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Dolphins copter on the move again: Toub

The Dolphins helicopter, becoming so increasingly famous it needs a name, has landed on the team's practice field again this morning.

And, sure enough, another coach candidate stepped off. A source tells me it's Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub.

Look, I didn't understand the facination with Toub. I am not an expert so I'm not going to act like I know Toub from Adam. But I'm told by a Dolphins source that Toub is excellent and it makes sense to talk to him.

The source says the Dolphins are intrigued by Toub's great special teams work but also with the model that has turned the Baltimore Ravens into a fine team. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh was the special coach in Philadelphia before he went to Baltimore.

Um, please name the Dolphins helicopter.


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another awful attempt here, this would be attendance suicide

At least he is not another dumb Italian.

is this the "big name, "marquis coach" ross desires?

how about the "chopper shopper"??

Yeah, let's get a "big name, marquis coach" in here as soon as possible. Look how many Super Bowls we won under Johnson, Saban and Parcells. Sounds like a plan.

How about "Air Phins One"

ready for all black outs and no season ticket sales again? smart move.... ROSS
you need a Coach and a QB... Noone wants to pay money to see a scrub team , it has been a decade
since the Dolphins have meant anything

Aqua-Marine 1

The Dolphins are "intrigued" by the fact that Harbaugh worked out in Baltimore- a team with a talented GM?

Maybe we should just keep Bowles.

I know nothing at all about Dave Toub but his "great work" with Chicago SPECIAL TEAMS warrants him a job? Seriously?

I looked this guy up he's a former o-linemen who has never been anything more then a strength and conditioning coach or special teams coach. Ok be prepared for the Dolphins to be what the Marlins were a bunch of empty seats and blackouts. Oh wait that has already happened!



"Flying Fish"


The Copter's name should be: Fist Pumper #2

Eric DeCosta is available for the Dolphins and has worked with Ozzie Newsome for quite some time now. Newsome is widely considered as one of the best GM's in the NFL. Not saying he's the solution to everything but he certainly has been learning from one of the best...

At least he is not another dumb Italian.
Posted by: Von Schmidt | January 04, 2012


Name the Dolphins chopper the "Salsa Fin."

"The Salsa Fin just landed, and out came Toub..."

I like it.

Dear Armando,
Dude - you like totes mispelled "fascination" as "facinsation". However, we think it is well, awesome that you report "that Toub is excellent". Most excellent indeed.

Helicopter = coach repellent.


Random thoughts:

Anyone else remember Ross saying he wanted a 'young Don Shula' and Ireland saying he wanted someone with lots of HC experience. I thought that was odd.

A while back I posted that having friends (Ross & Peterson) as buisness partners is usually bad buisness. Bill Polian is a six (6) time winner of the NFLs executive of the year. It is voted on by their peers....other GMs and front office types.

The Helicopter's name is "The Gloria Estefan"

Does Toub have a Mustache?

Polian is as old as dirt - thats why the colts are a mess right now.

air force fin!

HELLicopter is about right. Miami is purgatory as long as Ross is in charge.

Fisher probably felt like taking a shower immediately after visiting.

It's just "Passin' Thru One". Our mission is to get them in before we kisk them out!

Blackhawk down ... Miami is the new Mogadishu.
Nice place to visit , but I wouldn't want to coach there.
Any head coach with options

Ross = Boss = Loss

FlipperForce 1!

How about the Rossocopter or the phinfinder.

Lets go after Chip Kelly from Oregon. Extremely aggressive offensive minded coach, and has had much success without a great QB. We need a coach that when were are up by 4 in the 4th quarter attacks the other teams defense and is looking to score touchdowns and is not content to let his defense try to keep the lead. This was one of Sparano's main faults, always try to hang on to the lead by trying to run the clock out. We need a coach who doesnt hang on to the lead but wants to extend the lead. CHIP KELLY is that man.

Coach Float 1
Ross' Bossfinder
Fisher's Pic-6(As in Fisher taking a PIC before it's TOUCHDOWN)
Sky Driver '72

Any of these sound appealing?

i'd rather not go with a big name retread. i want a smart, details oriented coach.i'd rather go with ross on this. a young shula type. one who can adapt the plan baed on what players you have. maximize potential instead of trying to change the team to fit a system. shula did that. he went from a power running team to a passing team. he changed the defenses to. go after matt flynn since he won't cost us players or draft picks. draft best available player at 9. most likely the second best tackle in the draft. or trade down some and get more picks. we need a right tackle, at least 1 TE and safety help. beyond that get speed on both sides of the ball. screw parcels with big players. speed kills!!

