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The Fisher negotiation can be complex

Another day, another round of negotiations between Jeff Fisher and the Dolphins. And Jeff Fisher and the Rams.

And, I suppose, Jeff Fisher and his heart.

I cannot comment on the tug-of-war Fisher is having in picking either the Dolphins or the Rams. I don't know what's inside Fisher's mind or heart and he's not calling or texting or e-mailing to tell me -- yet.

I do know the way this will go is when Fisher, through his agent, has finished negotiating with one or the other team, he will inform the team he picks he'd like to work for them. And then that team will offer him the job as their next coach.

The team that does not win this Fisher tourney will continue searching for answers and have the plausible deniability of saying it never offered Fisher the job. But, really, who are we kidding?

These negotiations intrigue me in that they are not necessarily about money going to Fisher. They are about money to hire a coaching staff, which is important because Fisher is reportedly constructing an experienced and expensive one. (He has invested quite some time the past couple of days compiling a staff.)

The talks are also about power. And that's where Dolphins fans wanting Fisher should be worried.

The Dolphins, you see, have a general manager in place. And that GM, Jeff Ireland, currently has power to pick talent. But Fisher wants the power to have final say over his talent. So some way, somehow, the Dolphins have to find a way to massage the situation so that Fisher doesn't feel like the players he's going to have are being dictated to him.

The Rams don't have this problem because they currently don't have a general manager and aren't expected to hire a GM until Fisher has made a decision. And if Fisher goes to St. Louis, he will almost definitely have veto power over the general manager not to mention over the general manager's personnel decisions.

This doesn't mean Fisher doesn't like Ireland. I hear the opposite is true in that he likes Ireland and respects his work. This simply means Fisher doesn't want to be dictated to by Ireland. And so this has to be negotiated so it is acceptable to everyone

Unfortunately for the Dolphins that may not be the end of the power tug-of-war.

Fisher, you should know, had two defining issues while with the Tennessee Titans and they haunt him to this day to the point he doesn't really want to repeat them:

First, he had to juggle a franchise move from Houston to Memphis to Nashville that cost him a couple of seasons, cost him a competitive advantage, a fan base and home field advantage, cost him and his coaches life issues that he doesn't want to repeat should the Rams move from St. Louis.

The second defining issue that bothered Fisher in Tennessee was owner Bud Adams dictating personnel decisions to him. Adams basically forced Fisher to pick Vince Young although the coach didn't want to go in that direction. And while it seemed like the right move for a couple of seasons, ultimately it not only failed but indirectly led to Fisher's separation from the team. This is an issue for the coach. And so he wants to make sure neither Stan Kroenke in St. Louis nor Stephen Ross in Miami are going to be telling him which players he has to draft or sign or keep or cut.

Both these issues have to be negotiated and I suppose the team that comes closest to Fisher's stance will ultimately have a major advantage in getting the coach. It's not an easy situation for either team.

The Rams probably cannot guarantee Fisher they will never, ever, ever move. The truth is they might move if the dome where they play is not improved to the team's satisfaction. And so Fisher, knowing the possibility exists he might have to relive a franchise relocation, probably wants certain assurances to make that experience feel less like the root canal without novacaine that it felt like before. I don't pretend to know the specific details of this but -- speculating here -- it probably involves cost of living increases for his coaches and staff, it probably includes certain guarantees on the kind of facility the club would move into. I can't pretend to know how the sides will massage this.

The Dolphins don't have relocation issues and so that's a major advantage. But the club does have structure issues. Fisher probably wants some assurance from Ross that he won't dictate to him like Adams dictated to him. This is legitimate because, you'll remember, it was Ross who shut down the Kyle Orton trade possibility and got involved in the attempt to convince Mike Brown to trade Carson Palmer to the Dolphins. So can Ross promise he'll never dictate to Fisher? I have no idea. It has to be negotiated. No such negotiation probably has to happen with Kroenke, who is an avowed hands-off owner.

Obviously there are other issues that have to be overcome before Fisher picks a team, gets an offer, accepts the offer, signs a contract and takes control. Yes, it is complicated.

That's how things are when you have two teams that lately aren't known for having all their ducks lined up neatly in a row.

