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Bowles as DC might have worked against McCoy

At 4 p.m. today the Dolphins will introduce Joe Philbin as their new head coach and one assumes they'll explain why they picked the former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator. That will be interesting.

Before that happens, let me take a moment to tell you why the Dolphins may not have picked Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

McCoy, as I reported earlier in this space, was confident he was going to get the Dolphins job. At 39 years old, he was the only one of the finalists that fit into Stephen Ross's desire to hire "a young Don Shula."

But that's not the reason McCoy was so confident. Turns out he was reading signs from the team. He gauged their enthusiasm following his first meeting with them Monday. And he was even more confident after flying to New York for a Thursday interview because that went a full eight hours -- nine hours if you count the meal -- and afterward general manager Jeff Ireland told McCoy that if things went as expected, the team would send a plane for McCoy and the family to bring them from Denver back to South Florida on Friday.

But it never got to that point and McCoy thinks he knows the reason.

Seems during the McCoy interview, the topic of defensive coordinator came up. And the Dolphins told McCoy they really liked Todd Bowles and would like him to hire Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This is interesting on many fronts because it suggests the team at the time already knew Bowles was not going to be selected as the head coach and was already planning another job for him. It's also interesting because as of late last night, the club had not told Bowles anything about becoming defensive coordinator. I'm told the only conversation between Bowles and Ireland Friday night was when the GM told the interim coach the Dolphins were hiring Philbin. It is also interesting in that it means the Dolphins were assuming Bowles, who is interviewing for other head coaching jobs, would not get any of those jobs.

At any rate, McCoy didn't agree to hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins that as a first time head coach, and an offensive-minded coach at that, he'd like to hire an experienced defensive coordinator. He told the Dolphins he'd like someone that had done the job and succeeded in the job previously so he could concentrate more on upgrading the Miami offense.

Todd Bowles, you must understand, has never been a defensive coordinator.

But the Dolphins insisted. And McCoy pushed back.

The Dolphins spoke of how well-regarded Bowles is and McCoy made the point that it is irregular to force an assistant on a new coach when that assistant just lost a job derby to the new head coach and that assistant is not experienced in the job the team wants him to carry out. It can be uncomfortable for all parties.

It wasn't contentious. But McCoy had definite ideas about people he'd like to interview for the job. And the Dolphins -- once they found out from McCoy that Steve Spagnuolo was already hired elsewhere -- had definite ideas about Bowles.

Ultimately, McCoy told the team he would be more than happy to include Bowles in the interview process for a defensive coordinator. He'd be happy to meet Bowles. But he declined to make any promises to hire Bowles.

Obviously, the club went with Philbin as the new head coach. They began talking to Philbin late into the evening Thursday and reached a deal with him Friday afternoon.

Now, I am not telling you the defensive coordinator issue is the reason McCoy was eliminated. I am telling you that's the reason McCoy thinks he didn't get the job.

The truest test of this will be seeing whom Philbin "hires" as his defensive coordinator. He's got a ton of coaching talent in Green Bay that he can draw from as a possible DC candidates. And he should have his own people and be comfortable with them if he wants. He's never worked with Bowles and, far as I know, didn't have Bowles in his plans when he began the interview process.

But if Todd Bowles becomes the Dolphins next defensive coordinator under Joe Philbin, you'll know this was indeed a tipping point in the McCoy interview. You'll know that perhaps the reason the team picked Philbin over McCoy was Philbin's willingness to meet Miami's desires to hire Bowles where McCoy wanted to hire his own people.

We'll see.

Follow me on twitter. I will be providing real-time updates of the Philbin presser on my timeline today.


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Flynn may just fall into everyone's expectations he will follow Philbin if he is, in fact, just mediocre. While Philbin may allow Miami to be in higher consideration, should Flynn look around, WHY THE H--L should that be an automatic? QB of any identified talent is worth its weight in gold and Flynn would have opportunity to check the market. Doesn't mean Phons are his top choice...

