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Bowles interview complete, Toub on Tuesday

The Dolphins announced earlier this evening that interim coach Todd Bowles had completed his interview for the Dolphins coaching vacancy.

With that, the Dolphins have now complied with the NFL's Rooney Rule. Bowles went 2-1 as Miami's coach but, honestly, he is a longshot candidate by any definition.

Chicago Bears special teams coordinator Dave Toub, the guy who makes Devin Hester run fast, is scheduled to interview for the coaching vacancy on Tuesday, according to The Herald's Barry Jackson.


There is no doubt Toub is quality. He's also available. He's also benefitting from the fact special teams coaches are now being viewed a legitimate candidates since John Harbaugh made the successful jump from special teams coach to head coach in Baltimore.

Frankly, Toub is also a fall-back candidate.

The Dolphins are scheduled to speak with Jeff FIsher this week although I probably wouldn't call that a classic interview. It'll be as much Fisher feeling out the Dolphins as vice versa. Fisher has hand during this entire coach-search process as he remains the biggest, hottest name available.

I apologize if I've given the impression that Brian Billick is not a candidate, but the truth is I haven't heard his name in recent days for whatever reason. Doesn't mean he wouldn't be considered or has been eliminated. It just means I haven't heard his name recently. Remember he could factor.

By the way, remember those Brian Schottenheimer rumors that seemed to dog the Dolphins earlier this winter? Hahahahaha. An NFL source tells me Schottenheimer likely will not be fired by the Jets. But internally they would not mind if he went elsewhere.

Schottenheimer is a candidate for the Jacksonville job. The Jets would love him to get the job. Schootenheimer is scheduled to make a whopping $3.2 million over the next two seasons so he probably won't take a lateral move that pays less.

But he is definitely not the "hot assistant" some Dolphins fans were expecting him to be earlier.

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