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What now that Barkely isn't turning pro?

You should know by now that Matt Barkley is staying in school at USC, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

In my column, I present a couple of options the Dolphins have now that only two quarterbacks with top 10 grades -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III -- will be in the draft in a best-case scenario.

That means the Dolphins may have to trade up to get RG3 or Luck, if they have a conviction about him. Or they may simply have to find a lower-rated quarterback and believe he will become a great professional.


The Dolphins must hope, indeed pray, that Oklahoma’s Landry Jones enters the draft even though his season’s final month was a disaster and scouts are saying he needs an extra year in school.

The Dolphins must hope that Ryan Tannehill is ready for the NFL even though he was recruited to Texas A&M as a receiver and never played quarterback until the seventh game of the 2010 season. (Very raw prospect, this kid.)

The Dolphins must hope less eminent quarterbacks such as Arizona’s Nick Foles or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins are diamonds waiting for the next Miami coach to polish them into treasures.

I''m not a Jones fan. I saw him play a handful of games, including several late and he simply wasn't a take-charge guy. He didn't make any throws that impressed me. His arm was exceedingly strong or accurate. He puts up great numbers, I grant you, but Blaine Gabbert put up great numbers in college. And Jones reminds me of Gabbert.

I haven't seen Foles or Cousins. I hope they are legit. I have to study them more. (By studying them more, I mean I have to ask scouts and personnel people about them. I'm not a pesonnel man and don't front like I am. But I do have access to experts, and I'll share with you what they share with me soon enough.)

I know with Barkley out of the picture, the Dolphins will be studying them more, also.


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Flash forward to November 2012....
Dolphins are again 1-7.
"boy I'm still do glad we chose to beat buffalo last year! That's so much more important than going to the playoffs!!!"

Let's wrap up the whining and pining for the next Mark Sanchez (in Barkley) and move on.

I mean seriously, who needs the playoffs when we can consistently win 5-7 games a year!!!


I'll take the Banishment!

Just for the one simple fact: You don't trade a proven Pro Bowler for a Crap Shot! ESPECIALLY a Pro Bowl Left Tackle.

**MAYBE** - **POSSIBLY** a Pro Bowl Running Back, but PROBABLY not even then.


I'm just curious where all the idiots who were so hung up on winning stupid meaningless games will be when our draft sucks. Probably trying to put some positive spin on the lineman we draft.
Posted by: amsmith965 | December 23, 2011 at 04:59 PM

Yeah Right, like we fans have any say in whether or not the Coaches and Players decide to tank the season!

Their going to play the game, REGARDLESS of what some pessimistic morons have to say.

You call others idiots, yet what you're advocating is a FUTILE excercise in hoping against hope for a negative outcome in which you have NO control or say-LOL!

If you're really wondering where the idiot is, go check your Mirror ;)

Fist Pump!!!!

Is it just me or does Ireland look like he has a pig nose? Just wondering.

"boy I'm still do glad we chose to beat buffalo last year! That's so much more important than going to the playoffs!!!"
Posted by: amsmith965 | December 23, 2011 at 05:10 PM

I didn't know we got to choose! Damn, I would have choosen we go undefeated again.

Hey, you think you could choose us to beats the Pats tommorrow?

Oh wait, I get it, we only get to choose when the team loses............right?

Don't we? We get that choice?


I was one of the idiots wanting the fins to win and I hope we win out, that is what a fan does. If you want us to lose so badly, go root for the scumbag jets. What would you have posted if we lost all 16 then drafted Luck or some other unproven prospect and they turned out to be a bust. There are no guarentees and no matter what anyone says, there is no guarentee that Luck will be another Brady. And you don't trade away proven probowlers or your entire draft for one pick.

Ok odinseye. You are obviously fine with us sucking forever. Go ahead and get a jersey of whatever loser lineman we draft. We can look forward ro another awesome 6-10 or 7-9 season next year too!! You're soooo right! And after the Colts are back on top again for the next 5 to 10 years, yea I'll still be wrong. I love being just below 500! I see it now. Thank you!

1. He won't be a bust
2. It's the right thing to do
3. These games are completely meaningless

I don't care if you can't figure this out. I obviously have higher standards than you do. 7-9 just isn't good enough for me. You keep enjoying the weekly beer bust and the ongoing crummy seasons though.

