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Dolphins draft position is a coin toss which may lead to Flynn

I got an email from an NFL spokesman late Sunday night saying the NFL would release the 2012 draft order in the morning. Hate to do this, but to quote New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, "Can't wait!"

I went and figured the thing out for myself.

For Dolphins fans worried about their team's draft position, here is the top 10:

1. Indianapolis    2-14.

2. St. Louis        2-14.

3. Minnesota     3-13.

4. Cleveland       4-12.

5. Tampa Bay      4-12.

6.  Washington    5-11.

7.  Jacksonville    5-11.

8.  Miami/Carolina 6-10

10. Buffalo            6-10.

The Dolphins and Panthers will have to toss a coin to determine which team goes first because they both have the same strength of schedule record of 129-127 or a .504 winning percentage. That coin toss will happen at the Indianapolis Combine in February.

The reason Cleveland picks ahead of Tampa Bay although both have identical records is the Browns had an easier strength of schedule tiebreaker. Same goes for Washington over Jacksonville.

When two teams are tied with identical records, the club with the lower strength of schedule mark goes first.

Despite all the buzz about where the Dolphins draft these last couple of months, the draft may turn out to be something of a downer if you're hoping for a franchise QB. Look at the order.

Indy wants a QB and will pick Andrew Luck barring extreme circumstances. Cleveland probably wants a QB at No. 4. And Washington wants a QB at No. 6. If the Dolphins are enamored with Robert Griffin III, they're going to have to give up a mint to trade to No. 2.

Just a guess here: I wouldn't bet on that happening.

Just another guess here: Matt Flynn will be on the Dolphins radar.

The Green Bay Packers backup, a former seventh-round pick, threw for 480 yards, six touchdowns and one interception in a 45-41 victory over Detroit on Sunday.

Matt Flynn will be a free agent in the offseason. Cha-Ching! He will be someone's starting quarterback in 2012 because that's what he wants. He'll leave Green Bay for the payday and the opportunity.

With a franchise QB probably beyond reach in the draft, Flynn now becomes a viable option. But remember, there will be competition for the kid. So don't go putting him in aqua and orange just yet.

Soon probably. But not yet.

OK, let's see ... draft status? Check. Quarterback possibility? Check. Ah, yes, coaching carousel. Got to mention that. My column in today's Miami Herald tells you what to expect.

Simply, the grand chase of a big-name star coach is almost dead on arrival. I write that sources are telling me Cowher and Gruden were contacted by the Dolphins but the answer Miami got was not in the affirmative as to interest.

That leaves Jeff FIsher. I tell you the teams Miami will have to wrestle to get Fisher and I don't see how that is going to happen, either, unless owner Stephen Ross is flying to Fisher's house right now to offer him $10 million per season.

Instead I give you a list of lesser-known candidates you should expect so please check out the column.


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Bring in the Green Bay OC as the new HC and Flynn as the starting QB! Trade down and take the best pass rushing OLB and a playmaking TE!

Stop calling Billick a "retread". If he is, then so is Cowher, Gruden and Fisher.

Billick has as many Super Bowls as Cowher and Gruden

Billick has an even record versus Cowher

Billick dominated Fisher in the playoffs.

It is BS if he is not considered in the coaching search.

Bring in the Green Bay OC as the new HC and Flynn as the starting QB! Trade down and take the best pass rushing OLB and a playmaking TE! Posted by: El coach | January 02, 2012 at 05:15 AM

Agree, but would not take a TE that high. Would instead take a pass rusher or (trade down)get two more WR (get TY Hilton in the 4th kid is a steal) and/or a FREE SAFETY MIAMI

Cleveland has two first round picks in the draft. The could decide to go with Griffin or they could decide to go with an offensive tackle like Reiff with their first pick to shore up the left side of their line and take a wide receiver with their 2nd so they can give McCoy someone to throw the ball to.
If they go with the later, they may be willing to trade out of the #4 position to get Miami's #8 or #9 in the first, allowing Miami to get RGIII.
So, the Dolphins aren't completely out of the hunt for a quarterback in the first round yet.

i dont think its a given the colts dont trade Luck. I also dont think the browns will necessarily take a qb either. I only see the redskins as qb competition. Almost all those teams have drafted their franchise qb recently.

