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Dolphins continue coach hires, must answer questions

The Dolphins continue putting together a coaching staff these days, with the most recent announcement that George Edwards, who left the Miami a couple of years ago to join the Gators then the Bills, is back with Miami after he was fired in Buffalo.

Also returning to the Dolphins 2012 staff will be tight ends coach Dan Campbell, special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi and strength coach Darren Krein, all three of whom were on Tony Sparano's staff last season.

Zac Taylor, a former graduate assistant and tight ends coach at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, joins the Dolphins as an assistant quarterbacks coach.

More hires will be announced in the coming days as the staff is still incomplete.

But this much we know of the current staff: On offense, the hiring of Sherman shows a move toward experience and thus a possible upgrade with the hiring of Sherman.

On defense?

Not quite as good.

The Dolphins, as we all know, hired longtime Cincinnati assistant Kevin Coyle to become the defensive coordinator. Coyle is no rookie coach. He's been in the profession 35 years and has been in the NFL 11 seasons, the past nine as Cincinnati's secondary coach.

Coyle also served as the defensive coordinator at Syracuse, Maryland and Fresno State during his career.

But he has never been an NFL defensive coordinator. That is fact. So it will be interesting to see how his running of Miami's switching 3-4/4-3 defense does compares to the work well-regarded and experienced Mike Nolan did the past two seasons.

Nolan was granted his release despite being under contract and left to go to Atlanta -- not because he was advancing, but rather because he was unhappy he was not considered for the Miami head coach position while one defensive assistant -- Todd Bowles -- was a finalist and obviously got an interview. Bowles, by the way, also left to become a secondary coach in Philadelphia.

So the replacing of Nolan with Coyle glows in neon as the big question mark the Dolphins must answer. Nolan had served as the coordinator in Baltimore, Denver as well as head coach at San Francisco when he landed the Dolphins coordinator job in 2010. The Dolphins were sixth in scoring defense, allowing 19.6 points per game a season ago.

The Bengals, by the way, yielded 20.2 points per game and finished ninth in scoring defense.

Coyle faces something of a rebuilding job and does so as a first time NFL coordinator under a first-time NFL head coach.

We'll see.


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English lesson.

When you add an 's' to the end of a word, in most cases it makes it plural. Plural means more than one.

So there is a clear distinction, among the literate between

'first game' and 'first games'.

I know its complicated, but with some study you'll get it.

Craig that's fine. And I understand you're just voicing an opinion which doesn't necessarily mean you are jumping ship. That is allowed. And you have always been an objective poster in my eyes at least. You don't use situations the team is going through to laugh and point fingers. You look at the situation, voice your displeasure and move on. Your next post is never obvious, you may give someone credit to the team, saying something positive or you could keep going on the subject that concerned you.

My problem is with fans who just always assume the worst, no matter what.

HEADLINE "The Dolphins just added 100 more hand held stats boxes"! POSTER "Great, there go our ticket prices!" STORY "Ticket prices will remain the same"! POSTER " GREAT, now they will just raise parking!" And so on.

STORY "Nolan left to go to Atlanta" POSTER "Great, now our defense will suck, there's no chance anyone could ever be as good as Nolan".

Isn't this the prevailing thought with people mad about the move? Why isn't the thought "Great, maybe our defense can get more turnovers or play well in the 4th quarter now". Why isn't the automatic thought to side with the team over someone who has only been here two years? I mean I've been a fan for 33 years, Nolan has been here 2 years, why would I side with him over the team?

I didn't work with him. I didn't play for him. I don't know anyone who worked for him or played for him. I don't know what his relationship was like with the rest of the coaching staff, the GM, OR the owner. Therefore, how can I, a fan who watches on tv, tell people who are close to him, who have worked and played for him, who have watched him for two years, that THEY are wrong and should have kept Nolan? It's crazy right?

Last question, how many other teams that needed head coaches were knocking on Nolan's door this season? Zero right? But the Dolphins should have,,,, why? Out of courtesy when they already know they're not going to hire him? It doesn't make sense and I just don't agree with calling the move stupid.

