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Dolphins copter on the move again: Toub

The Dolphins helicopter, becoming so increasingly famous it needs a name, has landed on the team's practice field again this morning.

And, sure enough, another coach candidate stepped off. A source tells me it's Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub.

Look, I didn't understand the facination with Toub. I am not an expert so I'm not going to act like I know Toub from Adam. But I'm told by a Dolphins source that Toub is excellent and it makes sense to talk to him.

The source says the Dolphins are intrigued by Toub's great special teams work but also with the model that has turned the Baltimore Ravens into a fine team. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh was the special coach in Philadelphia before he went to Baltimore.

Um, please name the Dolphins helicopter.


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I feel like Im caught in the middle of a SNL skit. How do u pronounce Toub? Is Fisher gone yet? "I want a known, experienced head coach". Yo Ireland does that ring a bell? Who is Toub and what makes him qualified to be the head coach? Questions, questions, questions.

My name is Jeff

I will coach the team for 2 million and guarentee at least 9 wins.

If not at least 9 wins I will refund the 2 million.

Contact me!!!

Helicopter name: The Titanic

people that say if we hire this coach or that coach is attendance suicide are naive. The fans don't care who the coach is as long as they win. winning is what's important not a big name. All these teams that brought in no name coaches and started winning like the ravens or the lions their attendance are just fine.


I suggest naming the helicopter: "the jet powered rotating door"

the obvious name is:


We are destined to the bottom of the ocean.

I take ONE thing...and ONE thing only out of this whole hellicopter nonsense....

and that is this....

TOUB in the Ross helo...means that fischer didn't get any special treatment....

and thats GREAT NEWS....

could quite possibly mean that Ross was just interviewing Fischer t-o satisfy the delusional portion of the fan base that think Fischer is something more than he is....

142-120 over his carreer...No thanks...

Andy, good point on Kelly. However, it doesn't necessarily mean he would use the same formula in the NFL. You look at the Dolphins right now and we're a team of the 80's. Big and slow. Today's NFL is more like smaller and faster. Going back to a 4-3 is no big deal, we already have players that are better suited for a 4-3 anyway (Just my opinion of course)...

Nick B,

You are correct on Nolan he was LBs coach for Billick during the Super Bowl year and became D coordinator when Lewis went to Cinci!

I actually am in favor of switching back to a 4-3. The Dolphins will have to spend a pretty penny to keep Soliai around. I'm sure he will go to the highest bidder which they all do. Also Miami needs another rush OLB to compliment Wake.

Could be worse. We could be fans a really talented team that keeps bringing back Norv Turner to waste the prime years of multiple Pro Bowl players.

BTW: Dear Von Schmidt: Go F yourself, you're ignorant.


"dumb" Italians

I like "Air Phins 1"

Ross Force 1

the titanic.

We can't assume it's Fishers job even if he wants it. It is possible he didn't even pass the interview.

Can we call Ross "Maverick" and Ireland "Goose"

people that say if we hire this coach or that coach is attendance suicide are naive. The fans don't care who the coach is as long as they win. winning is what's important not a big name. All these teams that brought in no name coaches and started winning like the ravens or the lions their attendance are just fine.
Posted by: BoulderFinFan | January 04, 2012 at 11:24 AM


Wooohooo....more knee jerk reactions on the part of the posters here, and I'm sure many more to follow.

So what if they're interviewing Toub. They interviewed Fisher yesterday....they will probably bring in someone else tomorrow....and the day after...and the week after, etc, etc, etc.

Have any of you ever hired anyone before? What we're witnessing here is pretty much how it goes. You interview all kinds of different talent from an entire spectrum. If you filter it by X,Y,&Z and say that's how it has to be....well....you are substantially limiting your posibilities and may well in fact end up sucking air at the end of the day.

People just need to calm down and see how this all plays out. I seriously doubt a decision is coming anytime soon....probably not for at least 3 weeks to a month from now.

BTW: Dear Von Schmidt: Go F yourself, you're ignorant. Sincerely, "dumb" Italians

Posted by: GarbagePlate | January 04, 2012 at 11:31 AM

What's da matta? Ya noodle don't get al dente no more?