The colts owner saying they would be willing to draft luck was just good businessmanship.All the reporters fell over drooling to type it up, as the colts giggle knowing the price just went up.

Should we read Armando's column as he asks a pay attention to it just like less than 1% pay attention to his radio show?? Just sayin.

You might be right lou. Could make a lot of sense for browns to trade pick, and end up with 3 1st round picks to use in 2012, and maybe another in 2013.

This team is not a franchise QB away. 6-3 over the last 9 games with moore is not to shabby.

It is not Moore's fault we are not in the playoffs, he makes all the throws.

Our offense is horrible predictable. Run 90% on first down, 75% on second down then ask Moore to make that one perfect throw on 3rd when the other team knows he is throwing.

Very few QB's could succeed in that situation, but he has.

I agree our off. cord. is awful, and not sold on Nolan..so whole new coaching staff needed. We are a 9-7 team with right coaches so lets build...nothing less will do from now on, or fire someone...just dont trust Ireland...too much Parcels in him, and we all know Parcells was terrible talent evaluator, but decent coach

RGIII would be great, but let's not give up the farm to get him. All eyes should be on Flynn now as he'll cost cash (pleanty) but not picks. Flynn or bust. Then make some solid picks to surround him with quality players. And let's get something right for once.

Armando.....love the Bart Scott "CAN'T WAIT" quote.....

I watch the DJ Porter video often.....love the quote.....HATE THE jets.......

I can understand going after Griffin and even giving up mint for him. However going after Matt Flynn who was the # 208th drafted player in the 7th round of the 2008 draft is just dumb. The Dolphins have a QB who also was drafted very late. The difference is that he has performed this year and is highly rated. To me the two Matt's are similar candidates. Why go elsewhere to pick up what you already have. Build around Matt Moore or give up mint for Griffin. One of the two. Oh the Matt Moore performance has come without speed receivers and without an offensive line performing at a very high level. The Greenbay supporting cast is much better Armando! What does that tell you?

You're a good man, Armando, faithfully keeping Dolphin Nation informed during these perilous times. Thank you for your invaluable service, and the manner in which you render it. Appreciate it, brother!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I have not jumped on that Flynn bandwagon yet either. But, If he could be gotten cheap (NFL standards cheap) It might be worth a shot. Trading up for Luck or RG im not into at all. We need draft picks, and we need to pick wisely with those picks. WE NEED DESPERATELY RT,WR and LB. Most of those can be added through the draft. It is still possible Miami trades down.

Going for matt Flynn is much of the same old same old. This is not the answer.

I agree our off. cord. is awful, and not sold on Nolan..so whole new coaching staff needed. We are a 9-7 team with right coaches so lets build...nothing less will do from now on, or fire someone...just dont trust Ireland...too much Parcels in him, and we all know Parcells was terrible talent evaluator, but decent coach
Did'nt Sparano get fired for going 9-7?

I am currently sold on keeping Mat Moore and to surround him with a better O line based on this year's performance. I think he deserves a shot. But, we also need to bring in competition for him and the only possible candidate at this time is Matt Flynn. I will also draft a QB in the upcoming draft (I like Kellen Moore) he is a developmental project but he is a winner. That will at least solidify our QB position for a while or at least until the 2013 draft...

sorry 7-9 my bad

All depends on what Flynn costs. I could see that scenario playing out. Of course if Miami slips down in the draft and picks up another second in the process, you could pull 2 QB's from the draft.













