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Bowles as DC might have worked against McCoy

At 4 p.m. today the Dolphins will introduce Joe Philbin as their new head coach and one assumes they'll explain why they picked the former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator. That will be interesting.

Before that happens, let me take a moment to tell you why the Dolphins may not have picked Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

McCoy, as I reported earlier in this space, was confident he was going to get the Dolphins job. At 39 years old, he was the only one of the finalists that fit into Stephen Ross's desire to hire "a young Don Shula."

But that's not the reason McCoy was so confident. Turns out he was reading signs from the team. He gauged their enthusiasm following his first meeting with them Monday. And he was even more confident after flying to New York for a Thursday interview because that went a full eight hours -- nine hours if you count the meal -- and afterward general manager Jeff Ireland told McCoy that if things went as expected, the team would send a plane for McCoy and the family to bring them from Denver back to South Florida on Friday.

But it never got to that point and McCoy thinks he knows the reason.

Seems during the McCoy interview, the topic of defensive coordinator came up. And the Dolphins told McCoy they really liked Todd Bowles and would like him to hire Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This is interesting on many fronts because it suggests the team at the time already knew Bowles was not going to be selected as the head coach and was already planning another job for him. It's also interesting because as of late last night, the club had not told Bowles anything about becoming defensive coordinator. I'm told the only conversation between Bowles and Ireland Friday night was when the GM told the interim coach the Dolphins were hiring Philbin. It is also interesting in that it means the Dolphins were assuming Bowles, who is interviewing for other head coaching jobs, would not get any of those jobs.

At any rate, McCoy didn't agree to hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins that as a first time head coach, and an offensive-minded coach at that, he'd like to hire an experienced defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins he'd like someone that had done the job and succeeded in the job previously so he could concentrate more on upgrading the Miami offense.

Todd Bowles, you must understand, has never been a defensive coordinator.

But the Dolphins insisted. And McCoy pushed back.

The Dolphins spoke of how well-regarded Bowles is and McCoy made the point that it is irregular to force an assistant on a new coach when that assistant just lost a job derby to the new head coach and that assistant is not experienced in the job the team wants him to carry out. It can be uncomfortable for all parties.

It wasn't contentious. But McCoy had definite ideas about people he'd like to interview for the job. And the Dolphins -- once they found out from McCoy that Steve Spagnuolo was already hired elsewhere -- had definite ideas about Bowles.

Ultimately, McCoy told the team he would be more than happy to include Bowles in the interview process for a defensive coordinator. He'd be happy to meet Bowles. But he declined to make any promises to hire Bowles.

Obviously, the club went with Philbin as the new head coach. They began talking to Philbin late into the evening Thursday and reached a deal with him Friday afternoon.

Now, I am not telling you the defensive coordinator issue is the reason McCoy was eliminated. I am telling you that's the reason McCoy thinks he didn't get the job.

The truest test of this will be seeing whom Philbin "hires" as his defensive coordinator. He's got a ton of coaching talent in Green Bay that he can draw from as a possible DC candidates. And he should have his own people and be comfortable with them if he wants. He's never worked with Bowles and, far as I know, didn't have Bowles in his plans when he began the interview process.

But if Todd Bowles becomes the Dolphins next defensive coordinator under Joe Philbin, you'll know this was indeed a tipping point in the McCoy interview. You'll know that perhaps the reason the team picked Philbin over McCoy was Philbin's willingness to meet Miami's desires to hire Bowles where McCoy wanted to hire his own people.

We'll see.

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Sending Philbin out to coach against Bellichick is like sending my 10 yr old out to block Cam Wake. You just close your eyes and hope he doesnt get slaughtered!! LOL


Philbin may be inexperience, but he was the best choice

It could also mean that a Bowles hire wasn't a deal breaker with McCoy and that Philbin independently chooses Bowles for any number of reasons.

Wouldn't it be odd to pick a HC based upon whether they would accept your pick of DC? If the DC candidate is so important why not give him the HC job?

