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Doesn't look great but not over yet

I hate doing this but in today's up-to-the-second news cycle, I imagine you'll want to know:

I just asked a couple of Dolphins people in the know if they've been told by Jeff Fisher that he's going to the St. Louis Rams.

"No," both said.

So the Dolphins believe they're still in the game with Fisher at this minute. It can change in the coming hours and several league sources are saying it will. But not yet.

Now, I grant you, it looks grim for the Dolphins and even they recognize that. Even one of the men I communicated with said he expects Fisher to go to the Rams, although he'd love for him to come to Miami.

Yeah, that's not good. Fisher spent a day meeting with Rams owner Stan Kroenke in Denver. And he's spent the past couple of days at the Rams facility in St. Louis. He's reportedly met with quarterback Sam Bradford and talked to officials about a possible move back to Los Angeles.

All this feels, sounds, looks like Fisher is dotting his i and crossing his t before picking the Rams.

But it's not over until it's over.


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I'm rooting against him at this point...

I don't think his approach will fit our offense very well. I also don't think his record shows enough winning history for us to look at him as a top prospect for a head coaching job.

Armando, do you know for a fact that the Fins actually made an offer to Fisher?


Fanning the flames....

Matt Ryan through over 3 quarters in the playoff game - 0 points.

Eli meanwhile has been making fantastic throws all over the place. 24 points

Eli > Ryan.



Contact the Miami Dolphins

Is it my imagination or is Ryan looking like Henne right now?

Mularkey should be fired not promoted, LOL

Matty ice through 3 quearters. 18-32 for 152 yds. For a guy with 2 elite wide recievers, a future hall of fame tight end and the 3rd ranked rb in rushing in turner, hes a hell of a franchise QB. Suddenly matt moore doesnt look so bad

Enough with the fisher chirping already mando, Like last season...WE NEED TO MOVE ON, HE AINT COMING HERE....

It's over - time to start looking for the next hire.

I think my sons high school coach would do it.

hmm, and I thought there was something new being reported.

You're mistaken.
When Henne has no running game he throws the ball 50 times and puts 300 yards on the board.
And he does it with guys names Camarillo & Ginn. He never had a receiver the quality of White or Jones or Gonzalez.
But then again we can't hold it against Ryan that he never had a year to develop behind NoodleArm. Ryan never got to be pulled 30 times in the redzone for the BACKDOOR wildcat and then blamed for the lack of TDs.

How about Tony Sparano Jr for HC?

unreal, ireland costing us another good coach

Fisher doesn't have enough of a record for u David, hilarious! So u would rather go for another coach without a better record or no record at all; glad u r not GM.

Atlanta has not yet learned how to approach the Playoffs. But they're young. We're young too, but we haven't even reached the level of learning how to approach the Playoffs.

I thought about the possible Rams relocation as a sticking point for Fisher but in essence that would be a plus for him since he is from that area......Flacco & Ryan = panzies....period...

eli sure looks like a franchise qb, lets hope we draft one

There is a silver lining: Since Henne never even got paid as much his backups (Thigpen & Moore) he is leaving and won't be the cause of failure here in Miami anymore.
You can rest easy DA, Miami is back on top because Henne is gone.

Let's move on, go with Jay Gruden and get this show on the road

Got to fire Ireland before any good HC will come here.

never been a huge fan of flaccos, but he already has 4 playoff wins in his 4th nfl season. 32-16 as a starter with 80 tds and 46 ints


You are still a Henne fan? I thought those were extinct.

what in the world has jay gruden ever done to deserve an nfl head job

I get he's a good coach but what has he done besides going to one SB?? Ok he was with one organization for 17 years and where did that get him?? Fired...If I'm the Phins I'm telling him we're not interested only for the simple fact that he has spent DAYS with the Rams and to me he is sticking it to the Dolphins...If you can get Philben and he brings along Flynn and possibly other winners from that team then you still draft another QB that could gives us 3 good QB's and a good QB competition...you would think one of them would pan out...Don't overpay or force someone to come here...that person has to WANT to come to Miami...and for god sakes please sign some playmakers this offseason...

Evidently Fisher has told everybody with the exception of Mando that he the Rams new HC.
Fisher interviewed Bradford because he is already calculating how he can leverage the number 2 pick in Blackmon and quality lineman.

Fisher going to the Rams feels like a win to me.

philbin?? flynn?? lol stop the nonsense, maybe we can bring brady and belicheat in here also. fisher used us to drive price up, nothing more. how pathetic have we become when even the rams job is better to coaches now

I have been since his first game at Michigan. The most unfortunate thing that ever happened to him was getting pulled into this high quality organization.
As he said recently, '...I'll just have to try my luck someplace else..."

