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Dolphins closing in on Kevin Coyle as DC, Duffner too

And the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins will beeeeeee ...

Cincinnati assistant Kevin Coyle is the leader in the clubhouse, according to reports by Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Ready and The Herald's Barry Jackson, both of whom are reporting pretty much the same thing: That Coyle is telling people in the Bengals organization he doesn't have the Dolphins DC job locked up, but that it is looking for good.

Coyle represents himself in negotiations so he would know whether things are looking good or not after interviewing for the job today and ostensibly talking to the organization about a contract.

Ready also reports when/if the Coyle deal is sealed, he is likely to bring with him Mark Duffner as the linebacker coach/assistant head coach. Duffner, a veteran of 38 years as a coach, spent the past seven seasons as the Jacksonville linebacker coach. He worked for the Packers and also worked in Cincinnati in 2001-02 as the defensive coordinator.

Kevin Coyle, 56, has spent 11 seasons in Cincinnati, the past nine as the defensive backs coach. From 2003-2010, the Bengals had 150 interceptions, which is fifth most in the NFL during that span.


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how will our offense get better, we have hire sherman to run it. guy is 68 and hasnt done anything good in years. destroyed a@m's program

Tom Brady was an anamoly not the norm...Anyone would be hard pressed to name any other 7th round pick at the Quarterback position that has accomplished anything in the NFL....There's usually a reason a QB gets drafted in the 7th round...What makes anyone think that Matt Flynn is the exception!?...The odds are overwhelmingly against him!!!!

Outside of the system and players around him, what gives anyone confidence Matt Flynn could be an All Pro QB?

u have a better idea?

Matt Moore is better then Flynn.

It doesnt matter the Coach, if this team has bad Talent.
What happened to that guy who backed up Brady.... Did he go off and win a Title or something???? Seriously No Flynn. Draft, Draft, Draft a backup QB and upgrade the Safety and Corners... Get rid of lazyboy Smith, Trade Marshall. get another middle linebacker to help Dansby please.

moore isnt better than anyone outside of henne

Matt Moore is better then Flynn.

RG3 baby!

what is getting lost in this whole thing is how every 3 years or so we have a different system, different players to fit that system and lost draft picks / players when the new coaches decide they do not fit! that sucks.

As fans it is a constant ramp up of excitement, then fall into depression, followed by new hope. What a bi-polar experience to be a Dolfan....

Will Philbin actually be a long term winning coach? no idea. hopeful, getting tired of building my expectations...


We'll never be good as long as Ireland's GM.

I've just re-thought my feelings on Flynn...hey KC how is Matt Cassel working out? Didn't he go 11-5 and just miss the playoffs??

Take care everyone. be nice to each other, we all want a Championship! 40 years and counting since we have climbed the mountain top...


all the wrong moves again. this organization is trash.

cassel? didnt he win the div year before? wasnt injured most of this year so course they lost

You know, this Bin Laden that writes for the Palm Beach Post is FOS, and I told him so last night.

Even in Planes we the People are communicating. Outtasite, Man!(we have to be careful).

You know you're outtasite......(baby)

Little "Smalls" ain't so bad neithers.

Why don't ya'll just break out in comforting chorus of Kumbya?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.................how nice.

It was my privilege to see James Brown(Music Box) at the old Baseball Stadium in Miami(now, Bobby Maduro, I think)(yeah, Dolphins practiced there, sometimes). Within the Soul music Genre, His Majesty was the greatest Showman of all time. Nite.

You complain about the elderlies, but, who the hell is going to entertain you throughout these dreary Nights? Nite.

Ireland told me..... Herpes dies when he dies!!

They have Remedies for disorders. They work for Those who are bipolar.

I just realized that Internet is a marvelous medium for the older to teach the younger. Like, yous go look James Brown now(any song)(in you tube)(see)

Chini, panini, bolita, fake de daddy and pata man, scooby and daddy... WE ALL THINK IRELAND SUCKS!!!

I cam't help it. After a few seasons of Dan Henning, I just can't get past Sherm's age.

Looking at his post Farve work? Texas A&M?

It doesn't help much.

James Brown?

My favorite was King Heroin!

Oooooooo Man! When I here him do that, it makes my Skin Crawl!

Odin, when I mentioned Las Armas Secretas(The Secret Weapons) earlier, I was referring to a story by Julio Cortazar(Arg), where this guy that lives in Paris writes to his mother about his relationship with a certain woman. His mother's replies to his letters, completely fu-k up that relationship and also the guy's Life. Of course, imagine, the secret weapons. Si?

One more and take a number to bend me over!


My goodness some of you guys are just IMBECILES!!! Yes, Flynn was the backup to Rodgers for three years, but that is hardly a reason to say he sucks, Rodgers was a backup for three years as well under the same system, and it work perfectly for Green Bay.

Then RG3 is a passer first and a scrambler second, those who think he is a scambling QB. He has great talent but his price tag is too high for the dolphins and even then we can get outbid by the Redskins who have a better draft position than us to trade.

So, base on how our coaching staff is developing, it seems we are going to have the insides on Flynn and Tannenhill. If we manage to sign Flynn and draft Tannenhill in the second round or late first round(trade), we could be in good position to have a franchise QB in the near future.

we get flynn nd hopefully that ot from usc or iowa and were good
bush will be good
another reciever and d end and we're alll good

I did have this friend and his wife that shoot-up Cocaine then had to go puke. It kinda made my skin crawl, yes.

Could it be that Tebow takes it up the A-s, or is he just saintly? Hmm.., Armando.