SO--we went from the news of the new HC to all of the reasons the others lost out and the typical negative spewing (all withing about 45 seconds. Rosenhaus and McCoy et al cpunter their chickes...We canconject all we want about the process but none of us were there so--keep crying about the what-if's

Coordinators switch specialties all of the time. Bowles can transition to DC and may be a good one in the making on his continued way to HC status. Or he will bolt and seek new pastures with another team and probably be a good success. I, personally, hope he stays, and continues to help this team.

so much for typos

Armando it should be clear to you that Ross is not longer going to let coaches dictate to him the owner who bought the Dolphins for 1.1 billion. Ross did not allow Jeff Fisher to dictate or get full control. Moreover a prospective coach (McCoy) would not be allowed to dictate not hiring a guy who knows the defense that former coordinator Mike Nolan was using and therfore is an excellent fit. Obvioulsly being an interim coach for three games with success also justifies Bowles as a defensive coordinator. Ross inherited the Parcells control of all football operations regime and it seems he will not let that happen again.

Sigh you are crazy.....The only statement you made that is accurate is that Long is Elite. Pouncey is better than solid and it was only his rookie year. He will be an elite center for the next ten years. Add Jared Odrick to your list. He is going to be a dominant D Linemen. Are you forgetting Vontae Davis? I agree he needs to be motivated all the time but he will be elite. 5 players from last years draft were major contributors and most of the misses that Ireland had in the draft were when Parcells still had final say. Remember Pat White? That was Parcells call.

By the way Miami did not draft Wake, they signed him as a FA from Canada.

Sigh was ABSOLUTELY correct about the FO not bringing in a quality QB.

That is the single issue keeping the Fins down.

A solid team with a so-so QB = MEDIOCRE!

McCoy is NOT the new coach of the Fins...NON story!

Who knows what becomes of Bowles? If he stays he is a familiar face in the locker room that the players seem to respect. DB Coach to DEF COORD to HEAD COACH seems like a more likely progression but time will tell.

If he leaves it will be to chase his next chapter and good luck to you Mr. Bowles.

I really like the endorsements that Philbin is getting.

The ability to stay the course of his professional vision in light of such personal tragedy is quite telling.

I welcome you Mr. Philbin. My hope is that your journey has lead you to Miami for a reason and that reason is to resurrect a once very proud franchise.

That said... I am sure that his assessment of Henne will dictate Henne's departure. Just as I have NEVER seen a spectacle like Tebow brings to the NFL, I have never seen so many people (supposedly not related) stay behind a mediocre non playoff QB for such a long period. His faults are many...Not enough wins. Lacks touch. Slow reading DEF's. Zippo pocket awareness. Stares down receivers. Inaccurate and tosses game killing INT's late in games.

...And yet, he still has a contingent that says: Early on, it was "He was inexperienced". Even though he had the wonderful benefit of seeing an unsung QB in Penny show him what an 11-5 season looked like up close. Then it was "Not enough talent around him". Then it was "OC Henning's bad play calling". Then it was "The ONLY reason why Moore is winning with the same team is everyone else is playing better".

Do you see the pattern of protective shielding and deflection that is going on here?

Hey, throwing for a zillion yards against a sub-par NE Def when you are trying to catch up with Brady and STILL losing doesn't do much for me.

Real QB's pull out games against odds...did you see Alex Smith when Drew Brees tried to pull his usual dagger to heart move? Alex Smith just rose to the occasion and made his own comeback with hardly any time.

With Philbin I hope we get rid of 2 nagging things for sure.

#1 The almighty "QB EXCUSES". (Actually I hope excuses in all three phases dry up)

#2 The level of locating talent and using it in a winning system rises up immensely. Not the walk on water type, just a sharp upward curve would do.

With Philbin working closely with Rodgers for that long, he will know the wheat from the chaff. Henne = chaff. When Philbin makes his new QB moves it will validate all the people that have been anti Henne for a few years now.

Henne will be a back-up somewhere.

