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Dolphins have shown only unofficial interest in Billick

So where is Brian Billick in this coach search?

He's won a Super Bowl. He has experience. He put together a star-studded coaching staff in Baltimore that became a proving ground for future NFL head coaches Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, and Mike Smith.

If nothing else, the guy can certainly put a staff together.

So what is the Dolphins interest in him?

So far, the Dolphins have had one unofficial contact with Billick or his camp, an NFL source tells The Miami Herald's David J. Neal. And another source tells me Billick is not really in play at the current time at all for the Miami job.

I find this puzzling.

I have asked numerous NFL sources why the Dolphins haven't or wouldn't dive headlong into a chance to interview Billick for the head coach job. No one can give me a definitive answer other than, Brian Billick can be a little pompous. Someone else told me Billick thinks he's always the smartest guy in the room and has no patience of dumb people.

A little pompous? The guy maybe has a big ego?

Are you kidding me?

That's the reason the Dolphins haven't gotten serious with Billick?

There has to be something else because Billick also hasn't been mentioned as a possibility anywhere else -- not St. Louis, not Kansas City, not Tampa Bay, not St. Louis, and obviously not Miami.

If there is an overriding reason Billick cannot be considered a good candidate, fine, I'd accept that. But the Dolphins have officially paid him no mind and at this writing don't seem intent on it.

There has to be a better reason for that than the guy can be pompous.


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8 of the 12 QBs in the playoffs are WHAT.....

Say it with me now.....


Just saying.....

Bellick doesn't inspire at all...for whatever reason. Kind of a meat head. Fisher has a good personality but I never felt he would get to the top. He's an A-lister among a thin field which makes him seem more desirable.

Maybe the reason we are not interviewing Billick is because Ireland has no business interviewing Billick for ANYTHING!


I don't believe the Niners will crash to earth again next year. They are well set up with a great defence and they've really improved their offensive line. A lot wil depend on what happens with that division but to me they are still the cream of that division and they've got an energetic young coach. It'll be interetesing to see what happens to them in the playoffs but they should be set up for years.


And as far as the first round QBs go, this is why it surprises me that you want a 7th round QB in Flynn. You should be all in on a first round QB, regardless of who it is.

Correct me if im wrong but arent the four highest ranked qbs in the playoffs all later round picks and hall of fame locks? Kris, you said 8 out of 12 and I think that would leave 4 who werent 1st rounders as the best. Not that it matters because there will be no qbs left for us at 8 so they will have to take Weeden or Jones in the second. Trading 3 first rounders for cglll is just stupid imo. But i would give up a boat load for Luck, problem is so will 5 other teams who have a better draft spot then us.

We are a toilet team right now. Why can't we give Jeff Fisher the team "structure" he is wanting or looking for? If we can toss the cash easily enough then creating the Fisher environment should simply as easy. Come on Fish. The Tuna screwed us, the Fish has got to taste better. Really? Dolphins, ocean, Fish..er. It works man. You gotta get on board...

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I really don't want fisher as a head coach. I have a feeling if he is hired in Miami then we are going to regret it. By the way people even though Ireland was a douche to Tony last offseason he had a great draft this year and brought some key pieces to the fins. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Did he make mistakes sure he is human we all do everyone needs to chill.

My choice for HC is either Chud or Bowles and leave the staff intact. The team adjusted very well in the second half of the season. I wonder how things would have been if we had a full offseason.

Again....what is so special about Fisher? In 16 years he made it to one superbowl and lost, he's 5-6 in the playoffs (2-5 if you factor out the superbowl year), and he only had 6 seasons with a better than .500 record. So why is he so desirable? Maybe cuz he just looks so cool on the sidelines?

Billick on the other hand, in 9 years as Ravens head coach made it to one superbowl and WON, was 5-3 in the playoffs (1-3 if you factor out the superbowl year), and had 6 seasons with a better than .500 record.

Hmmmm....my math says Billick has the better resume.

I bet if I scout some Division III teams I can find me some good acorns. I love acorns.


But I should have added that I don't think Fisher or Billick are the answer. Not that I know who is of course.

Does anyone have any idea what the management structure of this team is? Is Peterson working on different candidates than Ireland is? What's going on?!!

And as far as QB goes we shouldn't trade the farm for one player unless he is gaurunteed to be successful which there are no guaruntees in football. I say trade down in the 1st to either late teens or early 20's. With that pick go OL or OLB. Matt Moore can run the team until the right opporunity arrives to draft a qb. Who knows how the draft will shape out anyway maybe RG3 falls to us. Anything can happen remember Mallet falling?

I bet the church flag football group has some acorns...I need my acorns!!

I'm not convinced that Matt Moore can run things until the right opportunity comes along. Carolina thought the same thing after he finished the 2009 season 4-1 and started the 2010 season 1-4.

Who opened the GH on this blog?

Pompous = Confidence. Something the Dolphins have been missing. Ross, CALL THE MAN!!!

