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Connecting dots on RG3 declaring for the draft

Robert Griffin III is today telling Baylor coach Art Briles he will declare for the NFL draft in April, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

That's not a surprise in that RG3 as he's known has already earned his undergraduate degree in political science, already won the Heisman Trophy, already put the Baylor program on the national stage again, and is likely to the second quarterback drafted.

It all makes sense but there's more to it than that.

RG3's decision has an indirect effect on the current head coach search being conducted by the Dolphins and Rams in that the No. 2 pick St. Louis holds suddenly became more valuable.

With RG3 in the mix, the Rams may have increased their options for trading the pick to a quarterback-hungry team for multiple first round picks. The Rams may also suddenly have a viable new option for picking a new quarterback if the prospective head coach or general manager is not completely sold on Sam Bradford.

And so Jeff Fisher, who is weighing which team gives him his best chance of building a winner as quickly as possible, can absolutely consider the chances of adding multiple draft picks for that second pick into the whole equation.

That is a potential boon that St. Louis may have at its disposal that Miami will not.

Fisher probably will not base his decision on how valuable the No. 2 overall pick is, but he probably has considered that pick on some level. And that pick just got more valuable. Furthermore, the fact RG3 now figures as a possibility has to give anyone considering the Rams significant reason to believe working for the Rams is suddenly a more attractive proposition.

All that aside, let me say this about RG3: I am not scout. I am not expert on personnel matters. But I am quite certain the gifts this young man brings to the table will make him a success in the NFL.

Yes, RG3 needs to tighten up his footwork because he gets into the bad habit of throwing off his back foot a lot -- partly because his arm is so strong. But he is simply too intelligent, too athletic, too accurate as a passer, and too much of a solid citizen to do anything but succeed in the NFL. I'm not saying Griffin III is another Cam Newton or Andy Dalton who will have instant success in the NFL.

But he will be able to start in the NFL for someone right away next year. And he will be a very good player in the NFL eventually.


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Trade up!!! Get only one player from this draft, rg3!

If I was one of Miami's other candidates, I would tell them to go pound sand. Fisher is holding up everything.

lets hope Jeff Fisher isn't reading this. Whose side are you on Mando????

Seriously? No one is taking a job with any organization based upon whether one guy works there or not. It's based on pay, work conditions, etc. Never mind that everyone already knows that there's no way Miami drafts that high. Free Agency here we come!

From last entry

Thanks Devils.....I saw Odin and some others giving me some crap earlier while I was working......sheesh, and I like you guys!

Also thanks to DC, you always give legit and respectable posts as well

No shot at a QB again. Thanks a lot Ireland! Maybe you can trade another 3 picks for a back-up RB!

Ditto Mark @ 4:04pm.

And I'm not entertaining any other option for that pick.

The chain needs to go like this:

Ross tells Ireland to do as Mark instructed. Ireland tells the new HC that's what he's doing (and not to expect much more but whatever else he gets will be gravy). The HC tells his OC (to get ready to coach up a franchise QB). The OC tells the QB Coach (he better get his act together, this will be his ONLY assignment here next few years). The QB Coach tells Moore (he'll have a competition on his hands next training camp). And Moore tells Henne: "c-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya."

And I then can die and go to Heaven since my wish will have been granted.

Let's trade our 2nd round pick for a backup qb who we think can be a starter.

we love u fisher, come to miami!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Mark in Toronto, trade up all we need is RG3, 15 years of an explosive game changing winner who is accurate and is smart. Everything else get in free agency.

i agree trade up and get qb finally

RG3 coming out is NOT news!

Fisher(and everyone else)knew this was coming. It is not a NEW variable in his decision between St Louis and Miami.

C'mon...is anyone really surprised?


Many of us loyal Dolfans have waited 13 years for someone to play QB.

depends on the price. How many of these huge trades have ever worked out?

It did not work for the Saints.

It worked for the Cowboys who received all the draft picks for Walker.

It did not work for us when we gave up all that for RW.



Dolphans have the focus of a blue bottle fly. Gees, we don't even have a coach although we have thrown enough man love at Fisher for 3 coaches.

fishers coming klndry, least we can hope

If we're going for the gusto and trading up to #2 let's go all the way and try to blow Indy out of the water for #1. Probably not going to happen but hope we try.




i agree also chris, shoot for the top

Jeff Ireland = Baylor Graduate. I'm a Baylor Bear in Texas, and I know Baylor nation would much rather see RGIII in a Dolphins uni than Redskins or Browns...

