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Did the Dolphins interview best Green Bay assistant?

The Dolphins have announced their interivew with Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has concluded this Saturday afternoon.


I'm wondering if they interviewed the best Green Bay assistant?

The fact of the matter is many NFL people I speak with tell me the biggest budding star in the Green Bay Packers coaching staff is assistant head coach Winston Moss. Yes, Joe Philbin is considered to be a very good coach. He is a solid X and O guy and he has no problem communicating with most of his players.

But those same people tell me Moss commands a room when he walks into it. Those people tell me when Moss speaks, everyone listens. They tell me Moss will be a head coach in the NFL and if he gets into the right situation, he will be a bigtime winner because he knows football, knows how to pick good people, and is a natural leader.

And so again, I ask, are the Dolphins interviewing the right Green Bay assistant?

I know this: The Oakland Raiders are becoming the Green Bay Packers of the west. They've asked former Packers general manager Ron Wolf his opinion on all things from hiring a general manager to hiring a head coach. No, Wolf is not oficially working for Oakland but his words are resonating.

So it comes as no surprise the Raiders hired former Green Bay director of football operation Reggie McKenzie on January 5. McKenzie has the power to fire and hire head coaches. And, again, people I'm speaking with tell me McKenzie is seriously considering firing head coach Hue Jackson.

And if that happens, McKenzie will ask for permission to interview, you guessed it, Winston Moss.

So the people from Green Bay who best know the people working within the organization are moving to Oakland and when they think of bringing other Green Bay people with them, they're probably going to be talking to Winston Moss.

And the Dolphins, admirers of what the Packers have done, look at the Packers staff and don't include Moss in the interview process? I'm not saying, don't talk to Philbin. I am saying, absolutely talk to Moss!

Oh, one more thing:

Winston Moss is from Miami. He was born here. He went to Southridge High School here. (I remember interviewing him after a high school game and he ended the interview with, "Thank you, sir.") Moss also went to The University of Miami.

Moss was the leader at Southridge. He was a leader on The U team that won a lot of games and had a lot of Alpha males on it. They listened to Moss. He was a leader as an NFL player also. He was a team captain three times in his pro career and was voted winner of the Ed Block Courage Award on the 1993 Raiders and an Unsung Hero Award in 1996 by the NFL Players Association.

The man's impressive to practically everyone who knows him.

Why the Dolphins talk to him, I have no idea.  


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No way Odin, Saints win it in the 3rd Quarter...

You Gotta Love Lil Aloco....

Dalton sucks, 3 picks. High throws. Garbage!


Whazzup Mang? Happy News Years!

Congrats on your "Early Release".

Anywhoo........YO! I heard you could get me a good deal on a nice "Time Piece", if ya know what I mean ;)

Ndamukong Suh is on the edge and ready to snap as he hasn't stomped on anyone for a while and is due, especially in a game where the world is watching. He just needs the right moment and he will go off.

this organization can't evaluate coaches or talent there is a reason we have not won a championship in 40 years or a playoff game in 13 years

Just say in as i been saying since October that there are back channel talks and all this Fisher, Philbin, and all the rest of the potentials are just driving up the value of Cowher each hour.

Posted by: NY "G" | January 07, 2012 at 06:41 PM

Are you sure you are not imagining these back channel talks that no other sports writer in the nation are reporting? Not Shefter, not Glazer, not Clayton. What is your source?

Or is it the back channel talk in which he told Peterson he has no interest in Miami?

Or are you referring to the year old reports that went something like our people contacted his people and it died on the spot?

Just wondering.

I Saw what Lil Aloco wrote, I Laughed my azzZ Off, He's still the heart and Soul of this place..

Give Dalton a break. He took a lousy team with a terrible HC and new receivers to the playoffs.

Not to mention Dalton is in a tough division.

Back Channels???, I thought only "PRICEMASTER" knew of "back Channels"... (Not that theres anything wrong with that)...


The problem with the Lions is that they wont be able to play catch up against Brees.

And i say catch up because unless the lions come out and score followed by punching the Saints in the mouth, they will be done.

I don't fall for all the media hype that the Lions can win.

Ain't happening. Book it. lol

I know the Lions have D but so do the Saints and with brees giving them all the rest as he controls the clock, I don't see the Lions being able to keep the D alive all game.


I'm telling you guys, Brees and the Aint's ain't hungry enough.

The Lions are going to SHOCK!

The Defensive Line is going to key the upset!

Brees is going to look shakier than Dalton and throw just as many picks!

Cuban, I'll betcha one dem fine a ss watches you been sellin?

Suh is going snap alright. He gone an snap Brees into!

Odin, You still in Mich.?, Your drinking "Lion Kool-Aide" Bro.., Come on man...

Dalton. Another rookie QB that took his team to the playoffs. First round QB's don't need to waste 3 years on the bench anymore, that is old school.



YOU BE FINE ..................


Who do you want as head coach? This way we know who not to hire...


Don't mess with NY "G".

He says Suh is on the edge, that Suh is about to snap.

When he finally realizes Cowher ain't coming. Ooooooo Boy, LOOK OUT!!!!

Like the old saying goes"If you got the Money, I've got the Time"...LOL


I'm not riding Dalton......

