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Dolphins closing in on Kevin Coyle as DC, Duffner too

And the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins will beeeeeee ...

Cincinnati assistant Kevin Coyle is the leader in the clubhouse, according to reports by Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Ready and The Herald's Barry Jackson, both of whom are reporting pretty much the same thing: That Coyle is telling people in the Bengals organization he doesn't have the Dolphins DC job locked up, but that it is looking for good.

Coyle represents himself in negotiations so he would know whether things are looking good or not after interviewing for the job today and ostensibly talking to the organization about a contract.

Ready also reports when/if the Coyle deal is sealed, he is likely to bring with him Mark Duffner as the linebacker coach/assistant head coach. Duffner, a veteran of 38 years as a coach, spent the past seven seasons as the Jacksonville linebacker coach. He worked for the Packers and also worked in Cincinnati in 2001-02 as the defensive coordinator.

Kevin Coyle, 56, has spent 11 seasons in Cincinnati, the past nine as the defensive backs coach. From 2003-2010, the Bengals had 150 interceptions, which is fifth most in the NFL during that span.


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I am second!

Apparently Rodgers spoke to Flynn who mentioned his top 2 teams so far (he's looking at) are Miami and Seattle.

Though this isn't my choice, since I saw what happened with the Redskins these last couple years when the younger Shanahan brought a QB from the Texans (Grossman) who he thought would get a head start knowing his offense already (and you all see how THAT turned out).

But, it's looking more likely by the day.

Here's where I say to the new HC, "this is YOUR call. You live/die by this decision. I just hope you know what you're doing."

Mando you need to proof read this article, it comes across as if Omar Kelly wrote this. Thanks for the info your work is appreciated.

"but that it is looking for good"

"Ready further reports that"

So with the soon to be hired DC Coyle and the possibility of hiring Sherman I feel pretty good about the direction so far and the hires.

This gives the Dolphins more coaching experience then they've had in a long long time.

This staff is looking a little bit like the "good 'ol boys" club...maybe it's just me.

another Solid hire he'l probs bring Reggie Nelson with him in free agency if we get him and Mike Sherman our STAFF is looking VERY GOOD :) happy guy

Ireland and Philbin doing a good job so far :)

things are looking up.....

DC --
If we hire Sherman then Tannehill also becomes more of a possibility. So the beginning of FA becomes a more of an important time for us Dolphin fans.

Why was Matt Flynn a 7th round pick in the first place?

And this is who we want to entrust with our beloved team after 13 years of crap QB play? Haven't we learned anything?

Evaluate the best QB talent possible to lead our team for the next decade, have some conviction and do whatever is necessary to solve the problem; target RG3. Best QB talent available.

Ireland's at the senior bowl scoutin for hooka moms.


Of course RG3 could be a bust. What would you rather put your money on?

Flynn - 7th round pick, weak arm, system's guy.


RG3 - A top 5 Nfl draft prospect by scouts. Rocket arm, lightening speed, a heisman winner from Baylor, hard working and intelligent.

My bet is when we look back, RG3 will be the stud QB, not Flynn. Why are you Flynn supporters so caught up with him? He hasn't shown anything in college or the NFL, except 1 game, that says he could be an All pro QB.

Swinging for the extremes!

From a Rookie in SpOrano and an inexperienced Daboll


A couple of Old School Types.

I like the experience levels, I just hope their not to set in their ways.

Does anyone know if Coyle has the skills, knowledge, to continue our tradition of a strong defense?

Hey illiterate Omar you just made fun of O for something but the funny thing is in your criticism you failed to comprehend the story.
(What's worse, misspelling things when you're on a deadline or completely whiffing on a story you JUST READ?). I mean if you can make fun of O for misspelling something I can certainly call you out for not realizing the reporters name is "Joe Ready", therefore "Ready further reports that if the Coyle deal is sealed" is a correct sentence.

It's a rough game to play when you call someone out without proofreading your own material ;)

What does that even mean mcrunner? Yeah, it's just you.

Sign Flynn, draft Tannehill, draft an OT,pass rusher,safety and a wr. Fill in the rest with UFA's an we are good to go.

I cant get excited about a team without a franchise QB, an experiment for a HC, and a pathetic GM. Every offseason some get their hopes up only to be dissapointed.

Im glad they have gotten away from hiring Dallas Cowboy rejects. As for QB, I would seriously consider giving up the picks to get RG3 and fill the holes through FA's. Flynn may be able to do the job, and my money is on them going that route. But honestly, I would really love for them to take a shot at RG3.

Why won't Armando tell us more stories of his boyhood in a poor Incan village high in the Peruvian Andes?

I enjoy reading about his trips to the village market with his loyal donkey, 'Pepito," and how he would help his mother prepare tortillas.

McCoy sure looks like a bigger fool everyday.

You draft x-spurts make me laugh.

I'm sure you'd be screaming for Ryan Leaf in days gone by and wondering why anyone would want that guy named Tom Brady so high in the in the sixth round.

Get a life and STFU.

Like the direction.... dolphins finally getting it right!!!!

White people smell like wet chickens and have small Johnsons.