Never forget that these are the same idiots who passed on drew brees.........TWICE

I'm ok with what odin said, but PA you're dead wrong. Only an idiot fan (you're right when you sarcastically called yourself that) would root for us to win either of the next two games. If there's a chance we can knock the Jets out of the playoffs that last game I can at least understand rooting for the phins in that game, but I still won't be. The Jets will lose in the first round anyway. Do you think the chances of the 12th pick being a bust or the 1st pick being a bust is greater? Put aside your emotions for two games (which I have done the entire season since the Browns game) and hope for what is best for this team. Every draft spot is precious when there are only two legit first round talent QB's available.

Finally, someone who can see the bigger picture.

Jeb, since you have a brain, you understand my concern. This group has proven repeatedly they don't know what they are doing. The more idiot proof we can make it will be the only way to salvage something. If they slip out of top 10, I promise you these idiots will take another lineman.

Goodness knows we didn't need brees, Ryan, brees (again), etc etc

I say we go after kellen Moore
He's been looking good

Nick, he ain't bad but listen to me now and believe me later, it's luck or RGIII or we really aren't improving at all.

I went to Baylor and ANYone that can win there can win anywhere.

That's bad luck about Fasano being out if we want to win the Game, good news if we prefer to lose it.

Henne was strictly a Parcell's mistake and Ireland knows it, yes, he knows it.

Yeah, Amsmith and Jeb are both right on. The Dolphins are better off losing as many games as possible for as many years as possible. That will ensure the team will be great for many years to come. I know. Look how well I did it with the Lions.

They are both so smart!

Kellen Moore would be a great pick for this team...if we quit the NFL and started playing midget football.

I just wanted to lose this season and lose big after it was obvious we weren't going to make the playoffs. Then hopefully we wouldn't be stuck with 500 records for eternity. I find it funny that you use the Lions as your example who are now a way better team than the fins. I would say all of those early picks finally paid off (especially once Millen wasn't doing the picking). Way better than the Fins picking 15th every year.


Go find Granny, Ellie Mae and Jethro and cook up some vittles you dope. You're clueless.

You're right about those early picks not being important. What would the Dolphins want with Stafford, Megatron, and Suh. Those guys are worthless.

I just fervently pray that they select a masculine quarterback with the eyes of an angel. Nice, tight butt as well.

Ok odinseye. You are obviously fine with us sucking forever.

-Wow! I never thought of it like that. Your right! Lets all right our congressmen and tell him no matter how much we whine and complain, our team wins games when we don't want them too.

Let's do our part and start a Matt Moore ANTI-Fan Club!

That stupid Steven Ross! He fired SpOrano and HE WAS GREAT! He really knew how to LOSE!

Go ahead and get a jersey of whatever loser lineman we draft. We can look forward ro another awesome 6-10 or 7-9 season next year too!! You're soooo right!

Dude, if you really believe the GARBAGE you spew, please explain to all of us how EXACTLY do we get our team to lose for us?

Listen dolt, it makes not one bit of difference whether you wine and cry for a loss and I cheer for a win. The ONLY difference is you'll be whining crying and miserable all season. I'll be cheering on and ENJOYING the good times. Knock yourself out with your misery-ROTFLMAO!
And after the Colts are back on top again for the next 5 to 10 years, yea I'll still be wrong. I love being just below 500! I see it now. Thank you!
Posted by: amsmith965 | December 23, 2011 at 05:33 PM

I'm really starting to suspect you just don't get it.

You do have me wondering though, how many of the past 20 Super Bowl Winners included tanking a season or two as part of their rebuilding "PROGRAM"?


I don't care if you can't figure this out.

-You obviously do care, or else explain the beating the Dead Horse is getting.

You're the one that can't figure it out. All the whining and crying in the world won't change the out come of a SINGLE game. You can enjoy the good parts and hope for the best, OR, you can whine, cry and be miserable. Either way, we're not going to even so much as INFLUENCE the outcome of a single game in the LEAST.

I think I do have it figured out, you enjoy MISERABLE. I'm not knocking it, it's just wasting my days away being miserable over things I can't control is not my idea of LIFE!

I obviously have higher standards than you do.

-Judging by your writings, I doubt that very seriously.

