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Dolphins copter on the move again: Toub

The Dolphins helicopter, becoming so increasingly famous it needs a name, has landed on the team's practice field again this morning.

And, sure enough, another coach candidate stepped off. A source tells me it's Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub.

Look, I didn't understand the facination with Toub. I am not an expert so I'm not going to act like I know Toub from Adam. But I'm told by a Dolphins source that Toub is excellent and it makes sense to talk to him.

The source says the Dolphins are intrigued by Toub's great special teams work but also with the model that has turned the Baltimore Ravens into a fine team. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh was the special coach in Philadelphia before he went to Baltimore.

Um, please name the Dolphins helicopter.


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Or how bout "The Millennium Dolphin"?

Chopper name: "Touchdown"

Von Schmidt: I dont use aliases. Ireland & Co. can speak for himself. Were you upset all those years we had "dumb" Italians like Dan Marino and Nick Buonaconti? You're the worst kind of racist, a hypocritical one who doesnt even realize it.

Air flipper

I'll give up 3 drafts for Andrew Luck, hopefully this will be discussed between Dolphins and Colts

New Coach -

I stand corrected, I did not know that. Well then....here's to hoping the Phins interview Philbin.

At anyrate, if any team were to bring Philbin or any of these other assistants on playoff teams, they would not be getting started until after the playoffs....so I guess my point in RE to NHFINFAN comment is that all of those offseason things can and will be taken care of in short order even if the Phins had to wait 3-4 weeks to get started.

I still think it would be very short sighted not to interview some of these assistants who are in the playoffs before making a final decision.

Perhaps it's just my personal nature as someone who is currently in an executive position and has had to do a fair bit of firing and hiring....I don't rush to do either. Particularly in hiring, I like to leave no stone unturned and it has worked out well for me.

Helicopter - Field Goal

How about Mike Shula? He's a young Shula! :-)

I would break down what I wrote FLH....but I think YOU would get more out of it if you did it yourself....

If I GIVE you a fish...you will eat for a day....

If i TEACH you to fish....you can eat for a lifetime....

Look whether or not the Dolphins land Fisher he WILL go somewhere and be very successful. I don't want to sit here and read a bunch of posts about how Ross is an idiot for not landing Fisher when he's winning in another city and we're stuck with joe blow the great coordinator from so and so's team.

And New Coach Wanted I did a bunch of research on Philbin. The guy was a career offensive line coach (sound familiar)who shared in some offensive play calling duties at a few underwhelming college football programs. He had some success at Iowa I believe helping them to a national championship at one point.

I'm just not seeing where all your admiration for this guy is coming from. He's the offensive coordinator for the most talented offense that's been around since Vermeils Rams. Is he the reason these multiple prow bowlers and future hall of famers are playing well or are they making him look good? Can anyone know for sure? If I had to bet I would say they're making him look good because I don't have any real evidence to the contrary. Sell me on this guy. What sold you?

Grovel 1 or

#13 AIR

Knee Pads

wolfman...I'll agree with your statement that no stone should go un-turned...so in that scenario we may have to wait until Feb 7th to sign our new HC if we pick a coach off a Superbowl bound team.
That gives them three weeks to get ready fro Free Agency, combine and start their draft board for April.
I don't like the timeline...too short!

whirly FIN 1


Mr.Ross please please don't listen to these fools. Leave no rock unturned when looking for our new coach. The team produced on the field will sell tickets not some old worn out has been. Find THE BEST coach even if he's a janitor at the patriots facility.

Phins78 -

I don't think anybody can be sold on anybody. Philbin is a hot commodity right now because of the work he's done as OC in Green Bay.

This happens often....if you look at the resumes of many a coordinator/assistant who get's his shot at HC, many if not most have pretty lack luster resumes in RE to HC experience. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Just a couple of examples....Jon Harbaugh for one....doesn't have a particularly glowing resume with HC experience before the Raven...same for Tomlin in Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately, it's somewhat akin to striking gold, but there is no sure methodology to selecting a coach anyway. As I stated earlier, the Phins have run the gambit since Shula and none of it has worked. Whichever direction the Phins go this time around will be a rehash of something they've already done in the past 15 years or so. All we can do is hope for better results.

