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What now that Barkely isn't turning pro?

You should know by now that Matt Barkley is staying in school at USC, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

In my column, I present a couple of options the Dolphins have now that only two quarterbacks with top 10 grades -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III -- will be in the draft in a best-case scenario.

That means the Dolphins may have to trade up to get RG3 or Luck, if they have a conviction about him. Or they may simply have to find a lower-rated quarterback and believe he will become a great professional.


The Dolphins must hope, indeed pray, that Oklahoma’s Landry Jones enters the draft even though his season’s final month was a disaster and scouts are saying he needs an extra year in school.

The Dolphins must hope that Ryan Tannehill is ready for the NFL even though he was recruited to Texas A&M as a receiver and never played quarterback until the seventh game of the 2010 season. (Very raw prospect, this kid.)

The Dolphins must hope less eminent quarterbacks such as Arizona’s Nick Foles or Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins are diamonds waiting for the next Miami coach to polish them into treasures.

I''m not a Jones fan. I saw him play a handful of games, including several late and he simply wasn't a take-charge guy. He didn't make any throws that impressed me. His arm was exceedingly strong or accurate. He puts up great numbers, I grant you, but Blaine Gabbert put up great numbers in college. And Jones reminds me of Gabbert.

I haven't seen Foles or Cousins. I hope they are legit. I have to study them more. (By studying them more, I mean I have to ask scouts and personnel people about them. I'm not a pesonnel man and don't front like I am. But I do have access to experts, and I'll share with you what they share with me soon enough.)

I know with Barkley out of the picture, the Dolphins will be studying them more, also.


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Joe Montana was 6'2 and 205 and Steve Young was 6'2 and 215 and look what they did in the league. RG3 size is fine and he's is smart, hell he got his masters degree in three years. He has a very high football I.Q. knows how to read defenses. He has the goods and needs to be Miami's QB for the next 10-15 years.

You're a strange one, odin. But a great person.

Weird, LV's line has come down to Patriots -9.5. I thought that after the loss of Fasano it would have climbed to 11 or more.

Oscar RG3 and Pat White are nothing alike, RG3 out weighs Pat and RG3 will pass before he even thinks about running. Plus he's more muscular than pat, research people

If our defense is clicking, making Brady uncomfortable and making him move, and our offense attacks the end zone aggressively, not settling for FGs, we have a very good chance to win.

RG3 isn't some poor black kid.@ worst his low middle class.Most black atheletes aren't poor.They're only chasing instant grafication.Fame.Celebrity.
Don't use economic reasons as a crutch for black atheletes leaving early.It's just different priorities!NO RG3 for My beloved Miami Dolphins.He's just a one year wonder.It's a travesty that the Heisman wasn't given to Luck.Blatant discrimation!

He has a very high football I.Q. knows how to read defenses.

Posted by: RoeBlount | December 23, 2011 at 10:01 PM


I love RG3. But I read here on the blog today that a report has come out about Baylor's OC reading the defensive alignmets and radio-ing in the play.

I don't know how true it is or to what extent they used this. But it did cause me to raise an eyebrow.

You're a strange one, odin. But a great person.
Posted by: oscar canosa | December 23, 2011 at 10:03 PM

THANKS..............I think...........?

About discrimination against Luck this year, might just be, no luck for Luck. About most black athletes being from the middle class, that's not at all what I have read and seen about them. Perhaps you might benefit, like odin, to look and read in the right places.

Hey oscar, what the ...? You bleeding heart democrat.

Black atheletes are always made out to be hapless.Enough of that.Most human beings start out with a disavantage.

I was so advantaged as a kid that I think the prejudices got lost in between.

NO RG 3!
We,Miami Dolphins fans,gladly admit that We are the NFL franchise who pass on Drew Brees TWICE for meaningless players.
I love you Brees,especially in aqua n orange.
Our Father Who Are In Heaven,Please For Give Our Neglicence As Our Franchise Has Neglected Us.

oscar stop your whimpering.We ALL suffer.Buckle your chinstrap Y ANDALE!

I am the product of a great Education and generous and loving Parents. I am content.

Therefore you feel guilty and end up making excuses for peoples motives,oscar!
I apreciate atheletes who do it for victory instead of spoils!

Actually oscar,I'm the opposite.
A roamer.Surviving through life.
Hoping I am appreciate for my work ethic.

You don't expect others to appreciate your work ethic, rather, you appreciate it your Self.

