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Dolphins concerned about capacity at Sun Life Stadium

The Dolphins visited The Herald offices Friday as part of a tri-county tour of the newspapers serving the region the team claims as its own.

During the meeting with Herald reporters club president Mike Dee, general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin discussed as openly as they felt comfortable issues of interest. The football aspect of the meeting is covered in this story that discusses, among other things, Miami's plan to use both the 3-4 and 4-3 scheme on defense in 2012, according to Philbin.

On non-football matters, Dee took the questions and discussed a coming Super Bowl bid by South Florida, stadium improvements, and other matters. And in discussing the need for stadium improvements, he mentioned the possibility that capacity at Sun Life Stadium needs to be adjusted.

The reason for that is, well, the Dolphins think the place is too big.

"We have the furthest distance from the sidelines with our lower bowl in the NFL," Dee said. "We have the fewest number of seats in that lower seating level between the 20 yard lines, between the goal lines, in the NFL. Not just the facilities that compete for Super Bowls. We've got to fix that ...

"At the same time, we may look to amend capacity in areas where we may have too much. Right now, we have the largest upper deck in the NFL -- 35,000 seats. The next facility in line is 27,000. The Redskins took 10,000 seats out of their upper deck this past year. We're looking at all those things to retrofit the stadium to today's standards."

That creates something of a problem for the Dolphins. And here it is:

The best way, the right way, to fix the capacity issues Dee mentions is through construction and refurbishing Sun Life Stadium. There's nothing like taking seats out of the upper deck that is too big. There's nothing like adding seats in the lower bowl that is not big enough. That is the optimal approach.

But that costs money. And neither the legislature, nor local politicians are volunteering to pay for that. The public would likely vote down a ballot measure for such expenditure. And owner Stephen Ross is in no hurry to spend the multiple millions of dollars it would cost to do the project.

So the reconstruction idea doesn't seem workable.

What's next?

Well, I don't know how the Dolphins would add seats in the lower level without actually adding seats physically, but they can definitely adjust the numbers of seats in the upper deck without actually touching the place. They can simply ask the NFL to consider certain seats basically invisible. The Dolphins can just lower capacity by giving the NFL a new capacity number and then not selling, say 10,000 seats in the upper deck, for at least one season.

Other teams -- Jacksonville for example -- have done it. Unable to fill an extreme number of seats, the Jaguars just threw a tarp over whole sections of seating. The Hurricanes do it at Sun Life for their home games. The Miami Heat did it for a couple of years before LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade on the roster and seating demand skyrocketted.

The Dolphins can simply pick out a section of seats and cover the area. Or they can just black out certain seats or sections from being sold and those would simply be empty on game day.

All of this, by the way, affects you -- the ticket buying customer.

You see, as the Dolphins figure a way to attack this problem, the capacity of the stadium hangs in the balance. If the club is successful in lowering that capacity, either through construction, putting a tarp over sections of seats, or simply blacking out seats electronically, then achieving a sellout becomes easier.

Games are on TV!

You get to watch!

If the Dolphins don't find a way to lower capacity, and the tickets go unsold, the club would have to make a decision whether to rescue local TV-watching fans -- as it did multiple times in 2011 -- by purchasing its own tickets.

I have news for you: The club really doesn't love purchasing its own tickets. No business wants to buy its own product. It is not profitable. And that might lead to a decision not to purchase the unsold tickets. And that means ... no games on TV!

Your Sunday is ruined :(

So the looming decision on how the Dolphins address their stadium capacity issue, particularly in the upper deck, is a big deal to folks who watch the games on TV -- which happens to be a majority of fans. If capacity isn't decreased or ticket sales boom, the club may decide purchasing its own tickets is not a practice it wants to continue.

Blackouts ensue. Not good.

(Oh, one way to solve this without changing capacity? Sign Peyton Manning. Not advocating. Just stating logic.)


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And you have to be a masochist to be a fan of the hapless Dolphins.

OK, point taken. I'll be extremely generous and revise it to 97.5% of the world's population not giving a crap.

By the way, even in the United States on an average Sunday (despite the NFL's big ratings) you DO realize that over 80% of the population is NOT watching football, do you not?

comment at 4:15 is a fake me.

More evidence the fan base is just as dumb as the game.

How many people in all of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Australia are not watching the NFL on Sundays? Well that is more than 99% of the worlds population not paying attention.