We had Nolan under contract, Ross could have forced him to stay, Nolan is the one who left. Ross allowed him to leave but gets no credit for the class he showed in doing so. Not to mention none of these supposed reasons for Nolan leaving have ever been verified by the team or Mike Nolan. Not once has Nolan spoken out on his reasons. If I'm wrong point me to his words, I would love to read what he says and will gladly admit I was wrong. But as far as I know we are only assuming reasons because that's what the reporters did. They wrote a bunch of articles with their best guess as to why Nolan left printed for everyone to see and now people are acting as if they are facts. Same as always.


We'll agree to disagree. If Flynn comes here and has success I will tip my hat to you. If however, he comes here and flops or they choose not to pursue him you can expect to hear from me....OK?

Lookoing forward to having my steak courtesy of you next year too....LOL.


Fighting over Kaepernick is pretty baseless right now. What's great about about San Fran's qb situation right now is Alex Smith is a legitimate starter. They made it to the NFC championship game with him, losing by only 3pts to the Giants and it wasnt Smith's fault.

Guys, the 49ers look very safe to let Kaep sit and develop at least 2 more season before a qb controversy arises in Frisco'. Then it's another season or two before Kaep's able to hit the open market.

So barring a Alex Smith collapse at qb, dont even expect to see Kaep starting at qb for the Niners anytime soon. Unless Kaep's star rises so quickly he forces Frisco to sit Smith. Either way, they'll be able to hold onto and groom Kaep for at least 3-4 more seasons.

Phins! You are still here??? You said goodbye twice.

Here I was thinking nobody was policing the blog.

Looks more and more like Peyton is done...

Flynn vs Detroit.

Better players?

O-line - He had a horrible O-line who was banged up and not sure how many or particularly who but they weren't entact as all the starters playing.

WR - Jordy Nelson and James Jones were the starters that day, Driver played and JerMichael Finley as well. Is Brandon Marshall better then Jorny Nelson? I think he is. James Jones vs Hartline? Not exactly a one sided battle in either's favor. Bess at this point vs Driver? I guess Driver by a slight margin even at 37 or whatever he is. Finley obviously over Fasano.

RB - Ryan Grant vs Reggie Bush? I'd take Bush this year.

I'm just saying the better player theory doesn't work with me on this one. I can see if the Packers had their full cast of players but they didn't. To me it also doesn't matter when you go for 480 yards and 6 TDS and complete 70 percent of your passes! I can see if he went for 250 3 TDs then it's like he had a nice day but to set a record, c'mon give the guy his due! He is a force and given the opportunity to start could be as well. There is no sure things but I'd be willing to take the chance.


Good comments at 1:48pm. I understand your points better now.

I still would have given Nolan an interview as courtesy to him. Doesn't mean he was the best candidate or that he was even a candidate but I think it says a lot about the team that they didn't. And I'm not a believer that because nobody else did, we shouldn't either. I don't believe in that stuff....

So sick and tired of watching the Patriots in a SB...So sick and tired of them having 2 first round picks every fuc***n draft...I hope someone from the Giants sends Brady to the ER...

In RE to the Phins offense starting slow this past season.....anyone notice that everyone's offense started slow this past year? Anyone notice that, for the most part, defense was almost non-existent pretty much everywhere in the NFL?

Personally, I attribute the decline in defenses across the board (particularly pass defense) to a lot of the rule changes that heavily favor offense. I mean sheesh....DBs can't even defend anymore without getting a bunk call for a hit(even if it's not helmet to helmet...just a hard hit)...or getting flagged because a guys pinky finger grazed a WR's jersey.

With many of these new rules, it's going to be all about the front 7 and getting pressure. Nobody is going to be able to sit back and let their DBs cover....because they're not allowed to, you know, actually defend anything.

If you look at the defenses that thrived this year, it was primarily in run stopping and pressure....not the defensive backfield.

I admit the first games of the season the D was gassed out for sure, but..a good offense would have kept them off the field.

Posted by: Back to reality | January 31, 2012 at 12:47 PM

Okay now I realize you are either f***ing with people to get a rise or you are very simple minded so this will be my last post on the subject.

THE NEW ENGLAND GAME WAS "one of the first games of the season". One of the games in which you said "a good offense would have kept them off the field".

So as you didn't SAYYYYYYY New England you certainly included that game in your stated opinion. But you already know this I suspect.