Question: In 3 years, 5 years, 10 years who will be the best QB;


Answer: RG3

Do you know how many wasted 1st round, 2nd rnd, 3rd round draft picks we have wasted the last several years on players that didn't pan out? I would give up the Odricks, Misis, Jerrys, Hennes of the world for one shot at a super talent; RG3.

911 We're caught up on him because he's free. I mean draft pick wise. I'm not so sold on anyone but Flynn makes the most sense and if they go hard after him then it shows Philbin knows something we don't. I'm obviously going to trust his opinion on the kid rather than sit here and debate about something we are ignorant too.

But from what I read yesterday, and this supposedly came from Flynns agent, the Dolphins haven't even shown mild interest as of yet. Usually teams will make an inquiry but the Phins haven't. Yes Philbin already knows him but the inquiry also has to do with how Flynn is feeling about the situation, should they even waste their time kind of stuff because Flynn may have his heart set on going elsewhere. But as of now they haven't even done that so I'm not so sure he's at the top of their list right now.

IMO Ross is just praying Manning gets healthy so he can throw a boat load of money at him. How better to sell tickets this April than to be able to sell them with Peyton running the offense.

I guarantee their #1 plan is to sign Manning and then grab one of the 2nd rounders to groom behind Miami. I have to say I don't care either way, I just want them to win. Not so sure giving up the farm for RG3 would be any better, total crap shoot.


Just say "NO" to Griffin! Athletic (ie scrambling - runner first) quarterblacks have never won a Super Bowl. Aside from Drew Brees, the game is being led by Big QB's ... not a 6'2" 1-year wonder.

And 9/11 you should be more objective. You obviously want RG3 but imo you're going about your questioning others the wrong way. How can anyone take you seriously when you have only negative comments to say about Flynn and glowing comments about Griffin?

Flynn has some good qualities as well. And you talk about a late round draft pick with a weak arm you could just as well be talking about Brady because that's what draft "experts" said about him coming into the NFL.

I'm sure you are aware that RG3 comes with question marks as well. Can he stay in the pocket or is he going to be scrambling all of the time. How long do scrambling QBs last. They get hurt all of the time and that becomes a detriment to your season. His footwork is questionable. And he constantly throws from his back foot because of the strong arm, that won't fly in the NFL.

This is the word of the scouts, not my opinion. Nothing is a sure thing. Lets trust Philbin by realizing he's probably smarter about these things then we are.

How do people say Flynn makes sense when we have no idea what Philbin really thinks of him?

9/11, you're so sure RG3 will be around in 10 years huh? Hmmmmmmmmm, wow, how do you know that? You know he's going to get hit all of the time if he's a scrambling QB right? Will he be able to correct his footwork? A couple questions going into this thing, definitely not the slam dunk you're painting it to be imo.

I think we need to let go of hope for Manning. He is seriously injured and reports from those on the inside are that nobody knows when he will be better. Unless there is a miracle, it doesn't seem realistic that Manning will be cured by March 15. I am an eternal hopeful Dolfan and this seems way to unrealistic.

Sincerely, I have watched Flynn's NFL games and college video and see nothing that shows this guy is a big time QB. Honestly if you are seeing something different I would love to know what you are seeing?

And yes, Philbin should be the best one to make that call. so far, the Phins don't seem interested.

After over a decade of trying to find a stud, All pro QB, we have no idea if Flynn is the answer.

Isn't RG3 the most talented QB option we have available?

NJPHINATIC, COMPLETELY ignorant statement. Ever heard of Doug Williams? Look him up.

And then try again.

1st rd Luke Kuechly ILB/ Quinton Coples DE
2nd rd Coby Fleener TE/ Stephen Gilmore CB
3rd rd Vinny Curry DE/ Markelle Martin FS
4th rd Matt Reynolds OT/ A.J. Jenkins WR
5th rd Terrance Ganaway RB/ Chandler Harnish QB
6th rd Matt Daniels S/Chris Rainey RB
7th rd Mitchell Schwartz OT/ Levy Adcock OT

I found this to be hilarious on the last blog:

"So Sherman may be the right guy. But he is definitely also the right now guy."

I understand what you're trying to say but it sounds like you're drunk these past two blogs. Its funny; at least all of this talk about assistant coaches sounds very good/optimistic/promising. Coming from cincinnati is a tough sell but if they can shape up Burnett/dansby and Davis/smith then I'm aboard.

For all we know Philbin does not see Flynn as a franchise guy. Him being the one that knows best, why even discuss Flynn until we know they have interest in him. Could be a lot of wasted typing!

On the Manning issue. There are a lot of blog experts who never played a game of football in their life nor are they doctors, yet they continue to blow the "Manning is one hit away from being paralyzed" horn.

I listened to Mark Schlereth on Mike and Mike today and he said the fusion surgery is common in football and he has seen plenty of players come back from it with no problems. It just depends on when the nerve regenerates and there is no set timetable on that sort of thing.

The kicker is that the players he was talking about were linebackers and running backs (his words) and take way more of a beating then any QB ever does. If Peytons nerve regenerates then he is good to go and is a top 3 QB in the league. Why any Miami fan wouldn't want that for our team for the next three years is a mystery to me.


