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Dolphins continue coach hires, must answer questions

The Dolphins continue putting together a coaching staff these days, with the most recent announcement that George Edwards, who left the Miami a couple of years ago to join the Gators then the Bills, is back with Miami after he was fired in Buffalo.

Also returning to the Dolphins 2012 staff will be tight ends coach Dan Campbell, special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi and strength coach Darren Krein, all three of whom were on Tony Sparano's staff last season.

Zac Taylor, a former graduate assistant and tight ends coach at Texas A&M under Mike Sherman, joins the Dolphins as an assistant quarterbacks coach.

More hires will be announced in the coming days as the staff is still incomplete.

But this much we know of the current staff: On offense, the hiring of Sherman shows a move toward experience and thus a possible upgrade with the hiring of Sherman.

On defense?

Not quite as good.

The Dolphins, as we all know, hired longtime Cincinnati assistant Kevin Coyle to become the defensive coordinator. Coyle is no rookie coach. He's been in the profession 35 years and has been in the NFL 11 seasons, the past nine as Cincinnati's secondary coach.

Coyle also served as the defensive coordinator at Syracuse, Maryland and Fresno State during his career.

But he has never been an NFL defensive coordinator. That is fact. So it will be interesting to see how his running of Miami's switching 3-4/4-3 defense does compares to the work well-regarded and experienced Mike Nolan did the past two seasons.

Nolan was granted his release despite being under contract and left to go to Atlanta -- not because he was advancing, but rather because he was unhappy he was not considered for the Miami head coach position while one defensive assistant -- Todd Bowles -- was a finalist and obviously got an interview. Bowles, by the way, also left to become a secondary coach in Philadelphia.

So the replacing of Nolan with Coyle glows in neon as the big question mark the Dolphins must answer. Nolan had served as the coordinator in Baltimore, Denver as well as head coach at San Francisco when he landed the Dolphins coordinator job in 2010. The Dolphins were sixth in scoring defense, allowing 19.6 points per game a season ago.

The Bengals, by the way, yielded 20.2 points per game and finished ninth in scoring defense.

Coyle faces something of a rebuilding job and does so as a first time NFL coordinator under a first-time NFL head coach.

We'll see.


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Ryan Tannehill could be this year's version of Jake Locker. Remember how everyone was shocked when the Titans selected him? Don't be surprised if the Redskins do the same thing with Tannehill.If he's still on the board when we pick, Ireland will have a HUGE decision to make...Of course, this decision won't be so difficult if we decide to go with Matt Flynn...

Andy, you thought Coples was invisible? Are you serious? I thought he was all over the field!


I seen Coples play with maximum effort on a lot of plays and waited and waited to see him not make any plays.

What did you see that you liked? Outside of him moving around and running hard on plays, what plays did he make?


The rising name on my pass rush radar is Robert Mathis. He'll be pricey, but not as pricey as Mario Williams. Plus he may want out of the Indy mess going on right now too.

I still say Miami shouldnt eliminate trading up for RG3. Not many "dual threat" qb's come along that can place "high levels" of fear into a defense with both his arm and legs.

I still say trade the entire house if we have too, to land RG3. RG3 has a far greater "body of work" to go by than Matt Flynn. Even if we sign Flynn we need to go for RG3. We can throw Matt Moore as a backup for Bradford.

Robert Mathis had 9.5 sacks last season playing opposite primary pass rusher Dwight Feeney. Cam Wake had 8.5 sacks.

Mathis would be great opposite Wake and a far better gamble than drafting a college pass rush "project" high. Plus he'll come cheaper than Mario Williams.

I would sign Mathis even if it meant not resigning both Soliai and Langford.

Guys I'm liking Dont'a Hightower (OLB/DE) at 6'4"/260 Pds. out of Bama in Rd.2. If we go 4/3 (very likely) with some sort of hybrid 3/4 this could end up being a JT type player for us given he played in such a D for Saban who ran it nicely in Miami with Taylor the Joker (OLB/DE) in the scheme.

We can get by without resigning Soliai. We cant get by without a legit pass rusher opposite Wake. Without a legit premium pass rush, we cant even dream about supplanting Tom Brady and the Pats as afc east champs.