I guess ya were a Sporanini fan.

More thoughts:

Fisher has a conservative coaching philosophy. We've seen the results from that kind of 90s thinking for 4 years now.

Jax wants to interview Chudzinski. Ross doesn't seem to be interested. A mistake IMO.

Preparations A through G were a complete failure...but now we shall call it,
Preparation H.

Heliphin 1

How about AirDunce...


Dolphin Montreal,

That's true about Kelly he doesn't have to use the same formula because he is a very good coach but to change your schemes from college and experiment in the NFL with something new doesn't seem like a recipe for success IMO.

Okay, Billick is the best choice. Fisher?

its should be called Ashley Madison

wolfman13 - teams cannot wait 3-4 weeks to hire a new HC.
There are way too many things to get in place prior to free agency and the draft.

assistants need to be hired.
major offensive & defensive schemes need to be drawn & approved PRIOR to free agency & the draft so you can match the talent with the scheme.

The new HC will be on board no later than next Monday - Wed at the latest!

Von Schmuck's mother is a prostitute.

In RE to the coaching search....there is no concensus guy out there that's going to make everyone happy. And I agree with a few other comments above...winning will bring the attendance back.

There is no sure fire methodology to taking a HC. Teams have had success on all fronts. You basically have 4 options, and frankly Miami has run through them all since Shula:

1.) Proven "name" HC (check; JJ)

2.) Proven high profile coordinator with HC experience. (check; The Stach)

3.) The hot college commodity (check; Nick Saban)

4.) The unproven but high profile coordinator looking for a shot to be the next great new comer (check; Cam Cameron)

And then you have the Trifecta....not sure where that fits...maybe just completely outside the box...

5.) Hall of fame coach and make him VP of operations and personnel...even though he has limited experience "buying the groceries"...let him bring in no named GM and even lesser known guy to be HC so they won't upstage the Tuna and see how things work out.

Like I said, they've run the gambit...there's no proven methodology....all of those past choices seemed like good choices at the time (though I always questioned #5)

Chopper should be called "Acorn 1"

GarbagePlate (aka Mr. Ireland and Co)

I get it. A name like yours can only be Eye-Talian. LOL!

HELLicopter is about right. Miami is purgatory as long as Ross is in charge.
Fisher probably felt like taking a shower immediately after visiting.
Posted by: That guy | January 04, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Post of the day, As a matter of fact after reading this I feeln I must take a shower.

Marine 01 (pronounced Marino One)

Heli-Phin or Heli-Fin

The No Name Chopper

Stephen Ross Memorial Chopper (SRMC)

Andy, you maybe right. Anyway, he's not coming to Miami...The Dolphins should "experiment" as you put it and get with the program. The 80's way of winning doesn't work in the NFL. Today's NFL is all about speed. Big doesn't automatically mean success.


Ummmmm...in RE to not being able to wait 3-4 weeks...wouldn't any team be selling themselves short if they didn't.

Among the candidates for HC positions around the league are the OC for both Green Bay and New Orleans, as well as assistants from New England and other playoff teams.

While our season may be over, the NFL season is not...teams looking for a new HC can't do anything with these potential candidates until after these guys are done with their season.

It would be very bad business IMO to select someone now without interviewing say...Joe Philbin or Pete Carmichael.

Glad you're not in charge....seems a very short sighted way of looking at things.


I vote for "Acorn 1"

Air Marino One

I'm still upset that Ross showed Sparano the door. When Alex Spanos was smart enough to realize that the players played hard for Norv Turner, he made a smart move and kept his coach (and since there is only 1 big name coach out there, he figured he would wait until next season). The players played hard for Sparano. Their determination and attitude never changed even after going 0-7. They played the game to win.

I still blame the personnel department for the problems with the team (especially at safety, tight end, OL and all of the Cow-fins). Ireland's record is signing Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall, giving Sparano Henne and telling him to win a Super Bowl or ten. The inconsistencies of this team have been the same for years, and they have not been addressed by the personnel department.

Name the chopper the #fireland Express and maybe Ross will take a hint.

