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Dolphins continue coach hires, must answer questions

The Dolphins continue putting together a coaching staff these days, with the most recent announcement that George Edwards, who left the Miami a couple of years ago to join the Gators then the Bills, is back with Miami after he was fired in Buffalo.

Also returning to the Dolphins 2012 staff will be tight ends coach Dan Campbell, special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi and strength coach Darren Krein, all three of whom were on Tony Sparano's staff last season.

Zac Taylor, a former graduate assistant and tight ends coach at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, joins the Dolphins as an assistant quarterbacks coach.

More hires will be announced in the coming days as the staff is still incomplete.

But this much we know of the current staff: On offense, the hiring of Sherman shows a move toward experience and thus a possible upgrade with the hiring of Sherman.

On defense?

Not quite as good.

The Dolphins, as we all know, hired longtime Cincinnati assistant Kevin Coyle to become the defensive coordinator. Coyle is no rookie coach. He's been in the profession 35 years and has been in the NFL 11 seasons, the past nine as Cincinnati's secondary coach.

Coyle also served as the defensive coordinator at Syracuse, Maryland and Fresno State during his career.

But he has never been an NFL defensive coordinator. That is fact. So it will be interesting to see how his running of Miami's switching 3-4/4-3 defense does compares to the work well-regarded and experienced Mike Nolan did the past two seasons.

Nolan was granted his release despite being under contract and left to go to Atlanta -- not because he was advancing, but rather because he was unhappy he was not considered for the Miami head coach position while one defensive assistant -- Todd Bowles -- was a finalist and obviously got an interview. Bowles, by the way, also left to become a secondary coach in Philadelphia.

So the replacing of Nolan with Coyle glows in neon as the big question mark the Dolphins must answer. Nolan had served as the coordinator in Baltimore, Denver as well as head coach at San Francisco when he landed the Dolphins coordinator job in 2010. The Dolphins were sixth in scoring defense, allowing 19.6 points per game a season ago.

The Bengals, by the way, yielded 20.2 points per game and finished ninth in scoring defense.

Coyle faces something of a rebuilding job and does so as a first time NFL coordinator under a first-time NFL head coach.

We'll see.


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Have you seen them @ any time on this blog....

If Flynn went to SF or more likely Washington, it would be no skin off my nose.

...We are discussing coaching today. The subject of the first game and how we looked gassed came up. If I could chime in.

Game 1 was a prime example of a team that was outcoached(US).. One of the reasons that the Pats run the no huddle is it makes the defense tired..Von Miller said he could barely get his breath in the playoff game once the Pats got into their no huddle..The whole defense was gased..and this was in the Playoffs..Of course fatigue played a role in both teams loses..In the case of the Dolphins loss it is a convenient excuse.

Bellichek knew that there was no way the Phins could have properly prepared for this offense. We even knew it was coming. But Brady knows the offense so well..What they do IMO is this. Go back and look at the First game. The Pats didn't line up until right before the snap of the ball. they create confusion because people are moving all over the place. It looks like a cluster bomb, But it is total control..The offensive version of a defensive "bunch" package. What it did was make it impposible to get lined up correctly..Again go look. We were never lined up in the right spots..Players were confused.and got ate up. Add in Physical fatigue on top of mental fatigue..And we had no chance...It was Bellichek taking candy from a baby..No team, no matter how good the players were. Coached by Sparano and CO. would have won that game that night..We were flat out coached..

Blame it on the fatigue if you want..It was a factor...It just wasn't the determining factor.

I wonder if Kris will give kudos to Nolan if the Atlanta D performs well next year, or will it be an anomaly? LOL

I do agree with someone's previous point, had we scored more points, the perception fans have of Nolan would be better. We lost a lot of games because of a seriously struggling offense, not so much the defense. I admit the first games of the season the D was gassed out for sure, but..a good offense would have kept them off the field.

2012 Outlook,

I get a good feeling about 2012. The way everything has been shaping up. Miami has a lot of momentum! The 6-3 finish is what these guys needed going into next year to be able to believe in the guy next to you. Brandon Marshall got his due in the Pro Bowl. He was a star amongst stars! (even if it the game was effortless). Marshall doesn't care if it doesn't count. He wants recognition and playing with elite QBs shows what he is capable of. The new staff is a plus as well. The same ol, same ol was not cutting it in Miami. Good riddance to everyone who left! Philbin comes from a successful team and has given Miami a fresh start and new look. Anyone wanting Nolan to stay makes me shake my head. Change isn't always good for the sake of change but in Miami's case a new direction is what was sorely needed. Nolan was good but not great. Quite frankly we ran one of the blander 3-4 schemes in the league. People are acting like he was Dick Lebeau or something.

