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Dolphins have shown only unofficial interest in Billick

So where is Brian Billick in this coach search?

He's won a Super Bowl. He has experience. He put together a star-studded coaching staff in Baltimore that became a proving ground for future NFL head coaches Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, and Mike Smith.

If nothing else, the guy can certainly put a staff together.

So what is the Dolphins interest in him?

So far, the Dolphins have had one unofficial contact with Billick or his camp, an NFL source tells The Miami Herald's David J. Neal. And another source tells me Billick is not really in play at the current time at all for the Miami job.

I find this puzzling.

I have asked numerous NFL sources why the Dolphins haven't or wouldn't dive headlong into a chance to interview Billick for the head coach job. No one can give me a definitive answer other than, Brian Billick can be a little pompous. Someone else told me Billick thinks he's always the smartest guy in the room and has no patience of dumb people.

A little pompous? The guy maybe has a big ego?

Are you kidding me?

That's the reason the Dolphins haven't gotten serious with Billick?

There has to be something else because Billick also hasn't been mentioned as a possibility anywhere else -- not St. Louis, not Kansas City, not Tampa Bay, not St. Louis, and obviously not Miami.

If there is an overriding reason Billick cannot be considered a good candidate, fine, I'd accept that. But the Dolphins have officially paid him no mind and at this writing don't seem intent on it.

There has to be a better reason for that than the guy can be pompous.


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Does this make sense?
Stephen Ross is a multi-Billionaire.
He can literally make every NFL player his employee.
Instead of doing that his team gets less and less talented very year, why?
Revenue Sharing + Depreciation
The fewer fans show up the more money they make.

Armando and his amigos think that everybody else is a fool. The Game is up. You know...

Mando would have us believe that Stephen Ross is living moment-to-moment; desperately trying to come up with a plan for succes for the Phins.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

To Stephen Ross the Phins are a box of cigars that he bought.
Nothing more.

The desperate one is Mando: since he can't actually scoop anyone he needs at least one projection a year to come true so that he can claim some kind of competency among his peers.
In a year Stephen Ross puts atotal of 60-90 minutes into the running of the organization.

That's 1 cigar at the begoinning of the season and 1 cigar at the end of the season.
Nada mas

oscar thank goodness you are here.
There are all of these other poster that I never heard of before.
Together you and I will prevail Oscar.
Now be a good boy and go wait for me inside.

Oscar your teef just be looking so Whiiite.
I know just what to do wif those white teef...
Now open yo mouth and close yo eyes Oscar...that's right...you know just what to do don't you?
Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Uh Huh

Phins78 how many people on here remember Lebetard? Lol. and Cole, not many have been here that long..


While Ross is trying to upgrade the coaching staff, you should consider upgrading the blog.

Maybe a new pair of Blog Hit Trolls?

C'mon Mando, we've put up with the sick **ATTEMPTS** at gay humor for years on end. I don't have a problem with their Gayness so much as the Blog Hit Brothers are just pathetically NOT funny.

I mean come on! The Admiral bit is as dated and stupid as the old broad that pees in line in the supermarket.

Give us a BREAK ARMANDO and upgrade at the Blog Hit Troll positions - Puh-LEASE!!!!




This is funny, a ESPN joke vid w Tony Sporano. This was filmed when he was still w Dallas, if u saw this before Fat Tuna hired him, would you have been ok with his hiring as HC Mando? It did not exactly show head coach leadership material at the time.


This is the last Tony Sporano vid done in Xtranormal, it is true and funny. I guess I hope Billick gets the job, he always seemed competant on the first year of the HBO inside the NFL reality shows.

Good enough reason for me. Never could stand Billick. Always came off as an uppity, self-centered, egotistical, jackass. Would hate if he became the coach of the Dolphins.

So, if I read between the lines, Billick won't work with Ireland.

I'm ok with him not coming to Miami.

Maybe it is because Billick was never perceived as a very good coach. For a man who is supposed to be an offensive genius in Minnesota, his offense in Baltimore was always near the bottom.

I can see why Ross and Ireland wouldn't want someone around that didn't like dumb people...

I really don't care if "Mickey Mouse" is our new Head Coach and "Donald Duck" is our new Quarterback, I want to get back to the playoffs.

If we EVER turn the Dolphins around, Im NEVER gonna take winning for granted EVER AGAIN!!!!!!


Anyone BUT Billick!

Mr. Ross,

If you want to hire the "next young Shula," hire Mike.

Hey Armando the dolphins owe you not explination on why or why not they interview coaches. Who are you anyway with less than 1% audience on radio and crazy reports like this one.

I did a talk-back live-shot with his sister and her famous brother showed up for her support. He was great, down to earth, he loved my Don Shula story when his son also showed up (for another live shot at Shula's Steak place. Anyway,BB was great, even did a cameo walk on near the live-shot end and said hi. The guy loves FB, he can be intense I am sure, he could put a lot of pressure on people to win; Dolphines are nuts not taking BB; he beat Fisher in his house with a bunch of banjies. Remember that day, they had a negative BB video running on the stadium video but it didn't help the Titans.

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