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Bowles as DC might have worked against McCoy

At 4 p.m. today the Dolphins will introduce Joe Philbin as their new head coach and one assumes they'll explain why they picked the former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator. That will be interesting.

Before that happens, let me take a moment to tell you why the Dolphins may not have picked Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

McCoy, as I reported earlier in this space, was confident he was going to get the Dolphins job. At 39 years old, he was the only one of the finalists that fit into Stephen Ross's desire to hire "a young Don Shula."

But that's not the reason McCoy was so confident. Turns out he was reading signs from the team. He gauged their enthusiasm following his first meeting with them Monday. And he was even more confident after flying to New York for a Thursday interview because that went a full eight hours -- nine hours if you count the meal -- and afterward general manager Jeff Ireland told McCoy that if things went as expected, the team would send a plane for McCoy and the family to bring them from Denver back to South Florida on Friday.

But it never got to that point and McCoy thinks he knows the reason.

Seems during the McCoy interview, the topic of defensive coordinator came up. And the Dolphins told McCoy they really liked Todd Bowles and would like him to hire Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This is interesting on many fronts because it suggests the team at the time already knew Bowles was not going to be selected as the head coach and was already planning another job for him. It's also interesting because as of late last night, the club had not told Bowles anything about becoming defensive coordinator. I'm told the only conversation between Bowles and Ireland Friday night was when the GM told the interim coach the Dolphins were hiring Philbin. It is also interesting in that it means the Dolphins were assuming Bowles, who is interviewing for other head coaching jobs, would not get any of those jobs.

At any rate, McCoy didn't agree to hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins that as a first time head coach, and an offensive-minded coach at that, he'd like to hire an experienced defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins he'd like someone that had done the job and succeeded in the job previously so he could concentrate more on upgrading the Miami offense.

Todd Bowles, you must understand, has never been a defensive coordinator.

But the Dolphins insisted. And McCoy pushed back.

The Dolphins spoke of how well-regarded Bowles is and McCoy made the point that it is irregular to force an assistant on a new coach when that assistant just lost a job derby to the new head coach and that assistant is not experienced in the job the team wants him to carry out. It can be uncomfortable for all parties.

It wasn't contentious. But McCoy had definite ideas about people he'd like to interview for the job. And the Dolphins -- once they found out from McCoy that Steve Spagnuolo was already hired elsewhere -- had definite ideas about Bowles.

Ultimately, McCoy told the team he would be more than happy to include Bowles in the interview process for a defensive coordinator. He'd be happy to meet Bowles. But he declined to make any promises to hire Bowles.

Obviously, the club went with Philbin as the new head coach. They began talking to Philbin late into the evening Thursday and reached a deal with him Friday afternoon.

Now, I am not telling you the defensive coordinator issue is the reason McCoy was eliminated. I am telling you that's the reason McCoy thinks he didn't get the job.

The truest test of this will be seeing whom Philbin "hires" as his defensive coordinator. He's got a ton of coaching talent in Green Bay that he can draw from as a possible DC candidates. And he should have his own people and be comfortable with them if he wants. He's never worked with Bowles and, far as I know, didn't have Bowles in his plans when he began the interview process.

But if Todd Bowles becomes the Dolphins next defensive coordinator under Joe Philbin, you'll know this was indeed a tipping point in the McCoy interview. You'll know that perhaps the reason the team picked Philbin over McCoy was Philbin's willingness to meet Miami's desires to hire Bowles where McCoy wanted to hire his own people.

We'll see.

Follow me on twitter. I will be providing real-time updates of the Philbin presser on my timeline today.


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The most interesting scenario to me is Philbin grabs Flynn as QB, Clements as OC, and Moss (packers LB coach) as DC. All were HC candidates and all are disciplined.

If Philbin keeps Bowles (a secondary coach of a defense that plays like it is secondary), he will be tagged as a puppet of Ireland and Ross and never make this his team. It would smell as bad as when Jones hired Switzer to coach the Cowboys.