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I agree forget Andrew Luck, no way no how Indianapolis trades away it's next "ticket sell-out Franchise QB". The city of Indianapolis would be Buffalo without Peyton Manning over the past dozen years. Luck makes sense for the financial future and ultimate success for the future.

As far as trading up for RG3, again I couldn't agree more! I would be willing to as Ross would say outbid anyone in order to trade up. Get ready guys to pile on, I would give up 3 first rounders to get him! Because in 3 years Miami would know if he is the answer or not! The 3 first rounders would be just for starters Im sure this years 3rd and next years 3rd or 4th would need to be included as well.

The right to trade up is going to be a tough one. If Cleveland is sold on RG3 and Holmgren thinks he is a West Coast QB which right now he is not but if he thinks he can make him one then Miami has no chance. Cleveland could give up 3 first rounders as well except they would be giving immediate help with 2 first rounders this year. They also have an additional 4th to spare this year. Washington is the next hurdle. They might be the 1 franchise that would go Ditka-Ricky Williams. Shannahan may not like it but does he really have a choice? He better do as Snyder says because he wont have time to find another guy because 1 more losing season with no franchise QB and he is gone.

In the end Miami draft's a guy in round 2 IMO. I think there are too many hurdles to get past to move up from 8-9 for RG3. Get ready for a training camp of Matt Moore, some un-named veteran and a 2nd or possibly 3rd rounder (Tannehill, Weeden, Foles).

My point was this:

Belichick saw Brady as an acorn and drafted him in the 6th round.


The problem with this is Miami should not be in this holding pattern. We should be interviewing other candidates, unless Ross has his 2nd choice already. If Fisher chooses the Rams, then Ross needs to be able to swivel to candidate 2 immediately, not start the search again.

So I'm not sure what this waiting game is about (from our standpoint). Let Fisher do whatever he wants, but we need to keep the search going so we can turn over every rock (who knows, maybe they find another candidate who might be better than Fisher).

infidel, I have a hunch he is going to the Rams. The Qb, #2 pick & no GM is too enticing. Potentially weak division long term. Throw in the option to trade out from #2 & gather more picks.

I said yesterday it was about money & power. Armando's post today kind of validates that. Maybe not money for him but, money none the less.

search this!!! that makes the most sense and dont have to coach against billichek

I would equate waiting on Jeff Fisher to make up his mind about being Our next head coach to a man who ask his girlfriend to marry him. In turn she tells him she will sleep on it.Ouch!
How pathetically desperate is Our franchise?
I'm actually taking it personal.I've loved the Miami Dolphins for so long this has to be the most embarrassing moment I've ever had as fan.Hmmmmm!

greg z., Greg Z how can you say that Thomas was a miss. Thomas was the 2nd leading ground gainer of all rookies this year. Only DeMarco Murray had more yard. He accomplished this even though he missed 3 whole games and parts of 3 others with hamstring problems. He out rushed Mark Ingram as well who was New Orleans 1st round pick. So he's far from a bust. We can evaluate him better next year when he completes OTA's and a whole training camp.

Any of you idiots ever consider that Fisher may believe Henne is the best available QB and put the franchise tag on him?
In 2009 Henne was 29/46 for 349 yards against Fisher/Young. We lost in OT. That season Tenn averaged giving up 258 yds/game.
Fisher stood right there on the sideline and watched Henne put up that yardage and then get pulled everytime we were in the redzone.

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No Money Down
- Chuck Berry

Every day Fisher doesnt sign is a day the Dolphins could be moving forward. Fisher only cares about one thing, money, and how much.
Stop this silly Fisher tourney and hire another head coach. Its not rocket science its football. Let the Rams have Mr 8-8.

Mike Pouncey B+ (potential to move grade up)
Daniel Thomas D+ (will prove to be a bust)
Edmond Gates D- (and I am being generous)
Charles Clay C (passed on too many studs)
Jimmy Wilson B (good pick for 7th round)

Reggie Bush B+ (Sproles or McGahee would have been better pick-ups. This doesn't solve long-term issues as Reggie Bush isn't young and still is injury prone. But came up strong at end of the year. Good 1-2 year fix.)

