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Dolphins concerned about capacity at Sun Life Stadium

The Dolphins visited The Herald offices Friday as part of a tri-county tour of the newspapers serving the region the team claims as its own.

During the meeting with Herald reporters club president Mike Dee, general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin discussed as openly as they felt comfortable issues of interest. The football aspect of the meeting is covered in this story that discusses, among other things, Miami's plan to use both the 3-4 and 4-3 scheme on defense in 2012, according to Philbin.

On non-football matters, Dee took the questions and discussed a coming Super Bowl bid by South Florida, stadium improvements, and other matters. And in discussing the need for stadium improvements, he mentioned the possibility that capacity at Sun Life Stadium needs to be adjusted.

The reason for that is, well, the Dolphins think the place is too big.

"We have the furthest distance from the sidelines with our lower bowl in the NFL," Dee said. "We have the fewest number of seats in that lower seating level between the 20 yard lines, between the goal lines, in the NFL. Not just the facilities that compete for Super Bowls. We've got to fix that ...

"At the same time, we may look to amend capacity in areas where we may have too much. Right now, we have the largest upper deck in the NFL -- 35,000 seats. The next facility in line is 27,000. The Redskins took 10,000 seats out of their upper deck this past year. We're looking at all those things to retrofit the stadium to today's standards."

That creates something of a problem for the Dolphins. And here it is:

The best way, the right way, to fix the capacity issues Dee mentions is through construction and refurbishing Sun Life Stadium. There's nothing like taking seats out of the upper deck that is too big. There's nothing like adding seats in the lower bowl that is not big enough. That is the optimal approach.

But that costs money. And neither the legislature, nor local politicians are volunteering to pay for that. The public would likely vote down a ballot measure for such expenditure. And owner Stephen Ross is in no hurry to spend the multiple millions of dollars it would cost to do the project.

So the reconstruction idea doesn't seem workable.

What's next?

Well, I don't know how the Dolphins would add seats in the lower level without actually adding seats physically, but they can definitely adjust the numbers of seats in the upper deck without actually touching the place. They can simply ask the NFL to consider certain seats basically invisible. The Dolphins can just lower capacity by giving the NFL a new capacity number and then not selling, say 10,000 seats in the upper deck, for at least one season.

Other teams -- Jacksonville for example -- have done it. Unable to fill an extreme number of seats, the Jaguars just threw a tarp over whole sections of seating. The Hurricanes do it at Sun Life for their home games. The Miami Heat did it for a couple of years before LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade on the roster and seating demand skyrocketted.

The Dolphins can simply pick out a section of seats and cover the area. Or they can just black out certain seats or sections from being sold and those would simply be empty on game day.

All of this, by the way, affects you -- the ticket buying customer.

You see, as the Dolphins figure a way to attack this problem, the capacity of the stadium hangs in the balance. If the club is successful in lowering that capacity, either through construction, putting a tarp over sections of seats, or simply blacking out seats electronically, then achieving a sellout becomes easier.

Games are on TV!

You get to watch!

If the Dolphins don't find a way to lower capacity, and the tickets go unsold, the club would have to make a decision whether to rescue local TV-watching fans -- as it did multiple times in 2011 -- by purchasing its own tickets.

I have news for you: The club really doesn't love purchasing its own tickets. No business wants to buy its own product. It is not profitable. And that might lead to a decision not to purchase the unsold tickets. And that means ... no games on TV!

Your Sunday is ruined :(

So the looming decision on how the Dolphins address their stadium capacity issue, particularly in the upper deck, is a big deal to folks who watch the games on TV -- which happens to be a majority of fans. If capacity isn't decreased or ticket sales boom, the club may decide purchasing its own tickets is not a practice it wants to continue.

Blackouts ensue. Not good.

(Oh, one way to solve this without changing capacity? Sign Peyton Manning. Not advocating. Just stating logic.)


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Posted by: Phins78 | January 28, 2012 at 09:33 PM

Not being smart or anything, but Mando did mention.

Albeit, only in passing and ever so briefly.

I don't know if I'm misunderstanding you, but this blog starts out by giving us information from the teams trip to the Herald?