Always wanted Philbin.. So many fools posting n this site.. hope I'm not one. Armondo just loves to stir the pot. As always time well tell. I like the hire would you really want average Jeff Fisher and average fron office dude Carl Peterson meddling. Ross make mistakes but like Dan Snyder he really wants a winner and at least this time it appears Ireland didn't get his choice despite holding the pictures.

I'll take someone involved with a S.B winning team and potent offense over the coach of The savior of nothing Tim Tebow! Who care about McCoy! He can come coach my sons pee wee team if he needs a job!

K has it right, none of the bloggers on this site was in the interview room, they know no facts, just ruining there mouth, the info will come out soon enough, as for the cry babies how about go and cry on the Jets blogs if you don't like the way the owner runs his team, yes! its his team, deal with it and stop crying with negative comments. Bill

When there is actual Dolphins news Mando will get it first hand from his source at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Mando's full time profession is covering the Miami Dolphins, a football team in the city where he resides.
However no one on the team speaks to Mondo so he has to scour the out of town newspapers to find out what is going on.
Mando is not an elite, franchise journalist.
This chatroom will never be more than mediocre.

When I watch the championship game I'll be looking at Hakeem Nicks longingly, because we could have drafted that guy. Whatever you say about Philbin, he's no Sparano. He's going to be strong enough to speak up and say on draft day what he wants. We won't have complete control, no, but you don't need that to have influence over the process.

No more Pat Whites from the draft. No more cowboys re-treds in FA. And in FA, great thing is we have a HC from Green Bay and can get the inside track on some of those guys.

If this is true, then our new coach is a puppet for Ireland.

Rich taylor don't believe every thing you read as gospel no one really knows what really happened and what didn't what are you 5 years old for god sakes, your the tool go root for the patriots numnutz we won't miss ya

Anyone know where I can catch the press conference?

It's ODD that they would let Nolan go, and then INSIST on keeping Bowles as DC.

AM I the only one who finds this odd?

The whole story is opinions based on speculation. And each individual is entitled to have an opinion as well about the story whether you agree with it or not. The opinion of one may be to think the story is complete written nonsense. Others may agree completely and others may agree and disagree with different aspects.
Whether you agree with the others opinions of the story is relevant only from a point of discussion and debate. But to be of the mind that your opinion of the story is corret and those with a different opinion are freaks only speaks volumes about the size of your ego. Perhaps you should sit back and make an attempt to interpret your own interpretations.

Rich what your not understanding is that this is a story based on speculation, not fact. You are treating a fantasy as if it is really happening.

It would be like someone going to see Avatar and then blogging about how badly the aliens were treated and wanting to start a petition to stop mining on other planets.

In your cerebral hibernation you yell at me to wake up, the irony is substantial.

Mando is not an elite, franchise journalist.
This chatroom will never be more than mediocre.
Posted by: PriceMaster | January 21, 2012 at 01:29 PM


Not all organizations work that way , you must he new to football. I don't agree with you, I guess that makes me a tool. It also makes me smart.

Be new, not he. Typo

Hey Armando!

I bet growing up you used to whisper into the ear of 2 different people just to stir things up and see what happens.

Reporting is based on fact, editorials are based on opinion and then ther's your blog, which appears to be based on speculation.

So here's somthing to speculate about.
How arrogant (and stupid) do have to be, to proclaim yourself in the media, as the best and leading HC candidate avaiable to the Dolphins. Aee you kidding me? Maybe Ross and Ireland selected Philbin because McCoy behaved like a 39 yr old jackass and it had nothing to do Bowles becoming DC...

And if I might speculate, I'm thining that Bowles was the real deal behind the defense and Nolan was the media darling...

But alas, we will never really know, just like we will never really know why they chose Philbin over McCoy and Bowles for HC....

By the way, this blog reminds me of the game of "Boulderdash", but is much, much better!!!

Try it sometime!!

"For those of you who agree with the likes of Ross, Ireland, and Phins78, what if Bowles does not want to come here as DC? Why would he want to?"