Miami ended 2011 season with momentum and another offseason of optimism for me. I hope Miami gets Matt Flynn. I believe he can be very good in that same system he is familiar with. He is a good fit for Miami and Miami is the best fit for him as well to succeed. Add him and some other help particularly RT, pass rusher and safety and Miami could be onto something early in Philbin's tenure.

The Pats will and always will be the favorite until Brady retires. He is an All Time Great, period. The jets are in complete dysfunction. They were built for short term success and it is showing. The Bills are still the Bills.


Again I like Kaepernick but he's really RAW. He wasn't nearly as NFL ready as a guy like Dalton. How much he progressed this year I'm not sure but I think Harbaugh decided pretty quickly that Smith was his QB and gave the team a chance to win now. He's limited and doesn't have the upside of Smith. Having said that, I'd be shocked if Kaep beat Smith out for the starting spot this year. That's why I suggest Flynn for SF. I think Harbaugh could get more out him than Smith but that's just MO.....

No of it will probably happen but it just got me thinking last night.


another one who ask questions but doesn't answer them....

do u trolls go to school for this....is there some type of standard training....

lets have a discussion under your normal poster name....

I hope Miami gets Matt Flynn. I believe he can be very good in that same system he is familiar with. He is a good fit for Miami and Miami is the best fit for him as well to succeed.

Posted by: AndyNJ | January 31, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Well, only one person really knows if that is true. Philbin. Until I hear from the FO we are interested in Flynn, I will assume we are not.


Not sure who 'Back to Reality' is but my guess is he knows you are having a bad day and is just pushing your buttons.

Best to ignore, rather than getting worked up...just my advice.

Craig M...I'm not sure Alex Smith is going anywhere. He is the perfect system quarterback for Harbaughs offense. That offense reminds me of the Steeler offense when Ben was a young quarterback..Ben had to earn the right to open up the offense.And now even he is saying WTF are we doing throwing it 40 times a game? My point is that everyone remembers the last game. That was who the Niners were all year. Run the ball, throw it to the tight ends..The recivers make a few plays here and there...The exact offense he ran at Stanford. So the Niners are going to get another guy to plug into the system that will force them to play in a way they don't want to? It makes absolutley no sense to me...Harbaugh wanted Smith in that offense for a reason..We all saw why. If Smith goes I doubt that Smith is anywhere outside of San Fran next year..

agree...Craig M....agree....

That was my last post to him....

Einstein asked many questions too. He did not answer many of them, but he did provoke thought. Who answers the questions matters not. Eventually, they get answered.

Craig M,

The fact that Harbaugh who is a QB guru signed off on trading 3 picks for Kaepernick in early round 2 tells me he is the future. He has to be given a chance. You don't trade 3 picks to move up in round 2 and then not give him the chance to develop and eventually start. Flynn is the long term answer for a team because he is going to get paid as such. I don't see him getting a ridiculous contract unless it becomes a bidding war but he will get paid starters money no doubt about it.

Do you think it makes sense to swap 2nd round draft picks and give two 3rd rounders for a player taken 36th overall (4th pick in round 2) and the very next season spend starter's money on another? I don't think it makes sense. If San Fran can't get another Alex Smith, hometown discount I say the Kaepernick era begins in 2012.



I have no answers.....lol....


Your scenario probably makes the most sense. I was just throwing something else out there. I thought Smith was AWFUL in the last game and I'm not attributing it all to the good NYG defence. Too many throws in the dirt and missed receivers. He looked NOTHING like he did against the Saints the week before.

I think what it came down to this year was that Smith gave Harbaugh the best chance for success during a lockout shortened off-season. By no means is he anything more than average.

I think Harbaugh has to look at how long the window to win will last. The defence is good and young but for how long. I think if a guy like Flynn gives them a better chance to win then they should do it but that's just my opinion. I think they would have been a team to have taken a shot on Manning but I now doubt Manning will ever play again.

Awwwwwwwwwww poor Nolannnnnnnn. LMFAO!

It's really amusing the way the Miami fan base is made up.

