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Doesn't look great but not over yet

I hate doing this but in today's up-to-the-second news cycle, I imagine you'll want to know:

I just asked a couple of Dolphins people in the know if they've been told by Jeff Fisher that he's going to the St. Louis Rams.

"No," both said.

So the Dolphins believe they're still in the game with Fisher at this minute. It can change in the coming hours and several league sources are saying it will. But not yet.

Now, I grant you, it looks grim for the Dolphins and even they recognize that. Even one of the men I communicated with said he expects Fisher to go to the Rams, although he'd love for him to come to Miami.

Yeah, that's not good. Fisher spent a day meeting with Rams owner Stan Kroenke in Denver. And he's spent the past couple of days at the Rams facility in St. Louis. He's reportedly met with quarterback Sam Bradford and talked to officials about a possible move back to Los Angeles.

All this feels, sounds, looks like Fisher is dotting his i and crossing his t before picking the Rams.

But it's not over until it's over.


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Sorry Dusty.

It was Gilbride.

My Bad!

Well, knowing what I now know, I wish it would've been Fisher!

no it wasnt, it was gilbride

Hire me ??

Fisher going to the RAMS will be a blessing in disguise. I do not want to see another lumbering offense and also ran defense. Desperate time calls for desperate measures lets get Joe Paterno.

yes tape who wants to see a tough ass defense supporting a solid offense that doesnt turn it over and scores like pitts offense.

Let Us Pray

(This one is gonna get ugly with a QUICKNESS)

ross get your blank checkbook out

Gee, that wasn't more questionable officiating on a critical down was it?


I think we should hire Hulk Hogan as our Head Coach and sign John Cena to play QB.

Then we'd be getting all the "calls"!

We are now an embarrassing franchise. We've fallen to the depths of losing out to the St Louis Rams!!
We will be going through new coaches, given the losing bunch they are bringing in, in another 3 years again.
This is embarrassing....the great days of Shula and then Marino are gone.
We are officially an embarrassing backwards losing franchise.

BILLICK is the only coach left that has credibility and WANTS to come here....how embarrassing that Ross and Ireland won't speak to Billick

The only chance is to stay away and not buy merchandise....

We are LOSERS!!!!

I blame Goddel for these types of hits...

The Torso is sturdier than the knees....

But we will see more and more leg/knee injuries in the comming years....

Torso hit equals...OUCH...but i'm OK man....

Leg hits equal....out for the season....

Gee, that wasn't more questionable officiating on a critical down was it?


I think we should hire Hulk Hogan as our Head Coach and sign John Cena to play QB.

Then we'd be getting all the "calls"!

Posted by: odinseye | January 08, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Gay post.


Whats going....with Bess's injury....



need to make Tebow do that ALL game...I woudn't change a thing...i'm the Steelers D-cooridinator....

I want to hear from the pro-Chudzinski camp. Make your case for why this guy should be the next HC. I get that he has ties to the area from his days at the U. Don't tell me he developed Newton because Newton is a FREAK of nature and did a lot of that on his own. He came flying right out of the gates and I don't believe it was because Chudzkinski had from beginning of August to the beginning of September to work on him.

So, not being smart, but educate us on this guy. I want to know why you think he is the next great young head coach. Personally I don't know enough about him to have an opinion but make your case for him over, let's say Jay Gruden or Philbin.

I've already moved on from Fisher. Average coach at best. Remember what happened to Atlanta when they 'lost out' on Parcells. He's over-rated.

Mike Zimmer is the top choice at this point IMO. Jay Gruden has only been an OC for one year, Philbin doesn't even call plays, same for Saints OC as well. Murlarkey is a joke, same for the special teams coach with Chicago. Zimmer has been a coordinator for years now, players respect him, he commands respect from players as well. No, he's not Cowher, Gruden, or Fisher. No, he doesn't have head coaching experience. But at this point, he seems like the most qualified, most established, and most ready to do the job.

parcells and fisher pointless comparison, parcells was for the gm job not head coach. fisher is a very very good football coach, sucks he choose the lowly rams over us. and shows just how far this franchise has fallen

Craig M.. shut nup


Posted by: odinseye |January 08, 2012 at 04:39 PM




Posted by: odinseye |January 08, 2012 at 04:39 PM



Posted by: NY "G" | January 08, 2012 at 05:36 PM

Nothin' man, just chilling, drinking a bud and watching the game

THE saga continues...

Report: Concerns over move to L.A. could be “hangup” in Fisher-to-Rams deal.


Doesn't bother me now if Fisher jumps to the Rams. Things happen for a reason. Falcons seem to have out OK without Parcells going there. If this is what Fisher decides, it'll give me another reason to cheer against the Rams. Their franchise is a MESS. See you on the unemployment line in three years Jeff. You can think about what might have been if you had chosen Miami.



