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Doesn't look great but not over yet

I hate doing this but in today's up-to-the-second news cycle, I imagine you'll want to know:

I just asked a couple of Dolphins people in the know if they've been told by Jeff Fisher that he's going to the St. Louis Rams.

"No," both said.

So the Dolphins believe they're still in the game with Fisher at this minute. It can change in the coming hours and several league sources are saying it will. But not yet.

Now, I grant you, it looks grim for the Dolphins and even they recognize that. Even one of the men I communicated with said he expects Fisher to go to the Rams, although he'd love for him to come to Miami.

Yeah, that's not good. Fisher spent a day meeting with Rams owner Stan Kroenke in Denver. And he's spent the past couple of days at the Rams facility in St. Louis. He's reportedly met with quarterback Sam Bradford and talked to officials about a possible move back to Los Angeles.

All this feels, sounds, looks like Fisher is dotting his i and crossing his t before picking the Rams.

But it's not over until it's over.


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Thanks. I'll make some money on Denver now...


Dusty, there is revenue sharing on jerseys but the team that has the player gets the lions share.

Stick with coaches that have British, German or Eastern European ancestry.

In all fairness to Denver though, to this point, this is the best game T-bow has played in his LIFE!

Kind of unbelieveable, but how you gonna argue with success?

I'm impressed. Not sold, but definitely impressed!

I'm pretty sure Ireland doesnt want a black HC.

Agree @ 6:14....

The Bronco's will be saddled with Tebow for at least another year....


how the officiating....

Mike Tomlin has been completely outcoached by Fox. Great preparation by Denver, at least in the first half.

Umm, Umm, that steak and pasta fettucini was great...

Tom need to pull the Burger and put in batch.

kris, I wish we were "saddled" with Tebow. Money, winning, and playoffs what more could you ask for?

Is this the chatroom?

Everyone just ignores what Marino says on these half time shows. Marino looks like that guy from Fargo looking for acceptance.

Is this a gay Dolphins chatroom? I never heard of one of those before.

Marino was the biggest choke artist ever. Thats why he's called NO RING.

Anyway it looks to me like the Pitt backup safety is playing Tebow to run first and not giving deep coverage and Tim keeps burning him.

Shannon "Horsehead, Mr. Ed, Sharpe should be interviewed as the next tight ends coach.

how the officiating....
Posted by: kris | January 08, 2012 at 06:21 PM

Pretty obvious to me Kris. Goodell's WWE/NFL Smack Down committee wants an easy match up for Brady next week.

T-Bow, the latest flavor, vs. Belli and Brady? Heck of a draw there. Not to mention an easy win for the Smack Down Fix.

They don't want a RAPEleisberger involved, when they can get a God Fearing T-Bow out there. Not to mention Brady will torch him more easily.

The refs helped Denver out to an early lead. C'mon now, be honest. When the game was close, you could see Denevr getting All the Calls.


I think Pitt comes back and wins this game. They are more talented than Denver and they've been challenged in the post-season before.

NO TO FISHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is what it is. We are not in the position to be any experienced coach's first choice. Our situation is good but not great. It seems like a rookie HC job to me...which is fine. Fisher may end up regretting it in the long run. I don't see the Rams as that great of a situation.

Omar runs a gay Dolphin message board at the SS. Feel him. But watch out for his mispellings. LOL

Tebow wins games.. no doubt. It's just hard watching him throw those tight spirals.

What's wrong with Bowles as HC anyway?

Jeff Fisher, say no to the Dolphins or you'll be sorry.


That critical roughing call earlier? That phantom Holding call just now?

Smack Down wants a wholesome draw next week with J-Bow!


i'd pass on being saddled with Tebow....

He is having a heck of a game....but this a a rarity...i wouldn't want to make my living depending on the play of Tebow....

and I don't think Fox or Elway do either....

I'm not sold Odin....

kris, Elway is laughing all the way to the bank. Tebow is a gem.

Tebow wins games.. no doubt. It's just hard watching him throw those tight spirals.

Posted by: phins n' skins | January 08, 2012 at 06:32 PM

You said it man! Did you see that long TD throw by him? The other long ball as well.