Anyone know what's become of "DC"?

I've always enjoyed his perspective - hopefully he hasn't bailed on the Phins...

Sklbndt look at the panthers as a whole while he was the starter. Outside of steve smith they were beyond terrible and had zero talent. Completely different scenarios. I'm not saying not to draft a qb I just don't wanna give up possible picks and have a bust. Just don't wanna sell the farm.

I say keep Bowles. WTF

Now the rams want to interview bowles. Why do I have a feeling that we get fisher and they get bowles. And that we will regret not hiring bowles kinda like tomlin when we had the chance

We are a toilet team right now. Why can't we give Jeff Fisher the team "structure" he is wanting or looking for?

Posted by: cirmsonblack | January 04, 2012 at 08:42 PM

Crimson Black...
Please try and understand what is going on when you read Armando's diatribes.

No where does Armando say, "Miami is not offering to work with Fisher on team structure issues"...

Then in the next piece, Armando say's this, "I have asked numerous NFL sources why the Dolphins haven't or wouldn't dive headlong into a chance to interview Billick for the head coach job. No one can give me a definitive answer other than, Brian Billick can be a little pompous."

Where Armando should have stopped writing is..."No one can give me a definitive answer"... Because that is far more likely the truth.

Steven Ross is trying to hire Jeff Fisher... That is what is going on... There is no conspiracy about Billick being a pompous ass or anything the such. Armando asked one of his "Info Floaters"... they had no answer for him.

I don't need any "Info boy's" and I don't need to write a blog or host an AM radio show that gets its ratings from drama to say the obvious... Steven Ross is not going to make a move on ANYTHING until his chances of landing Fisher are 100% exhausted.

And I will point out something else Armando left out.... "no one else is speaking to Billick either"... Miami is merely 1 of 32 teams not speaking to him... But it is Armando's job to still the shyte and keep people on the edge of their seats and at the end of their patients & wits.... Its his job and he is very astute at doing it.

Relax.... Fisher will either come to Miami or Ross will go after the next best thing... The rest is just "Bad news sells big" from the media....

don't know what happened to my post...I'll try again...Pompous = confidence. Ross CALL THE MAN!

bk....you have a point. I'd be willing to go pretty deep for Luck but I also believe the price would be deeper than the pool. After that shore things up through free agency. Sometimes you gotta take risks.

Get a college HC. (they already tried with Harbaugh).

Are Houston or OSU coaches available?
Highest scoring offenses.

Maybe get Weeden in 2nd round. Who knows maybe he turns into a Kurt Warner. He should have 5-6 good years.

I can`t wait for free agency to begin. Then we can see where Manning and Flynn are. If Washington get Flynn then we`ve got to trade with cleveland for RG3. All we`d have to give Cleveland is a second round pick this year and we`d still get a 4th, or 5th and 7th depending on whether we win the coin flip or not.
If we get Flynn then we can draft the BPA as we`ve made a decision about QB.
All is not gloom for us here in Dolphin Land.

Personally I hope we sign Flynn, he`s payed his dues learning in Green Bay where they teach more than they teach in college. Thus he`s way more NFL ready than any of the college QB`s and he`s only 25!!!!!!

Use the 1st pick to get Blackmon.

Trade Marshall for a multiple picks. Let him take his meds someplace else.

Case Keenum looked pretty good as well. By the way Sklbndt your 100% right sometimes you do have to take risks but they have to be calculated and worth the risk. For some reason I get a bad feeling about Luck. Idk why but he reminds me a little of Ryan Leaf. THe kid has alot of pressure on him to be successful too because of all of the hype. If the fins trade everything for him the pressure gets worse. Some people buckle under that pressure while some rise above it. Which one is luck? I don't know but time will tell.

Armando, I think you understand that the perception is that Billick's name won't sell season tickets. His name doesn't resonate like Cowher, Gruden or Fisher. He's been hiding in plain site on the NFL Network. No one knows who he is. We all know Ross isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. His obsession with celebrity makes him a bit of a joke around the league. Why they are even interviewing these lesser know candidates is the bigger mystery. Ross would hire Serena as the head coach before he'd settle for some no-name NFL assistant with an impeccable football résumé. This is a guy who is keeping Ireland... the idiot GM. He's giving the fans the impression that he's clueless and incapable of learning.

Someone keeps pulling my comments, I don't understand?? Again I say call Billick!

I know Bilick said he was interested! On the N.F.L network! I don't want Fisher if he's not into being a Dolphin! Even though we have issues!

Billick never built anything really resembling a pro level offense in Baltimore. That's why he was fired.

Fisher is a run first, play great defense disciple. Trouble is, current nfl rule changes heavy handedly favoring offenses, means defenses have to play a "perfect game" against the leagues best passing attacks.

ROSSSLOSS will go pick up another bunch of Candidates.

Not being interested in a coach because he is labeled as "pompous" has to be the height of stupidity and mismanagement.

