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Connecting dots on RG3 declaring for the draft

Robert Griffin III is today telling Baylor coach Art Briles he will declare for the NFL draft in April, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

That's not a surprise in that RG3 as he's known has already earned his undergraduate degree in political science, already won the Heisman Trophy, already put the Baylor program on the national stage again, and is likely to the second quarterback drafted.

It all makes sense but there's more to it than that.

RG3's decision has an indirect effect on the current head coach search being conducted by the Dolphins and Rams in that the No. 2 pick St. Louis holds suddenly became more valuable.

With RG3 in the mix, the Rams may have increased their options for trading the pick to a quarterback-hungry team for multiple first round picks. The Rams may also suddenly have a viable new option for picking a new quarterback if the prospective head coach or general manager is not completely sold on Sam Bradford.

And so Jeff Fisher, who is weighing which team gives him his best chance of building a winner as quickly as possible, can absolutely consider the chances of adding multiple draft picks for that second pick into the whole equation.

That is a potential boon that St. Louis may have at its disposal that Miami will not.

Fisher probably will not base his decision on how valuable the No. 2 overall pick is, but he probably has considered that pick on some level. And that pick just got more valuable. Furthermore, the fact RG3 now figures as a possibility has to give anyone considering the Rams significant reason to believe working for the Rams is suddenly a more attractive proposition.

All that aside, let me say this about RG3: I am not scout. I am not expert on personnel matters. But I am quite certain the gifts this young man brings to the table will make him a success in the NFL.

Yes, RG3 needs to tighten up his footwork because he gets into the bad habit of throwing off his back foot a lot -- partly because his arm is so strong. But he is simply too intelligent, too athletic, too accurate as a passer, and too much of a solid citizen to do anything but succeed in the NFL. I'm not saying Griffin III is another Cam Newton or Andy Dalton who will have instant success in the NFL.

But he will be able to start in the NFL for someone right away next year. And he will be a very good player in the NFL eventually.


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And trade the whole draft for Luck.

Posted by: Topper Harley | January 10, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Some of you don't get it. Why would a franchise needing a long term franchise QB pass on the most prized QB in years? No way they give the #1 pick away, its self defeating. First and foremost they need a QB. A bunch of picks won't help them as much as a prize QB.

I tend to to agree with clayton.. If rams jobs is such a slam dunk then why not accept it already.. My feeling is.. Fisher knows he has more talent here.. And if ross throws green at him.. Nd guarantees ireland will be fired and promises him RG3 in draft... Fisher will be next fins coach

Kirk Cousins Brandon Weeden Chandler Harnish

Draft history if filled with guys who lit it up in college and didn't do squat in the pros. Especially at QB. Parcells may be a douche but his theory on looking for college QBs that start multiple years, ideally all four, is a sound theory and the numbers bear it out. The problem is they applied that theory to Henne and didn't actually notice that his numbers trended downward instead of up. Griffin was an afterthought until this season and because of his size (he's not huge like Cam Newton) and the adjustment of going from college to the pros, the speed of the game, new offense, better defenders, media, fame & fortune, etc. It is hardly a given that Griffin is going to be a top 10 QB in the NFL. In fact, I'd say it's unlikely. Given that Brees, Brady, Roethlisberger, the Manning brothers, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Michael Vick, Phillip Rivers, etc will all be back next year and most of them for several years going forward. But as Dennis Green once said, "if you wanna crown him, then crown him". But I'd let somebody else take that chance. I would move mountains for Andrew Luck but not for Griffin. I'm also very curious to see whether Kyle Wilson declares for the draft because he's a guy we could get without moving up. If he doesn't though the Dolphins should fill another hole, an elite wide receiver, pass rusher or a shutdown corner.

If I give you 3 apples and you give me 1 apple, how many apples am I missing? (hint, not 3)
Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 10, 2012 at 03:57 PM

That's some pretty fancy ciphering!

So how mant picks did that apple cost you?

3 all day long! Slice it, dice it, yank it, spank it.........Thomas cost us 3 picks-PERIOD!

I don't care what you're missing(the point apparently)we got 1 Thomas, it took 3 picks to get him.

How many picks did it take to get Thomas?


Andrew Luck stats his last 3 years in college
Career Passing: 713 Cmp, 1064 Att, 9430 Yds, 82 TD 67.0 %COMP
Career Rushing: 163 Att, 957 Yds, 5.9 Avg, 7 TD
Career Scoring: 7 TD, 4 2PM, 50 Pts

RG3 stats his last 2 years in college
Career Passing: 595 Cmp, 856 Att, 7794 Yds, 59 TD 69.5 %COMP Career Rushing: 328 Att, 1334 Yds, 4.1 Avg,18TD
Career Scoring: 18 TD, 3 2PM, 114 Pts

RG3 stats are comparible with Luck's


Why are we so ready to mortgage the farm for either QB? The main thing is free agency first. If Jeffy can fill some of the holes, then get to give a lot away for either pick.