7-9 just isn't good enough for me. You keep enjoying the weekly beer bust and the ongoing crummy seasons though.
Posted by: amsmith965 | December 23, 2011 at 05:44 PM

-I can't honestly say I've enjoyed the season. I pick my battles WISELY!

I have enjoyed Matt Moore's development. Reggie Bush's resurgence. The draft class contributions.

Oh yeah, and the CHEER LEADERS! I ALWAYS enjoy the CHEER LEADERS!!!!

Fist Pump!!!!

Too many crazies out there that think they know about football. RG3 is a pocket QB idiots, Have any of watched him play? Do any of you watch football? This man won at Baylor with almost no help we need him. Leave it to you clowns and the franchise will never get better. RG3 would take us to the playoffs and beyond, 6'2 220... The same size as Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young, great prototypes to follow and six superbowls between them. He's accurate, intelligent, plus he has the speed to run (olympic) speed if he wants to run. You all know nothing about what's good for the team because if you did you'd know RG3 is what we need.

His size is fine, probably = or taller than Brees, but he's so lanky... He puts on 20 lbs, I take him in a flash.

Mr. Roe,

Looking at from another perspective.

How many better QB's are there in this years draft?

I'd roll the dice with RG3. I got a feeling this kid is going to be a nightmare to defend. Design your pass plays with a lot of Clear outs and underneath crossing routes. These throws are higher percentage and these kinds of routes open up running lanes all the time.

I ALMOST like RG3 better than Luck. But that's just my opinion.


What are you doing tonight?

Hot Date Tonight? Spending time with the family? What's going on with Oscar tonight?

Geez, I forgot to include my football comment Oscar. Sorry bout that.

20 lbs ? You think so? 6-2 240?

For a *YOUNG* QB At 6-2 220, I think you just continue to tone and work muscle and arm strength. From the way he looks when he plays, it seems he could use a few pounds of muscle. But 240 seems like a tad much. I think 230 - 235 at the very MOST.

This is the first time in nearly 3 decades that we MIGHT use a first round pick on a QB. With all things considered(esp. Barkley staying put)and all the pressure on Ireland to land us "That Guy", I hope he doesn't screw the pooch by reaching to far for any of the lesser prospects.

I'd rather get a Tackle, Linebacker or Corner instead of another Henne or McCoy.

You can't go wrong with either personality wise, odin. Both are proven competitors and Winners.


I want to ask your opinion. Lets say your the GM and both Luck and RG3 are available.

1. Who do you pick if you're Miami's GM?

2. Who do you pick if you're Baltimore's GM?

NOTE: Forget Moore and Flacco. The questions assume both teams are looking for a starter ASAP.

Luck and Luck, respectively, odin.


**Special Thanks** to Fin4Life for the Shout Out earlier.

PS: Fin4, even though I disagree(trading Long for a pick), NICE the way you were busting heads earlier with that "RainMan" Memory of yours :)

Clyde Gates is the spittting image of RGIII, maybe an inch shorter and how much does Clyde weigh? Have you taken a look at RGIII's legs? Those will get hurt in this League. He is no more that 205 lbs, soaking wet, odin.

OK Oscar, GOOD ENOUGH, thanks for the reply.

Are there any teams/situations/scenarios out there, in which you would choose RG3 over Luck?

He is no more that 205 lbs, soaking wet, odin.
Posted by: oscar canosa | December 23, 2011 at 09:01 PM


I agreed with your comment earlier about looking lanky. I was just going by what someone posting that he was 220.

I guess that's what I get for being lazy and not doing my own homework. It's still early for me though. I usually don't fire up the "Odinsider Scouting Reports(lol)" until late Jan. - early Feb.

Bored tonight, I think I'll look it up.

DAMN Oscar, you right about him looking like Gates. He could be his twin brother.

Kind of a Bug Eye'd looking Guy. I think I like him even more now-ROTFLMAO!

Wiki says 220.

Checking more.

Oscar, u are insane. U probably think all black people look alike. Lol. And shame on u for checking out his legs.
But seriously Oscar, it is quite clear u were never an athlete.

Hey Oscar, how about Matt Moore's legs? Aren't they sexy and strong. No wonder he never gets hurt.

ESPN and the Bears Official website both say Griffin is 220 as well.