If Fisher is in fact NOT coming here then I think Todd Bowles has as good a chance as anybody. I think he's going to be a good coach in this league at some point. Is it now? No idea. But how good would it be if it meant that Nolan and Daboll stayed in their current roles. Bowles as Hc would be on worse that Sparano as HC.

Anyone got the time? I got 44 minutes past Tebow time.

Only the Steelers and FINS D....didn't k now it was gonna be a QB draw....


I wish we drafted Tebow. Thanx Irelans

Are they planning on contacting Rod Chudzinski? I know he doesn't have the experience their looking for, but he should get an interview at the least. He just seems to be a rising star. Derek Anderson a Pro-Bowler, Cam Newton shatters records....... enough said!!

hang up, sure fisher wants to go to la, its his hometown

I gotta believe that Lebau knew that was coming.....had to be...Steelers D players need to wake up.......


Fettuccine pasta Ala Steak with ice cold brew.

If anyone moves to LA it will be the pathetic Dolphins.


This game just got interesting.....

Tebow is blowing out the Stealers!!! Jesus lives!


How is the officiating now....


No holding calls in a while.....

eNo phantom off-sides....

Not as Long a Bronco's are winning..... right....

If Tebow gets ANY better he WILL be elite!!

Tomlin needs to pull Rothllis.

At halftime will Tim Tebow be performing circumcisions ?

By the way, I got balsted on here a year ago for suggesting John Fox would be a good for this team. I was told he was boring, run-first and too conservative.....1980's style.

To those guys I say f*ck you!!....he's taken over a four win team with no hope and taken them to the playoffs. They'll be nothing special until they get a QB but John Fox has them headed in the right direction.

Craig M come smell my a-hole.

I;m not going to comment one way or another about Tebow's QB ability but I can tell you thats he's made the Denver Bronco's a fortune. Sold out stadiums, playoffs, and jersey sales that pay the half the entire teams salary.

Craig M....

Let me tell you THIS a year in advance.....

Next year the Chargers will win the division....and be the LONE team from the crappy AFC WEST in the playoffs....just like ALWAYS.....

This is an anomaly...like the 2008 FINS.....

are you a collector of rare things....cause you seem to marvel at them...

Loving this game so far. Steeler fans have to be some of the most arrogant fans on the planet. LONG way to go in this game but it would be awfully nice to see them have to swallow this all off-season.

jersey sales dont go to the broncos, they go to every nfl team

kris normally id say sd will win div because they are so much better but bring back norv is a horrible move

are you a collector of rare things....cause you seem to marvel at them...

Posted by: kris | January 08, 2012 at 06:05 PM

Craig M only marvels at the few times he is 1/4 right.

Also Craig M....

John Fox had this team @ 1-4.....he wasn't a mid-season hire....that was HIS team...HIS coaching....

The only differnce is....Tebow...as much as I hate to say it.....

and Tebow was 3rd on the depth chart.....

You know....3rd...the same roster spot that you like to remind me that MALLETT is...and because he is 3rd on the depth chart he can't be any good....

Dusty...I agree....it was a terrible decision to bring him back...but they still get to 10 wins...and win the crappy division next year....


You might well be right. I think there's just as much of a chance that Turner is shown the door after next year.

I'll stick to my original premise from a year ago that John Fox is a good coach, who we probably good have got last year if Ross had the balls to get rid of Sparano. He's a known commodity. As it is, it looks like we're going to end up with an unknown commodity.

guys its looking like we will be settling on an assistant from another team. All the names that are going around i dont see as a huge upgrade over Todd Bowles. Lets not forget he led the team to a 2-1 record and would have been 3-0 if not for a second half collaspe at New England. If an assistnat is all we can do because idiot ross wont fire ireland and give cowher or gruden what they want, then Bowles is the best choice i can see

Pitt trailing, critical 3rd down.

Carter CLEARLY leads with his helmet hitting Wallace CLEARLY in the head for a nice HELMET TO HELMET flag.

Nary a flag to found.

Me thinks Goodell wants the Pats to play Denevr and T-Bow.

Pretty obvious thus far.

Smack Down!


It has nothing to do with Mallett being third on the depth chart why I don't like him.

And Tebow's no good either. This is just making Elway's job harder to change his QB.

Don't just look at the money from Jersey Sales look at the profit they make from the Bronco store, they make items specifically utilizing what Tebow stands for. T-shirts, hats etc. Items such as this and the fact that draw people to the Broncos and other intangibles that you just cant put a dollar figure on

pitt will win this game, no worries

Well after tonight Mularkey should be out of the frame,thank the lord.

Lets be happy our chance for another dumb Eye-Taliano coach is slim. No more linguini brains.

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