I say we forget about Flynn and all the draft possibilities and just go with Pat Devlin.

Then we wait for Blackmon to fall to us at 8 and then get Fleener in the early second.

Sit back and get your Superbowl tickets ready.


Absolutley on Flynn to Seattle a real possibility. The radio stations there have already started a campaign for it. I listen to moving the chains on my way home from work and they were talking about it the other day. They want to get their second Matt Hasselbeck type of deal from GB.

Denver? I doubt it. Elway already came out and said Tebow is the starter going into next season. I don't see how he has not earned that. He is the reason they made the playoffs, period.

But there may be some surpise Flynn suitors thats for sure.

Phins78 @ 1:48...excellent post....

That is the emotion I am talking about....a REAL person who has REAL passion for our team...

If only this blog had more fans like yourself....

and less like the ones who troll around ONLY looking for a fight....

I hear ya Craig. I'm of the belief that they had a good reason why they didn't interview him.

LOL Can you believe it?! I'm a glutton for punishment. You would think after all of the mis- management I would have lost my hope or faith. Well I guess the faith IS gone but I'm still hanging off that ledge holding on to a very thin vine called hope!

I hope they let him go for the right reasons :)

Montreal...I think I mumbled those exact thoughts to myself the other day.

really fed up with the pats, brady, etc.


I think you are changing the facts a bit to meet your argument. You cited earlier Flynn's stats in TWO games and now you are making reference to ONLY the game against Detroit. I think you need to be consistent in your argument.

The two games in which he played well were against, New England and Detroit, who were getting torched by EVERYONE towards the end of the season, including a beat up Raiders offence.

If we're going to look at Flynn objectively, he's 9TDs and 5INTs, with a 62.1% passing rating for his career in the NFL. The stats are fine but the story still needs to be told.

Flynn is going to be a very RICH man...


It's extremely rare for top 5 qb's to throw for "6 tds" in a backup game, let alone a "backup qb". Matt Flynn may have had the best game he'll ever have in his entire career in that game.

Actually I would be more impressed had Flynn thrown for right at 30yds and 3 tds. Then I wouldnt be so concerned the guy may have blown his entire career qb wad in one meaningless game. It's foolish to annoint a guy anything after one great performance in one meaningless game.

Yes we know he comes from a very solid qb system(GB). If I hung my hat on anything, it would be he comes from a solid qb system, not the 480yd 6td game. Chances are too great he'll never see another game like that ever again.

Craig M,

mark my words I am sure that Flynn won't flop in Miami. I did say I don't think he will be Aaron Rodgers or Brady either but he will be a good QB in Miami if he comes here. If Flynn comes to Miami, Philbin more then any coach knows his strengths and weaknesses. That's my argument when guys throw AJ Feeley, Kolb, Scott Mitchell out there. All those guys went from 1 system to another. Not every player can adjust to a new system. Some QBs stink in a West Coast offense and some can only play in a WC offense where you don't need a rifle for an arm.

Let's hope Coples is available...He's the next DeMarcus Ware...Him and Wake together and Brady is a dead duck...

fin4life/DD, great points both about being out-coached.

Did you guys hear Philbin's introductory presser? He talked about some things he wanted to do on offense. He mentioned creating good matchups, using the no-huddle, etc. I'm telling you, it was freakin' music to my ears. Why hasn't that been used here more? Why would ANY offense not use those designed plays to create mismatches and confusion in the defense? I don't get it. Our offensive scheme has been horrendously simplistic. FOREVER! I don't get it.

Anyway, here's hoping Philbin understands that you can beat any team, on any day in this league, it's a matter of when you play them and how creative you are. Sparano was creative for all of pretty much 1 game (that '08 game vs. Pats where he broke out the Wildcat).

Someone mentioned the "system." Exactly. Create a mismatch and even Hartline becomes a force like Roddy White (ok, grasping a little). But a system will make players better, so you don't need 11 ProBowlers to win.

Great post guys, exactly why I come on here, to learn from posters like you.


For the same reason that you argue 'Moore had nothing to lose, taking over a team 0-7', couldn't you also make the argument in the game against Detroit that Flynn had nothing to lose too? What's the worst that could have happened? The team loses and finishes 14-2, has a bye and homefield advantage all the way through the playoffs? Not exactly high stakes were they? So if we're going to do an apple to apple comparison, shouldn't we realy be measuring Flynn when there's something at stake, like a key divisional game against one of our rivals? The reality is we have NO idea how this guy is going to perform when the pressure is really on.