Kevin Burnett B- (Average production when considering salary).

Matt Moore B (Looks great cause other Dolphin QBs have sucked. He is decent, but way too many fumbles. Not long-term answer and Dolphins should have let him compete for the starting job from Day 1).

Marc Columbo F (Ireland should be fired for this one. Even the beat writers were making fun of this signing. Embarrassing).

Jason Taylor B (Nice sendoff for #99)
Marvin Mitchell D (Nonfactor except ST)
Jason Trusnik D (Nonfactor except ST)

Come on man! Henne? Chad Henne? REALLY! You're a dolt Moore Is Less.Fool.chad inept henne.Just plain dumb.Don't mention him at all.henne S U C K S!

The problem with this is Miami should not be in this holding pattern.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 13, 2012 at 10:10 AM

holding patter? they've interviewed several people, maybe everyone they want to interview. fisher, zimmer, bowles, thats how i see the order.

It is interesting that I am sure the Dolphins are discussing strategy with Jeff Fisher about their QB situation and the NFL draft and whether or not they want to trade up in the draft to go for RGIII. Funny thing is Jeff is discussing the same strategy with St. Louis and whether or not they should take RGIII or trade the pick. Jeff Fisher may have inside information on:

(1) Whether the Dolphins are willing to move up in the draft to get RGIII and what they would be willing to give up.

(2) Whether the Rams are willing to trade the #2 pick and what they would want in return.

Whomever signs Jeff Fisher could theoretically have a strategic advantage.

Don't be shocked when the Jets sign free-agent Chad Henne!!

Yes please! But not ever again in a Miami Dolphins uniform.Hell NO!

The hell with Fish-head,get Billick and lets move on,Phin nation has no time for Drama QUEENS.

this place has turned into the mob, lol

My problem with all of this is that if we don't get fisher then we will sign Zimmer, and I love him and bengals are my second fav team so I know him more than most, but I don't want a defensive mastermind, I want an offensive one. Zimmer makes Nolan redundant and vice versa.
I think we should seriously consider if we can't get rg3 drafting russel Wilson. Nobody talks about him but he will be this years Andy dalton....If not more. Four year starter, he's got more experience than rg3 and will put up huge numbers. Maybe new England will switch us positions in first for Ryan mallet, who I also feel is being completely wasted.

That is a good point. What if Ross told fisher about what he would give up for a chance at rg3.....and in the end he went to st Louis because he knew what he was getting. It puts Ross and Ireland in a bad position. So it only makes sense if he goes to st Louis. I would say that's where he is going, and he's trying to see what he will get out of us for the pick first. I don't think enough is being said about dude being his agents son. That's huge, seeing as how there is not one person here more influential than his agent when it comes to this decision.

Rams won't trade that #2 spot for us if Fisher blew them off. Dream on.

I am thinking this is great. Fisher is rolling in there with a list of demands for the power that he didn't have that he feels will put him in the best possible situation to win, get the players and staff he wants and needs to win and puts him in the type of control he needs to win.

It is very obvious he has thought long and hard about what type of organizational structure is needed to win and he is dead set on putting himself in that type of organization.

This very well turn out to be one of best structured organizations in the NFL. It appears he wants some type of setup like New England's and that hasn't turned out too bad. The have no problem player and staff attrition. There is a line to get in the door. And apparently with his all-star staff he has already put together he has no problem attracting talent so we could be the next player and coaching incubator. That is a good thing.

Also, if that structure can be easily put in place in St. Louis and he has the number 2 pick along with Bradford, then he must really want to be in Miami and is holding out in hope they concede on his demands. It must be a location and stability thing with St. Louis.

Buenos dias mis Miami Dolphins amigos.Let's enjoy Drew Brees' march to another SB and mvp as then get their first road win against an old nemesis of Ours.Adios!

Andy, that's what I'm worried about (getting a 2nd-rounder). But out of those, my choice would be Weeden (think he'd work well with Marshall, who'd be like a Blackmon-type for him).

zip, right, and who else? Yes, if Zimmer/Bowles are #2, then fine. But that's it, there aren't any other people they want to interview (Rob C., some College HC, etc.)?