Best of luck to you Mr. Philbin. The Fin Faithful are lurking in the background ready to cheer your success. Your son is looking down and rooting you on as well. Godspeed


East-West Shrine coming on at 4pm.

All is vanity. The essential oracles have foretold of this. Yet, we must await the result and hope for renewal.

Mr. Philbin now takes the mantle. All shall cast their gaze towards him praying the glory awakens...a fire reignites.

Memories of the grand old lady of NW 7th Street beyond the gauze of time.

One thing a few have pointed out here, considering Philbins background, nobody is going to question his judgement of Moore, Henne, or whether or not we go after Flynn. It was easy to question Sparano or Ireland, but it would be hard for any home blogger to seriously believe they have a better understanding of QB talent than he does.

I have the DVR que'd Prof Lou.

I always have enjoyed the college to Pro transition period from Bowl games, to All Star Games, to Combine, Pro Days and the Draft.

The flesh Lotto is always tough to handicap and thus fun to try to guess alongside the GMs, ex-players, pundits, draftniks and guru's.

It's always a spirited debate when judging talent vs no talent players.



Lots of speculation here obviously, from McCoy's perspective. I am Phins fan so I will support Philbin even if he wasn't my first choice, and by all accounts he's a great guy and hopefully is the offensive genius some are claiming.
However, IF this is at least somewhat true it feeds right into the ongoing Ireland narrative. It also makes me wonder about the accuracy of the Fisher reports about him expecting major if not "total" control, or even how serious a candidate he was in Ireland's little dominion.

Read that GB may make Clements their new OC. He also is still under contract with GB for the next 2 seasons and McCarthy can prevent him from interviewing other jobs. And don't say McCarthy wouldn't do that because he did it when Chicago wanted to interview Clements for the OC job a couple years ago.
My guess is Clements isn't coming to Miami he will be OC in GB. Possibly another member of that offensive staff will follow Joe though to be OC in sunny So FLA

Lou, not sure if you've seen this site but it is pretty cool how they have it setup.



I missed you on the last blog.

Sorry to hear about your Pops. Listening to some of your stories over the years, he sounds like an awesome Guy and Father.

Don't hang onto the grief, hang onto all the Great Memories!


McCoy will accept a HCing job some other team, where he can determiner and select his own DC. Todd Bowles might be the Dolphins DC and as fate might have it, McCoy might coach againt the Dolphins, the rest is ......

Samantha, You are smarter than Phin78. Who has NO marbles.

Now its a 100%.

Rich Taylor @ 12:29 very good post. I agree 100 percent with you opinion.

Rob in Oc..On point @3:24. I was one that made every excuse known to man in support of Henne. After really paying attention, and giving him to many times the benifit of the doubt. All of my past support has turned to a position of Henne should move on.

I know that there are going to be some that make the comparison between Alex Smith and his success under Harbaugh. Both men deserve a ton of credit for what they have achieved this season. I'm sure 99 percent of Niner fans were not to pleased when Harbaugh voiced his support of Smith upon his hire as head coach.

There are some differences between the situation in San Francisco & our situation here in Miami with Henne. For one The Niners did not have the luxury of a Matt Moore(I can't believe I'm saying this..But it is the truth) Moore proved himself on the field as a capable stop gap to the future. At this point I would trust him moving forward until a suitable replacement is found. 2 Smith still had a year under contract..Henne has his contract year. It was cut short by injury. But I think we saw enough to know he isn't the guy to move forward with(Especially with the emergance of Qb. Moore).

Henne supporters still get wood over the week 1 performance against the Pats..Go back and look. Journeymen quarterbacks had career days this year against that Patriot defense. Nothing to spectacular if you really want to be honest. Truthfully, Henne did not get better this year. If you want to site numbers from week one as your argument. Henne actually was worse this year then last year. Everything from completion percentage. TD-INT ratio, and most importantly wins were all below his 2010 averages in the firt 4 weeks. If you want to argue that it was new system, and there was no time for development within said system. Look at some rookie QB's that had NO experience, same circumstances..All out performed Henne.