Now what about offensive co-ordinator?

Let's trade up for RGIII and sign Flynn. If Manning is available I say we try to sign him as well to tutor the young

What a joke!

McCoy was right to want to hire his own people. Thats how a NORMAL organization works!

Bowles might turn out to be a great coordinator, but for Ross and Ireland to dictate he get the job? Seriously?

Bowles probably would not want to be the DC here anyways after losing out the HC position.

Now the Fins lost out on Fisher and Mccoy all because of stupidity. Philbin would say anything that would get him the job because he already knew he was the underdog.

Id rather have the coach who stands up for what is RIGHT, than the p*ssy that just goes along with it. Philbin is a TOOL.

Classless. Clueless. Embarrassing. Arrogant. Ignorant. This is the Miami Dolphins

That's ridiculous.........so with Ross and Ireland, it must be true.

On the other hand, I think Philbin is smarter than McCoy and realized he could pacify his new idiot bosses by saying "sure, I'm up for Bowles," knowing full well Bowles will want to bail after not getting the job.......

McCoy should have read that one better.

So this is the 4th straight Dolphin HC thats never been an NFL HC before. The first 3 failed, yet Ross is repeating the previous mistakes? Isnt that the definition of insanity? GEEZ!!

Armando is blogging on rumours on why McCoy THINKS he didn't get the job. McCoy could be wrong, Armando's source could be wrong.

Let's not jump to conclusions without any more information. Besides if Bowles takes the DC Job it could simply be because he's the best candidate.

But why did Ross and Ireland let Nolan go. He represented continuity, experience and ability that would be important in a year of big changes for the dolphins

Well I for one would be ecstatic if that's what is going on. What better way to ease the transition than to keep Bowles on. The players know and like him and he knows the defense Nolan ran so he could keep it in place for the most part while making a few tweaks. That would solidify the defense and Philbin can concentrate on fixing this offense and getting the players on the same page.

The best part is we then would have two guys at top positions who are highly regarded around the league. Two guys who may be head coaches in the league for some time.

Oooooooooooor.....McCoy could've been conducting himself like a Lane Kiffin-esqe d!ck.

Two-way street....Two-way street.

Yet another awkward decision by front office if McCoy was better qualified but not willing to be a puppet...

FED UP FIN and HollywoodDave, was it necessary for you to TARDS to post this on EVERY Dolphins media site?? Get something better to do with your time.

Also, it is NEVER right for ANY FO to force their coaches on new HCs. They probably did that with Fisher too.

Bowles is average at best. I hope they didnt hire Philbin in hopes of having a yes man puppet and hoping to keep their staff in tact.

If that is the case, then they should have just kept Sparano, or Bowles and offered Nolan a contract. Kept everthing the same and have more 7-9 6-10 seasons.

McCoy was right. And they probably offered the same thing to Zim and he told them off which is why they said he was too blunt and honest.

Who knows. I just hope that Philbin is allowed to bring in his own people. I hope he is smarter than to be pushed around and controlled just to have an HC job.

Exciting Games tomorrow. Can't wait.




Thats right! I totally forgot about Nolan! They let one of the most respected DCs walk away, then try to force a guy whose never been into the job!

Im sorry to say this, but, as long this team is under Stephen Ross's ownership, it will be a bottom-dwelling franchise.

I cant take it anymore. BAIL! Call me when Ross sells the team!

To me, what it indicates is that they didn't trust McCoy's decision-making abilities in that regard, didn't think he was that smart, and were afraid to screw up the defense and wanted some continuity on D.

I can see Ireland liking McCoy because he's a young guy he can jerk around. Philbin is smarter, older, more experienced. He also comes with knowledge of building both Offense and Defense. He wouldn't be a dear in the headlights. I think Ross overuled for that reason. Of the guys left to choose from, Ross didn't find his "young don shula" so he wanted a guy who was hungry, but also experienced and very smart. Someone who wouldn't keep up up at night wondering if he screwing up your team. He was more comfortable with Philbin.