The team that wins the SB is rarely the best team. Its luck of the bounce and injuries deciding too many games.

Even the refs admitted they blew the Seattle Pitt SB in a way that affected the final outcome. So there is the bad call factor too.

Championships are as hollow as an empty beer can.

I have been out here in Philadelphia---a rabid sports town---on an Eagles Sunday and found the streets and stores packed with shoppers, just like any other weekend day.

I recall being surprised by that at the time (I was still a big football fan) but now as I have come to see how meaningless it really is, I realize that I and the other fans were the true "fringe"---and that most people went about their lives with no interest in it whatsoever.

is a billion people one percent?

Rodin..If the sport of football, and it supporters are so beneath you. Why waste your time on a Dolphins blog with folks you claim have no lives, or ability to comprehend what they are seeing? If football, and it fans bother you so much. Why waste your time pointing out the flaws to people who do care? Do you really think that some blogger will have an epiphany from your words of wisdom?? That because of your omnipotance and grace we will all change our opinions fly to London and check out QPR play Chelsea with some intelligent fans watching a real game? If you dislike football, and it's fans, fine. That's on you. Why waste your time coming to a football blog expressing that opinion to folks who do not share your thoughts? Aren't you "slipping" to the level of those you so thoughtfully trashed?

Darryl, are you a Friend of Dorothy?

Daniel..Dorothy from the wizard, or my neighboor Dorothy the butch lesbian Jet fan? different answer for both examples...Dorothy from the wizard..not so much. Dorothy my neighboor..Great gal, good friend. Hope that helps.

Yes, Dorothy Gale from Kansas. I see that you are a friend of hers. That is good.

I am a Friend of Dorothy as well.


Let's not put words in my mouth. You are clearly offended by my observations which you can not refute.

I'm only voicing my realizations of how absurd it all is and the emptiness of fandom. I have been guilty of it all, and now I am tranistioning away from it. One man's point of view and experience. Take it or leave it as you wish.

Football leaves a lot of people out. Ticket prices are too high for most to afford. How many people can buy SuperBowl tickets for $3,000 to $4,000 for the nosebleed section or $10,000 to $15,000 for lower level seats.
The NFL is a marketing machine that has no equal.

I would prefer to talk of existentialist theory than this rubbish. What decayed and shallow minds reside here!

rodins still mad his company couldnt afford a super bowl commercial

Brilliant, I single handedly killed yet another blog.

If you want to put things in proper perspective you could say the same thing about hockey, basketball, baseball, etc. being dumb games, as well.
It's all about entertainment value and the consumer is the one who utlimately decides the value of the entertainment. As long as the consumer is willing to pay the price being charged it will continue to exist in it's present form. Just like any other product, prices are based on the law of supply and demand and professional sports are excellent at marketing their product and creating demand.
Is watching grown men dressed up in a baseball or football uniform silly? Probably. But, everyone has the freedom to turn away and do something else if they wish to do so and not spend any time and/or any money to support it.

Starve for more football all ye that are beneath me.

For I shall be devouring the WWF Smackdown tonight on PPV.

Mark Henry is just delectable, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......Mmmmmmmmmmmm........

Professor Lou | January 29, 2012 at 05:28 PM

Agreed 100%.

Rodin | January 29, 2012 at 05:32 PM

Yet another fake poster confirming how immature most football fans are.

I leave you all now and hand the stage over to my fake admirer(s).

The real me is going, going, gone...


How can you be a fan of Smackdown and call other sports dumb?

Mark Henry aside, those guy do train and take care of themselves. But C'mon man.

The WWF?



Can we discuss genetically altered water fowl?

Can we discuss genetically altered water fowl?
Posted by: Martino Obspidian IV, esq. |

January 29, 2012 at 05:41 PM

No, but I did have Fresh Pike Liver and Onions for dinner tonight.

I love the Hiawatha National Forest!

Ice Fishing........not so much.............



Thank You. I would serve again. And they know it.



Posted by: Blake | January 29, 2012 at 05:59 PM

Maybe fool for life? Go out and kill innocent people in fake wars because of dumb presidents or eager big businesses? A real war I can understand, not this fake misguided crap to get Haliburton more contracts.

'Fighting for your country' is propaganda at its finest. Fighting to make richer people richer would be the truthful cause.