Matt Moore gets ZERO respect, despite playing in an offense that has:

a) A crappy o-line aside from Long and Pouncey

b) Having only 2 decent weapons in Bush and Marshall

And now everybody wants Flynn...Well, I'm not against it, but remember, Flynn is playing for Green Bay, the #1 offense in the NFL. The Dolphins need more weapons on offense, that's the problem. Not the QB.

Qb is the problem but Flynn is not the solution.

I would like for the Dolphins to get Matt Flynn

10 million a year for Fisher? Ahhh, thanks but no thanks. I'd rather get GB's OC or Carolina's...

finfaneurope, I think that is possible and not a bad idea at all to pick 2 QBs in the draft. I guess it's all depends on how the coach and GM will be comes draft time. I say who the GM will be during draft time because I am not so sure if a new big name coach will have Jeff Ireland as his GM. At this point, I will just keep Jeff and sign a hungry young assistant (Phibin or Zimmer) are my choices...Of course, I will also entertain the idea of Eric Mangini and Jeff Fisher...

No to Fisher!

i don't quite get all the love for Matt Flynn. Do guys not realize he plays in an offence that is FAR beyong what we have here in Miami? Flynn coming in wouldn't do any better than Moore, who has done a pretty good job by the way. Sure you could Flynn for depth but why would he do that? He'll want to start somewhere or failing that continue backing up Rodgers. I just don't get the idea of saying to Moore, 'thanks. Now go sit on the bench, while we pay this new guy of equal talent more money than you to do the same job'. Kind of strange! Get another vet to back Moore up (Orton maybe?) and figure out which of the kids to draft.

Mark in Toronto, we allowed something like a million sacks this year. No QB would succeed behind this o-line. None. That's a problem. We've had only one 1000yard receiver the last couple of years, that's it. That's a problem. Hartline as a #2 WR and Bess as a #3, that's another problem. Anthony Fasano at TE and nobody else, that's another problem. Despite all these flaws, Moore put up some pretty good numbers. He deserves a shot.

Has Marc Colombo been cut yet?


I think we can forget about Luck and RGIII. So we're picking at 8, what do you do? Do you take a flyer on Jones and let him develop? Do you sign another lineman and take a guy like Weedon or Tannenhill late first? Pass rush at 8 and one of the other kids?

You're on the clock....

Btw Mark,

I like your Falcons to beat the Giants next week. They are primed for the victory. If Ryan don't get it done you can be sure I'll be giving you a hard time about it.....LOL.

Happy New Year....

I wouldn't give up the farm to draft Luck or RGIII. This team can't afford to give up multiple picks which likely would include Two #1s, Two #2s, a #3 and a player like Jake Long. NO THANK YOU.

So Miami is not in position to draft a franchise QB with our first round pick. No, Landry Jones is NOT worthy of our first round pick and I am NOT drafting a 29 year old rookie QB!

So what to do? First of all, you can still blame IRELAND. He should have drafted SOMEONE last year. You never want to put yourself in a corner in the draft where you HAVE to draft someone. Is it really worth giving up our draft picks for the next 2-3 years to get someone? NO.

I would take a runner on a QB later in the draft. Someone you could develop like Moore. I would also take a run at Matt Flynn in free agency. Give him a multi-year deal, but a way for Miami to get out of the deal after 1 year if the guy ends up sucking (without destroying our salary cap). I would give him a 10M signing bonus for 2012 (with a small salary) and a HUGE bonus payment do out in 2013. This way, Miami would have one year to decide if the guy can play or not.

Sorry Fins fans, but we won too many games. And yes it was sweet to kick Rex Ryan's ass and send JT out in style. But now it is time to pay the bill, and it isn't cheap.

Trade down, get 2 first round picks and draft OLB Jarvis Jones and G David DeCastro...

P.S. We better take that stud TE at the top of Round 2 if he is still there (forgot his name).

I am tired to be the last team to the TE party or hoping for Acorns in converted Fullbacks! It is time for Miami to have a STUD at TE!