He doesn't need to "come" here, he's already here. DC would be a step up. As far as his offers elsewhere, he might find a HC job, but I think it's unlikely. What I expect, honestly, is that he'll clear out and we'll have a DC not from this team. But...in the short term it might be helpful to have him stay on, so in a way I hope he does.

Losing Nolan is a big blow, and I didn't know you could let a coach leave who is under contract, if it was only a lateral job. Anybody know what's going on with that?

The HC assembles his own staff, period. If you do not think he is capable of assembling his own staff then he is not a candidate for HC.

His contrat expired. And I personally don't think it was such the big blow everyone is implying now and for the first half of the season there weren't too many people around here who felt too good about Nolan.
The one thing that bugged me about Nolan is the coaching box, thats one of the things that irritated me about Henning too. Get Down On The Field. Why are you coahing from way up there?? Not a fan of that.

Rich, Nolan didn'twant to stay through the coaching change, he was under contract but asked Ross if he could find a better situation for himself and his family. Ross let him go as a professional courtesy. And you are saying you wanted Ross to force him to stay?

Do you even believe your own posts? Do you understand football at all? Have you worked inthe business world at all? You don't seem to understand some of these things.

If he doesn't want to come here then they hire another guy. But at least they tried to keep continuity in that case. You're saying they shouldn't even try?

Rich calm down, the ranting and raving is getting childish.

McCoy should consider himself lucky he even got an interview from Miami. His offense ranked below Miami's and if it wasn't for Tebow, no one would know who he is. The buzz always was that Ross wanted Philbin and Ireland preferred McCoy. I think Ross simply overruled Ireland

Wow, ya Mcoy would be great we could have a bad OC that doesn't even have HC experience. Why anyone would think Mccoy would be the best choice is just plain stupid.

If you are so fed up with all the things our team's office is doing, why you're still with the team??? Choose the Patriots or the 49's.

If you think you're better than the owner and GM, why you aren't doing their job right now?

Please stop saying you're Miami Dolphins fans and go away eith you stupid comments. There are 32 teams trying to do the same thing.

This would be good for all parties involved....The Dolphins would have continuity on defense and Bowles would gain experience as a cordinator. The man is going to be a head coach in 3 years or less but it is hard to jump from a position coach to head coach.

Dolphins staff next year will be Philbin HC, Bowles DC and Tom Clements OC(barring Tampa faling in love with him and hiring him as HC).

Miami would have some initial growing pains....Philbin never a HC, Bowles never a DC and Clements was OC in Buffalo for only one year but overall this would be a great staff.

Also why people would want philbin to hire a DC from GB's defensive staff is beyond me, ya packers had the worst defense in the NFL and sadly they have good defensive players too. We should pray that somehow Bowles and Philbin can caoch together, because hopefully Philbin is smart enough to know that the packers defense was awful....

" It is also interesting in that it means the Dolphins were assuming Bowles, who is interviewing for other head coaching jobs, would not get any of those jobs."

It doesn't mean anything of the sort. The Dolphins were merely taking care of business in the right order: HC is the first step.

By the way, a DC job for Bowles would be good enough for a DB coach with three games coached on an interim basis.

Okay Pricemaster lol, that was hilarious. Right on man.

Phins78 @ 1:49: Thank you for bringing some rationality to this blog. There seem to be more idiots today than normal.

Yes, this business is a small fraternity where a primary way to move up is to help each other along. I doubt McCarthy wanted to lose Philbin, but you won't last long in this league if you have a reputation for blocking another person's career. Likewise, Fisher lost Gregg Williams and Jim Schwartz when the Bills and Detroit wanted to hire them as HC. Fisher probably could've said no, but that's not how this business works.

Message to Coach Philbin: Please don't ever read this blog! Now go win.


Thanks cosmodo and great points about Williams and Shwartz.

You people angry at McCoy for feeling this way or Armando for reporting this are missing the point ..

If the Dolphins hire Todd Bowles as the coordinator they WILL have an inexperienced head coach who leans to offense. He never called the plays in Green Bay.

And then they'll have an inexperienced defensive coordinator also.


So thank you Armando for posting this. I hope the Dolphins read it and see how stupid that would be.