"Depends on the price"

This attitude is what destroyed this regime. We aren't going anywhere without a qb. Might as well pay the big price and maybe get somewhere. Otherwise we will be forever insignificant. We won't have a chance at a qb next year with our schedule. Qb should've been drafted last year, stop putting it off. This is our best shot.

RG3 is athletic. Perhaps to athletic. I see him much like Michael Vick. Spending much of his career in the training room, missing games. Until it's proven different, I will take guy's like Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Breese and Aaron Rodgers over the RG3's of the world any day.

Albert, griffin is more like Aaron Rodgers than you think. You ever watch Rodgers play? He's super athletic, hardly a strict pocket passer.

RG3's decision should in no way impact which way Fisher is now leaning. Mort reported a week and a half ago that RG3 was coming out, before Fisher interviewed with the Dolphins and Rams. It should not effect his decision one bit

Albert RG3 is the same size as Aaron Rodgers

well of course albert, luck is one of those guys and sooooooooo much better than griffin. but ill take griffin if we cant get luck

NO RG3. NOT NFL READY. Folks come on...he throws dying duck passes to wide open receivers and all the sudden we are ready to crown him the coming king? Give me a break!! I've said it until I'm blue in the face: scrambling QBs don't win championships!! Trade for Matt Flynn!


Here's what you guys need to understand (reported by Mando and others many times): The Owner has said out of his own mouth he wants a franchise QB. He's losing money hand over fist. I doubt he'll wait any longer to take a stab at getting one.

Therefore, with the 1st pick in the 2012 Draft, A QB will be chosen. That's as close to a definite as I've seen.

With that said, if you knew SOME QB would get drafted with that first pick, you're option is to move up to get 1-of-the-2 QBs marked by everyone as spectacular, or wait 'til your pick and take another one (who most experts don't feel are near those other 2).

What would u do? Maybe Weeden can be good, but at 8-9, that would be a little bit of overpaying for him, no? No way Tannehill should go that high. And since we ALL ADMIT missing on this high of a pick would be detrimental, why take chances? Pay the piper, get one of the Top 2, and make the Owner (and fans like me) happy.

But the Owner runs the show. And he wants a QB. Everyone should be on the same page with at least those 2 factual statements.

Honestly, what kind of realistic chance is there that we can convince Cleveland to give us their pick for either a combination of our draft picks, or a combination of our first/plus player/s?
Indy isn't that stupid, I know.
The wild-card is whether St.L trades their pick to another desperate team.
Can someone do some educated research on this sort of scenario?
What kind of price has this kind of swap been paid before?

Griffin is way overated. His game does not translate well to the NFL. He's listed as 6'2" but that must have been in 3-4 inch heels. He is much closer to a Pat White then to a Michael Vick. I have him as 70% chance to be a bust in the pros. Other then Andrew Luck its a poor year for QB's.

..actually, I supposed Minnesota might be our target. Ugh. #2 seems impossible, and #3 seems next to impossible.
Nevermind, this seems as unlikely as anything else.
I'm still curious as what the price would be though.

We are in the NFL desert, finding QB oasis after QB oasis. We drink and drink from it just to find that we are just eating sand!!!

We are THAT QB starved and I would bet a whole lot of money I don't have that the Dolphins will not trade up for a QB.

Cleveland is sitting pretty with their 2 1st round picks and their early second.

People keep talking about the price, did Julio Jones workout for Atlanta reasons up 5 spots to get him?

Completely agree DC. The fact that Ross needs a face of the franchise plays into the hands of those of us who want Luck or RGIII. I also agree with you Chris. Let's try to blow Indy away and throw everything including the kitchen sink at them for Luck. If that doesn't pan out hit up St. Louis or Minn.

Let's start a rumor about RG3 failing a drug test. Maybe that will knock his stock down a bit.

fisher still coming to miami

Enough of the RG3 pipe dream! Trade for Matt Flynn or Kellen Moore. I know some of you will consider this blasphemy, but I'd rather keep Matt Moore than take a chance on yet another novelty scrabmbler that will make a big splash for a few years then wash out or get injured because they are undisciplined in the pocket. FLYNN OR KELLEN MOORE. End of story.

