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The Fisher negotiation can be complex

Another day, another round of negotiations between Jeff Fisher and the Dolphins. And Jeff Fisher and the Rams.

And, I suppose, Jeff Fisher and his heart.

I cannot comment on the tug-of-war Fisher is having in picking either the Dolphins or the Rams. I don't know what's inside Fisher's mind or heart and he's not calling or texting or e-mailing to tell me -- yet.

I do know the way this will go is when Fisher, through his agent, has finished negotiating with one or the other team, he will inform the team he picks he'd like to work for them. And then that team will offer him the job as their next coach.

The team that does not win this Fisher tourney will continue searching for answers and have the plausible deniability of saying it never offered Fisher the job. But, really, who are we kidding?

These negotiations intrigue me in that they are not necessarily about money going to Fisher. They are about money to hire a coaching staff, which is important because Fisher is reportedly constructing an experienced and expensive one. (He has invested quite some time the past couple of days compiling a staff.)

The talks are also about power. And that's where Dolphins fans wanting Fisher should be worried.

The Dolphins, you see, have a general manager in place. And that GM, Jeff Ireland, currently has power to pick talent. But Fisher wants the power to have final say over his talent. So some way, somehow, the Dolphins have to find a way to massage the situation so that Fisher doesn't feel like the players he's going to have are being dictated to him.

The Rams don't have this problem because they currently don't have a general manager and aren't expected to hire a GM until Fisher has made a decision. And if Fisher goes to St. Louis, he will almost definitely have veto power over the general manager not to mention over the general manager's personnel decisions.

This doesn't mean Fisher doesn't like Ireland. I hear the opposite is true in that he likes Ireland and respects his work. This simply means Fisher doesn't want to be dictated to by Ireland. And so this has to be negotiated so it is acceptable to everyone

Unfortunately for the Dolphins that may not be the end of the power tug-of-war.

Fisher, you should know, had two defining issues while with the Tennessee Titans and they haunt him to this day to the point he doesn't really want to repeat them:

First, he had to juggle a franchise move from Houston to Memphis to Nashville that cost him a couple of seasons, cost him a competitive advantage, a fan base and home field advantage, cost him and his coaches life issues that he doesn't want to repeat should the Rams move from St. Louis.

The second defining issue that bothered Fisher in Tennessee was owner Bud Adams dictating personnel decisions to him. Adams basically forced Fisher to pick Vince Young although the coach didn't want to go in that direction. And while it seemed like the right move for a couple of seasons, ultimately it not only failed but indirectly led to Fisher's separation from the team. This is an issue for the coach. And so he wants to make sure neither Stan Kroenke in St. Louis nor Stephen Ross in Miami are going to be telling him which players he has to draft or sign or keep or cut.

Both these issues have to be negotiated and I suppose the team that comes closest to Fisher's stance will ultimately have a major advantage in getting the coach. It's not an easy situation for either team.

The Rams probably cannot guarantee Fisher they will never, ever, ever move. The truth is they might move if the dome where they play is not improved to the team's satisfaction. And so Fisher, knowing the possibility exists he might have to relive a franchise relocation, probably wants certain assurances to make that experience feel less like the root canal without novacaine that it felt like before. I don't pretend to know the specific details of this but -- speculating here -- it probably involves cost of living increases for his coaches and staff, it probably includes certain guarantees on the kind of facility the club would move into. I can't pretend to know how the sides will massage this.

The Dolphins don't have relocation issues and so that's a major advantage. But the club does have structure issues. Fisher probably wants some assurance from Ross that he won't dictate to him like Adams dictated to him. This is legitimate because, you'll remember, it was Ross who shut down the Kyle Orton trade possibility and got involved in the attempt to convince Mike Brown to trade Carson Palmer to the Dolphins. So can Ross promise he'll never dictate to Fisher? I have no idea. It has to be negotiated. No such negotiation probably has to happen with Kroenke, who is an avowed hands-off owner.

Obviously there are other issues that have to be overcome before Fisher picks a team, gets an offer, accepts the offer, signs a contract and takes control. Yes, it is complicated.

That's how things are when you have two teams that lately aren't known for having all their ducks lined up neatly in a row.

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If either team had their "ducks lined up neatly in a row" they wouldn't be hiring. What do you, or Fisher for that matter, expect?

Armando, in the wake of all of your speculation, I asked you several days ago whether a formal offer had been made to Fisher. You didn't call, text, or email me (either) to respond. Now, you are noting that no offer has been made. You and the rest of the media look like complete amateurs [a kind word] now. You should understand that the Dolphins or the Rams will let the public know if and when Fisher makes a decision and the parties come to terms. Until then, speculate with yourself -- not the public. We don't deserve this whipsaw to suit your need to hear yourself.