If it wasent for yesterdays game would anybody be talking about Flynn.Agreat game with a great team dosent mean a great QB

In free agency, we should focus on Jermichael Finley and DeSean Jackson.


REALLY? A TEn million dollar bonus to Matt Flynn? For what? Playing in one of the best offences in NFL history? Would love to hear that conversation with Matt Moore. 'Thanks Matt. You played well this year and the team rallied around you but value this other guy of equal talent a lot more than you. So it's back to the bench with you. Oh yeah....if things don't work out with him, can you come in and do what you did again last year? Thanks.'

What ever happened to making a guy come in and EARN the job? You're telling Matt Moore he hasn't earned the job based on this year. 6-3 to finish. Record for the year should have been much better except for defensive collapses against NY Giants, Dallas, Denver and NE. Is Flynn going to come in and help the defence play better too?

Just AMAZING....I don't think some of you guys actually THINK before you write.

Dolphins played hard down the stretch glad Im not the only one that noticed it took half the season for the D to get in shape. Not sure whos fault that is the dang union helped give us some crap football this year. Hope they never go on strike again. We need to get a coach who is a great decision maker not wishy washy. For a lot of you guys commenting what in the world would make you think RG3 is a franchise QB? His throwing motion is whacked the Baylor staff calls plays by flash cards and he is ancy in the pocket. We jump around like a bunch of school kids wanting every person and pick available. It doesnt work like that. Glad a lot of you are not spending my money. Matt Flynn you think playing in Green Bays system helps him a little? We could have had any QB in the league the last couple of years and we still would have stunk. At least the team played hard down the stretch and we have decent talent just hope we dont replace all the staff it will set us back 3 years

From IrelandSucks earlier:

'You never want to put yourself in a corner in the draft where you HAVE to draft someone'.

Are you essentially criticizing Ireland for what he would have had to do EXACTLY that last year. You're saying he should have taken a QB LAST year but four were already gone before he picked. So your saying he should have been FORCED to pick one last year at 15 or later, because in essence he HAD to. Not getting your point.

Should have said 'Aren't'....

Craig M.....

How does the conversation go with Moore if they draft unproven rookie RG3......

I mean really....who gives a crap about the conversation.....

Moore did what he was paid to do this year....win football games ...and he didn't win enough.....your OWN list his losses prove that.....

Lighten up man....

Sometimes your opinions on this blog are equally as ludicrous as anybody ele's.....including mine.....


It's pretty simple really. RGIII isn't a day one starter. It's Moore's job until he's shows he can't do it or RGIII shows he's ready to do it.

I don't need to lighten up. I'm just amazed the lack of respect for Moore and this idea that Flynn is SO much better. It's crazy...

From IrelandSucks earlier: 'You never want to put yourself in a corner in the draft where you HAVE to draft someone'. Are you essentially criticizing Ireland for what he would have had to do EXACTLY that last year. You're saying he should have taken a QB LAST year but four were already gone before he picked. So your saying he should have been FORCED to pick one last year at 15 or later, because in essence he HAD to. Not getting your point. Posted by: Craig M |


Yeah Craig, he could have taken Ryan Mallet in the draft. That would have been a good gamble. Instead you trade up for Daniel Thomas, a kid who will turn out to be a COMPLETE BUST. Nice job Ireland! Matt Moore is a decent player. But he in not a franchise QB and never will be. I would be willing to give Flynn 10M for a 1 year shot as long as it wouldn't cost any draft picks or screw up our future salary cap. Sure he may suck, but if he does so what. This team has wasted money on a ton of guys. I am willing to take the risk at QB. Someone is going to pay Flynn a lot of money next year. Considering we have NO shot to land Luck or RGIII without giving up the farm, I would be willing to take that shot and STILL draft a guy like Moore late in the draft to develop. Then with our first round pick, I am trying to trade up and grab the stud WR from Oklahoma State. In the 2nd round, I am taking the stud TE. This will give Flynn some weapons...