Philbin picking his own D coordinator is a lot different than McCoy picking one. Maybe that's the way they saw it.

Bottom line is Joe won out because of his qualifications, his resume. I'm soooo glad we didn't get a Broncos re-tred. Plus the guy's public statement? Pretty stupid. Not all his marbles in place. That alone proves he's not HC material.

glad its philbin of the 3 bad candiates. but bowles as d cord is an awful move

Phibin was the only guy willing to be Irescum's puppet. Dolphins are DOOMED!





I would hate to think this is true. Bowles wasn't a particulary good D-back coach. Why reward the average?

Rich taylor, use your head. A "real organization" works that way during a complete rebuild. Is that what you want? You wouldn't want to keep continuity in the #6 defense in points allowed, insuring the team will concentrate on the offense? You are calling the team stupid yet you have no clue what you're talking about. You apparently want a new defensive coordinator who may change the team to a 4-3 and force the Dolphins to change their defensive personnel and playbook. That means another three years of rebuilding.

Yeah, how stupid of the Dolphins for throwing around the idea of keeping the defense in tact helping them to win now. Idiots.

I wish people would take a couple minutes to think things through before spewing their short sighted hateful rants.

The main thing this team lacked was DISCIPLINE from the HC. Bowles had them playing when they were eliminated from the playoffs, unlike Sparano the past 2 seasons. Whoever is named DC, they must run a system similar to Mike Nolan's. You dont try to fix something thats not broke. Bowles should be the guy.

This article is nothing but speculation. Please folks, don't get your panties in a wad over this fantasyland stuff.

McCoy keeps leaking HIS side of the story to the press...lol....

You guys want this type of personality for a coach...

Not only is this not classy...but to insuate that Philbin is a YES man....is about as unprofessional as you can get......

WHATEVER the reason McCoy didnt get the job.......he is proving Ross and Ireland right for not hiring him.....

People are always jumping to the wrong conclusions.Last time I checked none of you were in the room when he was being interviewed.So therefore you have no clue what you are talking about.I think we got the man man for the job!

No good HC would work with Ireland. So we got more CRAP!

so what you are telling me is that Ireland is making bone-headed decisions?? I am having deja vu all over again!!!!



BOWLES,MY FOOT.............

Samantha you are smarter than 99% of the men who post in here. Great post!

Excellent insight on what could have happened if McCoy would have conceded to this inept top brass requests and in retrospect he may be relieved that the Phins did not offer the gig after all.

I seriously hope I'm dead wrong on this one and I really wish Philbin the very best of luck and hope he rallies the team and all that but reading between the lines here I can detect that Ross and Ireland wanted someone they could not necessarily manipulate but one that will listen and at least try enact their suggestions, advices and football tooth fairy wishes. That my friends does not bode well.

I think there are two things that are working against this tandem duo atop and it has everything to do with their egos:

-Ross is slowly but steadily morphing into a mix of Al Davis and Jerry Jones, which at times and especially in their respective younger versions may have worked based on bravado alone, but as age sets in stubbornness becomes a non wanted attribute.

-Ireland overstepping his talent as a good scout and (at least seemingly) making executive decisions for his boss -more like a fall guy for him- and -amazingly despite a few years in the job- not being able to stand up to his boss and serve as a true voice of reason and advice, hence the need for someone like Peterson to be around like a Death Eater.

The fact they were opposed to hire any candidate who either speak his mind or was perceived as blunt or was not a "yes man" (Zimmer, Chudzinski) or did not concede to their demands (McCoy) unfortunately is not a good sign.
McCoy was smart -perhaps not too much of a politician I guess- to not concede this early to them shoving him Bowles as his DC. Why would McCoy do that?

Anyway, it is done and it is time to move on and time is what ultimately will tell if hiring Joe Philbin was the right choice. As a fan I hope to look back and say yes and remember the turning point back to greatness for our Dolphins.