...Wow. Fishers list of demands reads like a diva rock star before a concert..1 case Jack Daniels..2 Cartons Marlboro Reds..Noboby look at me in the eyes that doesn't boast a c cup or better. WTF??? This is the life of courting a big name football coach.

I don't know if Fisher is the right man. I do not blame him one second for wanting veto power over Boy Wonder. I just wonder what the point is in Keeping Ireland in role of GM should Fisher get the job? If Fisher wants final say in personel Ireland would be reduced to fluffer, or errand boy. I'm sure he will love those roles.

I believe the hiring of Jeff Fisher as Dolphins coach is prominent to its future. He is already assembling a coaching staff and I believe it will be a good one. We have not had someone of his caliber here for awhile now.

Hopefully he will choose the Dolphins and we can look forward to a competitive team that can and will compete with New England and the rest of the AFC East.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Say what you want about Fisher's negotiating tactics, I for one would feel pretty good seeing him come to Miami with a rock star coaching staff. Seriously how could a group like that get together and want to coach the Rams and not the Dolhins? The whole league recognizes we have a lot more talent and are a much better team. Come on Jeff how hard can this be!

Say what you want about Fisher's negotiating tactics, I for one would feel pretty good seeing him come to Miami with a rock star coaching staff. Seriously how could a group like that get together and want to coach the Rams and not the Dolhins? The whole league recognizes we have a lot more talent and are a much better team. Come on Jeff how hard can this be!

Posted by: finfan63 | January 13, 2012 at 12:41 AM

The Rams have Bradford and the 2nd pick in the draft. The dolphins are a long way from a franchise QB. And no one wants to work with idiots Ireland/Ross.

I think Armando's great. That guy at the SS, Omar,tries to tell the bloggers what to say and how to pray! Really..LOL

@ckparrot: A couple of predictions about tomorrow. 1st yeah I do think one way or another Miami makes it happen w/ Fisher but obviously not sure abt it

@ckparrot: 2) If Fisher is hired then Gregg Williams, Chuck Cecil, Jim Washburn, Bruce Matthews come as assistants. OC? Dowell Loggains or Dirk Koetter

@ckparrot: 3) If Fisher doesn't come, Miami will continue with more interviews. Thinking Vic Fangio, Chuck Pagano & Rick Dennison.

Fisher sounds like the right guy! According to his demands, if Armando is right, I would ask for the same!

Best column you've ever wrote.

A few thoughts:
1. There is no guarantee the Rams will move to LA. They'd have to outbid other interested teams such as Oakland, SD, Minn, etc.
2. Fisher's demands are at the point where Kroenke and Ross will have to draw the line. I hope Ross doesn't go down the Snyder path of paying a king's ransom for a star coach who wants full control and produce nothing.
Ross is willing to throw money around like Snyder, but he can't make the same mistakes otherwise he'd look like a buffoon.
3. So Fisher wants final say on player acquisition. We've been down this road before with Parcells and what did we get? Pat White - even though Ireland correctly was against it. Fisher needs to be careful what he wish for. If he has final say on player acquisition, then it's his arse on the line, not Ireland. Ireland has his weaknesses, but he has more experience scouting and evaluating talents than Fisher. Too many times have we seen star coaches who think they can evaluate talents only to get burned.

PS> very good article, Armando. Thanks.

Today will be the day Fisher announces his team. I personally can not for the life of me see why the Rams are really a consideration. And I promise, that's trying to be objective. Regardless, apparently Fisher informed both franchises at the outset that he would not have anything definitive until today according to Nashville media. So get ready folks, its coming to and end, hopefully Jeff decides to take his talents to South Beach. STAY TUNED

With the Los Angeles situation, nothing is certain but there is a belief that TWO teams (one in each conference) could eventually share the proposed new downtown stadium.

The Chargers are by far the likeliest to move initially (and could even be in the Rose Bowl temporarily as soon as this year) but a return of the Rams is also seen as possible down the road.

And "Los Angeles Rams" still sounds right to me, too. If it helps us get Fisher with the Dolphins, all the better!

Armando if ur sources are correct u win bonus points. I dont think anyone guessed Soprano as Fattie Ryans alter ego. Go Figure...

If Fisher is assembling a coaching staff before he is even hired, the man is a genious! He is really thinking ahead and that is what we want and need. A coach with a brain. He is learning from his mistakes, and that is fantastic! Lets us be real patient about this and give him the time, money and power he needs. I wasnt convinced before, but now I am officialy in the Fischer campaign.

Now you are talking, Man!