Andy, I thought he was very quick and strong for a 280lb DE. He looked like a man amongst boys in that game. Anyway, here's what Russ Lande from the Sporting News had to say about his performance: "Coples leaves Mobile having made a statement that he is the best pass-rushing defensive end in the draft. He consistently displayed excellent foot quickness, good agility and an explosiveness that is uncommon for a 280-pound defensive end. He proved that he can beat offensive tackles inside or outside with a variety of quick moves to pressure the quarterback or make plays against the run. He did a very good job of combining his long arms and natural strength to jolt and drive offensive tackle upright and backward when he bull-rushed".

"Most impressive was that he played with very good effort and aggressiveness nearly every snap of practice and in the game, which was one of the big question marks surrounding him. After a strong week of practice, he really finished things off well by being the best player in the game itself". That's exactly what I saw...


Forget about drafting a pass rush DE/olb. The potential for bust is always there. Robert Mathis already plays the position opposite Wake at a very high level. There's zero risk of him not panning out.

Sign Mathis and the pass rush need is off the board before entering the draft. I'll take what a guy has "proven" to be, over what I hope a guy could "become" anyday. I hope Ireland's a "smart enough" gm to realize the same.


The thing Im beginning to read about Coples is that many scouts are beginning to feel he's more of a natural inside, rather than on the edge of a defense.

That's kind of funny because we already spent a 1st rd pick on a d-lineman Coples closely compares to. Remember Jared Odrick?

Thouygh not the exact same player, they can be closely compared. Both can play inside out, but not extremely great at neither.

Quinton Coples finished the 2011 season with only 7.5 sacks. That isnt "beastly" by any accounts.


The hit/risk factor with Hightower is there given he played alot of MLB in Saban's D until he grew into such a big player they started moving him around to DE, OLB. Think what we did with Duhe back in the 80's so he's a smart playmacker type who should be there Round.2 given alot of teams will wonder were to play him in actuality.

Yesterday, risk of a bust is always there regardless...DE, QB, WR, OL, no difference. Drafting is always the best alternative. If this guy is going to be the next DeMarcus Ware, you don't stop yourself from drafting him just because of "risk of a bust"... And Coples is VERY different than Odrick. Like you said Odrick is more of an inside guy...Coples is not and I haven't read anywhere he's more of an "inside guy"...He was very disruptive from the outside at the Senior Bowl game if anything...

If we pass on the position and he happens to be there Rd.3 then I would make the pick.


I hear you I would take him based on the experts opinions. I just didn't see it for myself.


You guys really like the idea of drafting Coples or another D player ahead of O in this draft Rd.1?? If anything I'd make a move on the surest bet outside of Luck in Blackmon. Later Rd.2 make a gut reaction on the best of the rest at QB and if not there then either pass rusher or TE in Rounds 2-3, either way the best at the position on the boards.


Come on man...... Dont tell me you would rather spend a 1st rd pick on Dont Hightower over signing fa Robert Mathis. Mathis turns 31 this season, but that should only drive down his asking price. Still that's 4-5 very productive seasons left in the tank.

It also allows to turn our attention else where in the draft. It opens the door to trade up for RG3 too.

fin, truth of the matter is we don't know which position we should take care of with our first pick cause free agency hasn't even started yet. Like Yesterday was saying, if the Dolphins end up signing Robert Mathis for example, that would increase our chances of drafting an offensive player first. Nobody really knows because it's too early. The one thing I do know is we need a better pass rush to beat Tom Brady...And Coples would be a perfect fit...

Maybe the reason why I like Coples so much is I really like the way the NY Giants build their football teams...They win because of excellent pass rushers...I don't care how good Brady is, if the Giants can pressure him like they did in that SB game, NY will win again. That's how you beat a great QB. The Giants understand that...

please miami lbs never listen to the idiot that george edwards is

Thing is, Mathis allows us to make the window between the Pats and us right away, without spending a #9 overall pick. Plus the pass defense suddenly gets better.

Pass defense was just as responsible as our "offensive lulls" for losing games last season. Signing Mathis adequately allows us to address both. I believe we could creatively sign both Flynn and Mathis. Evemn if we have to let Soliai walk.

Mathis would have far more impact than Soliai. Especially in the passing game. Signing Mathis would come cheaper than signing Soliai too.

montreal we still need an eli manning

soliai is a steeler so no worry there about wasting our money on him


I clearly said Hightower could be interesting in Rd.2 and attractive Rd.3, NEVER said Rd.1. I hear the Mathis talk and wonder what that would cost now that we know Manning and his 28 Mil. cap # are history. The thing about draft picks now and why I think they are more valuable than ever when doing research is the rookie cap.