I mean, the media presents these "musicians" that are ingenious, yes, funny sometimes, yes, but you youngsters, where is the Music! We don't feel IT. Don't try to be cute. Just Play It out. People.

HAHA!, odin.

Of course, imagine, the secret weapons. Si?

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 26, 2012 at 08:03 PM

You talkin tah ME?


You threatening ME you MOOULI FVCK!

Yeah, probably NY got to him.

Hmm.., I guess that most People cannot handle the Truth, yet....

I agree that RG3 Is probably not going to happen
The reason is that if with the second pick they are looking at someone else then they will want to keep that pick or they will not get that someone else (Maybe a receiver ??)
If they are not looking for someone who will definetely be gone in the first 5 picks then they will probably trade the pick again assuming they don't want RG3 themselves
So if they trade they will entertain Wash redskins first
we would have to outbid wash
That is a tall order
Are we willing to do that ?? I don't know but I do not think so.
So that leaves manning as the first choice if (big IF) he is healthy and passes the physical exam
second choice is probablt Flynn but that will depend on our second round draft pick so If we pick a QB in the second round we will not sign Flynn if we do not have the QB we want available in the second round then we will sign flynn and not pick a QB in the draft this year
In any event we will keep Moore as a back up so that we have a decent backup. Not great yet, but decent enough.
We will go for that right side offensive line tackle we need and or a TE or a DE with our first round pick

I do not see us trading down but hey........... might work out that way we might pick up an extra pick in the second round and that would give us 3 players that will impact our team immediately and be starters (high probabilty) and that might also be the ticket. Then pick up 3 or 4 FA's that can make an impact now on our team, and we are off to the races
So manning is the key right now and only time will tell, 2 more months probably

I'm in Pittsburgh on business. I'm listening to the lucky steeler fans whine about not going further in the playoffs. I can't help but wonder how long it would take for Ross and Ireland to turn them into a laughing stock ?? I also wonder if they would just blindly accept it and continue to but tickets, etc

Changing the subject, I think the NFL should petition the federal gov't to declare Super Bowl Monday a national holiday in honor of the legendary coach Vince Lombardi. The game should be played on this day as well, in the brilliant sunshine like the good ole days.

Peyton - Who knows? It is a heck of a serious injury though and why would he want to be here? We aren't close enough to being a SB caliber team for him.

RG3 - At least two future 1st round picks plus this year's. Not worth the cost and Junior doesn't make that trade.

Flynn - Philbin's system and he's used to it. Simple enough to do. If Philbin wants him, he'll get him. If he doesn't - well, we know he wasn't ever the guy.

Tannehill - I guess we'll see what Sherman thinks of him.

Frankly, Mallett was the best option of any of the above (save a healthy Manning - which is a doubtful proposition anyway) and we passed on him to take, um, Daniel Thomas and gave up an extra two players to get him. I mean he's an okay back but there were other, better backs taken later. Could've had Mallett for our third. I'd rather have had a different back and Mallett (although Thomas would probably have lasted anyway). But that isn't now. Let's just hope Jeffy doesn't remain the moron he's been.

I really dont see the Dolphins going to sb with Manning in the next year or two. Manning will be 36 in March. Not a great sign considering the big bucks it will take to sign him.

Even by miracle Peyton led us to a sb in his 2nd season here. We would be going into that game with a 38yr old starting qb. With all of the offseason changes taking place, I definitely dont see us going to a sb next year even with Peyton Manning.

Just offer our 2013 1st rd pick to move up and get RGIII. If the Rams refuse, just sign Matt Flynn and call it a day.

Posted by: beerphin | January 26, 2012 at 06:14 PM

Living here in the Nashville area I can tell you, as dysfunctional as coach Dooley is, Bray is even moreso. Immature is a nice word.
He's on his way to being Ryan Leaf.

Not feeling confident with Coyle as our DCoord. It would be a MAJOR DOWNGRADE from Mike Nolan.

What has been so great about the Bengals defense?

RG3 is overated. I will take a pocket passer over a running quarterback any day.


9/11 hit the nail on the head. It's time to stop the maddening cycle of ignoring the most important position on the team. If you are happy looking for a FRANCHISE QB, like a needle in a haystack, in the later rounds I pity you. If you think the ritual of bargain shopping, searching for "acorns", and signing other teams' trash is the way to go, you can hit the door with Ireland. It hasn't worked in over a decade. It's time to get serious and do what it takes to get back to winning...period. You have to do what it takes to get the coveted QB first, livd with the cost, and fill all the other holes later. It hasn't worked any other way!

If we wait until the rest of the roster is exactly perfect before we get a franchise QB, it'll be exactly NEVER from now!

Peyton is one hit away from retiring ......bring in Flynn, keep Moore, get a WR in the draft and off we go......

Hey Phins78 ... As you blindly suggested, I looked up Doug Williams' career rushing stats ... in 88 games he rushed the ball 220 times, which includes "taking a knee." This is hardly a "rush-first" QB ala Cunningham and Vick thus I'll stand by my statement ... "NO TEAM HAS MADE THE SUPER BOWL with a scrambling QB!"

Before calling someone out, perhaps you should get your facts straight.

9/11 while I agree with your posts I really hate your name. I believe it be stupid and dispicible. Having said that, I hope while you bash your own country you enjoy the fact you can have a name like that and you can say anything you want in this country. While you may know a little about football you know nothing about life and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. That is my freedom of speech to tell you. I was there that day and you idiots disgrace all the people who lost their lives. Go F yourself.

wow the all AARP coaching club

Orlando Sentinal reported over an hour ago that a deal has already been completed. Funny how an out of town newspaper is more current than Armando


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