How many more decades will we waste time on 2nd and 3rd QB's? Senseless. That game could take a century to pay off.

Mr. Odinseye.

It is Saturday night. Where are all your hotties? If they are your hotties and not with you, who are they with? (Assuming they are hot and assuming they exist)

Or does hottie in your dialect = old faded bag?


As long as THE SCOUT is in control of picking, which he said technically HE IS... Look for more of the same.

We can keep our fingers crossed that when the decision comes down to making a pick and Ireland pulls rank on Philbin.. That if Irelands override is a flop and Philbins choice is scoring TD's or sacking the QB or whatever, that Ross takes note and finally has Ireland whacked.

Odin..I only know the Griz fans were all over it on the message boards way back at the start of the season..I can't remember what it was. They were giving Osweiler grief because most were still bitter he choose Arizona State over UM.

.Who could imagine??? Hmmn Arizona, hotties, division 1 big boy football or Missoula hotties(actually tons) cold winters, FCS nobody cares except Darryl Dunphy jv football...

NYG, What gets me is how many bloggers still get stars in their eyes over these later round QB's. How many times has that failed us now?

Mr. Odinseye.
It is Saturday night. Where are all your hotties? If they are your hotties and not with you, who are they with? (Assuming they are hot and assuming they exist)

Or does hottie in your dialect = old faded bag?

Posted by: Mattel Doll Division | January 28, 2012 at 09:46 PM

Actually my ex Blondie caused some trouble for me recently. So, I've been kind of monogamous as of late.

For the record, if you add the Blonde and the Brunette's ages together, you just about get mine. Not only that, both are absolutely Gorgeous. I certainly wouldn't quantify them as "Old Faded Bags".

I've been told they're using me for my Money(As If-LOL), and I don't care if they are ;)

The Brunette's here with me right now. We're(she's)watching Vanishing On 7th Street on TMCXW.

You know, for being jealous of me and hating on my "CONQUESTS", you sure do bring it up alot.

Hey, I got it, you're trying to live my experiences vicariously! LOL!

Why didn't you say so............you want to hear some more of Uncle Odin's Conquests.........Don't You?

I feel a STORY coming on!

..Sko. My point is that if you went just by tonights game..None of the quarterbacks looked like first round guys. This doesn't mean this will be the case. There is a ton of evaluation left..Evaluation that even the most in tuned blogger can not possibly begin to fathom. Tape that none of us have privledge to will be broken down..If any of these guys fit into our system, and the Fo is further sold..They will pick accordingly. Nothing says we have to stay at 9..We could possibly move up, we could more likely move down and grab a guy in the mid to late part of the round..I'm not advocating any of this..I'm just saying that it is way to early to put a tag on any of these guys.

Get me Blackmon, a legitimate RT and a Linebacker and I'll be happy.

Oh yeah, and Finley..........and a Free safety and I'll be happy.

Uh, and Mario Williams yeah, then I'll be happy.

Almost forgot.........duh, we could use a QUARTERBACK too.

But that's it, for real, that's all I want and then I'll be happy.

Bottom's Up!!!!


Your right.. The Dolphins have been an absolute failure in dealing with the replacements of retired HOF Coach Shula and HOF QB Dan Marino.

The Dolphins have ONLY picked two QBs in the first round and BOTH of them are in the HOF.

This season was looking up for correcting all those QB projects by making a move in for Andrew Luck.

Fans were drooling about winning those meaningless games as we in turn watched our grip on Andrew Luck slip farther and farther away.

We as fans don't have ANY CONTROL whatsoever on the team and players sucking. The only control we have is being the 12th man.

The Colts will lose their STAR in Manning and replace him with Luck and will be successful for the next 15 -18 years.

The Dolphins are still status Que.. Still searching.

This is exactly why I have been posting so much (as a fan) that our choices with a quality QB in the 1st round is gone. As such we should walk away with a Play maker and IMO an instant PLAYMAKER is WR Justin Blackmon.

I say we move up if needed, depending on where he slots in and grab the kid. I haven't seen a WR like that kid for as long as i can remember come out. Sure there are GREAT WR's but this kid is a play maker.

In closing, I believe that any QB that can toss a ball to Blackmon will instantly look like a pro as Blackmon brings it in.