LOL.. ARMANDO SAYS >>> RG3's decision has an indirect effect on the current head coach search being conducted by the Dolphins.<<<

And does it really matter how it effects the HC search.

I mean come on man! Just exactly WHO and when did the Dolphins interview that STAR HC???

I haven’t seen any Star’s interviewed.

Oh... I forgot... To Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland, ANYONE (HC candidate) that he can find hiding under a rock (acorn looking) to the SCOUT is a STAR. Ireland hasn’t interviewed ANY STAR candidate yet and he wont either.

As long as THE SCOUT is employed by Ross we will end up with another Sparano in diapers.

The list of STARS out there that THE SCOUT is avoiding like the plague are COWHER, Marty Shot for starters.

why would u trade for moore or flynn? flynns a free agent and moore can be had maybe in the 5th rd, no thanks.

nyg new rumor is if fisher takes job, ireland is fired and carl takes over. yesssssssss

This G.M. -ex-water boy, and actually football blind- has the balls that Mike Ditka had when he sold the farm for Ricky Williams 10 tears ago,in New Orleans, in order to take this kid as a QB?

I don't think so....

This whole waiting for Jeff Fisher to decide thing is getting tiresome... Make a decision already, Jeff!!!!

Moron Ireland sold the farm for.......DANIEL THOMAS. YIKES!!

Mel kiper did you see Luck and RG3 standing f next to each other at the award show. He was like only 2in smaller than Luck. PhinFan4life Steve young won a superbowl as a scrambling QB. RG3 is so accurate on his passes, no ducks are you crazy! People said the same about Cam Newton not being ready or his game not translating to the NFL and look what he did this year.

Please Jeff make up your mind fast!!!! us dolphins fans got to move on!!!!! LOL!!

DC, you're right and you make too much sense.

Jay Gruden is staying in Cincinnatti


If we cant land Luck by offering the house, barn and horses and goats, I say we punt and come out of this with an equivalent pick in WR Blackmon.

Trade and get this kid before the Pats, Jets or Bills trade the house for him and we get terrorized for the next 15 years by him.

At least we can instantly start the season as a threat with the Beast and the new beast and Reggie. Fix the O line and definitely fix the D as the secondary sucks and get another pass rusher.

RG3 I foresee just like he played will be running around for his life and we don't need a kid that wont remain in the pocket as his FIRST instinct is survivability.. And to RG3 he will do that the only way he has been trained to.

I haven't heard RG3 compared to Vick (by experts). I hear him compared to Rodgers (a mobile QB with a great arm and accuracy). He knows WAY MORE about football than Michael Vick.

They should make an exception for Marty and keep the coaching staff in place. And trade the whole draft for Luck.

Those Matt Flynn fans, I ask this of you: Find film of his throws (youtube, where-ever) and then tell me he's the franchise man for the next 10-15 years.
If you put a Fins uniform on him, he'd be indistinguishable in play to Matt Moore.
Right now people (not FIns fans) think "officially" Matt Moore is the 12th best QB in the league. Not joking.
I'm amazed by the knee jerk reaction to things in this league. Kolb was the flavor of the month until he cashed his check.
Flynn outside his current system would be a mystery again, and he wasn't regarded as anyone important until a couple of games ago. If we based the entire future on a game or two, the Bills would be Superbowl champs, and Miami would be drafting Luck.

Armando there is NO WAY IN HELL Rams select RG3. Because no one will trade for Bradford with that Contract there is NO DEBATE so please stop saying that. Saying that Miami will try and trade up we just NEED to be successful!

no wr on the bills or jets will ever terrorize us

The Rams are from all I have read, sticking with Bradford, so they won't be picking RG3. It is also highly unlikely that they will trade the pick, since they desperately need help at WR, and Blackmon is looking like a top 5 pick.

If our owner really wants to turn the team around, and money is no object, than his personal feelings about Billick, should not get in the way of a business decision, and at least interview the guy.

i would def trade the 2012 draft for luck, no doubt

Eventually RG3 will be a good NFL player?

Why would we want him then?

rams 100 percent will either trade pick or take lt from usc

Hope they don't over pay to get RG3. Looks like a college QB, IMO. We don't want a M.Vick or a Tebow, we need a Tom Brady. Should stick with Moore. its not sexy, but go OL in Apirl.


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