What I'm saying is keep interviewing (unless you already know who your #2 is).

Ireland should've been fired instead of Sparano.

another pft article on Fisher. Oh the drama lol

Ireland should've been fired instead of Sparano.
Posted by: NJFIN | January 13, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Don't you mean, along with?

Roger Goddell: We have a trade. The St. Louis Rams trade the 2nd pick in the draft to the Cleveland Browns for the 4th and 23rd overall selections in round 1 in the 2012 draft and a 1st and 3rd in 2013. The Cleveland Browns are on the clock.

........ 14 minutes and 48 seconds later ......

Roger Goddell: With the 2nd overall pick the Cleveland Browns select Baylor QB, Robert Griffin the 3rd.

........... 5 hours later .................

Roger Goddell: We have a trade. The Miami Dolphins trade the 9th overall selection to the Seattle Seahawks for the Seahawks 14th overall selection in 2012 and the Seahawks 2012 4th round pick.

........14 minutes and 55 seconds later .....

Roger Goddell: With the 9th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Seattle Seahawks select Notre Dame WR, Michael Floyd.

........... 4 hours later ..............

Roger Goddell: We have a trade the Miami Dolphins trade the 14h overall pick in 2012 NFL Draft to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos trade the 26th overall selection, this year's 3rd round pick and a 5th round pick in 2013 to the Dolphins.

.......... 14 minutes and 17 seconds later....

Roger Goddell: With the 14th pick of the 2012 NFL draft the the Denver Broncos select Alabama RB Trent Richardson.

.......... 3 hours later ..............

Roger Goddell: With the 26th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select Memphis DT Dontari Poe.

Miami moved back 16 slots to add a 3rd, 4th in 2012 and a 5th in 2013. They select a DT because they chose not to resign Paul Soliai.

This is a win win for us, but a lose lose for us too. If we get fisher, then we definitely won't get rg3. No way do the rams trade us that pick. But if st louis gets fisher, then fisher and the rams would most likely deal with us before any other team and we do get rg3. But we obviously can't have both. So - win win, and lose lose. This is awesome/sucks.

Losing respect for the profootballtalk writers with the Fisher coverage.

Cleary out to get him right now. Give it a rest

Many interesting posts today. IMO Jeff Fisher would be solid but not particularly spectacular. I like Chud, Bowles and Jay Gruden. So far the Dolphins have shown no interest in Chud and Gruden has opted to stay where he is now. That leaves Bowles. I think the advantage to keeping Bowles is we maintain some consistency ie same OC and DC etc. If we get Fisher or some other guy, the whole thing gets blown up and we start all over again.

On the topic of draft grades:
I mostly agree that Pouncy was a solid 1st pick and will only get better. Thomas was too injured to give a fair enough assessment, Clay shows some potential and Wilson has great upside. The rest we will have to wait and see. Gates did get better returning kicks towards the end. So if you compare Irelands only solo draft to the rest of the league, he was above average.

About trading up for QB:
Without a doubt Luck and RG3 are the most likely to become franchise QB. I would not give up the farm to get one of them, look at what Atl did to get Julio Jones, how did that work out for them? So consider trading the 8th or 9th pick this year for more picks, maybe getting another teams #1 for next year with their lower #1 this year so as to have more ammo to deal up to get Barkley when he comes out in 2013.
Lastly, I did not like Parcels, a lot of this mess can be blamed on him, however, as time passes, I like the Jake Long pick over Matt Ryan. Simply look at Atl playoff results. If Ryan was as great as lots of posters think, Atl would be rolling thru to at least the NFC championship game every year b/c Atl has a good team. Although their OC may have been the main problem.

Anyway, just my opinion.

Jeff Fisher is a loser.
Why don't they go after Brian Billick who said that he would be interest in the job as Head Coach of the Dolphins

RG3 will be available when we pick but I think I'd look elsewhere for a QB. He would never beat Moore out.

One thing is certain that I don't feel some fans believe.... Jeff Ireland is NOT the untouchable that many believe him to be. He is NOT going to hinder Ross from the hire he is looking to make...