To Andy and montreal,
Regardless we will not be going after Chip Kelly but i think we need an aggressive offensive minded coach, and to stop approaching our the parcells philosophy of just big bodies and a power running game. This philosophy worked in the 80's but the game has changes. 2 qb threw for over 5000 yards and 2 rookies threw for over 3000 yards. Obviously we need a capable QB to achieve this but we also need a coach that realizes that in order to beat teams like the pats and steelers we need to be able to put up points against and play to win unlike sparano. What do you guys think, i feel like cowher is a run first type of guy and would only fit right now with a team like the giants, and fisher was pretty conservative and sat on leads much like sparano. I would like someone like Bellicheck form the pats. Obviously he is the cream of the crop but it is for the reason that he is also ways agressive with his offensive plays, always going for 4th downs always looking to score more points, when was the last time the pats blew a 4th quarter lead. Forget young shula we need a young bellicheck


While the time may appear short be assured that folks will be basically working 24-7 as is the nature of the business. This happens all of the time and I for one am not too worried about it.

Plus, you have to consider the fact that whomever is hired is going to share Irelands vision (which is really Ross' vision and they will pretty much have the draft board set up and will have already done extensive scouting on FA.

If it's late in the game when the Phins pick a coach then some tweaks may be made here and there if the coach has a different perspective on X,Y, & Z...but for the most part, things will already be pretty well set.

USA Today story on Jeff Fisher....

he's 5-6 in the playoffs, 2-5 when you factor out the Super Bowl XXXIV season. His teams finished better than .500 just six times in 16 years.

So exactly why is he so high on the list of prospective coaches?


My fear is while Miami is pissing in the wind, we will lose out on all the "acceptable" coaches and wind up with $hit.

It was reported 4 days ago the Dolphins were interested in Philbin. Why is it that KC suddenly gets interested and has Philbin scheduled for an interview tonight while the Dolphins neglected to schedule him before them. KC is interviewing a guy with great success with every important position on offense and at the same time, Miami is interviewing a special teams coordinator.


The answer is simple. He has coached every position that is a concern. He is a very good line coach at the college and professional ranks. He coached young men who became Pro Bowlers. He coached rookies in the NFL and put together very good lines. He coached tight ends/receivers for the Packers. He improved Brett Favres playing. Green Bays offense has been a model of consistency getting the most out of unproven, young, and overlooked players. I pointed everyone to the info. Yes, he has some great players - how did they get great? Certainly their talent accounts for some of it. On the other hand, we simply look at the Packers with McCarthy and compare the performance of the offense prior to Philbin being coordinator and after.


You got that right! Seems like you just gotta have the right feel for a guy like the Steelers (Tomlin), and Ravens (Harbaugh) did.

I personally feel most comfortable with Peterson leading that search. Peterson did pluck Shottenheimer from Cleveland but he had been around the game a long time for a reason.

Ireland and I'm not going to bash him or call him names but just hasn't shined at all yet. Maybe that light is going to come on. I really hope it does. Maybe he wasn't responsible for any draft but this past draft when Parcells was around but he also hasn't done anything to stand out either ( Reggie Bush was who Sparano wanted)

wolfman are you New Coach Wanted as well or are you two separate people? You half answered my question to him I think.


I've heard you say a number of time now that Fisher hasn't been to the post season since 2004. I'm wondering where you got that from. Is this something you MADE UP, to try and discredit Fisher?

For the record, he led the Titans to a 10-6 record and lost to the Chargers in the Wild Card game in 2007. In 2008, he led the team to a 13-3 season and they lost to the Ravens in the Divisional game. His last two years coaching the Titans he wasn't able to get the team to the playoffs.

I took this straight from Wikipedia, but I'm pretty sure you can find this same information on ESPN.com or whatever other site you prefer to use.


The WhirlyGig

Phin Phorce 1

Ok New Coach Wanted thanks. I just wanted to know where you were coming from with this. Now I understand your stance better.

I'm actually afraid we won't end up with Fisher,Philbin or any one else who we would want. I think we're just waiting on the inevitable here. Which coach will be left on the scrap heap when we're desperate? I hate to be a pessimist but with the way the organization has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if that's who we end up with. And at the top of the scrap heap a man named Mangini resides. sigh.

Chopper name: the Hindenberg

how about the LOSER CRUIZER

Ray Finkle's Chopper

Craig M....

Your right.....

He did make his last playoff apperance in 2008...I STAND CORRECTED.....