And with the help of Armando's input now it can safely be said that, the longer Fisher takes in making his decision, the better it will be for us Dolphins Fans.(win or lose)


1. Fisher wants to hand pick the entire Dolphins staff.

2. Fisher wants to dictate the amounts of money the entire Dolphins staff makes.

3. Fisher doesn't want to be dictated to by Ireland and have FINAL say on personel.

4. Fisher doesn't want Ross to dictate to him and have final say over EVERYTHING MIAMI!

5. Fisher demands that no team he coaches will relocate during his tenure.

6. Fisher demands he will be among the highest paid coaches in the NFL.

Wow! This little pornstached Hitler Mother Fvcker thinks she's the Queen Of Sheba ALREADY!

Drama Queen my a ss, this he-she Be-atch is on a Freaking Power Trip.

The guy struggled to stay above .500 and misses the playoffs more than he makes it. The retarded Mother Fvcker went of the deep end-FOR REAL!

Are you Fvcking kidding me? Kick the wanna be to the curb NOW, before it's too late.

Seriously, look at his list of demands and conditions, then compare that to missing the playoffs more than he makes them. Then on top of that, consider he's barely above .500 overall as a Head Coach!

Break off negoitiations and quit taking this fruit cakes calls. This is without a doubt, the most dastardly SICK JOKE of a Coaching Canidate that I've ever witnessed in all my years of being a Phin Fan!

SERIOUSLY! Just say no to this Basket Case! This guys Ego and Narcicism spells nothing but trouble. After all, this guy has never won ANYTHING and has been irrelevent for longer still.

Please Mr. Ross, kick the whack job in the nads(if she has any)and be DONE with her!

Just say NO to Ms. Fisher!

Sorry people, but Fisher has seriously flipped his Freaking lid!

He's applying for the head Coaching job of two teams that have made the playoffs, what ONCE in a combined 20 years of football?

He's carrying on like he thinks he Bellichick, Shula and Lombardi all rolled into one, applying for the All World, All Time Hall Of Fame Teams Head Coaching position!

In **ALL REALITY**, Fishers professional NFL Coaching Career is very similar too, and not much better than Dave Wannsteandts!

If you think our Beloved Phins became a laughingstock under the trifecta, watch what happens if we give in to these absurb demands!

Just the Fvcking Facts Brother!!!!

Pray with me people!

Dear God! Please let Ms. Fisher choose St. Louis tommorrow, or the next day, or the next(whenever her Drama Queen Ego allows).

If not that Lord, guide Mr. Ross' hand(and feet)in drumming this power hungry piece of Garbage out of town.


Fansty24,I work at East Penn MFG.Or better known as Deka batt.

these are armando's words. who knows really what fisher is 'demanding' or not.

I think it would be shrewd of Ross to keep Ireland and the scouting staff intact through the draft at least. Their scouting work could prove valuable to Moustache III, or whomever we land to coach this beached bottlenose...

If Fischer respects Ireland, then use his work to prepare for the Draft, and part ways later...

You did a nice job copying what Adam Schefter said on WQAM yesterday.

I had no idea. Just seems like common sense to me.

We need first and foremost to start off with the right foundation and build from there. We need the best players and best coaches and the best game plans for the modern day game. We need to score points and play solid defense and good special teams! All three are important.

Solid offense scores points and keeps our D off the field while keeping their D on the field! The longer their is on the field, the more tired they become late in the game!!!

Solid D prevents points against us so its less points we have to score to WIN!

Solid special teams gives us better field position both offensively AND defensively!

Those are the three key points along with the other key points we need to be successful!

Excellent post @5:45

Some other key points.

1. Get out to early leads and put the other teams defense on their heals!

2. Stop the other teams top two offensive weapons! This will limit the damage they can do if we take their best players out of the game!

3. Play aggressive even with a big lead, don't let up and they won't be able to make a come back!

Its funny how this rumor crap starts...it's like a story you tell to a person and by the time it's been passed along to 10 people it is totally different.

Now Jeff has not said ANYTHING and neither has Miami.

So many of you are reacting to rumors, lies, speculations, ect….

Miami needs a coach, they have a GM. Now some of you who are “Ireland Haters” want to blame everything on him and speculates that Jeff MUST want to have final say….

Fire Ireland and Deal done....

How can anyone be a fan of Ireland. We gave up picks for Daniel Thomas, smart huh, we are one of the worst drafting
He got
Here, that is a fact. And our trades have been less than impressive too. He is an all
Joke, and may very well cost us Jeff fishee

Yes fishee. He has to
Earn the r and pick a team.
Why won't he come
Us. Yes, rams
Have sam Bradford and I'm a
Fan, but they weren't winning
With him
And have so many holes its pathetic. We are short a qb, a wr, and a db. Good
After those three

Fisher wants to bring in gregg williams as dc. As far as the other staff goes who knows.