Personally, I would take Matt Moore and Blackman over getting Luck or RG3.

If the Rams take the pick they are taking Blackman. This Kid is as good or better than Larry F when he came out.

My bad, I was referring to Tyler Wilson or Arkansas. Not Kyle Wilson who was the CB from Boise State that the Jets took in the first round last year.

It certainly should influence Fisher and his decision, if this one hasn't taken place yet. To what degree? I don't know.

I wish we could of seen John Jerry a little sooner and at RT. It would really suck if turns out to be very good and we draft a RT in the first.

I disagree. I see Griffin putting up Newton numbers, and I do believe he will be great, like Newton will be great. Luck will be great if he sits behind Manning for a few years, ala Rogers/Farve. If Luck ends up on the wrong team, he may bust. Alex Smith was going to be great, remember? Remember Matt Leinard? Ryan Leaf had all the tools, he was neck and neck (no pun intended Peyton) with Manning coming out of college. Experts have been wrong. Dan Marino was drafted late in the 1st, 5 QBs taken over him. I give both quarterbacks an even shot to excel in the league.

This is going to sound a little too extreme for most of you on hear, but I believe it must be done.

It does not really matter too much who we choice to be our coach this year from the pool of talent that is available. The most important decision that needs to be made is getting a franchise QB. This is the most important position in all of sports. We need someone who can compete and win consistently against the Brady's, Rogers and Brees' of this league. The guy to do this is Andrew Luck. He is the best QB prospect since Peyton and for good reason, he started as a freshman, helped stanford to become a top program, runs a pro style offense, is getting a degree from one of the top colleges in america, has the pedigree his father was a QB of the Oilers, and has had all this success with a team that does not have any top receivers. (this sounds eerily similar to Peyton.) This guy will win a Super bowl and be a Hall of fame QB, health permitted. We need to trade whatever draft picks and players we have to to land this guy. We fans have no control and say in the front office decisions, however if it was not for our money that purchases season tickets and merchandise these guys would be out of business. So in order for our voices to be heard we must stand together collectively as a fan base and flex our muscle, the only way to do this would be to boycott the Dolphins season tickets and merchandise and demand that the front office makes the move for Luck. We need to put a little fear into Ross's wallet and with a little bit of passive resistance on our parts we will get what we want, and finally have a championship team to cheer for and the team that has the courage to make a move and give us fans what we want.

If I give you 3 apples and you give me 1 apple, how many apples am I missing? (hint, not 3)

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | January 10, 2012 at 03:57 PM

3 all day long! Slice it, dice it, yank it, spank it.........Thomas cost us 3 picks-PERIOD!

I don't care what you're missing(the point apparently)we got 1 Thomas, it took 3 picks to get him.

How many picks did it take to get Thomas?

Posted by: odinseye | January 10, 2012 at 06:54 PM

- - - - - - - -

I'm with the devil here.

The fault in your logic is that you are assuming we could have drafted Thomas for free, without using a pick. Not possible. Had we drafted him in the 3rd round it would have costed 1 pick. We moved up and gave up 2 (TWO) picks to sweeten the deal. Considering we traded UP and not DOWN, one could make an argument it was less than two picks (a 3 for their 2, and two late round weak picks).

The only reason you don't get it, is because you don't want to get it. You would rather be pissed and slam Ireland. I'm just being objective.

To say he cost three picks assumes we could have had him for no picks. Not true, and you know it.

I'd like to see them name Matt Moore the incumbent for next season, swing a deal for Blackmon in the 1st, and pick up a QB like Keenum or Weeden in the 2nd. I'm not that concerned about Weeden's age, because, face it, we've had like 47 QBs since Marino, so really, how long have any of them lasted? If we got just 5 good years out of Weeden it would feel like an eternity of QB stability compared to what we've had.

The team needs John Jerry to step into a starting role next year and then any remaining OL holes could be addressed in the mid-rounds of the draft or free agency.

Easy for me to say...


Let me put it in terms you can understand. You have 3 shots of 8 year old scotch in front of you. You trade your 3 shots for one shot of 12 year old scotch.

How many shots did it cost you? You had three low end shots, now you have 1 higher end shot.

Figure it out when you are sober.

Even a clam is smarter than some bloggers here.

Let's get our coach first. If Fisher doesn't give the answer tomorrow, tell him to go pound salt.

Let's start considering Todd B and Zimmer.