Is there an abundance of blonds and brunettes up near that border?? As you may know, the strippers in Montreal are said to be the hottest so you being close to the boarder it may be that crisp clean water.


I try not to get all starry eye'd.

However, I believe what Holmgren says about drafting QB's. Even if you got a Hall Of Famer on the roster, you should draft at least one every year.

Taking flyers in the late rounds aggravated the Boston fans just like us. But you just never know.


I am trying to imagine what it would be like to be a billionaire owner of a football team. I might just be drunk all the time too, and with the cheerleaders.

DevilsAdvocate | January 28, 2012 at 09:38 PM

LOL! I can see myself drunk with cheerleaders bent over in my owners box during their tryouts but that aside I would do anything and everything to field a winner, maxing cap space, getting the most experienced assistants who share my view of what I want to field and anything short would be unacceptable!

However, I believe what Holmgren says about drafting QB's. Even if you got a Hall Of Famer on the roster, you should draft at least one every year.

odinseye | January 28, 2012 at 10:18 PM

He managed to have Favre as his starter with Matt Hasselbeck as his back up and Kurt Warner 3rd string on his 97 roster, so yeah I'd agree as well!


It's funny you mention Strippers.

Me and a "Partner" of mine have been mulling over the idea of opening up a Club.

The Township Board where I live doesn't allow it(go figure).

We just found a closed up Gas Station/Semi-Truck repair shop(for sale)located right off the highway. It's PERFECTLY located right in between two of the biggest tourist trap cities around here.

The Kicker, it's barely a mile outside of the Village Limits.

If we can get our finances right and the economy improves at all. I think this will be a can't miss proposition.

We're in the very earliest stages of putting this thing together, but a Man has to have his DREAMS!

Mine is opening up a Strip Club ;p

Bottom's Up!!!!

He managed to have Favre as his starter with Matt Hasselbeck as his back up and Kurt Warner 3rd string on his 97 roster, so yeah I'd agree as well!

Posted by: fin4life | January 28, 2012 at 10:26 PM

As much as I dislike Holmgren, you can't argue with his philosophy.

Armando - the biggest ? No one is Adressing is would Matt Flynn be an UPGRADE to Matt Moore? This is the most important ? And I am surprised we are not hearing more about this. Pls weigh in!


I don't like the idea of drafting a WR in the 1st round. Never have. After Ted Ginn, even moreso.

Blackmon has cured me of my AFFLICTION!

With Luck and RGIII being out of reach, I'd be all in on a deal for Blackmon.

I think he instantly makes our QB better, our D better and our team better.


Best of luck with the Strip club endeavor.. It will be challenging with all the Village, Town politics. Just thinking of the "pirks" with the interviewing process is a thrill in it self. lol

Also... If Philbin or Ireland moves ion and takes Blackmon... I'll be a happy camper in knowing we walked away for the first time in a long time with a solid Play Maker.

I'm out so have a great one gents.

I don't think ANYONE can come in and state unequivocally, that Flynn would be an upgrade over Moore.

Nobody has really seen enough of him to make this statement.

Except maybe ONE GUY. His name is Philbin.

All Armando can do is offer up a guess. Same as the rest of us. I'll defer to Philbin's expertise on this one. Whatever he decides, I'm good.

The one thing I personally don't want to see is Sherman getting us Tanney! The thought of this scares the Fvck out of me.

I could be 100% wrong, I'm just saying, scarry thought.

On the Blackmon talk I have to say I've watched just about all of today's NFL superstars during their respective College careers and Blackmon is the BEST I've seen! Better than C.Johnson at Georgia Tech and better than the last Oklahoma St. Cowboy WR Dez Bryant as well, only AJ Green looked so explosive coming out of Georgia last season. The Fiesta Bowl was a ridiculous way to cap it off with the entire Stanford team and every person in America knowing were the ball was going and still they couldn't do anything to stop him.