I agree with Kris. McCoy sounds like a real freak to be leaking this stuff and handling his other prospective employers the way he has. Really unstable stuff. Thank god we didn't get stuck with him, would have been a disaster. And you know, that kind of thing can be smelled out by a savy business owner, not necessarily a GM like Ireland. I'm not surprised at all that rumor is Ross didn't want McCoy. He doesn't know football, but he can smell out a loser.

I sure hope he doesn't bring any Defensive people from Green Bay with him. They are HORRIBLE on that side of the ball!!!

There goes Armando stirring the pot. Philban got the job because he was the most qualified candidate.

Why do you care about McCoy anymore?? He wasn't selected get over it. Todd Bowels is a top notch coach and will get a head coaching job. Maybe he wants to be the DC.... Ever thought about that Dumbmando.....duh

Dolphins go with their second choice, Philbin-Flynn, over McCoy-Tebow, after Colts decide they will be drafting Andrew Luck and Denver no longer will be able to trade for Andrew Luck. Smart move by Dolphins to hire the offensive coordinator of their future quarterback. Miami needs to get some "Green Bay" recievers now. http://wp.me/p1Lu4D-1y


AS did you interview McCoy on the record? If so, what a snarky, sore loser. CLEARLY, Philbin is more articulate and experienced. I'm with you 'Kris', who wants a guy who speculates with a serial pot stirrer like AS?

He will bring Winston Moss with him from Green Bay as DC...won't be able to bring the QB Coach though, probably promoted by GB to OC if he doesn't land a job in Tampa

I don't think Bowles will be able to handle be DC after losing out on HC job. Also, Ireland not saying something to him when he called him tells me that he is going to let his new HC develop his own staff

Matt Flynn is next, then maybe one or two OL in FA. Then the draft, full of offensive weapons to fit his style and OLB's. Love Reggie Bush in that offense, would love to see Blackmon, but not likely, probably could land Floyd, so maybe a trade down to like 15 and then grab Floyd. TE's and OLB the rest of the way


Wake up Phins78!

This team isnt rebuilding! 3 years to change to a 4-3? LOL. The Fins have already been playing 4-3 in situations for years under Nolan! It is not a big transition and whose to say that McCoy would have gone 4-3 anyway?

The Dolphins were looking to hire a HEAD COACH! A head coach is a guy who is in charge of managing HIS coaching staff. He is responsible for their performance. Why the F*** should he have a suboridinate coach forced on him! If he is ultimately responsible for them then he should by all means get to choose the staff he wants! If you dont agree with that then you are a tool just like Philbin!

Let people do their jobs! Thats how a good organization works!

south florida eating more media spec i see.


you people dont know nothing!you think you know!!! But you dont know diddly pooooo!

And you WONDER why we are in this mess right now? Because of IDIOTS like Ross and Ireland...unreal..I hope Bowles goes somewhere else because I want Philbon to succeed and I agree with McCoy that he needs an experienced DC...

Sorry, my last post said Floyd with a trade down, think that might be wishful thinking as well, if they want Floyd and he its there at #8 or #9 they will have to grab him...

TE from Clemson in 2nd Round would be nice too

dont you get it? Philbin was who Ross wanted all along.

just wanted to be sure that the death of his son did not persuade him to not be a HC of this franchise.

Good move Stevey! your off the hook.

Mike sherman for OC??

Thanks phin78, and I agree with what you said also, about more rebuilding if we tear this D apart and transition to a 4-3.

Anyone can make change just to make change. It takes a keen mind to change what is broken, and leave the rest. Improve upon the foundation.

I think Philbin is coming in at the right time, btw. We've got a foundation of players here, that we can get to the next level. We need a couple good drafts and trades and we can be in the Superbowl in 2-3 years.

This article is of course, pure speculation. You can try to draw whatever you'd like from it, it will still end up looking like the work of a first grader.
Armandos "sources" just get worse and worse and worse. At least he openly admitted to not believe everything you read on here.
But yeah, lets take the word of the guy that ditched and interview with another team because he was so sure he was the man...err wrong, you mad bro?