You don't act like a complete idiot and fire Ireland without 100% assurances and Fishers name on the bottom of a contract.... And the reason for that is "Integrity, believability and loyalty"... NOT TO FISHER!!!

But to the men who have already done work for you...

Should Ross fire Ireland "In the HOPES that it lands fisher".... NO ONE will ever trust, believe or work for him again without having no loyalty to him at all... Because Firing Ireland BEFORE a hire of Fisher will label Ross "disloyal" forever... and that is untrue

Only Media haters who have worked very hard at not allowing the Harbaugh thing to go away want and are trying to establish that about the owner of a team they hate...

Don't help them do it by being idiots calling for heads and playing into their arms....

Anthony I agree. Luck is the only top QB in this class.

Forget about Fisher,I would rather have Mike Steronka the OL coach at USC or Frank DeVito,the DC at Belmont college.

Mike Nolan is not all that people. Our defense gave up 600 hundered yards in the opener. Our defense didnt start playing well until week 8. Our blitzes rarely work and with the talent on defense fisher could make our unit a top 5 defense. Our corners are better at man coverage but nolan always has them in zone and we still cant cover a tight end in a division full of great ones. Nolans solid but his defense is more bend and dont break instead of the attacking turnover creating defenses that win championships.


Mel Kiper: Miami traded back in round 1 and reached a bit on Dontari Poe who I had as a late second rounder at best but they created a hole by not resigning Paul Soliai who went to the Jets, I'm curious to see what they do in round 2 to add a play maker on that offense to take some pressure off of Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush.

.......... Day 2..........................

Mel Kiper: Miami is on the clock and there are several play makers who could help the Dolphins. Kendall Wright is a player who has explosive speed and would be a much needed dimension to this receiving core, also Dwayne Allen from Clemson who be a match up nightmare for defenses......The pick is in.

Some Token black guy: The Miami Dolphins select Nate Potter, Offensive Tackle from Boise State.

(Mel nods but looks puzzled) Kiper: I had Potter rated as 2nd round prospect but with Kendall Wright on the board I thought he would have been an excellent selection for Miami there.

Todd McShay: Mel, Mel, Mel Ireland is simply continuing his vision of getting skill players later in the draft and building the only way he knows how from the inside out. Potter's surgically repaired head should be fine because it was examined by the same team Doctor's who over saw Odricks legs and he was fine after a wasted rookie year.

All the ireland haters take note too of Jared Odrick. The guy is going to be a pro bowler very soon. I think if we get fisher and he can bring dl coach jim washburn here the guy WILL be in the pro bowl next year.

Every day Ireland is with us, drags us down more and more.

Alan...that's what everyone said in the 2000 draft about Pennington...who turned out to be a good QB...but as we all know Brady was taken @ 199 after Belichick insisted the team take him.

If we get Fisher I believe he is the best talent available to find and develop our next QB.

..Patience. Very good post @ 11:14

I asked a question earlier last night. If Fisher is hired. What would be the point in keeping Ireland on as GM? I'm asking this question, not making a statement about our current GM.

I'm an Ireland "hater" no doubt. I'm trying to figure out what his role would be should Fisher accept. Would he assist in the transition? Would he shine Fishers Yacht, or dress a clown for the grandkids birthday party? Or would it be status quo. Ireland is GM, Fisher coach..Here are your players..Go to work?

I like the clown idea.


Yes there could be another top QB in this class but it doesnt have the quality of last years. Luck is the only cant miss guy.

The Dolphins will continue to suck whoever is hired. Just a garbage dysfunctional franchise without a clue how to fix it.

Enough of this Fisher BS already, if he wanted the job he would have taken it by now. He's not worth all this BS

Kiper: Let's see what Miami does with their 2 3rd round selections (previously acquired from Denver in 2nd trade back of first round).

McShay: This is where Ireland will make his mark with a skill player or possibly a QB with one of these 2 picks. Surprisingly both Kirk Cousins and Nick Foles are still available and I expect one to be in the fold in Miami's plans.

Kiper: As well as some dynamic receivers like local Florida International product T.Y. Hilton or possibly take a flyer on Ryan Broyles from Oklahoma who had a season ending knee injury but prior to that could of been a late first rounder. Also Andrew Luck's favorite target TE Coby Fleener is still out there and could be an upgrade and supplant Anthony Fasano.

