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Connecting dots on RG3 declaring for the draft

Robert Griffin III is today telling Baylor coach Art Briles he will declare for the NFL draft in April, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

That's not a surprise in that RG3 as he's known has already earned his undergraduate degree in political science, already won the Heisman Trophy, already put the Baylor program on the national stage again, and is likely to the second quarterback drafted.

It all makes sense but there's more to it than that.

RG3's decision has an indirect effect on the current head coach search being conducted by the Dolphins and Rams in that the No. 2 pick St. Louis holds suddenly became more valuable.

With RG3 in the mix, the Rams may have increased their options for trading the pick to a quarterback-hungry team for multiple first round picks. The Rams may also suddenly have a viable new option for picking a new quarterback if the prospective head coach or general manager is not completely sold on Sam Bradford.

And so Jeff Fisher, who is weighing which team gives him his best chance of building a winner as quickly as possible, can absolutely consider the chances of adding multiple draft picks for that second pick into the whole equation.

That is a potential boon that St. Louis may have at its disposal that Miami will not.

Fisher probably will not base his decision on how valuable the No. 2 overall pick is, but he probably has considered that pick on some level. And that pick just got more valuable. Furthermore, the fact RG3 now figures as a possibility has to give anyone considering the Rams significant reason to believe working for the Rams is suddenly a more attractive proposition.

All that aside, let me say this about RG3: I am not scout. I am not expert on personnel matters. But I am quite certain the gifts this young man brings to the table will make him a success in the NFL.

Yes, RG3 needs to tighten up his footwork because he gets into the bad habit of throwing off his back foot a lot -- partly because his arm is so strong. But he is simply too intelligent, too athletic, too accurate as a passer, and too much of a solid citizen to do anything but succeed in the NFL. I'm not saying Griffin III is another Cam Newton or Andy Dalton who will have instant success in the NFL.

But he will be able to start in the NFL for someone right away next year. And he will be a very good player in the NFL eventually.


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So you're saying RG3 is not flavor of the month? All I'm saying about Flynn is that I'd much rather take a chance on him than RG3.

agree phin

Forget the draft choices, I would trade the whole TEAM for Luck!!

Thank you so much DC Dolfan, you said it. I've seen so many people saying RG3 is a run first QB, but he is not he wants to pass first. We should hire Chud as HC and do whatever it takes to get RG3. Look what he he did for Cam Newton, and RG3 is a better passer than Cam Newton.


If Fish elects to HC the Rams, I can see a Rams - Colt deal.

The Colts can accept a sled full of draft picks from the Rams for Luck and in turn, the Rams get Luck and the Colts take RG3 AND Blackmon and have left over picks to rebuild the team.

With Jeff as our GM!!! you can forget trading up for RG3!!! Ross please fire Jeff now!!!

look what cam did for chud

SF, I just threw up a little in my mouth reading your post.


The rams are not the trade spot in the first round the vikings are. The rams already have a qb and so do the vikings so teams will target the vikings so they will have less to give up. The rams have no leverage because teams will dare them to take another qb with one on the hook for 70 million.

how would colts have rg3 and blackmon,lol


I would take Flynn over RG3 any day of the week.

We can use our pick to pick Blackmon and move up to get him if needed. Right now he's at #9.

Anyone that has seen RG3 play in college must see that his game is nothing like Aaron Rodgers. He is a cross between Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham. Yes very exciting, great arm but lets see, how many Super Bowls? Oh yeah ZERO.

Anyway, Goodnight everyone. Time to go home.

I'm sick of hearing about Sam Bradford, RG III, and this Jeff Fisher. Fisher is the same type of coach as Sparano but better. Run the ball etc.....John Clayton said today on NFL live that the Rams have a quarterback and the Dolphins do not. Well the last time I looked Bradford was the #30th rated passer in the NFL and Matt Moore was number 12. I would take Moore over Bradford any day. Who cares what Bradford did in college.

Ireland only trades up for.....Daniel Thomas! LMAO

Jeff Fisher runs a prehistoric offense. He's going to bring a Sparano type of offense to Miami. The run, run, bubble screen pass type crap.


From what little I've seen of RG3 he's a thrower who's very athletic. He often relies on this legs when things start to break down and will need to learn to trust his pocket more in the NFL. I don't see that athleticism as a negative so long as he doesn't use it as a crutch. Guy needs a good QB coach and he should be fine.


The Colts can get RG and Blackmon by using that sled full of picks and make deals. It's doable. Blackmon is at #9 but I'm sure that will change.


...or Fisher may actually WANT to draft RG3 and he now has the inside scoop on what St. Louis may do with the #2 pick.

...so, if he knows that St. Louis is open to trading the pick...and he knows that Miami is a "QB Hungry" team. Don't you think he take the Miami job knowing it will pay him more $$$ and the team would most likely move up in the draft to grab RG3?

Make sense to me...

all that being said, I believe the redskins are going to give the farm for RG3. Shanahan knows hes getting fired if he doesnt win this year or atleast give the fans something to get excited about like cam in carolina. Also Ireland is from parcells tree and their rule on qbs is they stay away from one year wonders. Guy has to be a starter for 4 years.

Jeff Fisher is a nice guy and fan friendly but a very mediocre coach. He'd be an upgrade to Sparano but cant compete with the Bellichicks or Harbaughs of the league.

PhinFan4life Matt Flynn is a system QB. RG3 can be molded and trained Flynn is already been in the league 4 years we'd be better of with a young rookie with great potential. Instead of signing Flynn aka the next Elvis Grbac or Scott Mitchell.