Hey Socrates,I have a boss and supervisor.I'm the only one of my kind in my workplace.And I am not of their ethnicity.

The only one of your kind? Yes, People are abusive.

Ok dip s*#t RG3 is from a military family, both his parents were military then he isn't leaving early cuz he got his masters degree in 3 years dumb ass. The kid is not a 1 year wonder, he has thrown for 10,071 yards. His completion percent has increased every year he was at Baylor. He has thrown 77 TD to 17 int, so give th young man credit. It's not a black thing its about can he get it done and he can...ass!

Happiness is not the objective, but it is to be Content.

Buenas noches oscar.I just wanted to comment on the only NFL franchise I've had a passion for since they lost to the 49ers in the mid-eighties.
That passion now waning cause of pertual banging of Our heads against the wall and getting the same results.

Hey RoeBlount,by your posted may I assume your African-American?

Yes I am

I grew up in a single parent home, my mom was in the army and raise 4 kids by herself. I have an I.Q. of 140and myself and my siblings all have gone to college. So Ozkar I don't like the foul crap you've been saying about black people!

I figured as much.
Listen,what I said was that blacks atheletes are made out to be impoverished and with their hands out.And all I said was that,though it might be true for a few,it isn't for all.
Sport history has shown that black atheletes are more willing to leave college because of economics reasons.Nowadays I don't believe that.I think black atheletes are readily leaving for fame and riches.Not a championship recipe.

African-American will never like what others say about them.No matter if it has merit or not.

NOT TRUE! What you said I interpreted it as you being negative about African Americans. But when your in school and you have a chance to go for the NFL like Mike Golic and Skip Bayless said take the money.

Bradford didn't do it.Luck didn't do it.Barkley also passed as did Leinart.
What I am saying is that atheletes have different priorities.And to blame it on economiscs reasons to me is absurd.RG3 isn't poor.He has different priorities.Perhaps being iconic is more important than being a SB Champion.

Winning a sb will automatically make him an icon and I'm sure he knows it. If he already has his degree, why stay?

Matt Barkley looks like an idiot. Has no swagger. Glad he's out of the picture frankly.

With slim pickens at QB this year I'd actually rather see them fix the OL for good, no matter what it takes. It's been years of mediocrity on the right side.

Or a real safety, or a stretch the field legit deep threat.

Don't deviate from the premise.Being famous and followed by millions on Twitter is far more important to certain ethinicities than to others.What country do reside in? Are you aware that an athelete's shoes cause a commotion in stores.

That's for people who have no common sense and that's black, white, hispanic, or Asian, anybody. But as a deeply religious you.g man RG3 doesn't fall in that category.

True,so let's not heap him on the poor black kid category like oscar canosa did.He doesn't come from a broken home.


Once again Mando is wrong. The way to beat the Pats is not to run out the clock with the run game.
The way to beat the Pats is pass 50+ times/game which is how Henne beat them in the past and would have beaten them in week 1 if a)our defense could have avoided leg cramps and b)Marshall could catch some of the td's that Henne put in his hands.
The running game screws us not them because we're the ones that need more time to catch up.

And regarding Pat White: Pat White outrushed CJ Spiller for his career and out passed Tony Pike for his career.
Pat White put up 10,000 yards of production and won 4 bowl games.

RoeBlount it sounds like you are an RG3 fan.
If you want RG to have a successful start to his career tell him NOT TO COME TO MIAMI.
The Dolphins will be starting rookies at RT, RG, NT, OLB & FS next season. Some of them will not even be drafted.
Guys that would be practice squad in NE or GB will be starters here.
This is not where you want a good player to go.

Oh by the way,RoeBlount was is it with the abusive language? As you arrognatly pointed out,your a college grad.Where is your vocabulary?

Just ask Sam Bradford and Chad Henne what happens when a top talent QB goes to a team with no pro bowlers.

Hey TheSMF,sorry pal, but your precious henne is an inept back-up qb.Good-riddance has been.OSU whipping boy!

Bradford has that rb by the name of Steven Jackson.Your a liar TheSMF.Cheer for the patsies,new england chowder muncher.

Want to wish everyone here a merry Christmas, or Xmas for you politically correct individuals..have a merry one,,,and GO FINS!!!!!

RGIII #1 pick

I'm a huge fan of RG3 and I think his upside is incredible, especially playing for a team like ours with players like Bush and Marshall who present nightmare match ups to any team. If we were to add a true deep threat like DeSean Jackson I think this team would most definitely be a force to be reckon with.