If he IS pompous, it is for good reason - simply put, the guy knows football. His SB ring speaks for that, his record setting offense with the Vikings speaks highly to that, his hiring of assistant coaches speaks superlatives to that and his drafting record with Ozzie Newsome screams that.

I don't understand why they are interviewing special teams coaches and not a former head coach with a SB ring and the greatest defense ever. At the very least, the Dolphins should bring him in and speak to him. At least give him the courtesy that they would give a Rooney rule prospect.

No head coach that has won a superbowl has coached a different team and won another superbowl...does not get along well with others...insisted to ozzie newsome that the Ravens trade up in the first round to draft Kyle boller...nuff said.

Jeff Fisher's the hottest name in coaching right now, likely getting his pick of open jobs around the NFL. But here's a spicy meatball: Fisher's top choice of NFL gigs isn't one that's open, as he reportedly has "always wanted" the Chicago Bears job.

Your comment about the Michigan cheerleader's thick thighs did not go unnoticed by me, odin. Is it cold up there? Just reminded me of a friend who got his neck wringed by such a pair as those. So, at the very first indication, for your life, jump back, Man, jump back!

insisted to ozzie newsome that the Ravens trade up in the first round to draft Kyle boller...nuff said.

You want to talk about draft busts? Fisher selected Vince Young with the 3rd overall and PacMan Jones with the 6th overall picks. How did that turn out for the Titans? Nuff said back at you.

Now look at the long list of "hits" that Billick and Newsome have made and count the pro bowlers. I'll give just one - Ed Reed. How many future Hall of Famers has Fisher or the special teams coach of Chicago drafted? No contest on the draft day front between Billick and anyone else available.



It seems to me that any HC that will come here will have no say or very little in selecting personnel. "Jeff is the personnel man. He is in charge of that area", Ross. That points toward somebody with little or no experience as HC and willing to follow the rules.

Bud Adams, the owner of the Titans, insisted on drafting Vince Young. Fisher didn't want him.

This Orange Bowl game has crossed over into the absurd. Feel sorry for the Clemson kids, but it's still morbidly funny.

Bud Adams, the owner of the Titans, insisted on drafting Vince Young. Fisher didn't want him.
Posted by: Professor Lou | January 04, 2012 at 11:11 PM


Absolutely correct, sir. That marked the beginning of the end for Fisher with the Titans.

Anyone who doesn't understand what a lousy, cheap, meddling drunk Bud Adams could be doesn't understand the situation Fisher was in there AT ALL.

Jerry Jones tried to hire him away a few years back but Adams wouldn't release him from his contract.

Fisher is a terrific coach who would thrive if given the tools needed.

When is the LSU-Alabama Game? There's some good prospects in those Teams.

Billick spits in the face of those who question him.
In your case Mando repace the word spit with piss.
I've given you the benefit of the doubt for years Mando but let's face it:
Journalists who don't live here, who don't care about us, have better sources with the team than you do.

WTF Mando

Billick's offense on the Vikings was all Randy Moss in his prime. He made Culpepper and Billick look good. Without Moss they both sucked royally.

Billick = Fisher = Boring

Forget them

Fisher might a pass on not wanting to draft Vince Young but who did he want instead? Matt Linart! LOL

I was sure Aloco would magically appear but instead it is you.

Esta bueno

Ross chasing Fisher with a giant wad of cash is pure stupidity.

Hell, nobody is perfect. Not even Don Shula was!

The only reason you think Ross is chasing Fisher with money is Mando.

Ross isn't chasing anyone.

Ross is a billionaire no matter what.

Ross makes money no matter (revenue sharing + depreciation)

The only one chasing interviewees, reporting on the clothes and makeup of Fisher, is Mando.

Did he say anything about us?
Did he like our outfit?
What did Fisher say about us Mando?

Several sources have now reported Ross has reached out multiple times to Gruden, Cowher and Fisher. Fisher was the only one who didn't tell Ross to fvck off.

Chasing he is.

Ross is desperate. He chased Harbaugh with wads of money and now he is doing the same again. He will lose again. Just as well this time.

Ross wanted to make Harbaugh the highest paid coach in his first ever NFL coaching job.

Chasing with money.

Listen, Man, when one of these Billionaires want something badly, very few of us can resist him. If Ross wants Fisher, he will get Fisher. Believe me.

I don't think that is true.
I think Mando has it wrong.
Let's face it: Mando is the Phins reporter for the Herald and he gets scooped by reporters who never even come here.
Over and Over he gets scooped.

Stephen Ross literally has the money to buy the whole Pats organization + the whole GB organization + the whole NO Organization etc

Why are we hearing so little about Rob Chudzinski? The Jags are ahead of the game!

As long as the new coach doesn't jump up and down like a 6 year old on Christmas morning after every meaningless first quarter field goal I'll take him who ever it is, god that was frustrating and embarrassing to watch the last few years

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