I wouldn't generally rate a Heisman Trophy Winner as a flavor of the month. He's been proving he's good for a long time, and he is the sole reason Baylor is even on the rankings map.
Not a worthwhile argument.
Flynn is smart, and probably consistant. But he jumped from unknown back-up to mulit-million dollar man is one game.
That would be the defintion of flavor of the month.
I don't particularly see him as an upgrade unless he brings his exact offensive sytem with him. New coordinator, new system, would he be THE man? Nobody else thougth so until 2 weeks ago.
If the Fins bite, I hope they don't give up anything important. Just smelling like the same ol' disappointment to me.
I'd rather take Weeden, Cousins, Keenum over Flynn.
But I also don't think Flynn will be bad - he at least is smart. Just not an upgrade.

not doable and wont happen, colts wont budge. will select luck

brad are u drunk or legally insane moore is a backup. kellen moore is nothing. rg3 id take

rg3 is solid, but not because of a heisman trophy,most every winner never does anything in nfl

js most any qb is an upgrade over moore

JS...does the name Gino Toretta ring a bell regarding heisman qb's who never made it in the NFL?

Am I the only one thinking out of the box to PUNT if we cant make the deal for Luck.. We take Blackmon and walk away knowing we have potentially the best WR to play the game in years.

The replacement for Marino wont happen by what's available this round (except Luck).

Go and pick up Flynn or whoever and with Branden and Blackmon, aka the Beastie Boyz, Reggie running his ass off and with a decent QB we become instant contenders and potentially make a run to win the East.

Fix the O and D and we potentially win playoff games.

cam won the heisman but so did tebow, jason white, weinke, troy smith, crouch, leinhart, wuerfel, so alot of garbage also

Stick with matt Moore? For what? To be 22nd in offense in the NFL again. Matt Moore is not it, people!!

RG3 may be an injury waiting to happen. If he falls to us ok, but I would only trade up for Luck.

The wishful thinking of landing both RG3 and Fisher is a bad idea. If Fisher has his way, he will sit RG3 for several years like he did with McNair. He didn't want to start VY, but was forced to - causing a lot of team turmoil. So imagine that scenario playing out in Miami.

It would be better if Fisher goes to STL, stick with Bradford and trade their top pick to us as conciliation for the copter ride.

ive heard that before. dez bryant? mickael crabtree? on and on

NYG...I'm with you, GRAB BLACKMON!

The guy reminds me of Calvin Johnson sooo much!

Wow I'm having trouble containing my laughter. Ok, if RG3=Aaron Rogers, the Chad Henne=Dan Marino. Pure an absolute nonsense to compare those two.

Can someone tell me a logical reason why RG3 is not worth trading up for, like I said look how Julio Jones worked for Atlanta and they traded up 5 spots. You gotta be willing to risk it for great rewards

Matt Moore is a top 10 QB. No one in the draft will beat him out other then Luck.

Dusty, the colts would get blackmon with the magical creation of a third top 5 pick as a bonus for adding entertainment to the draft.

sorry DC. Been watching football for a loong time, played football. he doesn't look good enough to trade up for. and from the youtube reels I saw doesn't look incrediably accurate either. sorry just my opinion. Try running the crap on the ravens and they'll take your head off.

Wasn't my argument man. Any semi-knowledgeable football fan knows that heisman winners are usually cursed when it comes to the NFL.
But they aren't the flavor of the month either. that was the argument.
For the record, I think Griffin will be a star. Most Heisman busts come from big programs. Not all but most. But I like his game, brains, manner, and ability. Imagine Cam Newton or Michael Vick with intelligence? That's what I see.

cosmondo mcnair only sat 2 years behind chris chandler. rg3 and luck would easily beat out moore

moore is a top 10 qb, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool unreal u cant be that dumb, stop the idiotic comments

hilarious mark, i was wondering where that secret pick came in

I'd trade the whole draft for luck but RG3 looks like a long term project, IMO.

yeah take that al bundy i mean dolphin played football in hs


Yea great trade for atlanta...they had a worst record than last year and their offense just got shut out in a playoff game. Pure genious!

Dusty: you're right. My memory about McNair was false.

sorry man but rg3 doesnt compare to vick. vick would be unreal if he had a brain


Check this out on BLACKMON. He IS unbelievable and can jump 11ft.

We need this kid as we rebuild the team, just as Marino had the mark's brothers, we have Blackmon and Marshall.

Sport Science: Justin Blackmon

so your saying slam their offense isnt good enough yet, hence the risk of getting jones. and he looks very good

Dont forget Moore did not have a training camp with the team. And still had a higher QBR then Marino.

yes nyg take him he looks great in a speedo, take darrly gardner while your at it

mdr dont act stupid, and how dare u mention moore in the same breath as marino. shame on u

Moore is a top 10qb ? Now that is rich. We were bottom feeders in offense, passing offense, and turnover ratio despite having a strong running game. Some of you guys are fukking idiots.

No im saying their offense was good enough last year how about add a playmaker on defense. Turnovers are the key to winning. As I recall the only playmaker they have on defense is abraham. So if they would have traded up and took jj watt they may be in the next round.

how was their offense good enough or anywhere near good enough. unreal.

I'd be ecstatic if we could land Blackmon. But... How in the world do we get him at #8? Every mock I see has him going before we come even close. Best WR in the draft by a longshot probably doesn't last past 5.
If we can trade up THAT far, then we should be able to get Griffin. So seems unrealistic.
But I'll dream with ya too.

dont need blackmon, need a qb

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