Here is what I would hope to see develop for the QB position. In truth, I don't think, even if Peyton is healthy, he is coming to Miami. There are teams that will look closer to winning now. Assuming he is viewed as good by the coaching staff, go after Flynn for a reasonable, perhaps incentive based contract with the promise that he can come in and compete for the starting job. Let Henne go, keep Matt Moore, and draft Tannehill or Weeden somewhere in the 1st to 2nd round. Get all these guys in camp early and competing and get a good look at them and see what shakes out for the top job. Unless the current staff is really sold on him, it is tough to bring Flynn in for big money and the guarantee to start. If you do have to do that I STILL say draft one of those two guys. You can't have too many good QB's.

Hope that Henne doesn't become a pro bowler somewhere else.



If I were more articulate(sober-lol), that's exactly what I would have posted about Blackmon.

I never get starry eye'd over recievers, but this guy is different.

In my opinion, he's the most sure fire, can't miss prospect in the entire draft. Luck included.

I hope his Momma ain't no Ho!

I know, I know........stale joke. Sue Me ;)


Before i leave let me leave you all with this.. I posted the clip a hundred times but I'm addicted to Blackmon.

I'm out.

Sport Science: Justin Blackmon;


Armando - the biggest ? No one is Adressing is would Matt Flynn be an UPGRADE to Matt Moore? This is the most important ? And I am surprised we are not hearing more about this. Pls weigh in!

Posted by: laner325 | January 28, 2012 at 10:39 PM

Flynn does not need to be addressed. With Philbin onboard, they already know for certain whether they want him or not. They will not show their cards at this stage.

odin, NY"G",

Call me a conspiracy theorist but you guys ever get the idea that Sparano was set up to fail in 2011?? After the Harbaugh fiasco and hugs and kisses fest afterward you got the feeling that there was NO way Ireland and Sparano could Co-exist. I've never gotten how a team in need of a Q.B. upgrade would totally ignore Hasselbeck or for that matter Sparano practically begging for a T.E. would be totally ignored as well. I don't know and call me crazy but can't believe Ireland is so dense that he didn't see the need for upgrades here and may have been thinking long term while going through the motions during the last regular season?

One more observation on the Blackmon front and that is how effective will it make B.Marshall working the middle of the field and underneath??

Ireland is incompetent classless scum. Just telling it like I see it.

We need to realize the remaining Dolphin fans arent the sharpest tools in the shed. Heck, there were a couple fans saying we only gave 2 picks for that garbage backup RB!

Ron Son,

You'll get ZERO complaint out of me on your Ireland ginger snaps observation.

The worst part about the D.Thomas trade is that it really is open for discussion if he hadn't been there in Rd.3 Like the much more game Demarco Murray was.

Iteland thought D Thomas was Ricky Williams coming out of college. GEEZ!

Roy Helu Jr. Couldve had Mallett, Helu and another player instead.

FIN4LIFE.......................................TO BE
OR NOT TO BE........


Ron S,

The way he descirbed him after the draft gives the impression that that's exactly what he thought. He said "We got a powerful back with great downhill speed" (his words loosely more or less) So yeah good call cause it sounds like a description of the young Ricky to a "T" Only thing is you can't measure heart and the young Williams (At Texas and after Miami trade) played with an abundance and would absolutely run your A_SS right over!

D.THOMAS .....THE 2011 BUST.......
ODRICK............ THE 2009 BUST......


Manny Wright was better then Merling.

Philbin will tell Ireland what kind of Team he wants and Ireland will get it for him.

SpOrano should have thought off that.

sure oscar

Philbin will tell Ireland what kind of Team he wants and Ireland will get it for him.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 28, 2012 at 11:49 PM


Philbin will tell Ireland what kind of hooka mom he wants and Ireland will get it for him.

Ross is looking for players.

Philbin is scouting prospects.

Ireland's searching for a M I L F!

Can't blame a Brother for trying but D A M N! Get the guy a Free Pass for Deja Vu or something!

We need a General Manager!

Draft Wish List:

2. Justin Blackmon
3. Quinton Coples

Hopefully one of these 3 players will be the Dolphins 2012 1st rd pick.

Jeff Ireland: *Gulp*

Love your 1st rd draftboard Yesterday's Gone. However, I've fallen in love with OT Riley Reif, Iowa. Appreciate you stopping by though!