1/3 of the fans root for coaches they perceived to have been 'wronged' by the organization. When that coach leaves he was the best coach ever and the team is stupid for letting him go.(Please leave with him, Atlanta would love to have you).

1/3 root for whatever player they fall in love with, even if said player doesn't produce, and when they get cut or traded those fans call the team stupid for letting him go. (Henne fans pack your bags. We know, we know, he never got a fair chance, whatever, buh-bye.)

And then you have your last 3rd who root for the Miami Dolphins. No matter what happens they stick with their team, through thick and thin. They would never dream of siding with an individual over the team. The team will always be here, coaches and players come and go.

The first two thirds of fans are bandwagon. They're the fans who easily jump from team to team because living vicariously through another's accomplishments is hard when they are losing. Once again,,,,poor,poor Nolan.

I'm late to the party but wanted to drop my two cents on the debate of whether Mike Nolan was a good Coach or not. I believe Nolan is a better than average DC. The Coach puts the scheme in place and if you really watch the back and forth Chess game that play calling is you know that while not on every down you can with the right scheme put inferior talent in position to win but that doesn't mitigate the need for players because if your talent is very inferior the better athlete's be it on O or D will eventually exploit you, it's that simple you can have the best HC but the better Athlete will always trump that, good Coaches though can close the gap however with the right scheme's.

The best case in point would be Bill Belichik, as DC of the Giants in the 91 S.B. he schemed the Bills to death dropping his LB's into zones including OLB Carl Banks to take the underneath and crossing route away from Kelly and Reed forcing the Bills to take more chances than usual with James Lofton down field who was matched up on the very game Everson Walls with a Safety deep enough to practically be at a cannon shot from the line of scrimmage rolling over the top. One of the keys was LT (played his worst game ever) spying on Thurman Thomas who was running at will until again Bilichik crossed them up with the safeties and LB's always bringing somebody different to the line to help Taylor, again Belichik schemed the best O in Football to death.

Fast foward to 2001 as N.E. HC when he schemed the Greatest Show on turf to death with a very physical game plan that out muscled the Rams and eventually helped lead to rule changes when Peyton Manning went crying to the League offices about the hitting the Pats did in the D-Backfield. There is NO WAY you can argue that the Giants or Pats were better than their opponent they were simply out Coached and schemed,Belichik knew just how to hit them and now because he has been pretty mediocre come draft time and hasn't found the horses to rebuild his D everybody talks about the great Brady who in actuality wouldn't have won the 3 S.B.'s without Belichik and his D's, IMHO!

I have no answers.....lol....

Posted by: Kris | January 31, 2012 at 01:06 PM

That other blogger was right, you have no debate either.

Andy in NJ...You can take this for what it is worth..I'm not name dropping, or trying to be a one-upper..Just something I was able to learn. A good friend of mine is a coach in the Bay area..He knows Harbaugh very well, goes to practices..Blah,blah,blah..

We started taliking about Kaepernick, just because he was so popular with Phin fans. What he said didn't suprise me. He said Kaeperninck couldn't get the team on the right formation half of the time. The Offense as as simple as any in the NFL, and he can't get the team lined up. Now this was early in the season where the backup only gets 4-5 reps at the most. Those reps go down to zero towards the end of the year..So, there could be a learning curve. My Point..Kaep may be the future. I would be shocked if it was next year, even 2. Remember, he wasn't a top 10 pick...No rush.


We'll disagree on Kaepernick...I don't think he's close to being ready...and I really like the kid. If it's not Flynn, it'll be someone else. You're right, Harbaugh is good with QBs and I think he will realize this.

You've got to help me out with something Andy, and it's going to sound like I'm picking on you. I'm amazed that you have SUCH conviction that Flynn will be a success in Miami and yet SO convinced that Moore will be nothing more than an average QB in Miami. You have to share with me what you see as the differences between these two guys because I just don't see it. To me, you've got one guy playing in a great system in GB, with great players and great coaches. The other guy plays in a decent system in Miami, with decent players and OK coaches.

You've got to share with me what you see because to me both guys are interchangeable.


The comment above should have said 'if not SMITH, then it will be someone else'.


Back to Reality, a good offense would have kept them off the field? You apparently didn't watch that game. Henne threw for over 400 yards and the offense scored in bunches. The offense also won the time of possession, meaning our defense had more rest than New England's defense.