I also read that crap about mutually splitting ways....

remember YESTERDAY i asked you if you got that from Fisher's WIKI....you refused to answer...for whatever reason....


Marino was great for Marino. We won the same amount of SB's with him as we did with Sparonini. Let's face it they are both the worst public speakers imaginable. No brains, no glory.

I guess you be good with that and a plate of cheese ravioli.

the flying fin

The Limo Chopper

You also refused to acknowledge the other links I posted that said he was fired...NOT from Jeff's WIKI page....

there is nothing wrong with being wrong....

Its your REFUSAL t acknowledge it that I think gets under my collar sometimes...


Pheonix Rising

slutsky, 12:24PM, right on. I would of loved Cowher because I think he would of brought our defense to the next level. But having said that, a young aggressive offensive coach would be nice. I'm a bit perplexed about the fact we haven't scheduled any interviews with Philbin or Chudzinsky. Those names should of been on Ireland's list.

The guy knows how to get players to play as a TEAM. And play VERY WELL as a team!
Toub has what it takes to EXCEL as a head coach!!
I'm looking forward to him being the Fins head motivator. These players will respect and play hard for him.
The proof is going to be; he is going to get Ross and group to get behind him. Despite Ross's desire for a big name draw guy (the worst thing he could do).
This is the next "young Don Shula"...

Joe Philbin and or Tom Clemments, Both Packers Offensive coordinators. Both with extensive experience...and they may be able to entice Flynn to come to the Phins.

I keep hearing that Fisher will want to go to the Rams because of any easier division? Popycock!! Who's making that up?

Let's look at the divisions:

AFC EAST: No question the Pats are still the cream of this division. One of the best QBs in the league and maybe the best coach. Couple of really good TEs. Worst defence in the whole NFL, little to no run game and no WR's outside of Welker. Fair? They're still the best team in the division and will be until someone can continue to knock them off. But Brady's not getting any younger and Bellichick won't want to do this forever. Draft record has been spotty. No guarantees they are going to be like this forever.

Jets are a mess. Lots of changes coming. Questions at QB, defence is getting older. Coach's acting possibly growing tired. Holmes situation needs to be straightened out. Different team if Manning is running the show next year but as is, they don't scare anybody. 8-8 is what they probably are.

Bills, questions galore. Some good young talent but they are never players in FA and hae had mixed results with their drafting. Does anyone see them as powerhouse any time soon? Probably will continue being a below average team.

NFC WEST: Niners are the cream of the division and should be for years with that defence. Good young coach who should be there for years. Improved offensive line. Questions on whether they can get it done in the playoffs with Smith at QB but they do have talent throughout the lineup. Should be good for years.

Seattle: No QB. Talent on the defence. Questions about just how could the coach is. Right now, they are a .500 team. Could go either way depending on what they do in FA and the draft the next couple of years.

Arizona: Pretty much the same as Seattle in terms of which way they might go. Questions about the QB and maybe eve the coach but there is talent there and that team coud go either way. Currently a .500 team but hope for the future.

So that's it. Is it CLEAR then that ST. Louis plays in an easier division? I don't think it is. You're basically looking at the Pats and the Niners and trying to decide which one will be the best in the next five years. The easy answer is the Pats but maybe not. Nobody knows how much longer either Brady or BB want to do this and SF is set up to have success for years.


I am right there with you. Our preferences are different but I would rather Fisher if we can't get a Philbin or Carmichael. And let me clarify one thing, I don't think these guys are slamdunks. Someone should be smart enough to ask them what is wrong with the Dolphins now, what should the Dolphins do, and how THEY will change the culture and implement their vision.

If I were in the meeting, the first guy who compliments Ireland on his personnel assessments would get thrown off the helicopter.

I think this team could blow it all. I am not fretting however; I have been watching the Packers since Rodgers took over and if the Dolphins screw this off-season up, I will turn in my Dolphins fan-card, toss my Dolphins jerseys, jackets, hats, etc. and will become a full-time Packers fan.

I think I will go order a Rodgers jersey right now along with a Jordy Nelson jersey.

I'm kinda leaning towards Air Force Phin for the helicopter.

Von Schmidt is not a Dolphins fan. Marino is one of, if not the best QB ever, and made this franchise relavent again for a long time. Ask Detroit how much they would have given ANYTHING to have those winning years with Marino like we did, even without winning the SB.