Fergies Flyer

Copter name........ "Red Carpet"


"Air-Farce 1"




Steven Ross: Hi Jeff Fisher, nice to meet you.
Did I mention we have another Jeff here. His name is Jeff Irelend.

Jeff Fisher: Yes Mr. Roper, err I mean Mr. Ross... I've been meaning to talk to you about that... I have reservat..

Steven Ross: Hey ... did I mention that .. well...I don't know how to say this but I'm kind of a big shot. People know me. I have this great idea. We will have this halftime show where we...

Jeff Fisher: Say my cell just rang. Gotta run.

Steven Ross: I didn't hear anything.

Jeff Fisher: It's on vibrate.

Steven Ross: Aren't you going to stay. Gloria Estefan is coming over later. Did I mention she is the hotest act today. I know because I am very connected.

Jeff Fisher: (gag) Um yes well thank you very much for the opportunity. I think I'm going to do some ice fishing or something.

The Chopper should be named Flipper One.

This one gets my vote:

"Aqua-Marine 1 Posted by: nycfin | January 04, 2012 at 10:12 AM"

for the product that is left on the field at the joe.lol

Aqua Marine 1 is the best name suggested

A special team coach??????
I guess it fits since this FO rides a 'special' short bus to the office!

This is a joke.

Wasn't Sparano, an o-line coach, an experimental up and commer....boy that worked out well. The ground hog popped his head out and saw a crappy coach...4 more years of misery!

How about the "Spruce Goose". Another billioniare's epic failure.

No NFL head coaching experience. No big name...devin hester is the obvious reason why bears special teams are successful....big whoop for Toub....might as well kept sprarno.

"At least he is not another dumb Italian."

Posted by: Von Schmidt | January 04, 2012 at 09:59 AM

Or at least he's not another greasy Cuban right Armando?

And at least he's not a drunken Irish man.

Thank goodness he's not a lazy Mexican.

Could be worse, he could be a filthy Indian.

The worst part is he's actually a dirty African Negro

Fish Swish 1

If you delete this post you had better delete the original bit of bigotry. If you leave it then cool, time to let the racial slurs fly!


Sparano's record was more or less the same as Fisher's!

The Ross Bus!

Interview Sparona

slutsky, I agree with you on Chip Kelly. Excellent coach. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in the NFL eventually.

I still think Cower should be offered 450 million for three years, yeah, that'll do it, 'aint my money

A vote for "Coach Float 1"

SS Minnow

Nothing in this guys pedigree to suggest he's fitting of being the next dolphins coach. Nothing at all.

The only thing that makes me weary about Fisher is switching back to the 4-3 defense. That's one of the reasons why I like Billick more than Fisher. Our Defense should remain in tact with Mike Nolan. I'm almost positive Nolan was Billick's D-coordinator in Baltimore (please correct me if I'm wrong). It just seems like Billick is a better fit than Fisher for the Dolphins.

The waterboy at the cowboy's is available...helped them with all their success this year. Excellent up and commer. Hell, the lady that cleans the Raven's locker room may take the gig. Boy, the stadium will be filled by the hiring of any of these well qualified 'big-time' candidates. Ross is pure genius.

Name of the helicopter...Dip-$hit 1

On Chip Kelly,

I'm not putting him down or criticizing your opinion but Kelly recruits, smaller, faster athletes and runs a spread option offense and his defense is a base 4-3 but he runs a lot of 3-3-5.

None of his small, faster players, offensive or defensive schemes tranlate to the NFL. Again not a criticism but just saying.

Dear Mr. Salguero

1 - The Irish Back stabber transport

2 - Disfubctional special needs flyer

3 - Shula shopper chopper

4 - The please just say yes whirleybird

5 - First in flight, last in the standings

6 - J-lo's booty lifter

7 - Say no to ho's airlines

8 - Chopper to the C-list stars

9 - Ride the chopper that Cowher and gruden were to scared to enter

10 - With Sparano fired, this chopper is 100% safe from games 1 through 16

Soiled :)

While Ross wouldn't and shouldn't have to do this in a truly private business, here's what he should do with the private/public enterprise that is a pro sports franchise:

He should hold a press conference with Peterson and Ireland and lay out in general terms what their roles are, even if there are uncomfortable possibilities for Ireland. It is difficult but not impossible to say, "I need someone to interview candidates who are very accomplished, but would not accept my current football office structure, and Carl is helping me explore those options." Ireland could then say, "I'm doing my job the best I know how, but I am here first and foremost for the betterment of the Miami Dolphins."

There is actually a potential PR side benefit that Ireland might appear sympathetic to the Dolphins fanbase, who generally despise him.

If this were a CEO search for one of Ross' other companies, this kind of thing would be unnecessary, but Ross needs to learn the difference between what's technically right and the desired effect when it comes to the press.

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