And when was the last time a strong GM system worked in the NFL? Last I checked, Head Coaches who have a hand in the personnel decisions succeed in this league.

Cooked Goose

Dear Mr. pompano Jim

I'm not done embarrassing myself yet

1 - Aqua marine 1....cause Pompano Jim says so

2 - Pompano Jims dont be an ass airlines

3 - No first class seating , just coach

4 - Free chopper rides on Ross

5 - Its not the chopper that will kill you...its Jeff Ireland that will

6 - Fins to the left, Fins to the right, its only chopper in town

7 - The anti Johnson, Wanstach, Saban, Cameron, Sparano chopper

Ok I'm done embarrassing myself now

Soiled :)

Since this FO is so inept the copter name should be System Of The Down.

So we need an offensive guy....how about the Ravens OC Cam Cameron?
Or maybe a defensive guy.....let's get the Bills DC Dave Wannstedt!!
Maybe JJ will leave the chair at FOX!!
Or we can get a great college coach....Nick Saban is doing a great job with Alabama.

Dolphin Montreal,

Agreed. Especially at WR Miami is slow. Marshall uses his size and decent size to speed combo to get past DBs but outside of him Miami is dreadful. Bess is nice as a slot WR but he did seem to have a down year with drops and a few fumbles. Hartline would only be a starter in Miami. He is average and can't consistantly hurt other teams. I would love to see the position upgraded as well as many others QB, RT, OLB, FS, Head Coach, GM who knows what he is doing etc etc etc!

Oh...I forgot....my name for the chopper is Coach Candidate Caddy.

Hey Boulder you're right in a way but don't discount the fact that Ross has to sell season tickets before the season starts. The Dolphins have had three losing seasons in a row so it's kind of hard to push tickets for a losing team in the off season. You announce the new coach as say a Toub type guy and fans will groan. "Who is he, will he have success, I'm not risking my paycheck on some unknown again, thank you but I won't be renewing my season tickets this year"

Hey Guys we just hired Jeff Fisher and traded for Peyton Manning. Fans rejoice, season tickets sold out.

Make no mistake, the handful of people in here against Fisher in no way represent the fan base. The majority of fans, who don't come anywhere near these blogs, would be ecstatic with a Fisher hire.

Chopper should be Air Garbage since thats the HC candidates that are flying in it.


"Flying Fish"

aqua phin down.

"El Salchichon"

I love the "played hard for the coach" stuff....

ONE THING....I guarantee you will not hear from now until the SB...and this NO ONE will be talking about a team playig "hard" for their coach....

That is reserved for teams that are...


Only Loser teams "play hard"for their coach....

Winning teams just PLAY HARD...PERIOD....

Teams can interview candidates on teams who are in the playoffs given permission.

KC is interviewing Philbin tonight.

Ecco-1 (a play off of the Ghostbusters car "Ecto 1" and the Sega Genesis game "Ecco the Dolphin")

So Kris
Toub is better than Fisher?
How many HC'ing gigs has he had?
Any coordinator jobs for Toub?
Fisher is the best available.
Toub...."hey Hester, catch the ball and run!"
I could do that.
Didn't TB just fire a coach that had no coordinator nor HC experience. Call them and ask how successful that was.
Fisher had a sh*tty owner and a sh*tty GM at the Titans and still had a winning record.
Any wonder why he would not want the Fins gig...another job with a sh*tty owner and GM..deja vu all over again for him.

Ross said he wanted a young Shula. You don't get any closer than Fisher. Guy took his first team to the super bowl and lost. Rams over Titans. Shula took Baltimore to the super bowl and lost (the only Jets super bowl in their history). Went to Miami, changed up a few things and turned Miami into a dynasty. Won't happen in today's game dynasty wise but the two coaches have a very similar background and were both defensive minded coaches. Shula hired the best offensive people to surround himself with and made history. I'm just saying if Ross wants a young Shula than it's no wonder Fisher was the first interview. (Bowles was never a serious candidate and neither is Toub in my opinion).

"Come one come all, step right up under the big top!"


please cut and paste where I said...or even IMPLIED that Toub was better than Fisher....

The internet is a scary place when you can't comprehend what you read....


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