I went to Piper High in Plantation. A lot of people there don't know I do drag. I've only been doing drag for three years; I want to say two years when this all happened. As a matter of fact, when I went to the airport to go to the show, a friend of mine from high school was working at the airport. She didn't know. So she asked me where I was going and I told her and I showed her some photos of me in drag. She was like, 'Oh.'

You don't believe for a second this guy was really a Navy SEAL, do you??

C'mon, the internet has been around too long to fall for that crapola anymore.

"Military Hero" is a common one, along with "wealthy" and completely fabricated tales of sexual conquest.

These are people insecure in their own skin. It's total b.s.


You don't believe for a second this guy was really a Navy SEAL, do you??

-Why on Earth would you possibly care? ESPECIALLY if you think it's BS?

I think yours is the bigger indicator of insecurities and inadequasies.

C'mon, the internet has been around too long to fall for that crapola anymore.

-How is ANYONE falling for ANYTHING? HELLO? We're on a sportsblog posting opinions.

I bet you like Coco Puffs, don't cha Cuckoo?

"Military Hero" is a common one, along with "wealthy" and completely fabricated tales of sexual conquest.

-That reminds me. The Brunette bought me a Teddy Bear today, wearing a "GO BLUE" Michigan Jersey :)

These are people insecure in their own skin. It's total b.s.

Posted by: Route 1 South | January 29, 2012 at 06:22 PM

-We all post completely anonymously. You don't know these people from Shyt nor Shinola!

Trying to make this point on this forum is ridiculously insecure on your part, and THAT my Good Man, AIN'T NO B.S. ;)

These are people insecure in their own skin. It's total b.s.

Posted by: Route 1 South | January 29, 2012 at 06:22 PM

You are insecure in your own real blogger name. I guess that makes you total b.s. too.

These are people insecure in their own skin. It's total b.s.

Posted by: Route 1 South | January 29, 2012 at 06:22 PM

It's true. You should check out odinseye stories about him jamming with people that died before he was 9.

odinseye tells the bloggers some hottie just arrived, but then he is blogging until 5am. Hottie? or Hag? or FFagg?

dude odin is the blog drunk, just think of him as a sidekick for entertainment.

Dear Fellow Phin fans


In this video is proof of Mr. Odinseye rock heratige.....Mr. Odineye is the guy playing guitar with the glass's on and singing.

Soiled :)


I gave you the name of the band.

My real name.

Youtube.clips of me.

And where I'm referenced on Wikipedia, myspace and facebook.

All more info than I should have.

So, STFU with your whinny, jealous pitiful self!

Don't hate Playa, everybody can't be me ;P


PS: Soiled, Ha Ha, Very Funny :)

Another TD for Brandon Marshall!

You no comment Pro-Bowl? Where you comment?

Looks Brandon Marshall do good WC offense.

U obviously didnt see the routes or the throws. And u probably think Matt Moore is good. Lol

You no wife, no foky-foky?

Pro Bowl is such a joke of a game..........Glorified preseason Finale for the season,*lmao*

we play diky diky?

Movie "War" is on, Jason Statham and Jet Lee, better than the pro bowl!

I said fuky-fuky no diky-diky

I just found out Brandon Marshall played in a West Coast offence before.

"I still don't really know what a West Coast offense is."

Marshall is a great receiver. He got stuck with RoboHenne as a QB.

Not selling out an NFL game with a decent team is pathetic Miami!

There is no decent team. Duuuhhh.

You see?

How bout dem Dolphins

Everyone Check out Odins New movie "B@llSh!t Never sleeps" Coming to a movie theater near you.

I'm a jakoff. :P

If 6-10 is decent....WOW....u got pretty low standards.

Jackass 3.5 On comedy central., Anyone that hurts and maims themselves for my enjoyment is GREAT.

Did you see Soliai getting penetration?

Why People answer comments that no here? You have other Blog? Let me know.

Odin is by far the biggest gasbag that posts here. It's obvious only a precious few buy into his crapstorm of fabrications even if he is delusional to think otherwise.

Think abpout the reality of it. This is a guy who literally spends countless hours every single day planted on his butt in front of a keyboard. There's no excitement there---no adventure---no nothing. THIS is his life.

No wonder he's so thin-skinned about being exposed. I would hope it would shock him into recognizing the sadness of it all and perhaps get some help.

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