McCoy is NOT a "young Don Shula." Don Shula won a lot of games as the Colts' head coach. McCoy was the coordinator of a mediocre offense and a team that was lucky to reach the playoffs.

And as far as the people crying about Philbin's lack of experience- Weren't we all on the Sporano bandwagon during the 2008 season? And ask any Baltimore fan if they hate John Harbaugh.



Have fun with you're one man boycott, the rest of us are moving on.

I'm wishing Philbin the very best. The same for Bowles.

With regard to McCoy, if what he shared about his interview is accurate, then one can understand his viewpoint. After all, if he cannot pick the players, he should at least be able to pick the coaches he works with.

Nonetheless, the major concerns for the Dolphins remain:

1 - Can Ireland find an elite QB?
2 - Can Ireland draft better?

The lack of an elite QB (indeed, the lack of effort in even pursuing an elite QB) has been the number one issue for the Dolphins for a dozen years. Will they put it off again? Is Moore really the best they can do?

Even an elite QB needs talent around him. The Dolphins have a horrid OL, two receivers who are amoung the worse at dropping balls, an average TE, and a very suspect pass defence.

Four drafts have resulted in a single elite player (so far) in Jake Long. Wake is excellent. Pouncey is solid, but he should be better.

The Dolphins will continue to be a disappointment until they add talent to the roster (and not just a RT).

Yes we KNOWWWWWWWWWWWW Philbin doesn't have head coaching experience! Neither did 90% of the past super bowl winning coaches!

Is there a bunch of parrotts that learned how to use the internet in here? Ya repeating sons of bit**es.

"You need to hire a head coach, somebody who’s going to run the team and run the program and build a program,” former NFL executive Michael Lombardi said this week on WQAM radio.

Lombardi stressed the need for the Dolphins to find someone with prior head coaching experience who would be able to “understand the job and not learn on the job and not make the mistakes” that a first-time head coach often does.

Philbin, mind you, hasn’t even been trusted to call the plays.


This seems like a tempest in a teapot. PhilFin is our new coach. He ran a world class offense for a world class franchise.

The new DC will hopefully keep our D intact. Apparently PhilFin recognizes this, too. The D ain't broke, so don't try to fix it.

Whoever the new DC is, PhilFin intends to keep the D intact and concentrate on bringing the offense up to par.

If he does this, we will be CONTENDERS!

Take a deep breath and relax everybody.

Steve Ross will be buying BOATLOADS of his own tickets this season! LOL

I really like the decision & hire !!!

If any of us "plain Joe's" had 2 interviews lined up with different companies, would you cancel the 2nd interview BEFORE you found out if you actually got the job at the 1st ??????

If you say yes, then you are as arrogant as McCoy. McCoy showed true colors. Am soooo glad we didn't get him. His arrogance reminds me of Saban.

Joe P. seems like he has some "class". Isn't that what this franchise is in short supply of ???? Way to go, Joe ! Great answers on Bowles. Shows insight, class, and wisdom !

while i agree you never force a hire to a HC. We have NO accurate information that says this is what happened. McCoy was definately confident, agent rosenhouse as well. To the point of borderline cocky by turning down oakland interview. This sounds like possibly sour grapes from an overly prideful man right now. i could be wrong but lets not jump to conclusions.

Something tells me Ireland will be on a short leash this year and he will be fighting for his job.
He's going to need to prove to Ross that he is capable of doing the job he was hired to do or he may be the next one to go.
Ireland is the last link between the new guard and the old Parcells-Cowboys connection.
If Ross isn't happy with the results he may be looking to break that connection alltogther.

the dreamy eyed finfans are at it again…when will all the nonsense stop from you jokers…It’s laughable…less than 24hrs after getting a new HC, the fist pumping pimps are out in force with their chant about another Super Bowl. WTF losers…do you really believe the bullsh’t your peddling about a Average Joe…or are you just that dumb. We all heard your empty-handed threats before… about how your going to return to the glory days of football…and become a force once again in the Nfl, lol. How long ago was that…and i’m not talking about the last decade either. So lets get a reality check of facts…so you nimrods can choke on them:

1) 20 years since you reached the Afc Championship game

2) 40 years since you won an SB

Now that’s sorry, and something to be ashamed about…so Wake the F*ck Up! and hold your tongues. Thank You

the only thing bowles brings is continuity. I hope our defense doesn't have a drop off next year.