Craig M,

I'm always consistent and always come with facts to support my opinion. My first argument was why Flynn is better then Moore where I said forget the yardage. Look at the more important stat of completion percentage. Which means the chains are moving.

My second argument was seperate from Flynn vs Moore. It was the argument of Flynn having better players is why he performed so well vs Detroit? Two seperate arguments.

Definitely Kris, It's a lot of fun in here when people contribute objective and rationale thoughts to the conversations. The trolls always ruin it for everyone.

If we were all able to ignore them they would disappear. They only want attention and when no one gives them any they leave. They can't add to the conversation because they don't understand the game and/or the make up of their own team. They see people talking and instead of learning they feel left out and insecure because of it. That's when the nonsense and insults start flying. It's their only way to get attention in an adult conversation. This is why I always assume it's a child.

Then you have the other kind of troll who doesn't even watch football but finds the Herald blog, insults someone, gets a rise and then won't leave for days. Hahahaha all too funny!

Very hard to ignore them, I know I try but always get sucked in (see my comments today to the reality guy!)


I hope he does come to Miami and I hope he does light it up. I just want the team to do well and I'd be happy to tip my cap to you.

But I just haven't seen enough of the kid to believe it yet and I really don't see the upgrade over Moore. I also question whether we have the players to pull off what Philbin wants to do with the offence and I think it might take some time before it's all in place.

train wreck


I agree that Flynn more than likely never throws for anything near 480 or 6 tds again. No argument from me there. Look at his completion percentage 70 percent and ther 3rd down percentage on day 50 percent. Detroit wasn't exactly a shut down defense but people aren't giving Flynn credit where it's due. He went toe to toe with Mattthew Stafford is a bonafide franchise QB. On a day Detroit went all in for a win at Lambeau.

See ya later guys. Can't wait for the damned Super Blow to be over so we can get started with the offseason. Let's go Philbin!!!! More importantly, get us a QB Jeff!

Phin78...you and me both...I think its that little thing GOD gave us called testosterone....

but I'm getting better (sometimes)....If i recognize I am no longer in a debate...but rather a fight....I have gotten better @ walking away...


Again I think you're using the stats to meet your argument. When you look at Flynn over his career, 9TDs and 5INTD, with a 62 per cent completion percentage, as opposed to numbers against two sieve defences (yes Detroit's defence was sieve like at that stage of the season), it doesn't paint as rosy a picture. In fact, Flynn's numbers are much closer to what Moore did in Miami last year with inferior players and coaches.

Craig M...good post about Flynn...good comparison....and definetly deserves debate....

Kris, shut your mouth.

Ok, I don't want to get in the middle of this, because I'm friendlier with kris and Phins78 and don't know back to reality.

But, at least generally, I agree with what back to reality is saying regarding better offense. Not just scoring TDs. First off, we had more 20+ yardage plays than any time in our recent history (at least with Sparano). That means quicker scores. Secondly, even when Henne was QB, we had an abysmal 3rd-down completion percentage. Our offense worked in fits and starts, didn't hold the ball for long stretches, and that gave Brady time to do his thing (in that 1st game). Lastly, this year we were one of the most sacked teams, which is a drive killer.

So improving offense will (generally) keep opposing offenses off the field longer (to put more pressure on them if you score). However, teams like the Pats, Green Bay, Saints, etc., who can score quickly (and are efficient) will need something extra to win (like defensive stops, similar to what we did in the 1st half of the 2nd Pats game).

I know, I know.... Philbin gives us the inside track on Flynn. Still it isnt 100% cetainty until his signature is dry on our contract.

If we dont get him, Mario Williams or Robert Mathis could come into play. Williams could become one of the highest paid defensive players ever to hit the fa market. Mathis will be pricey but not as pricey as Williams.

There's turmoil in Indy right now, so Mathis could be ripe for the pickings. Plus the few millions we save on signing a Mathis over Williams frees up more dollars to go after better grade supporting cast in free agency.

Thanks Kris....