Miami selecttions in round 3:

TE Philip Lutzenkirchen Auburn 24 rec 238 yards
OLB Vince Browne Northwestern (3 sacks in 2011)

If Fisher is useing St Louis to get more from Miami, no big deal. But if he's useing Miami to get what he wants from St Louis then Miami will be a laughing stock for the next 5 years for waiting so long for him. Call Marty S. or Billick now. And really Fisher is just another Sparano with a fuller mustache. Run the ball, stop the run, punt. That won't change as long as Ireland is here, even though Ross said he wanted a wide open passing game.

Acorns-R-Us --- VERY FUNNY!! That is Jeff Ireland for you. Pass up on STUDS to trade back for multiple mediocre players hoping to find an acorn (which he has yet to). Good luck with the Jeff. Keep looking for those acorns...


Roger Goddell: We have a trade. The St. Louis Rams trade the 2nd pick in the draft to the Cleveland Browns for the 4th and 23rd overall selections in round 1 in the 2012 draft and a 1st and 3rd in 2013.

3 picks for a backup RB was ridiculous!


This would be hilarious, if it wasn't a possible reality. This has been going on far too long.


yeah lots of time to kill before the long weekend lol.

In all seriousness it is exactly what Ireland does. Other teams trade up for skill positions of need i.e Floyd and Richardson and he trades back and looks for an "acorn" in round 3 or 4.

He is worse then Matt Millen. At least Millen looked for franchise, shiny trophy players

Fisher spotted late last night at Lombardos restaurant in St Louis by a friend of mine that works there. Not looking good


I wish I could trust when people made comments like that here but we get so much smoke blowing around it is hard to tell what is b.s.

...What are the realistic options as far as securing a franchise quarterback this year?

1 Trading up.. This seems to be the most popular answer, and least realistic. Anything could happen, so to rule it out would be a mistake. IMO is doesn't happen. Too many teams ahead of us fighting for 2 premium guys.

2 Drafting a guy round 2.. I'm not sure where the Phins will have any of the remaning guys after Luck, Griffen rated. For now none are worthy of a first round grade..This could change through the evaluation process

3.. Trade, or free agency...Peyton Manning is looking pretty good right now.. IMO he is the guy we should be concentrating on should he come available. Matt Flynn..Could be another option. I would rather have the proven vet over the relative unkown. Although coaches, and evaluators have the access to tape we the fans do not. If the new brass see something that we aren't priveledged to and think he will fit in the system..That is on them.

4..Matt Moore, Pat Devlin..These are the guys today..Like last year, we ended up settling for Henne(different circumstances,the right move..We had to know) Could Moore be the starter day 1?

Will someone wake me up please when Fisher makes a decision.This 'time out' is getting BORING

He is worse then Matt Millen. At least Millen looked for franchise, shiny trophy players

Posted by: Acorns-R-Us


Matt Millen at least had the right strategy. Problem is he couldn't evaluate talent. Ireland has the WRONG strategy and it is questionable whether he can evaluate talent either.

The problem with this is Miami should not be in this holding pattern. We should be interviewing other candidates, unless Ross has his 2nd choice already. If Fisher chooses the Rams, then Ross needs to be able to swivel to candidate 2 immediately, not start the search again.
I would assume the Dolphins have already settled on a back-up candidate which is why the interviews have stopped, unless they are waiting for permission from one of the guys on a play-off team.

.Patience. Very good post @ 11:14

I asked a question earlier last night. If Fisher is hired. What would be the point in keeping Ireland on as GM? I'm asking this question, not making a statement about our current GM.

I'm an Ireland "hater" no doubt. I'm trying to figure out what his role would be should Fisher accept. Would he assist in the transition? Would he shine Fishers Yacht, or dress a clown for the grandkids birthday party? Or would it be status quo. Ireland is GM, Fisher coach..Here are your players..Go to work?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy


My guess is he would use him until the draft and then discard him. If you were Jeff Fisher, would you take this job knowing Jeff Ireland was going to pick your players? NO WAY.


Bucs received permission to interview Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer for their head coaching job

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