But if the ransom is indeed to big -as in more than our 1st pick in 2012 and 2013 plus a 4th rounder and Hartline- then the team has to move on. I like NONE of the other QBs in the entire draft, the only one with a passable grade was Weeden but he is 28 and takes too long to set his feet to throw esp on deep ones and that will not cut it in the NFL. Why don't give Devlin a shot? The guy has the tools, a good arm, prototype QB size at 6'4", 220+ lbs, has a year of experience in the practice squad and has unbelievable accuracy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOBxUdi3glQ
Why not? At least give the guy a shot. This is the 1st time I give in to the thought of not drafting a QB and as it stands today we either draft RG3 (and sign FAs to compensate for the loss of picks as in DeSean Jackson and Greg Olsen) or no QB at all. We could be ok with Moore and developing Devlin (I'd take Devlin over any of the other QBs in next year's draft not name Griffin or Luck), picking a stud LB, TE and OL and could sign Michael Griffin too.

First of all go f uck yourself.
When Henne got here this team was 1-15, had a QB named NoodleArm and was running a BACKDOOR offense called the wildcat. The thing about the wildcat is the QB is not allowed to touch the ball. We had to turn to this as our base offense because was NoodleArm was so horrendous when trying to compete like a man against every other team in the NFL.
How is it that we landed NoodleArm? He was released by the Jets 1 hour after they signed a 41 year old washed up Brett Favre. NoodleArm was never given a physical prior to Parcells giving him a $10mil 2 year contract.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Go to this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_NFL_starting_quarterbacks
it lists all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Obviously, some of these teams are playoff bound. Analyze the names, do some research, and see where the great majority of these qbs were drafted. Very few in the top 10. Quite a few out of the first round. Just because you don't get a quarterback in the first round, doesn't mean you can't win. In fact, look at how many first round quarterbacks were total busts. Heath Shuler, Tim Couch, some of the guys out of USC, for example. Draft the best player available that fits your need and you don't believe that need can be found through free agency. As fans we might not know, but the personnel dept knows the name of every single player, at every single position, that will be available in free agency. If you don't believe you can fill that need, and a stud is availalbe in the draft at that position, then get him. Think of how much better our offense would have been, for example, if we had drafted the TE that New England drafted last year. You get enough great players, even an average qb can get you to the playoffs. Rex Grossman comes to mind. And, some of the no name qbs that won Super Bowls. Hostl whatever his name was, and the guy that was the qb at Baltimore when they won it all. They had great players at other positions which compensated for the qb play. Don't draft a qb just to draft a qb. Get the greatest player available where you need him the most.

I perfer for the fins to see if they can somehow draft down to get more picks. Its obvious that a QB isn't going to fall to us. I would rather trade back and get another 2nd to fill another hole. Maybe draft foles or Tannehill in the 2nd. Next yr is looking like the yr to draft a qb in the 1st bc of the depth at the position.

It's only a game,

Couldn't have said it better. If they reach for the wrong QB it could set us back.... Well, we are set back pretty far already. The point is they need to draft playmakers at multiple positions.

Really not gonna say anything about
Casey Keenum???
He is the next small school gem!!!

Mark my words rgIII is a bust. Vince Young in a baylor uniform. If we draft him we might as well just trade tampa for josh freeman cuz that is what he will be.

VY is a spoiled immature dumb punk. RG3 is not. Luck will be the disappointment in this draft, avg at best in the NFL.

I don't know if this has been addressed in the previous posts or not but if we can't get Luck or RG3 then I have not been disappointed by Matt Moore. If you ask me it's his job to lose anyway. He has done everything you could ask of a starting QB and I think he has excelled. This would allow us to address other needs which I won't debate here. But am I the only one who thinks this guy could be another Aaron Rogers. Seriously don't laugh. Look at his numbers since he became the starter.

RG3 is a JOKE!

He is TOO short!!!!

The idiots who would trade up to get him are probably the same morons who thought this years team was going to win 10+ games 'and go to the Super Bowl '.
What dips#@ts!

RG3 has mid to low second round grade....at best. Someone (probably the incompetents in this FO) will over draft him.

Although , RG 3 with new HC Magini would make a magic combination !

With that in mind, 4 years from now the discussion will be 'what went wrong and how can we start over'.

DRAFT KELLEN MOORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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