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Dolphins onto second round interviews

The Dolphins are making progress in their effort to hire a head coach -- at least they seem closer to getting there.

The club yesterday made the pivot away from some candidates and is "on to the second round" of interviews, I've been told by the club.

I am looking for confirmation this means no new candidates will be added to the current pool although I believe that to be the case. I have been told several candidates have been cut from the process -- one of them being Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub, who was the first candidate to interview for the job.

Toub was told Monday he was no longer being considered for the job. He re-signed with the Bears today.

An NFL source tells me Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has also been cut from consideration.

So what does this mean?

It means the next Dolphins coach will be selected among the following group: Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin, and Mike McCoy.

Philbin, the Green Bay offensive coordinator, will interview again on Wednesday. McCoy, the Broncos offensive coordinator, will interview again Thursday. I am trying to confirm when Bowles will get his second interview, assuming it is not happening today.

[UPDATE: I should have mentioned this earlier, but Philbin is clearly eager to have the job. There were questions about his emtional state following the drowning death of his 21-year-old son last week. There were questions whether Philbin would be willing to relocate his family. He is willing to relocate his family, a source close to Philbin told me.]

All the interviews will be in New York, where owner Stephen Ross is spending the next couple of days.


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Relax people, it is what it is. Will get a new coach, new ideas, new system maybe. But please, be it not Bowles, he represents the old regime that sucked. And also do not sell the house to get to Robert Griffin Salguero, please.

Where is the closest bridge to jump off of?

Seriously, I don't think it has ever been this bad.

And it is going to get worse!

Jump while you can!

Why are so many being passed by? I thought Pete Carmichael Jr., Saints OC, would get an interview?

Don't know about what those 2 bring to the table. I tasted what Bowles brought to the table, and I didn't like it. Also, it is clear now that Nolan was never returning when they designated Bowles as interim Coach.


I feel bad for Phibin. First losing a son and to top it off become head coach of this POS franchise with Jeff Ireland in charge of your roster.

No one deserves that much grief.

both are awful

With all of the talk this season about how you need an elite Qb to win the superbowl I find it hilarious that of the 4 teams left three of them are built around defense first. The only elite QB left is Brady, the rest of them are sitting home watching the playoffs like us so yes, you can win with a good qb if you have a great defense, this season proved it.

Nolan knows how Tony S. felt at the end of last year, disrespected. No mattter how you feel about their coaching abilities, both were not treated very well.

I hope we get Philbin so much!

phins 78 be real, eli is an elite qb. guy has been money in the playoffs

and oh yeah the other 2 qbs, first rd picks

Philbin or McCoy...

mccoy lead a horrible offense. philbin did nothing but stand and watch the hc call the plays.

Direct quote from the "insider" Armando just a day and a half ago...."but I doubt the dolphins are so dumb as to allow Nolan to cruise on down the road without them first knowing which direction they're going"

Funny thing is not that Armando was wrong.....again..... But that he was thinking correctly and Ross/Ireland are just completely incompetent. Oh how I long for even the Jay Fiedler days..........

Well if they're not going to interview Moss, then I prefer Philbin over McCoy and Bowles. Yeah, I know Philbin doesn't call the plays, but that's McCarthy's decision - not his, so I can't fault him for that. Besides, as an HC, he'll most likely give that responsibility to his OC.

More importantly, I sure wouldn't mind if he brings the GB system down to Miami. We need a complete new approach and identity - a proven winning system that's far removed from the Parcells' antiquated mindset. Thirdly, he's learned a lot working with Rogers. Hopefully that experience can be transferred to Moore and any new QB.

Quit complaining everybody. McCoy is what we need and are looking for. He's young 39 years old and has been a passing game/offensive coordinator for over 5 years since he was 34 years old. He has also called the plays and been fully in charge of the entire offense this year. He is the next young Sean Payton that we seek. Now we just have to find him the QB. Think outside the box Dol-fans!!

Oh, you can bet that Ross/Ireland have(and have had for quite some time) their Plan. Now, whether in benefit or detriment of the Team is open to debate at this moment.

Neither Daniel Thomas or Mark Ingram were coveted for their speed and elusiveness. They were grinders, known more for quickness hitting the hole, reading blockers, and shedding tacklers.

Trent Richardson is one of the more purely explosive, big play producing running backs to come out in a while. Not the freak that Adrian Peterson was, but not a stretch to say he could reach Darren McFadden status. And the speedy C.J. Spiller is looking like a better and better pick in 2010, the more opportunities he gets.

Does any of these posters know what they are talking about?

Anybody at all???

Do you, optimist? Tell us your Story.

rodgers moore rodgers.......moore hmmmm

Man, Im so down that I don't care who it is RG3, Richardson anybody to help us win Games EVEN if we lose the Division. I don't care. I want to win Games.

Mark has a point. Whether you want to act like chicken little or bury your head in the ground, jump off a bridge or scream, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" you could be overreacting to the situation.
Consider Sean Payton was the assistant in Dallas under Parcells so anything can happen.

HC: Mccoy
OC: Daboll
DC: Bowles

lou we dont have drew brees

tom zero chance bowles comesback as anything other than hc.

That's the power of Power and I'm inclined to follow Ross in having exciting Players to watch even if we don't Win.

lou we dont have drew brees
Posted by: dusty bottoms | January 17, 2012 at 06:29 PM

No, Miami doesn't have Drew Brees but I still don't believe it's as bad as some make it out to be.

I don't care anymore. I want to see good Football.