We were 0-4..We stunk in the redzone. Defenses knew Henne was going to check down 90 percent of the time if his first option was taken away. Henne still could not beat cover 2 to save his life. Missing too many times when man coverage dictated the mismatch in our favor. Were drops a problem? Yes. All teams have drops though. good team,good quarterbacks overcome this. We never could.

If Philbin sees something in Henne he likes, and believes he can fix it..Good on him. I'm not the guy making that choice. IMO for the good of this franchise, to move forward. We put to rest the Chad Henne era..and move on.

Last season the 49'rs were a joke, this season they are playing in the conference championship game.
Lighten up fellas.

Posted by: reasonablefinfan | January 21, 2012 at 03:01 PM

Nice point on Ross seeing something in Harbaugh. Ross' pursuit was flawed, but most likely motivated by being convinced of his talents.

As far as judging Ross at finding a Head Coach, I think you can only go by his track record and not by what he inherited.

He saw enough in Harbaugh to go overboard in trying to sign him. Ok, FINE! I just wish he could have pulled it off. Harbaugh is proving himself. Nuff said.

So, Ross gets a benefit of the doubt from me on that tip alone. It's also comforting to know Ross got his guy instead of letting Ireland unearth another Acorn.

If Philbin is Ross' guy, I'm extending the benefit of the doubt to him as well(for the time being).

Im much the same way I defer to Ross over Ireland in the Coaching search, I'll defer too Philbin in the QB search. If he has convictions on Flynn and gets him here, I'll be their BIGGEST FAN until proven otherwise.

No More Fist Pumps!!!!

Pete said:

"Now what about offensive co-ordinator?"

Pete, I hear Philbin wants to hire Mike McCarthy for OC, but Philbin will call the plays.

My man Darryl Dunphy laying it down like it was Gospel...'Cause it is!!!!

First off, glad to be on when you are on...always a treat for me.

Secondly, it always has much more impact when receiving info from a former "oppositely opinined" person. I.E. It's harder to swallow the message of Don't do Drugs from a NON drug user than from a former addict. It's always more real and in your face when the the ex-addict reels off yarns of his old woes.

I have always respected your honesty as well as your writing style DD. That is why I value your new current opinion on Henne just like I did when we were on opposite sides of the fence.

5th round rookie QB TJ Yates was thrown in to the fire with his main weapon ALL WORLD WR Andre Johnson all nicked up...he made due and figured it out on the job...results = playoffs for the Texans.

Henne's 4 chronological years should have had 2 of those years with better QB competitions and fair camp battles.

I digress, I am preaching to the choir and I heavily applaud your ability to remain objective in your Fin player evals.

You are an outstanding blogger and I hope you never leave this Fins info exchange watering hole.

Cheers bud!


Three cheers to odins post @3:56!

That is one killer post and well thought out.

I saw the Harbaugh hunt in a similar vein. This modern NFL is a down and dirty business and he who eats last gets skinny fast. Ross had a vibe after meeting Harbaugh for Stanford game. He pursued to his fullest Billionaire extent even though Harbaugh's envoys had relayed the "He will pass but thanks for the flattering invite" message.

The methods had too much light instead of looking at the prize and what he has already accomplished in SF.

I too hope that Ross will knock this hiring out of the park and will at least let the guy unravel his wagon full of wares and sell his magic QB fixer elixirs and Fins back to winning ways potions. If it all ends up being Purple Drank...things will be blown up again later.

For now, hell Mr. Philbin, pour me a few shots of the exotic stuff and get busy kind sir!!!


Cheers odin

Ima go check out some of the E/W Shrine game...

Check back in a bit.

Cheers to all Fins fans!

Samantha, I respectfully submit you and many others keep mentioning Philbin as "hungry."
I don't see that. he's been 27 year assistant coach with NO HC experience whatsoever, which usually indicates the coach is in a comfort zone, happy where he is.
Even Tony Sparano was a college head coach (a loser there as well).
Remember, WE came after Philbin, not the other way around.

