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Dolphins coach search generally on right track

Suppose for a second that the worst happens. Suppose Jeff Fisher picks the Rams over the Dolphins. What next?

Obviously, the Dolphins will move on. They'll continue to search for the 10th head coach in their storied history among a list of candidates little-known to the common fan.

No, that doesn't sound like a great Plan B.

But take heart because at least the Dolphins search for a star head coach also seemingly has identified the right people out of the list of so-called lesser lights. Consider that today the Cincinnati Bengals granted permission to the Tampa Bay Bucs to interview defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

Well, Zimmer is on the Dolphins radar. He interviewed this week. The Dolphins had Mike Mularkey on their radar but he was hired as the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. The Dolphins interviewed Todd Bowles and he is on the Oakland Raiders radar. Obviously the Dolphins want Fisher and so do the Rams.

The Dolphins may eventually show interest in Mike Sherman and he has already interviewed in Tampa.

The point is the Dolphins aren't operating completely off the reservation here. Their search has identified candidates that have also been identified by other teams. I grant you Miami's search has also included a couple of guys that have drawn no interest elsewhere -- Chicago special teams coach Dave Toub and Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. (There were reports the Chiefs wanted to interview Philbin but I have not been able to confirm the interview ever happened.)

And yes, the Dolphins have looked away from a couple of guys -- most notably Carolina's Rob Chudzinki, Green Bay's Dom Capers and Winston Moss -- who have drawn interest elsewhere.

But my expectation is if Fisher goes to St. Louis, Miami's list will expand and could include Chudzinski, who has interviewed in Jacksonville, St. Louis and will talk to Tampa Bay.

So I have a comfort level that thinking other teams know something the Dolphins do not is not an accurate representation of what is happening.

If the Dolphins miss out on Fisher, I hope Miami's wide net gets wider still. I hope Moss gets a loook because, as someone told me recently, he seems to be made of the same kind of stuff that Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin is made of.

Meanwhile, I feel comfortable the Dolphins are generally on the right track.



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Uhh, I remember seeing Detroit in the Playoffs last week. With a franchise QB AND the best WR in the league.

If we're Detroit - South, then good days are ahead of us.

Espn fisher to Rams

It makes no sense dishpan. Carmichael and Philbin are the two assistants to grab from an offensive perspective or Ryan as a defensive-minded guy. Want experienced headcoach who is fired up and has something to prove - get Hue Jackson.

its over folks....Fisher to the Rams

No it's not Armando. Fisher has picked the Rams and the Dolphins will be better off for it. Todd Bowles should now be given the opportunity to coach. Less transition and change which the Miami franchise does not need.
Why anyone would wait for this average coach who runs a 4-3, the Dolphins have a 3-4 defense. Moreover Fisher is a ground and pound offensive guy. The Dolphins opened up the offense with success to finish the season.

miami to hire dennis green as hc!

Well back to the scrap heap,the clearance table, the junk pile, the dollar store for coaches. Fortunately the dolphins (lower case by design) are very familiar with discount shopping. The chances of getting a Marquis are now zippo, zilch, gonzo...unless Marquis is his name.


ESPN reporting Fisher to go to RAMS , little after 2 this P.M.

Fisher was willing to meet halfway on personnel control, but Ross Wouldn't budge.
he's an Ireland man. According to Mike Silver!
What a joke this Ross is fire Irealand for the love a god!!! What happen to my Miami Dolphins!!! we suck ass big time!!!


Maybe because the Saints oc doesnt come fully equipted with Drew Brees.

So many teams make mistakes with "hot coordinators" because they dont first ask themselves, "who's responsible for bringing in the personnel that's making these guys look so great?"

IMO, gm's are the true foundations to building great teams. Where would Shula himself be had not Joe Thomas-Bobby Beathard never seen Miami? It was Beathard-Thomas who were responsible for the building blocks of greatness in the early 70's era.

How many SB's did Shula win when he had final personnel say so? ZERO! Replace Ireland Now!

Its over boys -finally!! Fisher to Rams as per ESPN. Now, lets get down to getting a good coach and hey Fisher - have fun losing in St. Louis and here's the other thing. No one cares if you win in St. Louis anyway. They are a nothing franchise that will be playing in LA by 2015.

It's a sad day when someone takes less money to coach the Rams over the Dolphins. Please Ross, sell the team. Nobody likes you.

do we have a plan B or did we decide to wait on fisher????????

promichael - I agree - I have been saying since day one that Bowles is the man - keep the same defensive staff, hire a new OC, sign Flynn and then draft either a stud WR or the best QB and go from there.

Personally, I like a lot of the pieces Ireland has brought in.

Adam Schefter reporting Fisher to Rams cuz of structural disagreement - Ross would not give Fisher more power than Ireland!! Wow!!

DC Dolfan, I meant that from a historical perspecitve. For the better part of the last two decades Detroit was a perennial loser. We have that feel now. In my mind, landing Fisher was going to help bring us out of that.

As has been suggested though, getting ourselves a franchise QB can make just about any coach look good. Moore may be that, and he may not, but we need it like a man in the desert needs a drink of water.

Fisher to the Rams.....LMFAO!!

...so stay thirsty my friends. I think I'll drink tonight.

I don't think I've been unclear. RG3. Trade up, mortgage the future.

There IS no future without a franchise QB, that's the reasoning. It's not taking much of a chance since there's no chance without a franchise QB.

If we can't trade up to get him (I'm not even gonna mention Luck since there's no chance) then do everything to go after Manning (if he's healthy).

But you can get any HC, OC/DC, lineman, RB, LB you want, each and every year, and it will do little to change the trajectory of this team. Intelligent people should understand that after 30 years.