Rich Taylor....

You ranting as if those are facts......

Even Armando says they are UNCONFIRMED......

take breath man....the read the last few sentences of Armando's blog again.....

Wow, Armando. I don't know anything at this moment. But what I do know is that if you have the Truth in your hand, you go on, and you ridicule them. Man.

I agree, maybe Bowles does not want the DC after not being selected as HC.

Of course we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars to that might tip the scale of his feelings being hurt

Has anybody noticed how people at thier place of employment are more concerned about keeping thier jobs than actually doing thier jobs well?

Apply that here. This team has maybe 10 NFL quality starters on the roster at most. This team has horrible talent. Ross knows it. Ireland knows it. Philbin knows it and Bowles knows it.

There is perfect deniability for everyone. Ross can blame Ireland. ireland can blame Philbin. Philbin can blame Bowles. Bowles can take responsibility.

Why? Ireland gets paid, Philbin gets paid, Bowles gets paid and Ross will get a new stadium paid for by the taxpayers, which he can depreciate for a gain of $500 mil.


If the DNA tests prove that I am the father of your (our) baby, I assure you I will be involved in their life and provide you financial assistance.

I will not be dumping you at the curbside like all those other men in your past, my darling.

I don't think it's a bad idea for the FO to be involved in assembling the coaching staff. After all. none of the final candidates have ever assembled their own coaching staff before. Just like I don't think Fisher really deserved to have total control over everythig.

The Fins have every right to do this their way. If they like Bowles and want him as part of the the coaching staff, thats also their decision.

Let me remind the skeptics that this is Ross first staff and being this negative about this process is, at best, premature.

So to all the experts that seem to think they know how to run a football team from there laptops, I look forward to seeing there tunes change after Fins turn things around and becone relavent again.

If Armando's report is true, then I'm glad they didn't hire McCoy. Yes, in most circumstances the HC should get to choose his own staff. But McCoy should've realized that this defense is more stable and is best left to someone with strong knowledge of the system and players. His desire to bring in his own DC only means an overhaul of the system. Why blow up what is already strong? This, along with his snubbing of the Raiders, are two instances of his arrogance and immaturity.

In contrast, it was reported yesterday that Philbin had no objection to retaining Bowles. I don't think he'd said that just to please his prospective employer. I think he understood he didn't need to tinker with defense too much.

Think Ross made the right call.

Check out Brian Quick. Wide receiver, Appalachian State. Looks like a Brandon Marshall clone:


One thing we already know for sure: McCoy isn't all that bright and a little too full of himself. Glad we didn't hire him.

BTW, these are not Times to have anything hidden, much to the contrary, very above-board. Yes. Later.

Ya know Armando really isn't the one stirring the pot here. He just writes his story. It's the dumbazz fans who read into his every word as if he's posting a secret message to them about the Dolphins screwing up.

They remind me of those religious freaks who interpret bible verses wrongly in a way to further their racist agendas.
(But about this story)
The writer writes, it is up to the reader to use his own brain (novel idea) to formulate his own opinions based on the FACTS pulled from the story. Not to formulate concrete opinions based on speculation.

For those of you who agree with the likes of Ross, Ireland, and Phins78, what if Bowles does not want to come here as DC? Why would he want to?

Hes a DB coach. That means he can take a defensive coordinator position ANYWHERE. Hes even still in consideration for a head coach in Oakland!

You argue about "continuity." But theres no guarantee that Bowles will want to stay now that hes been passed over, and history has dictated that he will leave. AND they let Mike Nolan walk out to Atlanta! He was under contract to stay through 2012!

It is asinine for Ross to make a decision on a coach predicated on the assumption that Bowles would accept (or settle) for a DC position! Losers!

So much journalism based on assumption Mando. Love ya but? Really?

kris if you are going to imitate the clergy at least have the decency to imitate one from your own religion.
Something along the lines of Rabbi Shlomo Glickstein would be appropriate.

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