All will be forgiven if the Fins make a splash by moving up and picking RGIII or getting Peyton Manning.

They're the only QBs that would increase ticket sales.

Clearly, McCoy didnt realize how stupid the Dolphin FO is !! Now he knows!! LOL

BoulderFinFan ,

Continuity?? Of a cellar team?? Thats great! LMFAO!!


You have blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Your mother and I are VERY proud of you, little princess, and we cannot wait to see you in your pretty ballerina dress for your recital.

Face it, some fans will never be happy. Even if we're in the playoffs next year, people will come here and gristle because Philbin did it with someone else's players, or Bowles just inherited Nolan's defense, or we had an easier schedule, etc.

How's I sees it...Teams that make it to the playoffs can win the Superbowl. Teams that don't, can't.

If we make it to the playoffs ever again, I will rejoice, revel, and roll around in the moment and not question it.

Welcome to Miami Coach Philbin.

Nonetheless, the major concerns for the Dolphins remain:

1 - Can Ireland find an elite QB?
2 - Can Ireland draft better?

The lack of an elite QB (indeed, the lack of effort in even pursuing an elite QB) has been the number one issue for the Dolphins for a dozen years. Will they put it off again? Is Moore really the best they can do?

Posted by: Sigh | January 21, 2012 at 02:10 PM


In response to "Reality"- As of 2000 the Patriots had ZERO championships. The Broncos got slaughtered in four SBs. Even Green Bay had a long title drought until 1996.

By no means am I'm saying Philbin will become another Belichick, Shananhan, or Holmgren withour actually coaching a game. But I'm also not going to dismiss him on day one. Who's to say he can't be a great coach? Who's to say he's not the one to turn this team around? Reality is in no position to judge.

You can not deny that this guy is an experiment as HC. The Dolphins desperately needed a proven success(Cowher, Fisher, Gruden, Billick) and thats not what they got. Chances are that Philbin is another in the line of failed Dolphin HC’s. They needed a PROVEN HC and this appears to be exactly the opposite. Mediocrity is now a lofty goal. Sad how this franchise has fallen….and cant get up.

Why would the Dolphins hire Winston Moss from the Packers to be DC in Miami?

1) He was considered good enough to be a HC this year and will be a HC in the future.

2) He is the Packers LB coach.

3) The Packers defense gave up lots of yards and it gave up quite a few points, but that defense made lots of big plays, created turnovers, and led to the offense scoring lots of points.

Miami's defense was not a playmaking defense. Our LB's don't contribute a lot of sacks, our secondary doesn't make a lot of interceptions, and rarely do they force a turnover.

Miami's entire coaching philosophy has been one of conservatism on both sides of the ball. Miami needs an attitude adjustment on offense and defense. Time for them to play with the aggression and swagger UM played with back in the 80's.

"But if Todd Bowles becomes the Dolphins next defensive coordinator under Joe Philbin, you'll know this was indeed a tipping poing in the McCoy interview."

So what? Who cares if it was? You say its mccoy guessing,but dont quote him

REALITY= a sad little troll.

Basically this particular blog is nothing more than speculation based on hearsay and merits no attention or comment. One can only guess how much if it is true, if anything, and to what extent, and in what context.

Why do you guys believe Armando?

Sorry gregg, but your not revealing anything new here. Everyone knows first time head coaches are a risk. Just like Harbaugh was a risk at SF. Look how that is working out. Besides, Gruden (my preference) and Cowher don't seem to want to coach at this time.

BTW, Ross saw something in Harbaugh last year and went after him. Something to think about for all those Ross haters.

Last season the 49'rs were a joke, this season they are playing in the conference championship game.

Lighten up fellas.

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