Why do you consider trading up for RG3 giving away the farm? This free agency will have good o-lineman, good wideouts, and good safeties, so trading up for RG3 is not giving up the farm cuz our team has talent we don't need much, but we do need a franchise QB. RG3 will five us that people.

trade all the picks for this kid . what does it matter we dont no how to use them anyway

Be careful to disagree with odickeye.
You may send him crying to mommy.

RoeBlount has a hard-on for RGIII.

RoeBlount - I think he likes girls.

trade all the picks for this kid . what does it matter we dont no how to use them anyway

Posted by: b boy 954 | January 10, 2012 at 07:17 PM

And we won't know how to use RGIII.

anyone thnink Philbin will go to Oakland. Gm came from GB.

Then Sherman goes to Bucks?

My money is on Mangini comming to Miami. He was the first to be interviewed last year.

Ahhhhh, RG3 the next black messiah QB.

Fisher ain't coming.....

No link needed.....

Tebow told me......in a vision he had.....maybe it was a prophecy......

Trade up for RG111. I believe the Fins have a young base of players that will continue to improve. I also like Matt Moore and that would give RG111 the time to be prepared for the NFL game.


Well, if the Fischer thing falls through, I like Zimmer the more I research him. I don't think he is going away, bit I'd rather see the Dolphins offer the moon for a little record setting free agent QB down in New Orleans we missed out on a few years back. You may have heard of him, Drew Brees.

Ok, that bubble popped, but keep in mind that there are some other respectable potential QB's in free agency this year.

What's up losers?

Rich "the dickhead" Taylor I have a hard on for your mother but that's neither here nor there. I just don't want the phins to let another franchise QB get away like we have since Marino retired. It would be a tragedy.

Phin4Life he a good QB not a Messiah QB. People have already given Luck the great one title. They said Jimmy Clausen was gonna be it "cuz he was pro ready" what a croc that turned out to be.

We have 7 departing free agents and only 6 draft picks.
That means every draft pick will start and at least 1 that doesn't even get drafted will start.

We can't trade to move up because we have nothing to trade.

Let RG3 bring his talents to South Beach.

We already have a QB that is willing to take a beating in exchange for $1mil/season.
Here is the move: trade this seasons #1 for a number one next season and a number 2 this season.
That would give us 2 number 1's next season which we could trade to get the top QB next season.
We are already going to have 6 rookie starters drafted after the first round how much worse would 7 be.

how many times does it work out when teams give up a 'Draft" for 1 player. I want a franchise Qb as much as anyone else. However if anyone was paying attention this year there are a few holes to fill besides QB. The secondary, Oline help, someone else who can rush the Qb. It may not be the most popular opinion, but as a result of the holes we have to fill, and the reality that we are not getting one of the top 2 qb's I say use the picks to fill some of those holes. And take a chance on Flynn. he may or may not be a great Qb, but in the end he only costs us money not picks.

IMHO - If you trade up and get RGIII the FAs will come and fill the holes.
Can be done for two 1st Rd picks and a sweetner like Hartline or Wilson or Smith for the three from Vikings based on trade chart.
Matt is with the fins thru next season.
Rams have no pull to trade or draft RGIII.

Can someone please clarify for me why we are interviewing a DC from another team and not our own DC?


Thank you Tampa Finfan for Life please explain that to a lot of the people in here. They forget about free agency.

Quite frankly Matt Moore will not get us to the superbowl.

We already interviewed a black candidate (Bowles) if we then hired Nolan over Bowles then Ross would have liability in a race based lawsuit in this and his other businesses.

On 31 other teams I would agree. This team has 7 starters leaving in FA and only 6 draft picks to replace them.

Put another way these are the free agents that we have signed since Ireland has been GM: Wilford, Pennington, Incogs, Olshansky, Columbus and Dansby.
The only reason Dansby signed is because we made him the highest paid LB.

Pennington, Incogs, Olshansky & Columbus were available because they were fired (released) not because thier contracts had expired.

The calvary is not on the way.

There is not a QB on earth that can get us to the SB.
If Tom Brady were our QB next season we would still suck.

Matt Moore is willing to take a beating and he is a useful scapegoat.
And he works cheap.

Good heavens, you folks that are drooling over RG3 act like we are saying he killed Santa Claus. All wevare saying is that style of QB play does not win championships in the NFL. You are also missing the larger point when you shove his COLLEGE stats in our face: COLLEGE IS NOT THE NFL. Almost a totally different game. It is purely a knee jerk reaction to say he will be the second coming of Dan The Man simply because he has had some success in college.

To say he cost three picks assumes we could have had him for no picks. Not true, and you know it.
Posted by: Clam | January 10, 2012 at 07:12 PM

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! And Monkeys might fly out my anus too-ROTFLMAO!

You have every right to be on the confused and confounded side.

The facts are the facts brother.

This is not open for philosophical interpretations jack wad, it's HISTORICAL FACT for christ sake-LOL!

