaybe.

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