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Dolphins draft position is a coin toss which may lead to Flynn

I got an email from an NFL spokesman late Sunday night saying the NFL would release the 2012 draft order in the morning. Hate to do this, but to quote New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, "Can't wait!"

I went and figured the thing out for myself.

For Dolphins fans worried about their team's draft position, here is the top 10:

1. Indianapolis    2-14.

2. St. Louis        2-14.

3. Minnesota     3-13.

4. Cleveland       4-12.

5. Tampa Bay      4-12.

6.  Washington    5-11.

7.  Jacksonville    5-11.

8.  Miami/Carolina 6-10

10. Buffalo            6-10.

The Dolphins and Panthers will have to toss a coin to determine which team goes first because they both have the same strength of schedule record of 129-127 or a .504 winning percentage. That coin toss will happen at the Indianapolis Combine in February.

The reason Cleveland picks ahead of Tampa Bay although both have identical records is the Browns had an easier strength of schedule tiebreaker. Same goes for Washington over Jacksonville.

When two teams are tied with identical records, the club with the lower strength of schedule mark goes first.

Despite all the buzz about where the Dolphins draft these last couple of months, the draft may turn out to be something of a downer if you're hoping for a franchise QB. Look at the order.

Indy wants a QB and will pick Andrew Luck barring extreme circumstances. Cleveland probably wants a QB at No. 4. And Washington wants a QB at No. 6. If the Dolphins are enamored with Robert Griffin III, they're going to have to give up a mint to trade to No. 2.

Just a guess here: I wouldn't bet on that happening.

Just another guess here: Matt Flynn will be on the Dolphins radar.

The Green Bay Packers backup, a former seventh-round pick, threw for 480 yards, six touchdowns and one interception in a 45-41 victory over Detroit on Sunday.

Matt Flynn will be a free agent in the offseason. Cha-Ching! He will be someone's starting quarterback in 2012 because that's what he wants. He'll leave Green Bay for the payday and the opportunity.

With a franchise QB probably beyond reach in the draft, Flynn now becomes a viable option. But remember, there will be competition for the kid. So don't go putting him in aqua and orange just yet.

Soon probably. But not yet.

OK, let's see ... draft status? Check. Quarterback possibility? Check. Ah, yes, coaching carousel. Got to mention that. My column in today's Miami Herald tells you what to expect.

Simply, the grand chase of a big-name star coach is almost dead on arrival. I write that sources are telling me Cowher and Gruden were contacted by the Dolphins but the answer Miami got was not in the affirmative as to interest.

That leaves Jeff FIsher. I tell you the teams Miami will have to wrestle to get Fisher and I don't see how that is going to happen, either, unless owner Stephen Ross is flying to Fisher's house right now to offer him $10 million per season.

Instead I give you a list of lesser-known candidates you should expect so please check out the column.