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Dolphins copter on the move again: Toub

The Dolphins helicopter, becoming so increasingly famous it needs a name, has landed on the team's practice field again this morning.

And, sure enough, another coach candidate stepped off. A source tells me it's Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub.

Look, I didn't understand the facination with Toub. I am not an expert so I'm not going to act like I know Toub from Adam. But I'm told by a Dolphins source that Toub is excellent and it makes sense to talk to him.

The source says the Dolphins are intrigued by Toub's great special teams work but also with the model that has turned the Baltimore Ravens into a fine team. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh was the special coach in Philadelphia before he went to Baltimore.

Um, please name the Dolphins helicopter.


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It doesn't matter. Until we have a kick@ss QB.
This team aint winning a SB.


Craig, you make a good point about not just going through the usual suspects here. However, harbaugh came from a coaching family. Toub?? Not sure.

Point is, I like to see some assemblance of a coaching pedigree. Has he been in charge before, is there an indication that he won't be overwhelmed.

Then again, something to be said for hiring the worst coach in the world too. Ifthe it helps us tank properly and get the number 1 pick next year, then that's OK too.


Good theory. I like it.

I know nothing about Toub, other than what he does right now. You've obviously researched him a bit and found nothing, right?

Who knows.....maybe it's an information session for them to at some point help their special teams. Who knows why teams sometimes do what they do.

Philbin's Skybus

I'd choose Philbin since Green Bay has an explosive offense. Philbin has had a role in that. He's seen how a team builds through the draft and doesn't waste picks or get clobbered in free agency. Fisher is probably gone to St Louis. Billick i like as well although he had a game manager QB and great defense.
GET Philbin and sign Matt Flynn. Change offense to Green Bay's that way QB coming in is set then Draft RT, RG SS FS OLB maybe a few free agents and be competitive at start of next season.

Von Crap:

You are a credit to our people. Thank you.

Name for the chopper - HOW ABOUT THE STUPID-CRAFT. Because Ross has NO CLUE OF RUNNING A TEAM.

Air Ross 1

I've been bitten so hard by hope and expectations when it comes to the Fins, I'm going to try and be realistic here. There are a few coaches that come with known winning pedigrees, even though they had some down years. Fisher, Cowher, Billick, Gruden. The other former HC candidates have either mediocre, or losing tendencies that were only briefly shaken. So if we go with a former HC, the top 4 here seem reasonable enough, from an outside point of view. So feel free and justified to complain if we hire a Mangini, or similar.
As far as coordinator/college-coach HC candidate types go. we really have no clue until the man steps into the role and shows his colors. We could be just as dead wrong about a supposedly great prospect as we could about a supposedly not-ready prospect. I don't personally want to take that chance right now, but I can't argue with certain successes in the NFL elsewhere. We've struck out lately, but we did hire the "hot" guys, and we did try this avenue. We just got bit. others got lucky. So all this amounts to ... who the heck knows? I can't get bent out of shape for any of these hires based on statistics or opinion.
What I can get PO'd about is if we go after known mediocrity. So I'll stay away from bad-mouthing Gruden, or Cowher, or Toub, or Bowles, or whoever as long as the reasonable concerns are met.
On this team, that may be the only way to keep your sanity.
So that said, I guess the Fins are doing it correctly so far (coaching search I mean).

BTW, I kind of liked Air Fins 1, whoever said it earlier.

How about the we name the chopper "The Nat Moore Experience" in honor of the legendary helicopter catch? Best name out there and you know it.

Top coach preferences:
Former HC's:
1. Fisher
2. Billick
3. Cowher
4. Gruden

Coordinator/college types:
1. No frickin clue.

Side note - the reason I like Billick over Cowher is that he seems to want the job. Cowher I think would pull a Parcells. Billick might hang on a while.

Reality is that other than Fisher and Billick there are no other "name" coaches available. In any case Fisher and Billick at one time were also no names. I would keep Bowles.

Name the copter ROSSLOSS

all of you who want fisher.

Bowles fans, consider this before jumping in feet first. The Fins were winning pretty much the same percentage and manner under Sparano near the end as they were under Bowles. No philosophy changed, or playbook, or players. That say to me that the lockerroom leaders finally managed to corral all those egos and get them to play playoff football to save their jobs and save face. Kudos to them.
However, I doubt it was either coach that did it. Likely Taylor, Long and crew did that.
that said, Bowles may indeed be the man. But I'd want to hear a whole lot more from him in an interview beside "play hard, practice hard, try hard". If he has a plan, philosophy, manner to get players buying-in that would build a super-bowl foundation - THEN we have something. I'd be curious as to what he siad to Ross.

the Flipper Clipper II

The Team Plane becomes The Flipper Clipper I

on second thought, drop "The" just "Flipper Clipper"


Fish Flying Coffin

Not sure if I read this or not, but here it goes for the helicopter naming thingy,,,

1. The Rossbatross

2. The Turkey Vulture - all they get is the leftover crap and the Fins have two turkeys in control (Ireland and Ross).

There's only one famous helicopter in Miami Dolphins history



Idiot Force 13

I'd bend J Lo over in a heartbeat.

Air Fin One

Air-Fin One

Awe crap, did someone already say that?

How about "Air Farce One?"

I like that one too lol

Air-Head One

Flipper 1 should be the name.

Fist pumper one

The 99% that don't listen to Armando in the morning.

Helicopter names:


Flying Orange Carpet Treatment

Airshark (Take off of Landshark Stadium)

Pelican Briefer

Air Bling

U.C.S (Unfinished Coaching Searcher) "What can Orange do for you?"

King Fisher

The Billick Bullet

The Boss Ross Ring Toss

"XXX" as in fi"X" ailing franchise, ti"X" sales go up, fins in SB mi"X".

Ireland's Roto Rescue

and I'm spent.... Cheers!

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