I think Ross and Ireland like interviewing candidates, then they allow a top coordinator like Nolan to get away. Now Bowles is still in consideration. A process is always slow when you don't know what your doing. The Ross/Ireland team seems to bring new meaning to the blind leading the blind.

I think DC is onto something. He's right, it was Ross' plan all aong to get the first pick of the 2013 draft.

Look at the evidence:

Dan Henning's senility obviously got the better of him. He had to be replaced. So, who does Ross and Ireland hire? The ONLY OC that ranked worse than Henning in the entire league. Brian Daboll.

I like Daboll and he was an upgrade, but that's using hindsight. At the TIME of his hiring, he was ranked dead last I believe. Worse than Hennings for sure.

Look what we did with the O-line. We drafted for the future with Pouncey, but guaranteed failure by keeping Carey on the field. Heck, the ONLY REASON we moved him to guard was so we could get Colombo out there with him. Who would do that, unless they were trying to sabotage their team.

Then look at what did at QB. In Henne's make it or break it year, we insured he fail and/or get injured behind Carey and Colombo. Who did we bring in to back him up? The very same guy that got Carolina the first round pick and their QB of the future! Again, Moore did a GREAT Job, but that's using hindsight. AT THE TIME, Matt Moore looked to be the worse possible guy to bring in.

It's all starting to make sense now. Nolan? He did a good job while here, yet AGAIN, that's in hindsight. WHEN WE HIRED HIM, he'd completely bombed as a head coach and had two terrible back to back seasons as a DC!

I think Ross and Ireland were aiming for Luck and the firast round pick in this years draft. But, like they do so often, they screwed that up too. SpOrano got off to a great start going 0-7, but when he finally started to win some games, HE GOT THE AX.

I think they realized they weren't getting the first pick this year an ammended their Master Plan to Suck for 2013. This is why we wouldn't meet Fishers demands. This is why we still haven't hired a Head Coach. And this is why were still letting what good coaches we did have left WALK!

It all makes sense NOW! We will use the first round pick this year to finally solidify our O-Line. They want to have it all ready together and everyone in place for next years first round QUARTERBACK!

It all makes sense now, if you think about it, I'm SURE you'll come up with quite a few GREAT and OBVIOUS examples yourselves!

They screwed up(no big surprise there)trying to Suck for Luck and have amended it to sucking for 2013!


I'm as mad as Hell...

Todd Bowles, can Stephen Ross or Jeff Ireland be anymore clueless?

What doesn't Ross and Ireland simply come out and make a statement that they plan to continue the level of mediocrity currently being enjoyed by the Dolphins faithful.

You know.....that guy from Network was killed for speaking the Truth...

Ross and Ireland are destroying this franchise

Heath Evans' mock has Miami trading up to #2 and taking RG III. He thinks they will be aggressive and go for it and the Rams will want to do some things in the draft with a new head coaching and assitants.
My take on that is it's not going to happen. Fisher said that he wants to protect the quarterback which says he's looking at Kalil. However, I think he's blowing smoke up everyone's as$ because, if he takes Kalil over Blackmon he's a moron. Blackmon is too tough to cover. Watch the ESPN Sports Science piece on him. He has the range of a two car garage. That means he can make catches that very few can make in the NFL.





Fire Ireland and keep Daboll.

Hire Matt Millen as GM and Mike Singltary as the Head Coach.

Who you might ask should be the DC? Why Tom Olividotti OF COURSE!

Lets GO ACORNS!!!!

Philbin as HC, Bowles DC, and MATT F'ING FLYNN at QB--yeeeeeeeeeeehahhhhhhhhaaa!

Posted by: ALoco | January 17, 2012 at 06:42 PM

Post of the night!

Odin at 6:35 its pure genius. But im also wondering, with all of that against him, does that make sporano a pretty good coach?

The Dolphins are beyond commenting on. They seem to do whatever the opposite of what we want or think seems like the right move. And enough of defending these morons (Ireland and Ross) the only way this ship is going to get turned around is by Ross selling the team. He is lost and has no clue how to run a football team.

Jeff Ireland will be accompanied by Todd Bowles to St. Petersburgh on Saturday. There is little doubt that is the direction they are leaning in and Bowles has been scheduled for his 2nd interview.

I think they made a grave mistake not interviewing Chud. This guy will be the next Don Shula, mark my words.

But this regime being what it is will hire Philbin. He wants to come here, scary isn't it?

Hey tj, if No Fisher is the last straw, then why are you here instead of with your family or xbox or whatever?

We are know the old Detroit Lions. Ross will get the message with empty seats. Starting with mine.

Even if we have the first pick next year, all the top QB prospects will declare they are giving up football and using the degrees they just earned. Just so they don't have to play in Miami...

Ireland still wins.

Typo, ( now ).

If Acorn Ireland found Wake in the CFL, you know he's looking for the next Warren Moon and Flutie in that league as well.

Like I said before, Make Aloco HC, At least he'll be able to speak better then Sporno.IMHO, At least It'll be a funny press interview.

I am starting to think Chud and Carmichael turned the Dolphins down.

Philbin will be the HC and a great one at that...he might not called the plays at green bay, but he knows how to build a succesfull offense...Add Matt Flynn to the equation and you can see the genious in the plan.
Trade back in the draft and get Dwayne Allen, to give Flynn the kind of weapons he had in Green Bay, and then in second round get best offensive lineman available and best pass rusher available. (extra second rounder from trade back).

if dolphins are kicking everyone to the curb,whats ireland still doing here???????????nolan and sparano couldnt trust the rat!!

Ooo...good point, Texas. How sad.


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