Marino did it despite no running game and some bad defenses......you can't blame him you moron

I def agree with your to choices Montreal. Both fit what we are looking for and I think we would be more successful with those two then a big name like fisher, cowher or billick, who in my opinion are coaches from the 90's era style. Lets not also forget that cowher was in this league many years before he won his first superbowl. Im all for a young hungry aggressive coach that has balls.


Call me names all you want, Marino won us nothing and you can't change that! Endless seasons of frustration, thats 'bout it. Now go find yourself a weinersnitchel.


I posted yeterday you have to consider a lot of factors when Jeff Fisher was in Tennessee. He started there on an interim basis for Jack Pardee (Houston Oilers) and the team cut all cost and went into complete rebuilding mode. He developed a nice bunch of players in McNair, Eddie George, Jevon Kearse, Eddie Robinson, Blaine Bishop, Jon Runyan, Keith Bullock, Samari Rolle, Derrick Mason, Lorenzo Neal and went to the Super Bowl and followed that with another playoff season.

The owner didn't want to resign any of the core players from that Super Bowl run and when their contracts were up and eventually Fisher was expected to replace those starters with rookies again and develop them. He got them back into the playoffs again. So he was expected to win while rebuilding.

Steve McNair spent a lot of time injured and that was who he developed and who he was tied to.

He then was forced to work with VY which is widely known he never wanted to work with a rookie QB on a veteran team.

I think if you look at the whole picture he did a good job there.

Iam gonna take a short nap, Wake me when Ross makes a GOOD Move., Thanks.


No hard feelings. I wasn't trying to dodge your question. Yes, I took that straight from Wikipedia's page on Jeff Fisher. I thought I had said then when I'd posted the comment.

Don't want to drag it out any further than we have but all good coaches get fired. It happened to Bellichick in Cleveland. It almost happened to Parcells after his first season in New York.

I don't have to research it but I seem to remember when it happened that is was a mutual split. Fisher by that point was fed up with Adams' meddling and I think he'd had enough. Adams probably felt the same wway about Fisher. We can argue and debate this all you want, it ACTUALLY doesn't matter. The owner had had enough of him and Fisher had had enough of Adams. If it's important for you to call that a firing, then fair enough.

That should have said 'I don't have time to research it'.

Iam gonna take a short nap, Wake me when Ross makes a GOOD Move., Thanks.

Von Schmidt

-Go find yourself a Jets blog

hee hee. But I am becoming increasingly concerned about Ross's judgment about many things. Doesn't he know that in these Times the best guarded secret doesn't exist? And I'm not talking about Football only. And in this City? Pleeease. Not only in a helicopter, but in the high regions of Space, can information be kept privy. No more.

I still believe it was a firing...and that comes from the multiple links I posted yesterday...but your right...the point is moot...

The BIG winner is Fisher....

He has been media darlinged into this great coach...when in reality...he had an owner that patiently put up with 17 years of medicority with a flash here and there....

You see the owner as a meddler....

I lean more twardsm something I heard Jerry Jones say on Sunday Night Football....

He said (not quoting)....

If You were the one spending a billion dolars on all this...woudn't you want to have a say in what happens....

You may not agree...but surely you can see an owner's reasoning...

Guys shouldn't sneeze at this guy Toub being interviewed. I know NOTHING about him and neither do most of you. So he's a ST coach. Who cares!! John Harbaugh was a ST coach before being hired by Baltimore and he's a pretty good coach today. Be thankful they're not just pulling the same names as everybody else and going through the motions.

Is he any good? No clue....


Just to be clear also, I won't be UPSET if it's not Fisher. Disappointed maybe but not upset. I'll support whoever they hire. I happen to like Jeff Fisher and I think the fact he's intelligent and can string a sentence together will be a welcome relief from what we got from Sparano. Completely unlistenable!!...

Whoever the new guy is, I just want them to get the best person for the job. If that's a guy like Philbin and he turns out to be the best choice, I will support it fully, until I see evidence that he's not getting it done. Same would go for Fisher.


They are interviewing precisely because Harbaugh was a ST coach who has done well and they think they can find the same acorn.

New Coach Wanted,

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's doing their due dillegence. Ozzie Newsome is a very bright guy and it's worked well for him. Doesn't mean Toub ends up being the choice. It's all just part of the process.

Hellicopter name...


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