I'm not saying Miami has a good offense but in that game it was better than good.

And really? Are you still talking about a debate you had with kris 5 hours ago? Just let it go. And you're not even understanding what his anomaly comment was referring too. The funniest part is he just kept letting you mis quote and misunderstand the meaning. He must have been laughing pretty hard about it.


"We still need a sack machine to turn Brady into a sack of poop."

LMFAO!!!! I agree!!

I have no answers.....lol....
Posted by: Kris | January 31, 2012 at 01:06 PM

That other blogger was right, you have no debate either.
Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 01:12 PM


The more you post...the less sense you make....

and now you stoop to the low level editing my post....

Your lack integrity tells me you are in FACT not based in reality....

Good day Sir....


I don't take it as you name dropping. People know people is how it always is.

As far as Kaepernick being far from ready, I believe it. I don't think he would have had much success in year 1 being that he was a rookie with REMEMBER no OTA's. Dalton and Newton were the exception and not the rule. I think by next year when a handful of rookies are given opportunities at some point and struggle the league will realize again for every Andy Dalton there are 10 guys who stink in year 1.

I believe he struggled and would in year 2 but my point was simply you can't trade 3 draft picks and move up to the 4th pick of round 2 on a QB and then go and pay starters money to Flynn and ever expect Kaepernick to develop. But if Alex Smith doesn't take some deal they can wipe off the books cleanly in a year or 2 or doesn't come at a discount then what option does SF have? They could go get Jason Campbell, Chad Henne's of the world but Kaepernick is the future sooner rather then later.

Phin78, Um, you are talking about the NE game. One game. See the Denver game for example. You can't just cherry pick to fit your needs. Also I'm not involved in a debate.

Also, I didn't know you were Kris's bodyguard. If I pay you double will you be my bodyguard?

Kris I don't mean to butt in on your discussion but I just can't stand when someone acts like that. Has no clue what he's even debating and just continues digging a hole for himself. The worst part is every post comes back more confused and nonsensical than the last yet he acts as if he's winning something!

Can't get stuck in here today, can't get stuck in here,,,,GOTTA GO! :)


I normally agree with most of your posts but I didn't get the point you were making at 1:11pm. I'm a Dolphin fan first and the rest is secondary but it doesn't preclude me form having an opinion on certain players and coaches. I feel Nolan earned the right to an interview for the HC based on who he is, the job his unit did in the time he was here and the fact that he has HCing experience. To me it's just STUPID not to consider somebody like that, unless it's true that he really had his nose out of joint on how Sparano was treated last offseason. That's the only explanation I can come up with because from all accounts the players liked him and who would know the team better than someone like Nolan. All kind of puzzling, actually.....and no one is saying 'poor Nolan'.


I didn't really want to believe it was the same guy still thinking about this morning....although I had my suspicions....

I mean the blog had moved so far past that discussion....

but your right...the it clearly is G. Stevens....

Pretty pathetic atually....but it is nice to be thought of....even if it is in a sick...twisted...stalkerish kinda way....

It takes all kinds...i'll tell ya....

You were talking about the New England game, I was commenting on your assessment of why the defense sputtered. "A better offense would have kept them off the field".

Remember that?

OK, I'm not getting caught up in this vortex of stupidity, I'm out.

Nolan wanted out last year, so with Tony fired, he probably wanted out even more. It is possible he let them know he would not be interested in the HC position.

Hard to believe Ross ia allowing Ireland to do the draft again.

So what position does George Edwards coach

Fin 4 Life...I tried to respond to your post yesterday afternoon..For some reason the posts kept gettinf deleted..I'm not sure what words I used that were inflamitory, or in the red. For what it's worth Maybe the post was too long..Who knows.

To sum up what I said..I went back and watched a lot of Marshall highlights from his denver days(Disclaimer..I understand higlights only tell half of the story, and are convenient to any argument)..I fastforwarded(is that a word) to Last year, and the game V Houston...Night and day as far as how each team used him for sure...If you want I can give you my opinion later..But for the good of the other bloggers I will wait..to avoid a page long post..

I wasn't impressed by Nolan's work. Miami's defense coughed up way too may leads late in the fourth quarter this season.