The FA market will give us more of a Blue print of were we go. However regardless of what we get in FA if the QB's are unattainable I really look to make a move on the playmaker of the draft in Blackmon, call me crazy but Blackmon is the BEST prospect I've seen in sometime at WR with all do respect to Megatron, A.J. in Houston ect...

In that scenario then it's gut check time on who Philbin and Sherman are feeling (better them than the last 4 groups we've had picking QB's in Miami) and if not sold on any of them then I hope they at least have a plan in place be it Flynn or whoever they feel can be worked with.

dusty, agreed...We need an Eli and we need pass rushers...Maybe Flynn is the answer? Who knows? If it would be so easy, everybody would have an Eli...

fin4life, you might be right about Blackmon...But having said that, I think it's highly doubtful the Dolphins trade up for a WR...For a QB, I could see it. But for a WR? I wouldn't think so...Who knows? Ireland traded up for a RB, so anything is possible I guess...

Anyway, gotta run. See you guys tomorrow...

soliai is a steeler so no worry there about wasting our money on him

dusty bottoms | January 31, 2012 at 03:58 PM

I hadn't really given it great thought but it would be the logical landing spot given the 34 year old Casey Hampton is gassed! Solia could step in and help them right away. The one thing though is the Steelers and the Rooney Bros. are the most notoriously cheap in the League (in fairness they are collectively worth a shade over 300 Mil. with the City and investors owning a large chunk of that team)

Solia will look for nothing less than 6 Mil a year and believe he could get it from Washington easier and they are needy at the position as well. In fact you can make a case for him ending up on 3 of the 4 NFC East teams. In Dallas Ratliff is aging and not the fit to stuff the middle in Ryan's scheme and in Philly Patterson is a big ?? but what does their cap look like??

fin4life they have no say in who we pick , its the idiot ireland

I think Kuechly will be the best LB this year by far and in a 4-3 he fits perfectly at MLB. Coples I love but i feel we can fill DE need later with others. If we go defense i like Kuechly offense Tannehill... assuming Blackmon and Richardson are off board.

fin4life they have no say in who we pick , its the idiot ireland

dusty bottoms | January 31, 2012 at 04:08 PM

dusty don't you get the feeling that Ireland this time around will build a board of the best by position but have to run it past Philbin and both will need to agree here on who the pick is??

I co-sign what Kris said, Nolan's defense sucked.

i still dont think he will fin, ireland is horrible

Ireland traded up for a RB cause he was desperate. He was letting Ronnie and Ricky go and he had to draft a RB so he panicked and traded up for Daniel Thomas. Remember, he had no idea whom the Fins would be able to get in free agency as it hadn't happened yet due to the lock-out.

If he hadn't of panicked, Miami would have likely have chosen JIMMY GRAHAM.

What a horrible mistake Ireland made (again).

For those of you who like Coples, please remember the guy is LAZY. That is why his stats this year were mediocre compared to the prior year. Sure the guy has all of the talent in the world, but what will happen when he gets the $$$? No one knows. Do you want to take a chance that you can actually get him to play?

If Miami doesn't go the RGIII route and Blackmon by some miracle is still available at 5 or so I TRADE UP IN A HEARTBEAT! The guy is going to be a top 5 WR in the league and is going to DOMINATE!!

To everyone who says it's not easy to get a franchise QB (usually with the refrain, "they don't grow on trees."), I'd like to point out:

- That statement is true, if you haven't drafted a 1st-rd QB in almost 3 decades.

- You got to be in it to win it.

- NY traded for the #1 pick, they just didn't LUCK into Eli.

- Green Bay, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Detroit, San Diego, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and some other teams ALL got their franchise QB in the first round.

So, until Miami decides it should look for water in the ocean, then please hold your nonsensical comment.

My retort is it'll be A LOT easier to find a franchise QB if you try to DRAFT them in the FIRST-ROUND!

agree dc, seems so simple. but ireland is dumb as they come

but Don't do a Mark Sanchez to get one either...

andy dalton was right there last year

If Miami doesn't go the RGIII route and Blackmon by some miracle is still available at 5 or so I TRADE UP IN A HEARTBEAT! The guy is going to be a top 5 WR in the league and is going to DOMINATE!!

IrelandSucks | January 31, 2012 at 04:41 PM


My thoughts exactly, you were a little off on the J.Graham comment though because he unfortunately was part of the 2010 draft not 2011. In that draft we passed on Gronkowski for Misi Rd.2, Round.3 we passed on J.Graham for J.Jerry and in Round.4 we passed on Aaron Hernandez for AJ Edds, jeeez! 3 of the best young T.E.'s in the game and we in desperate need of one passed on all 3!