We've screwed up Drafting for a decade, and it was never on a QB. There's a saying: you have to be in it to win it. If we never take a chance drafting a franchise QB, then we'll probably never get a franchise QB.

Im ok with Fisher choosing the Rams. Now lets move on!!!

I don't understand fans that say we dont need transition & change. We have a 42% winning percentage the last 3 years.

Yea,lets keep this structure in place! I honestly don't get it. Other teams make changes to improve. We should stay the course to not.

What a fan base!

Whew, Fisher MIGHT have gotten us to the playoffs, but no further. Glad he choose the Rams...

We will recycle somebody else. Wish this organization would hire outside the mainstream. Have the experienced candidate take an IQ test.

Have the exisiting personel in the front office take the test too.

Get rid of all the idiots, and replace them with brainiacs.

Back to business as usual!

Fisher took LESS money to go to the Rams!! GEEZ!!

I wonder if any HIGH-END, stud coach would wanna be employed by a team with Williams' sisters, J-Lo, etc as minority owners?

We are lost without Fisher. More losing to come.

Fisher haters, spotlight is on you now...enjoy.

morons we know he went to the rams. UGH

Who says RG3 will be a franchise QB?

You can rest assured that if Ireland just won a power struggle between him and Fisher, he won't be going anywhere for a few years; unless Ross wants to look even more foolish.


LOL, still on right track? Ok now let's wait and see if the morons running the team starting with Ross do one of the following:

A) Make hasty decision sign Zimmer to save face

B) Gather themselves up and set up interviews with Chudzinski, Moss and Kelly (you know NO kinda went through the same thing prior to landing Payton, no one wanted to coach there and they -wisely- kept the process and got their man).

Dunno about you but if I actually have to put real money on it I'd say team dumbnuts goes with A.

Why did Ross wait so long to cut the cord on Jeff Fisher, if he's not welling to budge personal decisions!!!

ESPN reported final personnel say so as the reason Fisher chose Rams over Dolphins.

Ther you have it, IRELAND AGAIN FOLKS!

Its for the best. We'll be in playoffs next year.

I am not a fisher hater, just did not see the fit here with this team and I will still cheer for my team no matter what. ( Sometimes a rant or three)

If Mando's report is accurate on the leagues view of Ross, after this, it's officially in the crapper!!!!!

Adam Schefter reporting Fisher to Rams cuz of structural disagreement - Ross would not give Fisher more power than Ireland!! Wow!!

Posted by: robbyhernz | January 13, 2012 at 02:31 PM

If this is true..DOUBLE WOW!!! Ireland's knees are probably scuffed & his jaw is sore from all th knobs he's been polishing!

If true, there is really nothing left to say. Ross is as big an issue as Ireland is.

Ok I understand the whole inexperience bit, but Hue Jackson as someone aluded too, I can't support that guy at all he threw his entire team and staff under the bus don't want that attitude on my dolphins.

Ross might need to swallow his pride then and go talk to Billick at this point, or even call up Marty if we want experience, I just wanted a coach with an offensive mind at this point we need to score with regularity and yeah that all starts with the QB I know LOL.


Fisher haters, spotlight is on you now...enjoy.

Posted by: seriously | January 13, 2012 at 02:34 PM

thanks craig m

If Ross is so adasmant about keeping Ireland in final personnel say so. It's mind boggling why even fired Sparano.

The next hc will have the exact same problem. Plus the entire league knows it now officially confirmed:


Not a big deal. Fisher wasn't the best coach available anyways.


Armando this is ridiculous ross needs to wake up and fire ireland , the polians built 3 super teams in the bills, panthers and colts...how is this not obvious . They should bring in marty schottenhimer with the polians and have marty groom some hot shot coordiantor for 3 years so that he can become the next shula. Would you please comment on why the dolphins wont consider tthe polians?

Fisher chooses Rams!

Now What?!?!

I'm not even an Ireland hater, cuz I blame Tuna more than him, but what has he done to overpower your most prized coach whom you'll pay over 7m per yr? Dont get it...

so Fisher chose STL because he could not agree on "structure of organization" in Miami. guess he thinks what most of us think. Ireland needs to go!!

Ireland the Destroyer!

Turned down by Fisher because of organizational issues regarding Jeff Ireland? Are you kidding me!Why is Ross so ewnthralled with our Gm...oh, I forgot...he brought in Columbo as our right tackle. Brilliant!!!


We should go for Kyle Shanahan

Can the Miami Herald be any more pathetic?

It was announced that Fisher is joining the Rams about a half hour ago and still nothing on here.

Great news source.

Thankfully Fisher has chosen the Rams. Let him lead them to medicority the next 10 years. Now go get a young, hungry innovative football mind that can take us back to the top.

After finding Ireland was the sticking point in missing out on Fisher. the 200 fans that did show up for home games will be cut in half.

Dolphin Stadium can now be officially declared "a ghost town". Only question remaining is:

"Who's responsible for clearing the the tumble weed from the homefield on game day"?

Ireland and Ross are two dummies!!! They where willing to pay Jeff Fisher 7 Mil but doesn't want to give him control of personel, two idiots!!!


The problem isnt Fisher at all. The greater unsolvable problem is Ross as owner. Then Ireland as gm. HC position will never be adeqautely resolved as long as these two are in full control. Neither will on the field personnel issues.

Right now Ireland's waiting with baited breath for the Cowboys waiver wire to be released.

Why did Ross ever buy teh dolphins? He is now more loyal to ireland than to the fans. Thats the reason fisher isnt the coach. Ross wouldnt give him the control.Ireland needs to keep his love for ireland behind the scenes and put the needs of the franchise first.

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