Craig M,
I feel the same about the Flynn/Moore debate. Flynn is playing (and has been for MORE THAN 1 year) under an excellent system with excellent players. Moore started 4 games into a season, where he was playing in a new offense, where in a shortened training camp he didn't get to practice with the 1st-teamers (Henne did)and the guy played really well. Why do do many of our fans just want a new name and don't see that Moore may be our guy with some CONTINUITY! I say if we can't trade up for Luck, or RG3, we pick up a QB in the later rounds and get the best player availabe at our draft slot. We have a good group of players, we just need the coach (and his system) to get more out of them. (e.g. Harbaugh @ SF)


No problem with you entering the conversation...I apperciate it actually....this is a blog community...and we should police this blog accordingly....

when the in-mates run the asylum....we have only ourselves to blame...

So again...I thank you...

You were talking about the New England game, I was commenting on your assessment of why the defense sputtered.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 31, 2012 at 01:25 PM

Nowhere did I bring up the NE game. Show me. You can't. Sheesh!

Phins and Kris must be under the influence of something. Not something I care to sample.


I'll make a friendly wager with you. If Kaep starts the season for SF, for whatever reason and plays in most of the games, SF misses the playoffs next year. I'm not as close to the SF situation as DD, but I continue to hear that Kaep isn't ready.

So that's the bet. If it's Kaep the Niners falls from 13-3 to out of the playoffs....big drop off!! If I'm right you can pickup a nice steak dinner for me somewhere and if you're right I'll send you some coupons for Arby's.


Yes thanks Phins78, Kris needs your help policing the blog and you do a wonderful job. LOL. Are you guys Arabs by any chance?

and STILL rationlize away why this team has sucked....

its the lockout
its the coach
its the players
its the fans
its the owner
its the gm
its the vendor
its the equipment manager
its the wives
its the girlfrend
its the parents
were to hard on Henne
its Marshall

gimme a break...

Coaches coach...players play.....GMs gm.....nothing else matters...

Posted by: Kris | January 31, 2012 at 11:09 AM

You can make stuff up, but I didn't see even half that list of excuses in that debate.

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 12:40 PM

That was all I said. And it's true. Still.

Craig M....

I think the Niners are 9-7 regardless of who QBs....

but they stoll make the playoffs due to the horrible division....

Nolan = water under the bridge

We have a new DC now, and he's been pretty good at developing & reclaiming DBs.

Sounds like a good thing for our take-away starved secondary. Maybe Davis & Smith and the rest can develop now.

I think one of the fins biggest weaknesses was addressed just by hiring Coyle.

remains to be seen....

... I admit the first games of the season the D was gassed out for sure, but..a good offense would have kept them off the field.

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 12:47 PM

Nowhere did I bring up the NE game. Show me. You can't. Sheesh!

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Unless we find a way to land a premium pass rusher(trade, draft, fa) expect more of the same in the pass defense game next year.

However, another way to skin the cat is to trade up and take LSU shutdown corner Morris Claiborne. One thing for sure, if we dont find that pass rush compliment to Wake, we damn sure better find a way to score "A LOT" more points this season.

LOL @ 1:26 PM

LMAO...and I never do that.....

Missing out on Fisher and then losing Nolan was devastating.

@ 1:36...

Laughing so hard...i coudn't see the time correctly...lol....

.. I admit the first games of the season the D was gassed out for sure, but..a good offense would have kept them off the field.

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 12:47 PM

Nowhere did I bring up the NE game. Show me. You can't. Sheesh!

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Posted by: seriously | January 31, 2012 at 01:36 PM

You guys are dumber than dumb. Did you ever read anything beyond a comic book???? I said CLEARLY first games (you know, plural) and nowhere did I single out the NE game like you did.

Not even a nice try.

You two have sheet for brains.

My God...Some people are upset with Nolan leaving? LOL! Please...No big loss there...Just like Sparano...

Craig M,

I can only compare off of what I think. I could be wrong but I don't think I will be with Flynn. I don't think Flynn will be Aaron Rodgers part 2 but I do think he could be a good to very good QB over a 16 game schedule. I pointed out in a very limited 2 starts he has thrown 9 TDs to just 2 ints but what was the most impressive thing was he completed 67 percent of his passes. In order to thrive in a West Coast system you need an accurate QB who is precise with his timing and ability to hit receivers in stride with touch. Forget Flynn's yardage just take a look at his completion percentage. That shows me he has the timing and understanding of this particular offense. In a vertical offense or some wide open system, Flynn might not succeed. I don't know his arm strength but it's plenty strong to hit receivers runnning down field from what I saw. The completion percentage and TD to INT ratio is what makes West Coast QBs successful.