3 picks! Case CLOSED - Conversation OVER!

I hear Miami might pass on Mularkey and hire Dick Juron


I suspect there's a dumb fvcking Moron among us!

Let me put it in terms you can understand. You have 3 shots of 8 year old scotch in front of you. You trade your 3 shots for one shot of 12 year old scotch.
How many shots did it cost you?

JackWad, you just said it YOURSELF. Unless you to mentally fvcking retarded to even understand your own line of reasoning. IT WOULD COST THREE SHOTS! Same as what it cost us to draft THOMAS!

What are you? Some kind of inbred cretin? ROTFLMAO!

You had three low end shots, now you have 1 higher end shot.
Figure it out when you are sober.

Posted by: Clam | January 10, 2012 at 07:14 PM

Let me try to put in terms that a guys whose real Dad is his Mom's Uncle!

If you have a Cadillac(the Deluxe Thomas model)and you give *3* **THREE**(I don't how many ways I can spell it out for you)If you give 3 thousand dollars for it, how much did it cost?

Let me guess, because you get the Caddilac it means you didn't **REALLY** pay 3 thousand?

Bullshyt dickwad! You would have paid 3 thousand, just like we paid 3 picks for Thomas!

How fvcking dumb can you be?

Even a clam is smarter than some bloggers here.
Posted by: Clam | January 10, 2012 at 07:15 PM

Not inbred Clams douchebag!



Theyre not interviewing Nolan because hes not interviewing for head coaching positions this year. He doesnt want to be a head coach otherwise he would have interviews with other teams as well. Can we please move on from this stupid question now?


Phinfan4life, u are the silliest man alive, just plain dumb. Kellen Moore better than RG3, then u only compare him to black qb's which makes me wonder...
Rarely do we get a chance to draft a qb with a political science degree.

We are only going to get one (Jeff Fisher or RG3) or none. If Jeff Fisher picks Miami, then the RAMS will be upset and they won't trade with Miami/Fisher. However if Jeff Fisher picks St. Louis, then we have a better chance to get the 2nd pick via trade, since Jeff will be nicer to Miami for not pick them. Just saying...

Phinfan is a racist: apparently you missed the post a few weeks ago about the respect and admiration I have for Warren Moon, who is one of the best QB's to ever play the game. You are a demagogue sir, nothing less. You probably call those who have legitimate criticism of Barack Obama racist for simply expressing their opinions. That is all I'm doing here. I was saying the same about Tebow in posts earlier this year. Bit guess what: I was wrong there. Even though he wins, I'm no fan of Tebow's style just as I am no fan of RG3's.

...and if I'm wrong about RG3, I will admit it. Yet based on history and my observations in over 50+ years of studying the game, QB's (black or white for you other simpleton demagogues) with RG3's play style usually are phenomenal is college but slow burn into mediocrity in the pros because of the complexity and the adaptabilty of today's modern defenses.

Posted by: PhinFan4life | January 10, 2012 at 04:36 PM

PHin, while I'm NOT a big RG3 fan per se, your comment regarding "scrambling QB's" not winning championships is not exactly correct.
Ben Rothlisberger's won 2, and the ONLY serious injuries he's had (other than on his motorcycle.) were while he was IN THE POCKET.
Same thing happened to Aaron Rodgers 2 years ago.
Vick and HIS type are another story, as he's not built for the long hall.

Kellen Moore has a slightly stronger arm than Chad Pennington, is a huge winner, smart, and with protection could put up numbers similar to Andy Dalton...yeah Dalton looked like a rookie last week, but has tons of upside.
Like all those pistol type QB's, would have too get used to 70% of the snaps under center.

I say, don't trade up for RG3. A weak conference defensively, and too many mechanical flaws.
Compared to Luck, he should not be a top 10 pick. This a a great draft, especially at the skill positions, both offensively and defensively.
Lets get better where we can, and see what the Colts do with Peyton Manning, and what the Raiders decide to with Carson Palmer.
With Pennington, we all saw what a smart VETERAN QB can do for you.
Lead the lead in the least amount of turnovers.

Sorry, "hall" should have been "haul." LOL

IMAWriter you are exactly correct. I wouldn't necessarily put Griffin and Roth in the same category as scramblers however. There is a difference between a "scrambler" and a QB that is mobile. But you are correct on your other points. I say we draft as high quality as we can at other positions (CB, WR, OL) and in the areas we need the most improvement and let the QB situation develop naturally. I know its not the exciting thing that Ross and some fans want to hear. I mean really...I want to win as much as anyone. I'm as tired of mediocre seasons as anyone.

I would however like us to trade up to grab Blackmon.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/01/connecting-dots-on-rg3-declaring-for-the-draft/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

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