I do not hold his non aggressiveness to be THE GUY against him.
I just hope he can step up and BE the guy.
He has my support for the next 3 years.

The Fins should be at least 8-8 with our talent level.
Starting 0-7 will NOT be an option, though.

I welcome coach Philbin, and hope he finds top of the line assistant coaches, the backbone of any team.

Forgot to remove the "wants a Harbaugh as HC."

I think that Ross finally stood up and made his own desicion which was not what Ireland wnated or expected. Good for you Mr. Ross, its time for you to lead and for Ireland to know his place if he is going to stay. feel sorry for McCoy becasue he wsa undoubtedly listening to Ireland (bad move)

"Ima go check out some of the E/W Shrine game..."

Check back in a bit.
Posted by: Rob in OC | January 21, 2012 at 04:27 PM

Not quite sure why you posted this, but I'll assume you are inferring i don't belong on this here fine blog.
On the other hand, if Nick Foles is playing, you may be looking at the next Phillip Rivers, with a better delivery, but just as quick.

Should have been "AREN'T INFERRING."
SORRY..in the middle of my sons birthday party.

OK, I have read enough. The columnists or reporter post an article and everyone freaks out. It's ridiculous. Folks, the only person that was fired was the head coach, fist pump. We don't need a make-over. On the outside we can only see a bunch of games lost and some bad decisions during the game. On the inside, Ross sees a new coach that is a teacher, has a long list of experience as a coach and was the author of all the game planning and preparations for the Packers. The Packer players say he is "ALL-THAT" and that is all I need to hear. Philbin is the best choice, including Fisher.

To Mr. Taylor and the rest of you fairweather Fins haters. If the Fins are in fact clueless, classless, arrogant and whatever else you think then stop following them, throw all of your Fins gear away, stop following them in any way and definately stop posting assinine comments about them, follow another team. But if you're like many other fans when they rise back to prominence (next season) you'll be back again telling all of us how great Philbin was going to be and how good a job Bowles was going to do, and how Fisher was a bum, and how Nolan was washed up yada..yada...yada. How do some of you people wake up in the morning worrying so much about things that you have absolutely no control over and in the grand scheme of life really don't matter for anything. It's entertainment, it's not life or death. No one is shooting at you. Have a nice day. Go Fins!


With all due respect, they aren't rising to prominence for years. This idiot will be gone in maybe 12 months. And the really funny thing is you'll be back on board with whatever fool laurel and hardy force on you next year. We will never win as long as Ross and Ireland are here. Period.

Rob in OC,

Interesting post. Misguided, but interesting. Tell me, how many years is it before a QB blossoms or is a bust like you claim Henne is?

If you had your way, Steve Young would have never quarterbacked the 49ers. Kurt Warner would have never quarterbacked the Rams. Jeff Gannon would never have quarterbacked the Raiders. I could go on but the point is made.

You claim it is excuses for Henne. Everyone with your opinion made the same judgements of each of those QB's and was wrong.

definitely think keeping bowles was a non starter; starting to like ross

not keeping that is

Watching Philbin, he is very articulate, might be a good Football Teacher.

Heres another Miami fu-pa not started by the Dolphins. Ireland has stated the Philpin has free rein to hire his assistant coaches. Why would Ireland/Ross make such an idiotic demand on McCoy? Im sure Ross wants in some way to keep Bowles because of the job Bowles did in the last three games of the season, and I dont blame Ross for that but,,,something better should have been done, instead of again looking like the Beverly Hillbillies, or the swamp men, which I resemble very much,,,
The Dolphin front office kinda reminds me of the "gang who could shoot straight".

Two things seem clear here. McCoy was truthful and did not want to deceive Dolphin management. Regardless of whether you think he was the right choice for the job he seems to be a man of character. Miami fans would be well served by a coach with this trait. Secondly, how and why McCoy's feelings were "leaked" to the media is up to debate. Me thinks McCoy will be a head coach soon..elsewhere..with his own staff of coaches. I'd worry that it is not in the same division as the Fins.

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