Matt Moore on the other hand was handed the reigns of a team he contributed to an 0-7 start. At 0-7 there's no pressure as the backup QB which Moore was and should stay as. There is no pressure and I am going to just throw it around and see what happens. After all we are 0-7, what's the worse that can happen. Moore played good in spots but even in some of his better games he is under 60 percent completion rate. He just isn't accurate enough. He is more of a gun slinger mentality, throwing balls up for grabs and not being able to move the chains when it counts. He is not a good fit IMO in a West Coast system because of his accuracy issues.

Moore's ceiling on his best of days is probably what the Dallas game which he failed to close out. The Patriots game in the 1st half? Another loss. Look at his wins, where did he light it up. Where did he go out and flat out win the game for Miami? He is not the answer.

I look at it as Flynn vs Moore over a 16 game schedule and I see Flynn being the much better QB in this system and under these coaches.

Now time will tell because if Miami doesn't pursue Flynn then that says a lot that Philbin thinks it was a fluke but I think there is a good shot Flynn is the Dolphins starter in 2012, just a hunch.

Quick comment on this, It appears were are finally doing this the right way, The Hire a Head Coach, He hires his OC/DC and then the hire the other assistances.. If we go back to prior changeovers, this was never done this way. I don't remember all the details but since Shula left we would hire a new HC and give him a bunch of already established coordinators, this went on even when Sparano was here, he was hired after Nolan was in place, so we usually had a dysfunctional staff, Thats why we see a lot of those guys doing good on other teams, I'm looking at the process and the order of hires not the people because we have no way of knowing who this people really are. Its also a buddy system thats how we ended up with Jr last year.

Misi may fare better at DE in 4-3 then he did in 3-4 I also think Starks could play LE as well and then we use Odrick and McDaniel inside

Misi is good at runstopping and bullrushing...

OK Kris,

Just because I know you like being right in our bets, I've got you down as the same wager with Andy. I highly doubt it will be Kaep anyways, so it'll all be null and void. I'm saying if Smith leaves or gets hurt, they will go and get a vet to take over the job. Maybe we'll be watching Henne to Ginn all over again...LOL.

People are so desperate they need to avoid reality to get a laugh. Hey, if it helps...

I'll laugh at reality, like your list of fantasy excuses most of which nobody used....

its the lockout
its the coach
its the players
its the fans
its the owner
its the gm
its the vendor
its the equipment manager
its the wives
its the girlfrend
its the parents
were to hard on Henne
its Marshall

gimme a break...

.................Flynn will have suitors in Miami, Washington and Cleveland. Which ever team doesn't a scouting combine deal in place with St. Louis for Robert Griffin is the team Miami competes with.

Forget the Peyton Manning fantasy. The nerves in his tricep isn't worth waiting on or what he will cost. Could he recover and be like Montana when he led KC to the AFC championship? Absolutely! But his star has faded. The injury is reversable even if it does get better. It's a pinched nerve which can get tweaked at any movement or hit again.
Flynn, Flynn, Flynn!!!
Posted by: AndyNJ | January 31, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Don't forget Seattle or even Denver as possibly being in the market for Flynn as well.

I agree in RE to Manning. Personally, I think it's over, and what a crappy way for him to have to go out. Like many/most players, he'll be the last to know/admit that it's over. I think if he was really expected to be healthy and able to play, the question of whether Manning would be allowed to walk by Indy would be moote.

Not only does the nerve have to re-generate (may or may not ever happen)....but when/if it does, he's going to have to do a lot of add'l therapy and rehab to get the tricep back from the atrophy.

Further, and to your point about the nerve possibly being an ongoing and nagging type of thing....absolutely! I have some nerve issues as a result of a neck injury that just pop up out of nowhere. One day I'm fine and the next I can't feel my arm all the way down to my finger tips. A trip to the doc, some medication, and some massage/chiropractic thereapy usually get me back to normal....but it usually takes a good 4-6 weeks.

Yesterday, that Jenkins kid looks AWFULLY good too...He might be available when we make our pick...He's considered the best "cover corner" in this draft...

Craig M....that may be a possibility....lol...

but I think the 2011 49ers...are this years version of the 2008 FINS...or the 2010 Chiefs....

we will see....

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