I just never thought he was a very good QB.....Seemed to me he was winning the way of Tebow....just with less hype....

To be honest...I don't really know...I was watching the FINS games all year...so I never saw him play.....

But I also never really saw him show up in the POST GAME highlights either.....


I've already prescribed NYG a daily dose of prozac until one week after our next HC is hired. After that, if he is still talking Cowher, we may have to call the men in the white suits.

Actually Lil Aloco, The Empress says Hi, Not "HIGH" But Hi, I fiqure you know what she Means...., BTW Scanning thru the Blog and Mando has what like 8,9 posts dedicated to JT, Now That's man love..(Again, not that there's anything wrong with that)..


Are you sure you are not imagining these back channel talks that no other sports writer in the nation are reporting? Not Shefter, not Glazer, not Clayton. What is your source?

NYG >Back channeling is the normal operations when it comes to deceiving the media. They throw scraps out as a diversion when they actually are in contact with someone else.

Or is it the back channel talk in which he told Peterson he has no interest in Miami?

NYG > That again is the red meat to throw the media off so they aren't bothered and camping out.

Or are you referring to the year old reports that went something like our people contacted his people and it died on the spot?

NYG > THAT was a leak that was uncontrolled and denied.

Just wondering.

NYG > That's OK, I sometimes wounder myself just what the hell I'm doing here anyways. lol

Have a great night of football as I'm heading out to see the Saints blow out the Lions.

I sure would like to know what NYG puts in his pipe, or coffee, or tee, whatever it is I want some..

Who do you want as head coach? This way we know who not to hire...

Posted by: Full Picture | January 07, 2012 at 07:37 PM

I know you're TRYING too be Funny, but I'll tell you like it is!

We should have kept Shula until his son was ready to take over. I believe in Blood Lines!

Even though we messed up with the Shula's, we have a chance to redeem ourselves.

As soon as Tony SpOrano was fired, we should've hired Tony Jr to take over!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

our players are watching these games from theIR HOMES .........


Like the old saying goes"If you got the Money, I've got the Time"...LOL
Posted by: Cuban Menace | January 07, 2012 at 07:37 PM

My Man! Now **THAT's** Old School!

Except, I heard you were already doing **TIME**!



Have a good one... snap!

I find it kinda funny how Tony(Fist pump)Sporono put his house up for sale after a 0 and 2 start, Talk about knowing your days are numbered....

Chudzinski and Mihe Shula for OC.
Let them bring Olsen and an OL in FA.
This will make the loss of the "big name" coach easier to swallow.

Oh, Iam doing time alright, got my "Ball and chain" In march, But it's all good, In 83 degree weather,Its a 180 degree differant then where I was in Sept. the strange thing is NFL games start 7am here and the night games are at 2:30pm, But what can you do....

Mike, not Mihe.

Mike Mularkey????....Are they F)(ING Kidding US Fans?????????????????

Fisher will go to St.Louis, in my opinion, which is fine. I would like to see Todd Bowles get the job, I don't think it's too big for him and I get the feeling the players respond to him, just my opinion.

Odin, How doe Stradford Look??, Is he the real deal??

Forget about Fisher..let's get somebody from winning org...pats,Pitt...pack...geez people stressing on Fisher because he was a coach...



Let the word go forth to friend and foe alike. The torch has been passed to a younger, hungrier group of football players!

10 years from now, Brees and Peyton will recognize this game as the begining of the END!


Lions in the Playoffs....and the FINS watching.....

Never thought I would see the day.....

My Bad Stafford.....

Odin...your about 3 years to early.....


Reson why people look up to Winston Moss is he's like 6 foot 8 and Like 300 LBs back when he played for the "U".., You gotta pay attention to someone that big....

My Bad Stafford.....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | January 07, 2012 at 08:02 PM

Cuban, I don't want to jinx anyone, but ah, you KNOW!

Odin...your about 3 years to early.....

Posted by: kris | January 07, 2012 at 08:03 PM


Posted by: ALoco | January 07, 2012 at 08:04 PM

As usual, I'll be laughing at you after the game!


Thats right.....being a commanding alpha male is what makes successful NFL coaches. I guess that's why Mike Singletary is so awsome!! Armando, you are an idiot.

Odin, "May the Schwartz be with you"..


Lions being more agressive then Odin on a first date.......

I don't even care about this game.....

I'm looking forward to the Giants/Falcons....

My HEART wants the GIANTS to win....

My Brain wants the Falcons to win.....so I don't have to read..."Matt Ryan has NEVER won a playoff game".....

I'm so torn...

Saints win at home....hi all!

Mando I called u an idiot with the Sherman and shotty blog the other day but now I will give u props. This guy sounds like hr can be the real deal. I remember he was really hot a couple of years ago. Hopefully Ross will take Ur advice!

LOL @ 8:09......


Giants Vs Falcons????, YAWWWWWWWWNnnnnn, This is the ame of the week IMHO, These two teams could eclipse 90 points IMHO..

Redsky, You old so and so, How are things????

Hey Kris, Cuban, Odin, ALOCO et al.

Stafford and the Lions made that look EASY!

Good Cuban how 'bout with you and the empress?

Have to agree with the Menace.

If nothing else, these two teams are entertaining.

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