Im glad he's chosing the Rams

I'd have a good, young, hungry upcoming coach than a 17 year long loser. Never won anything and people crown the guy.

Forget Fisher..Give Jay Gruden an interview...

Reports are saying he will accept Rams in the next 24 to 48 hours.

guys lets not start getting on the flynn bandwagon. hes had 2 games where hes played well, but lets not sell the farm because he lights up a suspect lions secondary. the draft is where we need to grab our franchise qb. trade what the colts want for luck. 3 number 1's and three 2's. hell its worth it the way we have drafted in most years

crown the guy what? a solid coach, well yes he is so he deserves that crown

jay gruden, lol just stop this garbage

I thought Ross said he was looking for a high scoring offense.

I remember when Bill Parcells was going to be the football czar in Atlanta and the media reported "it was almost a done deal" and all of a sudden the Dolphins stepped in the picture and whirled Bill Parcells out of Atlanta.....from there on things changed for both teams!!

.542 % to some of you including Armando is what you call successful?

To me, I call it "settling" and accepting that we will continue to suck.

.613 % M. Schottenheimer = WINNER

I hope that Jeff fisher signs with the Rams because it's going to take THAT to convince and teach you Ireland Lovers and Ross just how much Ireland chases away talent.

Ireland is a virus and as long as he's the Scout in GM's office we will SUCK.

why are the bucs interviewing childress, or even wade phillips, guy could die soon

i would call marty schott but doubt ross will. fisher is def gone to the rams, speding all day with bradford today


Are you for real.

if .540 is what you deem acceptable and a success, then you are settling for the continuance in sucking...

crown the guy what? a solid coach, well yes he is so he deserves that crown

Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 08, 2012 at 03:56 PM


That looks eerily similar to an Oscar Canosa post.....

whats .540?

We, most of us have been calling for Ireland to be whacked.

Ross is being brainwashed by ireland to ONLY interview potential HC candidates that don't threaten Ireland's GM position. Ireland will NOT entertain ANY candidate who wants to bring in his own GM.

hence when all is said and done my friends..





Marty schott? Wow, check his playoff record and his age. And those with a higher winning pct. are either retired or still coaching, ARRRrRar DURRrRrRr. Do u have a money tree in ur backyard too??? Dreaming is nice but not reality, u enjoy ur winning percentages

Matt Ryan bashing will be well deserved.....

He was terrible......

Craig M will enjoy this.....

totally franchise moving in reverse at a fast speed. Coaches choosing rams over the dolphins?? Ross does not have a clue and continues to mess everything up. lost total credibility by his plane rides all over county interviewing coaches. Ireland begging for an asst coach and a no name so that he still is in control. Mularkey....you gotta be kidding.Hoping after the falcon game that kills his interview. And Philbin???? he was never a head coach anywhere in his life. He coached offensive line at harvard.!!!
Sad but going to be a lot of years of losing...with no hope in sight.

In case you missed this > The Jeff Fisher Leverage Game may not ultimately yield the maximum financial package for Jeff Fisher, after all.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Dolphins, sensing Fisher will pick the Rams, are now moving on to other candidates.

Per Glazer, the candidates include Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, and Packers offensive coorinator Joe Philbin.

yes i get that nyg, who are u talking about

none of those guys are even close to being good. mularkey is horrible. philbin does nothing. zimmer least has potential

Get philbin and flynn big time upgrade

Just to reiterate..

As long as Jeff the Scout Ireland is occupying the GM office the Dolphins will continue on the same path.


Any potential STAR HC fully recognizes that Ireland is a SCOUT and they will NOT work under a SCOUT and unqualified Ireland.

Once Ross purges Ireland watch as the candidates warm up. But, NOT until Ireland is gone.

We will SUCK for many years under that POS.

yes....of all the candidates zimmer is the best. ireland not the problem....cant blame him for not wanting to interview a coach that wants his own gm.....ross got to make the decision..cant leave it to ireland.
but ross is out of his league in the nfl.


Sorry there DB, Gruden was .540%

Can someone tell me if we have a 2012 Rd 4 pick or if that pick belongs to Saints ? Info online is confusing to say the least.

Posted by: TheSMF | January 08, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Why does the TRUTH have such an Eerie Ring to it?

Oh yeah, jaded Dolphin Board!

Henne has his own limitations no doubt. Still, I don't think it helped any coming into the league under the Apple Dumpling Gang!

Can't shake the feeling Henne will come back to haunt us......................

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