1st rd Luke Kuechly MLB/ Ryan Tannehill QB
2nd rd Brandon Weeden QB/ Vinny Curry DE
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR/ Vontaze Burfict ILB
4th rd Matt Reynolds OT/ Kheeston Randall DT
5th rd Olivier Vernon DE/ Lucas Nix OG
6th rd Mitchell Schwartz OT/ Jordan White WR
7th rd Tysyn Hartman FS/ Matt Daniels SS

Craig M,

In his starts he has thrown 9 TD and 2 ints. The other 3 ints in mop up duty non-starts.

The most important stat with a QB is wins and losses so I can throw all the numbers I want at you but if a QB isn't winning it doesn't matter. In the end I feel in this system Philbin was a part of GB that Miami will have many of the same principles even if it is different and a variation of it. However, Flynn gives Miami the best chance to win in that system. At the very least he has proven in his small sample he can play in that system. Over the long haul there is no evidence I can give you. We will have to wait and see. Moore in WC system is not what he is. He is not accurate, has never played in a West Coast offense.

Flynn gives Miami the best chance of ending this nightmare at the QB position.


Im still not so sold on Matthew Stafford being upper echelon franchise qb. "Megatron" would make Matt Moore look like Matthew Stafford.

Megatron is a total beast "freak of nature" at wr. If we had "Megatron" there wouldnt be a whole lot talk about upgrading our qb situation from "Matt Moore".

DC Dolfan | January 31, 2012 at 02:17 PM

This person, regardless of his opinion, had no trouble seeing the simple point I was making, and had no need to twist it into something else.

Agree or disagree is fine. Twisting other peoples words to fit your own argument or mock them does not make your own opinion any more right or wrong.


Your point of view is always welcome....and we differ on quite a few issues....but were still good...
IF reality makes good points....then they should be agreed with...

However....he is way off topic....making a point that has NOTHING to do with the orginal conversation isn't really making a point @ all...

For example....

what if in the middle of this post I said....

"If we score more points...then we will take pressure off our D".....

Great point right....but not in the CONTEXT of the current conversation....

Comprende Amigo....

beerphin, I like that mock draft...Vinny Curry, Conference USA player of the year, had a heck of a game at the Senior Bowl...Would you take Kuechly over Coples?? I wouldn't. Mitchell Schwartz is a very good prospect, highly unlikely he makes it all the way to the 6th round...

Ok my fantasy world, QB Flynn 6TD and Marshal 4 TD both on not that important games, Will now cut that production in haf and give you 5 TD a game. Ok a said it was my fantasy world.. I would add thats is on any given PRACTICE they F or B had this production you would fell good about your team come opening day


I agree Megatron is the Randy Moss (Culpepper) type that makes a QB look better then he is but he did throw 41 TDs (16 to Megatron)and he did complete 421 passes (96 to Megatron) and completed 63 percent of his passes. So I understand your argument but he clearly played very well this year.

Having an "easier" schedule next year could be a big favor to whoever takes over at QB.

Of course, the "easy" teams may not be so easy the following year, that's why they play the game i guess....

beerphin, I like LB Cam Johnson out of Virginia...As a 3rd round pick...Could be an absolute steal...Very physical guy...Not a pass rush specialist, not a run defending specialist...But does BOTH things very well...Could turn out to be a very special player...

The thing concerning me about the Philbin-Flynn situation is the fact that Philbin's seen a lot of Flynn. He hasnt see much Matt Moore though. So there's no way in hell he can "DEFINITVELY" determine if Flynn is vastly better than Moore.

What if Flynn proves to be right about the same level as Moore? Why was Flynn drafted 7th rd?

There have been "MANY" qb's drafted 2nd-3rd that have never materialized to be adequate "middle of the pack" starting qb's. If Flynn fails, all of his critics and the Monday morning qb's will point to him being a "7th rd" pick as sign we should have stayed away.

As a dolfan, if we sign him, on so many levels I hope it pans out. But with so little "body of work" experience to go by, I also see so many ways it could go awfully wrong.

I also like Ohio State's T Mike Adams. Everyone was talking about the South's pass rushers like Ingram, Upshaw, etc...Adams kicked their butts...I know all the talk is about Kalil, but Adams looks like he's going to be a pretty darn good one...