Dan Robbie never liked how far the bowl seating was from the field. He felt it hurt the crowd noise on the oposing team. But it was done because of the duel play(Baseball).He was right. Now its time to add more seats and make Joe Robbie a true home field advantage.

It's funny you mention Strippers.
Me and a "Partner" of mine have been mulling over the idea of opening up a Club.
The Township Board where I live doesn't allow it(go figure

Posted by: odinseye | January 28, 2012 at 10:31 PM

This clown has no boarders for his B.S., Amazing.

If This Idiot's BS was a mountain it would be MT. Everest.Incredable.

Good Morning Losers

Some notes from the Senior Bowl:

Liked what Isaiah Pead did. He definitely improved his position with his performance yesterday.
Juron Criner was one of the sleepers I had listed in my sleeper section of my mock and, if you watched, you saw exactly what I was talking about. Criner has the ability to get himself between the ball and the defender so he can make the catch. He is a very disciplined route runner and you could see that last night, as well. He's definitely moving up on everyone's boards.
Coples put on a clinic from the end position yesterday. Was impressive with tfl's and deflected passes all game. If he's there when Miami is on the clock it would be tough to pass him up.
Joe Adams played like, well, Joe Adams. He showed the same type of ball catching skill and elusiveness that made him one of the top receivers on the Arkansas team and should improve his status with his 116 yd performance. Adams had a fumble early on but then put together a highlight reel which included a run for a first down on a receiver screen that looked like he'd be tackled for a loss and turned it into one of his punt return highlights making several defenders miss before making a first down.
Mike Adams did well against Ingram at the left tackle position and solidified himself as a first round pick on my board. Adams is a huge left tackle and strong as an ox. Adams should be ranked among the best with Kalil and Reiff. Don't understand the low projection on him.
NT Ta'amu from Washington showed some stuff yesterday and could be a prospect to replace Solai if Miami needs to get a NT if the 3-4 isn't dead.
Nick Foles played well and looks like he's going to get a lot of attention over the next 3 months. He had the best performance of any of the quarterbacks going 11 of 15 for 136 yds. and no int's. I imagine he is on a lot of team's radar at this time and could possibly move into the first with a good showing at the combine.
Cousins didn't do too bad. He had an interception and he was under 50% completions but I liked what I saw from him. He didn't do anything flashy but he did show that he could lead his team down the field. In my opinion Cousins could go in the late 2nd to early 3rd round to a team that will develop him into a future starter.
Kellen Moore looked like a fish out of water. While he had a couple of good throws his lack of arm strenght was evident and his lack of size showed up as a significant factor on some of the passes he attempted. He ended up 6 of 12 for 50 yds.
Players on defense who had nice games were Kendall Reyes, Bobby Martin, Zach Brown, Casey Hayward and Leonard Johnson.
All in all I was much more impressed with the players in this year's Senior Bowl as compared to last year and it looks like there is going to be some major depth in this draft class that hasn't been seen for quite a while.

sr bowl means nothing, every year a couple guys from it move up and never amount to much

Everyone in Miami, except for 1 man, is afraid of the NE Patriots.
Even Mando is afraid of them.
But there is 1 man that is not afraid.
i man that sets records against them.

By contrast there is one team that never gets talked about in the NE media. Ever. With 1 exception: there is a player on this anonymous team that Belichick thinks very highly of, a player that sets NFL records against him.

Odin=Prof Lou= dusty buttons?

I've never seen depth like this:


And then there's Martin from Michigan and Hicks from Regina. Every one of these players are legitimate prospects. Yes, some may sit a little and some may be used in rotations but they will all contribute.


Again, some major depth at the defensive end position with guys like Curry and Johnson who are at the back of the pack but could start somewhere in a year or two.

says lou, draft is a crap shoot no matter what

Life is out there..........Go find it

NAVY SEAL - 1980-2000.

Your Welcome USA.

Parcells may now be overshadowed by some of his former assistants, but there’s no denying he was good at spotting coaching talent.

No matter who wins, this will be the sixth Super Bowl title earned by a former Parcells assistant. (Belichick has three titles, Coughlin has one, and Sean Payton has one.)

your right Lou it is a very good year for DL. We might be needing it too becuz it looks like Langford and Soliai are going to be high priced and unlikely we'll resign both.

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