No thanks to Desean Jackson or Santonio Holmes or any of these other 'diva' WRs that QUIT on their teams. If Andy Reid wants rid of the guy, that's all I need to know about him.

Don't get this lovefest for wanting WRs and thinking that will make all the difference in the world. Doesn't matter if it's Dez Bryant or Braylon Edwards or Ocho Cinco.....these guys aren't making their teams win games.

There's a need to upgrade from Hartline and Bess but these guys aren't the answer.

By the way, I wouldn't be shocked if Landry Jones is a bust. I realize he lost his top WR, but it seems like every throw is a check-down. Guy doesn't look impressive at all. Also, we don't need to draft a 29 year old rookie QB!

Why are you amazed @ the lack of respect for Moore....

He didn't beat any team with a winning record....the season was a colossal failure.....

Nobody has any control over any of theses things...and if your wrong about Flynn....it wouldn't be the 1st time your mis-judged a QB....just a few days ago you were talking about Tim Tebow being the real deal.....

What's your opinion of him today.....

All I'm saying man is this.....Irelandsucks views are as valid as yours......and at the end of the day....his views....your views....and thie entire blogs views....along with $1.80.....will get you a cup of coffee....


Interesting that you're prepared to already call Thomas a BUST but the same can't be said for Mallett. Bit of a double standard, no? What is it that Mallett did this year that makes you think he'll be the kid?

Yeah, it was a real big trade up for Thomas (3rd, 5th and 7th). Wow!! That's REALLY going to cost the franchise for YEARS (sarcasm). At least now we've addressed the position and don't have to draft another one right away. We had no backs on the roster, he filled a need. Don't see what the problem is there.

Your Flynn scenario makes ZERO sense. The Miami fanbase has to be one of the most IMPATIENT fanbases in the league. You're starting QB just lead you to a 6-3 finish and you're all set to get rid of him for a guy who's played THREE games in the NFL. Hilarious!!

Draft a kid and let him develop....PATIENCE.

Thankfully, we don't have to talk about Cowher and Gruden any more- and Cowher isn't even any good on tv!

Billick actually indicated he was interested. Why not him and Flynn?

Sounds to be like everyone's got it all figured out. Doesn't sound like there's any need to even have a Combine...

And for the record kris, Moore did beat teams with winning records this year. He beat THREE of them and they are all drafting ahead of us (Bills, Raiders and Jets). They all had winning records when we beat them. You're post is starting to come across as something Pricemaster might say.

Have a good day fellas....gotta run.

Diva who cares? I look at productivity, that's it. And Jackson has it. He was never a problem before this year. Holmes was ALWAYS a problem, why do you think Pittsburgh traded him ? Marshall is a diva, and he's our best WR. Since when is Andy Reid God's Gift to football? Last time I checked, he's won 0 Super Bowls and now he'll be watching the playoffs from his home...Signing Jackson MAKES PLENTY of sense.

Wouldn't you rather waste money taking a risk at QB?

Beats wasting money on washed up Offensive Lineman like Columbo!

Worst Decision in Miami Dolphins history: Deciding to give up a 2nd round pick for an injured Dante Culpepper instead of giving up just money for an injured Drew Brees. Makes no sense. Both players were injured. I'm sorry, but I would have taken a risk on the guy who didn't cost a draft pick. I'm sure there is more to this story. I think Saban got disgruntled with Brees waiting to make his decision (or try to get more money) so he just panicked and made the deal for Culpepper. Either way, it was the single worst decision in Miami Dolphins history.

So congrats Ireland! You still are not responsible for the worst move in Miami Dolphins history. That still goes to Dick Saban.

In case you didn't read the blog article Craig M....

Armando stated quite clearly that Flynn would be on the FINS "radar".....