Btw, I've said it before and ill say it again: I'm so happy the jets picked tony sparano as their oc. The guy is an idiot. I can't wait. It could be the undoing of Rex Ryan, because now they have no one that knows how to run an offense.

If fisher takes mike Nolan out he's an idiot. Our defense was stout, and with the secondary we have that's saying something.

Jeff Ireland is the best talent evaluator this team has had in a long time. He has hit on every 1st round pick since he's been here.

He is not perfect but he is way better than what we have had in a long time.

Look at our roster and compare it to what he inherited.

And last year in both the Draft and FA market he hit home runs...

Reggie Bush, Matt Moore, Kevin Bernett, Mike Pouncy, D thomas, Charles Clay...

I am not sure why so much hate towards Jeff...

Dear Herald Editors

Why won't you let my last post go through....its not dirty or racist or radio active in anyway

Tell me why

Soiled :)

Dear Herald Editors

Could the post you won't allow stop Jeff Fisher from Joing our beloved Dolphins ?


Soiled :)

Dear Herald Editors

So I mite have plagiarized a few words from the nickelback song Rock Star....but it was not offensive.

Mad as heck

Soiled :)

Fisher won't want to face Belichick/Brady twice a year. I still think he goes west. Hire Chudzinski or retain Bowles and get better talent.

Ireland was the only GOOD Thing of the past regime...

Tony Failed as a HC

Parcells is a good coach but NOT A GM/Czar

Jeff is an excellent Talent evaluator and a GM in training..

Dear Mr. Salguero

Whats up with the Editors today.....I've posted more stupitder...lol... stuff then the post they wont allow

Please fire your editors after your radio show

forever thanx

Soiled :)


Ok, if all of this is true then why the hell did you tell us he'd make a decision on Wednesday?

The hate of Jeff Ireland is just stupid!!

People just look for things to complain about!

Parcells is cause of all of this. This year was the best we have had in 5 years.

As for Fisher, if he would actually fire Nolan speaks volumes to me. Complete stupidity!!

This has taken all way to long. If Ross said take a hike enough is enough I wouldn't complain.

And we all know he will take the Rams job and leave us out to dry!!

Give the job to Todd B. No problem with that!!

The hate on Jeff Ireland is simple. He spends premium assets like first round picks and big free agent dollars on secondary needs. As long as our pass offense is ranked in the lower tier of the league I will continue to give him the thumbs down.

And our defense was far from stout, it was average. And poor if you look at turnover ratio which is far more important than yards surrendered.

Jeff Ireland is not helping.

The drama Queen is gonna milk this down to the last second......

If he doesn't announce today......he won't be "deciding" until @ least Tuesday....

We don't need or want these kind of antics in Miami.....

Let's just hope this all turns out positively!

We are all tired of the BS and losing.

With ALL this hype Fisher has heaped apoun himself......

What does he do for a follow up act.....

If he's not in the SB in 3 years (he and his ALL-STAR staff).......the he will be seen as a complete and utter failure....and with good reason......

If had just chosen a job and went to work.....then bt his name recognition alone.....he would have had 7 or 8 years to build a solid team....as long as he was a playoff regular......

This s what we call.....

Setting yourself up for failure.....


Jeff Fisher.....

I guess he will be doing "THE DECISION" part 2.......

I wonder were h will be bringing his talents.....


I think we are being censored, I just had a post magically disappear too.

Dear Mr. PA Finfan

All I did was post some things Jeff Fisher may have demanded but used some words and phrases from the Nickelback song Rock Star.....cause Hey Hey we all wanna be a superbowl Rock Star.

Freedom of speech is still allowed...isn't it ?

Soiled :)


Last I checked it was, but what p*ss*s me off most about my lost post, was that it was some of my best writing. LOL.

Oh, no. I'm just reading between the lines here, but sounds like Fisher wants veto power over Ross' determination to get a franchise QB in this year's Draft. Fisher might want to shore up the defense with those high picks. And doesn't want another QB forced down his throat.

This is bad news to anyone who believes Fisher's offenses to be dull and non-explosive.

This is very good news to those who would rather take a chance on the backup long snapper than the most important position on the field...QB.

Sometimes you get addition by subtraction. If we don't land Fisher, it might turn out to be the best thing that happened to this organization.

Dear Mr. PA Finfan

You keep posting brother.....they cant block us all....would loved to have seen your post.

Fellow Phin fan

Soiled :)

I would have thought Ireland would have left out of pure shame by now. Oh I forgot he has no shame and will hold on to that job like a bulldog!!

I'm for ANY coach which has power over Jeff Ireland or the power to fire him. Cause Ross isn't doing it as long as Ireland continues to wear those knee pads...

This team has failed to draft a STUD or PRO-BOWL player since Jake Long. That is why Ireland/Parcells regime must end!!

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