Last year we passed on Jordan Cameron Rd.4 as well who showed some flashes backing up Ben Watson at Cleveland but I will admit I was high on Clyde Gates and his speed I am still hopeful the new Coaching staff can turn him around. Passing on the other 3 for back up players and a LB no longer even on our roster is painful as HELL though!!

So, until Miami decides it should look for water in the ocean, then please hold your nonsensical comment.

My retort is it'll be A LOT easier to find a franchise QB if you try to DRAFT them in the FIRST-ROUND!

DC Dolfan | January 31, 2012 at 04:41 PM

Looking for water in the ocean, huhh, LMAO!! Agreed on the sentiment Bro!

blackmon not what we need, could be another crabtree anyways

andy dalton was right there last year

dusty bottoms | January 31, 2012 at 04:47 PM

Yep! but believe him the 4th pick of Rd.2 (pick 36) and Ireland traded back into the late part of Rd.2 I believe? Thomas was pick 30 of the round (pick 62)

unreal makes me sick. so hard to imagine us overcoming ireland, we might never be able to win as long as ireland is here

blackmon not what we need, could be another crabtree anyways

dusty bottoms | January 31, 2012 at 04:58 PM

Crabtree is not in this kids League by a long shot and by the way what the heck do they put in the water out in Northwest Texas with all of the WR's that come out of the area to the top of the draft boards every season.

And we are still waiting for a "young" coach as Stephen Ross promised us. Every time I see Philbin and Sherman, and now Kevin Coyle...all I see are old men who instill outdated football. Compare that to the young, firey, and hungry Ravens defensive coordinator who just got the head coaching job in Indy. Why didn't Ross get him instead of the geriatric crowd he hired?

top of draft boards anf fail usually


The only thing I can come up with in trading back into the end of Rd.2 is that Ireland was afraid that G.B. who could use another R.B. was looking at D.Thomas. If not then I don't get it because Pitt. at pick.63 wasn't going to take him then you go back into Rd.3 with Car. at the top of the order and they sure as HELL didn't need a R.B. ECT...

fin ireland is plain stupid


I always give you credit with all your facts and memory. But DAMN DUDE! I could've done without this-LOL:

In that draft we passed on Gronkowski for Misi Rd.2, Round.3 we passed on J.Graham for J.Jerry and in Round.4 we passed on Aaron Hernandez for AJ Edds, jeeez! 3 of the best young T.E.'s in the game and we in desperate need of one passed on all 3!

It's going to take an extra pint tonight to wash this back out of my head!

I'm sending you the bill!

Bottom's Up.


You'll get no argument there Brudda!


Go get you a pint and I'll get me one as well and will drown the misery later online when we start discussion on who we feel stays and goes on the O in the 2012 season. By the way last year you were all out on those charts and fed me that CBS sight which was off the chain so please Old Friend keep them coming this off-season will ya!

yesterdaysgone get real you got a mancrush on rg3,I cant say the same his mobility saved him in college level Im afraid in the pro's hes going to have a short life spanand hes not worth the cost next year much better crop of QBs, just mine and most informed peoples opinion , browns got 2 # 1s this year we cant touch that.
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Daytime Crowd has some great debate and convo going on.

Somehow though, I get the feeling their Bosses would ALL disagree ;)

so please Old Friend keep them coming this off-season will ya!
Posted by: fin4life | January 31, 2012 at 05:27 PM

You know it! I'm GUILTY! I don't care what anyone says, I'm an Armchair GM Wannabe!

I live for it. The only way I can make it through the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Off season.

You do the same Bud. Good Stuff!

You masculine young men always entertain me. It is my desire that you visit me and that we engage in masculine activities such as nude wrestling to strengthen our fellowship in Christ.

And.............it's.................SHIFT CHANGE!

The Peanut Gallery has arrived.

One last comment on Nolan.

The things that were being batted around, were all justified. Both sides of the argument had great points.

Still, having said that, I think if the offense had been up to par, Nolan's Defense would've been **Good Enough**.

I hope Coyle knows what he's doing.

Miami Dolphins 2012 Team Uniforms By Nike


That Nike uniform stuff has been circulating around the net for over a year.

The Dolphins are already on record stating they aren't changing anything.

odin @5:49,

Agreed, if the O would have been more dependable the D would have been good enough.

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