"Just say "NO" to Griffin! Athletic (ie scrambling - runner first) quarterblacks have never won a Super Bowl."

Have you watched any of RG3 games. He is a thrower first, strong and accurate, awesome completion %, and runs when things break down. where do you get that he is a runner first?

No scouting reports I've read say anything about Flynn having a weak arm.

This is his draft profile "Competitive and hard working signal caller coming off a disappointing campaign. Sells the ball fakes, moves around the pocket to give himself a better view of the field and senses the rush. Flashes the ability to throw beautiful passes down the field and gets on hot streaks where he can be tough to stop".

Nothing about weak arm. And his mechanics have improved greatly in GB.


please stop comparing Flynn to Brady. Flynn is not Brady. Brady was a miracle 7th round pick. Flynn has been a backup for 3 years and played in to games. where is there any similarities b/w Brady and Flynn, besides 7th round pick?

"Can he stay in the pocket or is he going to be scrambling all of the time. How long do scrambling QBs last."

Why do think RG3 is a scrambling QB? because he has speed. If you watched his games, he stays in the pocket, a long time, and takes hits, and as a last resort runs. He is not a 'scrambling QB'.

The point is we want to win a Superbowl and be good for a long time. We all want the same thing as Dolfans. We have all seen the turnstile we have had at QB since Danny left. This is a passing league, the point is who is the best passer from our options;

Manning - injured

RG3. Who is the best passer and has the best potential to be an All pro QB? RG3

The reason not to trade the farm for RG3 is because the Phins aren't one player away from a SD, and signing Flynn or Manning give them the best draft flexibility. They can shore up the oline, dline, and LB in the draft and free agency.

The problem with RG3 is you have to plan on him missing 2 or 3 games a season. The "gun or run" QB's eventually get banged up and will miss games. It happens to them all. I'm not saying he won't be good, but giving up a lot when this team needs a lot might be the wrong move.

I think there could be some surprises to come out of the combine also. What if their is a serious rise in one of the so called 2nd round QB candidates. Also lets not forget free agency is back to normal this year, so it starts before the draft. What the Dolphins accomplish in FA before the draft will dictate draft day.

I'm cautiously optimistic how the new coaching staff is looking. I think this could be the year the Dolphins get it right!

It doesn't matter. This new regime will be out in 3 years anyway. There will be no progress until Ross sells the team to an owner with his heart in football.

Why all the fuss about Flynn being a 7th rounder> Brady was a 6th.

Flynn is a man,RG111 is a schoolboy,just saying

All this talk about Flynn and Peyton Manning is all none sense. What the Dolphins need to do is move up in the draft and do whatever they need to do to draft RG3.

Also I feel bad for Todd Bowels the man went 2-1 as a head coach and now he is being shown the door? He deserves the DC job, not some old white dude. I would have even picked Bowels over Philbin.

Right now this team is a mess and will continue to be a mess until the Dolphins grow a pair and start hiring, not FIRING brothers to help coach the team.

RGIII is too short....he is a smurf

RGIII is great but I don't think trading the future draft picks to get him will be worth it. Get Manning or Flynn and draft a QB late. Chandler Harnish / Kirk Cousins/ Brandon Weeden

I don't really know much about any of these guys. The flavor last season was young, energetic, high motor guys as coaches. Ross called for a young up and comer heading into the offseason. Now, I'm all for these guys and I hope the are very successful. I'm liking the things I'm hearing from Philbin. Though it does to be the AARPs wet dream.

Omar kelly!! I feel you I want them to hire Puerto Rican as head coaches to, but the coaching game and most experience are the crackers dude!! I'm ok with it thriving one that are the most successful at their perspective position!! But keep your chin up the brother are the ones who dominate mostly all football position.., I want some more salsa dancers on the field to bro! You feel me!!!

If all goes wrong then there is Tyler Bray QB Tenn next year who is better than any of the QBs this year anyways

So. Are you ready for the Night Train?

kudos Omar!

Manning is not even in the discussion. Manning is hurt and might not play next year. NOBODY can predict when Manning will be ready to play. So why even waste your breathe considering Manning when he is not healthy?

Who has the best potential to be an All Pro QB of the options available?

Simple, RG3

It's not even close.


"The reason not to trade the farm for RG3 is because the Phins aren't one player away from a SD, and signing Flynn or Manning give them the best draft flexibility. They can shore up the oline, dline, and LB in the draft and free agency."

Micheal, we have been drafting and filling every position on offense and defense for the last decade. What one position has not been filled; QB!

We have had great defenses, great running attacks, kicking games, running backs, receivers, Dline, DEs, LBs, CBs, etc, etc. What one position have we not excelled in for 13 years? QB!

You do everything you can to fill that spot with a potential franchise QB.

flynn is the best move

shocker on bucs hiring schiano, i like it though

I think our offense is about get a whole lot better and a bunch more points per game.

Outside of QB, what concerns me most is losing the stout D we have for so many years...

Ha! Are you ready for the Night Train?

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