That's all that's being discussed here....


Mando, on Mike and Mike this AM, Adam Schefter didn't mention Chudzinski when talking about potential HC hires. I'm wondering why.


One alst thing. For the record I never said that Tebow was the real deal. What I said was I doubted the kid as an NFL QB. I'm not a fan, I wasn't a fan but you had to hand it to the kid....his team was winning. Doesn't mean I think you build the team around him or any of that other stuff. He'd not a guy I ever would have drafted because I don't think he can be a good passer in the NFL. He was proving me wrong there for a while with his winning.

If it's going to take getting on a plane and out bidding other teams for Fisher then Ross needs to get on-board his jet and take off already, no discussion to be had here! Fisher Coached a blue collar bunch who outside McNair, E. George and later Haynsworth were short on SUPER star talent yet always squeezed a Playoff run out of them. He's a tough as nails no non-sense having Coach 1st played under Ditka and B.Ryan and then Coached under Buddy, also adapted well to a more pass happy game when the rules dictated.

The others mentioned quite frankly will sink the team even further. I like most was keeping an eye on Joe Philbin the OC of the Packers then realized he was simply a caretaker friend of HC McCarthey who calls EVERY PLAY for his team. His former OL Coach just puts them through the practice motions. M.Mularkey, are you kidding me!!! This guy got a shot with one of the last really good Bills teams and regressed every year!! He was also Fins OC under Saban and lives by the Parcells mantra of doing things, NO THANKS!!!

Jim Hasslett was mentioned and all I have to say is HUHHHHH??? Am I the only one who saw him run his train wreck in N.O. before he was fired for Sean Payton. At this point unless we drink the Kool-Aid on trying to pry the next Harbaugh away from the College game then we need to go all in on Fisher. I know the Q.B. search is a seperate issue but M.Flynn as mentioned by some is A.J. Feeley / Kevin Kolb type sheep in different (wolves) clothing.

Moore deserves some credit. But he is not a franchise guy. He has turned the ball over way too often (especially fumbles). The defense deserves the credit for the win yesterday (not Moore). And you aren't beating many "good" teams with Moore at QB. Miami had a nice run. But they beat a lot of mediocre teams.

By the way, the Dolphins have a VERY EASY schedule next year. (Of course the rest of the AFC East does too). But it reminds me of Sparano's first year...

I think who we pick to be the HC and who will be our QB need to go hand in hand. If Ross and the FO decide the price tag to move up get either Luck or RG3 then hire Philbin from GB and bring Matt Flynn. If we are going all in to get RG3 then hire Rob Chudzinski and Mike Shula.


That's not what I'm taking exception to. What I'm taking exception to is this notion that one day after the season, one day after Flynn has thrown for 6 TDs and God knows how many yards, all of a sudden he's the answer. yg has us signing him to a 5 year $35 million contract and someone else has us giving him a $10 million contract and I'm saying WHY? It's all knee-jerk stuff. None of that was being discussed this time a week ago. It's quick-fix all the time and that stuff never works out.
Moore had a decent season. We found out Henne wasn't the answer. Let's move on with Moore and figure out which of the kids to draft. Flynn is going to want something along the lines of what Kolb got from Arizona and that makes no sense for us. It's just doing more of the same stuff that never works.

How many finished with a winning record Craig M.....

That's what I thought.....

How bout that Tebow question....no reply for that huh....

I also find it odd that NOW your deferring to the judgement of Andy Reid.....when 3 weeks ago you were telling us all he was done in Philly.....and you wouldn't want him as a HC.....

Remember all those coaches you claimed would be fired.....looks like you were WRONG again....

I look forward to you paying our friendly wager.....

And finally Craig M.....nobody has it figured out.....NOT EVEN U.....that's why we are discussing it.....

Craig M @ 9:44.....

I agree with most of that....

But like have said many times before....

If you don't explore all your options.....then you haven't explored all your options......

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