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Bowles interview complete, Toub on Tuesday

The Dolphins announced earlier this evening that interim coach Todd Bowles had completed his interview for the Dolphins coaching vacancy.

With that, the Dolphins have now complied with the NFL's Rooney Rule. Bowles went 2-1 as Miami's coach but, honestly, he is a longshot candidate by any definition.

Chicago Bears special teams coordinator Dave Toub, the guy who makes Devin Hester run fast, is scheduled to interview for the coaching vacancy on Tuesday, according to The Herald's Barry Jackson.


There is no doubt Toub is quality. He's also available. He's also benefitting from the fact special teams coaches are now being viewed a legitimate candidates since John Harbaugh made the successful jump from special teams coach to head coach in Baltimore.

Frankly, Toub is also a fall-back candidate.

The Dolphins are scheduled to speak with Jeff FIsher this week although I probably wouldn't call that a classic interview. It'll be as much Fisher feeling out the Dolphins as vice versa. Fisher has hand during this entire coach-search process as he remains the biggest, hottest name available.

I apologize if I've given the impression that Brian Billick is not a candidate, but the truth is I haven't heard his name in recent days for whatever reason. Doesn't mean he wouldn't be considered or has been eliminated. It just means I haven't heard his name recently. Remember he could factor.

By the way, remember those Brian Schottenheimer rumors that seemed to dog the Dolphins earlier this winter? Hahahahaha. An NFL source tells me Schottenheimer likely will not be fired by the Jets. But internally they would not mind if he went elsewhere.

Schottenheimer is a candidate for the Jacksonville job. The Jets would love him to get the job. Schootenheimer is scheduled to make a whopping $3.2 million over the next two seasons so he probably won't take a lateral move that pays less.

But he is definitely not the "hot assistant" some Dolphins fans were expecting him to be earlier.

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"Hot Assistants" make me nervous.

I guess I've been scarred by the Cam Cameron debacle.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Stephen Ross is talking to the Polians right now.
Both Polians.

Nothing indeed. All garbage, all the time.

What about old man Marty Schottenheimer - he's won everywhere he's been - Cleveland, KC, San Diego (and even went 8-8 in DC with Jeff George) and just won the UFL Championship. He's not too old - remember an "old" Marv Levy taking the Bills to 4 super bowls.

Jay Gruden, dang it. If there was a way to shout it so it could be heard, I would do it. He's not just a "Hot Assistant," he is a detailed-oriented head coach who has led the Cincinnati Bengals' offense with rookies into the playoffs during his first year. He's saved Marvin Lewis's job.

He knows what he's doing.
He's worth an interview.

Were 3 minutes and 2 drives into this game...and Luck still hasn't thrown. A TD pass.....

Are u guys off the Luck truck yet.....

Life would be so much more enjoyable if I could fart in my face.

We would probably be better off with a fan as GM and another fan as HC than any of these yahoo's.

Were 3 minutes and 2 drives into this game...and Luck still hasn't thrown. A TD pass..... Are u guys off the Luck truck yet.....

Posted by: Kris | January 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM

Soooo.......is that a no....

Weeden seems to lock into his receivers, hmm..

Were 3 minutes and 2 drives into this game...and Luck still hasn't thrown. A TD pass..... Are u guys off the Luck truck yet.....

Posted by: Kris | January 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM

Infection on his inner-thigh......

Is that what they call it when it burns when you pee......

that wasnt very lucky

Oscar, what's up ? I thouhgt u said Luck was God ?

Weeden looks bloody awful

It looks that these two Teams are run oriented first.

Infection on his inner-thigh......

Proving dry humping is not necessarily safe sex.

Fire Ireland and hire Polian.

What sucks is Blackmon won't be available at ten. St Louis will grab him up after they trade Washington or minn or whomeber

It's no confidence he wear megatrons number


I believe the word you are looking for is coincidence,

your welcome

Indy is going to get a ready to go QB. Darn!

Are you able to see the difference between Luck and Weeden? Big, uh?

My phone changes real words. iPhone woes. Coincidence and wears become what u saw

This is a comment section tho. Shouldn't have to point out the obvious. No thank u initiated

Can we get our hands on Blackmon?

Im starting to wonder if Moore and Blackmon would be the better combo than Griffin and Marshall.

It is completely beyond my comprehension why Bill Polian was let go.

Can we get our hands on Blackmon?
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 02, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Two things have to happen.

1. Ross has to fire Jeff "My Momma's A Ho" Ireland.

2. Ross has to hire Polian.

If the Football Gods smile and these two things happens, then YEAH, Blackomons a sure bet.

Are you able to see the difference between Luck and Weeden? Big, uh?
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 02, 2012 at 10:14 PM

Weeden has terrible mechanics but a real good operative(Blackmon).

Luck has great mechanics but a bunch of Scott Millers.

Fisher has the perfect name for our head coach. weird.....

The funny thing, odin, if you ever have watched him, Devlin has excellent mechanics also; still, they don't play him. Hmm..