I know sometimes players reported weights are not always exactly.....(ahem)....forthcoming, but all sources I can find so far say 220.

He does look slim, so I'm guessing he has a VERY low body fat percentage.

I'm sure all Negroes, Chinese and other ethnic groups say the same thing about us, those Whites all sure look alike!

No conceivable scenario where I take RGIII over Luck, odin. You'll find many seconding my opinion.

There are still some pockets of racism among all people world wide. Thankfully, I **THINK** for the most part, the Racist beliefs and mentality here in America went out of style with Al Capone.

Science and education has done away with **MOST** of the ignorance.

Now that were past the issues of Slavery, Segregation and UNequal Rights here in America, I always find the brightside.

Comedic Stereotyping! Sorry, guilty, I just LOVE it. It makes for some great laughs when we can all look at ourselves and laugh together. It's good for the soul.

DISCLAIMER 1: I'm not looking through Rose Colored Glasses either. I realize that we have a long ways to go and a lot of room for improvement. I'm just saying, the issue of racism has thankfully faded here over the past 100 year.


I ran very good routes, knew how to get open and have excellent hands, in Intramurals.

I guess you haven't looked in the right places, odin.

You can always jer- off.

Definitely Oscar, you are in the Majority in taking Luck over Griffin.

I'm not-COMPLETELY. I would take Luck over Griffin in most circumstances. But given the right set of skill position players on offense, and I could come up with a few scenarios in which I would take Griffin first.

I'm sure that's an unpopular statement to make, but it's just an opinion.

That's why I get mad at Marshall, you catch the ball with your hands, man, like old Fred did, you don't cradle it to your body, man!

the University of Michigan created the first intramural sports departments in 1913. Elmer Mitchell, a graduate student at the time, was named the first Director of Intramural Sports at the University of Michigan in 1919 and the first recreational sports facility in the country opened at the University of Michigan.[2] Mitchell is considered the "father of intramural sports" and taught a class in intramural sports taken by William Wasson, founder of the National Intramural Association (NIA), the forerunner to the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).

You can always jer- off.
Posted by: oscar canosa | December 23, 2011 at 09:38 PM

Come on Man! WTF?

Do you know what happens when I start doing that everytime I get bored?

Besides, I'm **TRYING** to limit that to special occasions ONLY ;)

Another that physically resembled RGII was Pat White(I shudder). Could that be why I'm wary of Griffen? Hmm..


If Miami determines that Landry Jones is a blue-chip QB then I think they will draft him, although they may have to move up and also take into consideration the other QB-needy teams that may do so as well.

I really believe Miami will not end up getting any first rd QB, instead going for a CB, FS, Pass-rusher, or WR...{don't think there are any worthy 1st rd TE's - I like Fleener in the 2nd}...

Miami does not need to force the selection of a 1st rd QB if the player doesn't warrant it...they just have to look at future drafts for that and in the mean time just make the other parts on the team better....
QB's with limitations can be successful if everything around them is real good....that is what is happening in San Fran, before and now with the Ravens, the Raiders with Gannon and even the Cowboys with Romo....

I would not be surprised if we go into camp with Moore and Kyle Orton, unless a QB is selected in rd 2 such as B. Weeden or R. Tannehill or N. Foles...

I like Matt Flynn, very similar to really what Matt Moore is, but I think John Schneider in Seattle will scoop him up

As for Barkley, I think he is going to be the next SoCal GQ-esque QB to fail in the NFL just like Leinart and soon-to-be Sanchez...these pretty boys are more interested in jacuzzi parties and posing for magazines than studying game tape....Not crazy about QB's that come from highly-talented programs who are playing with mostly NFL-laden players against teams that have basically bottom-of-the-53 man-roster talent...

My oldest Son is home, but visiting with his Mother downstate.

My two youngest sons are visiting with their Mother downstate.

The rest of them, I don't even know where they are or whose Mom is whose(kidding(?).

Anyways, the Brunette is visiting her Parents too.

It's just me and Debo(sigh).

Now I know how Ebeneezer Scrooge must have felt!


-Fist Pump-

How about the scenario of drafting Justin Blackmon in 1st Round, followed by his Q.B: Brandon Weeden in the 2nd round? I can definetely live with that! (so what he's 28!, so we get 7 or 8 years of a stability @ QB!(Worth It)

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