Those were the UGLIEST - PRETTY throws I've EVER seen!

See, with Tebow you have to make him throw it between 2 defenders.

You sound smart. Who should draft with our first pick?

Tebow's QB rating is 124 right now. Who's complaining? LOL


In all seriousness, I'm joking when I say Smack Down(fixed).........I think - LOL.

Though, I'll be DAMNED if it doesn't **APPEAR** that way sometimes.

Less is Moore....

I don't watch enough college to be able to make an educated guess...

I put all my energy into the pro game.....my wife would kill me if i had football on the screen on saturdays.....

I leave the draft talk to guys like...

Daryl Dunphy
Rob in OC
Craig M

and many others on here way more knowledgeable than me.....in the college word....

DolphinMike.....thats today....

You probably couldn't add up ALL of Tebow's QBRs for the season and equal that number.....


What if Tebow FALLS APART in the 4th QUARTER.....

That would make for some interesting press tomorrow....

Lets hope he throws 2 picks and fumbles the rock once.....

was that Jeff Fisher by the Replay Camera....

Kris, hate all you want. Tebow is a winner....and just in his 2nd year!

And just like THAT, we have a ball game!

T-Bow was just about to run away with this on(It felt funny typing that)

It could be Fisher, he's supposed to be in Denver.

LOL @ Dolphin Mike....

Lets see...its almost Tebow time....

the stage is set.....

Fisher is trying to get as far away from the Fish as possible LMFAO!!

I don't think Jeff Fisher is basing any of his actions on us.
I don't think he thought about us one way or another since he left.
Why would he?

This chat room is fun.
You guys are funny.

Hey, why don't they interview tony Sparano. He's probably better then the coach we end up with.

Less is Moore....

I don't watch enough college to be able to make an educated guess...

I put all my energy into the pro game.....my wife would kill me if i had football on the screen on saturdays.....

I leave the draft talk to guys like...

Daryl Dunphy
Rob in OC
Craig M

and many others on here way more knowledgeable than me.....in the college word....

Posted by:
kris | January 08, 2012 at 06:49 PM


I know, I'm not on your list because of the Cowher thing... sniff, sniff... lol

Yeah it's over and who cares, the guy is average at best. If we had a front office that knew anything we'd end the right guy anyway, but we don't.

Just hire Winston Moss

Todd Bowles Fins HC....
Keep OC & DC in place.....
Add a few key players (WR, RT, TE) through free agency......
Draft best available (OL, QB, WR)………
Allow this organization/team to have a bit of continuity going into 2012 season. No matter what many of you think (spew), Ireland did a good job in his first year without big Bill over his shoulder.

11-5 record and AFC wild card playoff slot.
We are closer than most of you retards think! Stop asking for an annual full colon-cleansing of the staff and team…..


Agree with you DesmoSurf

Solve these problems....

-Deep-threat WR
-OLB that sacks the QB
-DE/DL that sacks the QB
-Ballhawk/playmaking Safety
-Pass-catching TE (like Jimmy Graham from NO)

Bowles will do just fine with that

Heck, as Mike smith can't win a big game, It would not be out of the realm of possibility that Mike Smith might be gone tomorrow.
I think he's as arrogant as Billick, and glad he lost today, but why get the assistant when you can possibly get the HC?

Interestingly, the Fins were in the same position a few years ago. Signed cam cameron, and days later Marty Schottenheimer was out.

After reading about Ross big fund raiser with Bill Koch dropping in I can't support Ross anymore, the Koch brother are anti workers and much more, I guess Ross just loves rubbing it in our noses ( middle class )perhaps he will lose so much money he will sell the Dolphins to someone that will have some experience in pro football, and is smart enough to not rub politics in our face, like supporting a job outsourcer like Romney. Bill

Ross should hire Todd Bowles keep the OC and DC and the Dolphins should just move on. Why interview an assistant coach to McCarthy who sounds more like an administrator than an innovator. The OC with the Falcons scored a big 2 points. Oh, I'm sorry that was the defense that scored. Why interview these guys when the current DC and OC with the Dolphins under Todd Bowles can do better. Change is the problem with the dysfunctional Miami franchise.

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