I was posting on Friday how a good friend in the Eagles PR department is at the Senior Bowl. He said watching from the stands Coples stands out in everything he does. Now my friend is an English major and football fan not a scout so his word was as good as any of ours but I really thought from him and reading about Coples that he was going to shoot up into the top 5 of the draft but after the game he dropped out of top 10 according to some.

He can thanks Mike Adams for that!


I wish I had the same conviction about Flynn as you. I'm not there yet....maybe it will come.

I'm going to look at him for his career, not just those two games, where realy there was nothing at stake.

RT maybe lower on the totem pole compared to other pressing needs. IMO, we dont need a pro bowl calibre RT(would be nice to have one). We need some one better than Columbo protecting the passer.

As far as protecting the passer, Columbo is about as bad as it gets on the nfl level. Upgrading from Columbo, isnt going to be nearly as difficult as we may think. Columbo was probably the worst pass protecting RT in the entire league last season.

I just hope Ireland doesnt think "upgrading" from Columbo doesnt warrant a #9 pick(Reilly Reif RT Iowa). We have far more urgent need with that pick. (Pass rush, Maybe corner, or Offensive player that helps put more points on the scoreboard).

Gotta go guys.....

Some really good discussion on here today....

If Philbin really wants to build longevity here in Miami. He had better be "all balls in" on convincing Ireland to "trade-up" for RGIII.

RG3 looks like the real deal. No one's considering him a "7th rd" pick(Flynn).

I judge a good defense based on sacks, turnovers, points scored, and time of possession.

Nolan's defense was a failure based on that criteria.

Andy, if Coples is still on the board when we pick, we HAVE to take him. Adams was very effective blocking Upshaw and Ingram, but nobody could block Coples. Adams locked on to him pretty good on a few plays but Coples was very DISRUPTIVE the entire game. Just imagine him and Wake as our DE's...Fuc***g scary...It's funny but watching the Senior Bowl, I had high expectations for Upshaw, Ingram and some other pass rushers from the South but it turned out the 3 most disruptive players in the game were Coples from North Carolina, Vinny Curry from Marshall and DT Alameda Ta'amu from Washington...This guy had to be double teamed all game long...Wouldn't be surprised if a team like Pittsbugh or Baltimore would draft this kid...

Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama. This kid can cover...

New Coach Wanted,

All of the dropped picks by our db's during Nolan's tenure was his fault? The fact that we never had a legit complimentary pass rusher to Cam Wake is his fault?

The washed up JT and Joey Porter dont count as legit pass rushing compliments.

We also dont have a legit "ball hawking" fs. Yeah, lets blame Nolan for that one too. A gm that doesnt bring in "difference making" personnel cripples the entire coaching staff.

kris, yes, I understand. That's why I didn't want to get in the middle of it (since I'm not really following what the argument is).

So then, aside from that conversation you guys are having, can we all (hopefully) agree that 1 way to help our defense is if our offense becomes more efficient (to either stay on the field longer, extend drives, or score and put pressure on opposing offenses (hopefully creating more mistakes from them).


I agree. It would be great to have 2 bookend Tackles but Miami has other needs as well. I was telling everyone before the Philbin hire I thought that Riley Reiff or Martin would be the picks and it made sense because of that glaring hole. But now knowing Philbin is an offensive line coach first and foremost then just like my theory when Sparano was here why spend a first round pick on a position that you know so well that you should be able to coach a 2nd rounder into a first rounder or close to it.

Miami does need play makers on offense or a pass rusher opposite Wake. I like Michael Floyd especially if he runs around a 4.55 40. He and Marshall would be a tough cover for a lot of teams. They are similar players, true but I still like that as a possibility.

I would love a pass rusher but who? Coples looked slow in the game to me. Maybe Mike Adams made him look bad but he was invisible all day. Upshaw I like him in a 3-4 but is that what Miami is going to run? Melvin Ingram? Whitney Mercilus? I dont think either is top 10 worthy IMO.

2012 will be "make or break" season for Sean Smith as an nfl starter. My problem with Smith is he does nothing at an extremely high level. Covering nor tackling.

Smith's greatest assett seems to be as the corner in a "dime" package. Beginning to seem more and more like that's what we got for a "2nd rd" pick.

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