To say great or excellent in regards to mechanics you have to watch for the pressure and the play breaking down.

Devlin's mechanics, like most young QB's, tends to denigrate as does the play. He's young and it's correctable but, it is what it is.

Watch Weeden, as soon as some pressure comes, his mechanics go out the window. I'm afraid he's more a product of Blackmon.

Luck on the other hand, mantains his composure and mechanics for the most part.

He reminds me a **LITTLE** of Brady while at Michigan.

Nobody live blogging the Bowl Games?

WTF kind of Fan Base is this?

I like Weeden. He reminds me of Paul Blake in "Necessary Roughness"


We should draft Blackmon, pick up Flynn, draft safety, OL, and outside backer.

A few others in that Game, besides Luck and Blackmon, will be selected in the 1st Round.


As good as that sounds, I'm fairly certain the Ball boy couldn't pull it off(Get it? The Ball Boy? Pull it off?).

Yeah, whatever, anyways, if we fire Ireland and hire Polian we can make moves like that. Until then..............................

Pipe Dreams!!!!

When Luck has only 2 secs to throw he looks like a lot like our QBs. And that knee brace isn't really helping.
Blackmon is the best athlete in that stadium.

Earlier I was blogging mentioning Justin Blackmon and CraigM literally called me a fool. Where is CraigM right now?

Blackmon would be a great pickup considering we wont get Luck or RGIII. You dont get rid of Marshall, just add Justin Blackmon to the mix.

This gives us an instant impact wr who can also get deep. He makes folks miss very well too, doesnt he? Marshall, Blackmon, and Hartline in the slot would be awesome. Then have Gates as the 4th wr.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

You very well know that firing Ireland is out of the realm of possibilities, odin. C'mon!

Blackmon had 15tds recieving this year. Thats not counting tonight. Justin Blackmon's the anwer to our red zone woes.

You left out Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace.
It took Tony Soprano a long time to accumulate that speed and he said the team would have to fire him before he gave it up.

Hey! I'm way to smashed on leftovers to listen to bucnch of crap.

If you can't watch a QB on the big screen and form an opinion on the guys mechanics........well........that's on you. WTF do you think anyways? You think talent evaluators are imbued with some kind of Godly attributes? Open you freaking eyes butt munch.

PS: If your more interested in Bea Arthur than Bowl Games, well, more power to you. But, why are you here on a sports blog?

Shouldn't you be on some sicko-over sixty P O R N site or something?

Just saying....................

Andrew Luck needs a mustache to go with that beard.

When odin and I refer to a QB's mechanics we mean his form. For instance, in our Game against NE, did you see how Brady sets up quickly and straight(to survey the Field) and, when he decides to throw, how smoothly his delivery is, as compared to Matt Moore?

Indy already has Peyton under contract.
What if they draft Blackmon?

Seriously if Tom Brady falls apart under pressure what is Luck going to do?
Adjust his knee brace?


I would place 1000 Marlon Moores and Roberto Wallaces out to pasture to get my hands on 1 Justin Blackmon.

Marlon Who? Roberto What?

I said it before and I'll say it again Mando, the prospect of Jeff Fischer is like going after Kyle Orten. Both have been around a while and neither have shown anything special.

But media will be media and you guys have to push mediocre up our hind quarters... So tell me....when Pittsburgh hired their current coach, was he a hot commodity? As well known as a Fischer or Cowher or Jimmy Johnson...

And what of players like Bess, Welker and even Marino? Were they so highly desired before they were acquired...or traded to the Patriots?

You are assuming the "young Shula" doesn't exist. You are the one suggesting the Dolphins "settle".

I doubt you will read this; your writing is prolific. But I for one am pleased we had Matt Moore and not Kyle Orten. I feel the same way about finding a coach.

Soprano really did say that.
What I've asked repeatedly is when those guys are going to contribute.

You very well know that firing Ireland is out of the realm of possibilities, odin. C'mon!
Posted by: oscar canosa | January 02, 2012 at 11:07 PM


In High School I was voted least likely to survive the Eighties!


I took the trouble to write the above because, one time, when I wrote that TS's Teams don't beat themselves, somebody wrote,"yeah, the other Teams beat him", without realizing that on this League, "beating yourselves", means losing because of penalties. I'm not sure everybody here has the same amount of expertise.

Walter Camp mock draft says we're going to select Reilly Reif, OT Iowa with our #8 pick.

My first reaction to that was, "is this guy Jeff Ireland's brother in law"?

By the way Mando, I enjoyed your JT coverage very much. Thank you.

I'm not much to look at these days. Pretty much just skeletal remains with some fabric remnants still attached here and there, but I thought I'd drop by and say hello.
Go Dolphins!
Posted by: Corpse Of Vivian Vance | January 02, 2012 at 11:08 PM


Is that you Ethel?

Oh how I would've liked to pull a Ben Rothleisburger on you when you were twenty!


Cant quitev understand why anyone would want to thank Armando for doing his job. Doesnt The Herald do that every single time Armando cashes one of thier paychecks?

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