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Dolphins onto second round interviews

The Dolphins are making progress in their effort to hire a head coach -- at least they seem closer to getting there.

The club yesterday made the pivot away from some candidates and is "on to the second round" of interviews, I've been told by the club.

I am looking for confirmation this means no new candidates will be added to the current pool although I believe that to be the case. I have been told several candidates have been cut from the process -- one of them being Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub, who was the first candidate to interview for the job.

Toub was told Monday he was no longer being considered for the job. He re-signed with the Bears today.

An NFL source tells me Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has also been cut from consideration.

So what does this mean?

It means the next Dolphins coach will be selected among the following group: Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin, and Mike McCoy.

Philbin, the Green Bay offensive coordinator, will interview again on Wednesday. McCoy, the Broncos offensive coordinator, will interview again Thursday. I am trying to confirm when Bowles will get his second interview, assuming it is not happening today.

[UPDATE: I should have mentioned this earlier, but Philbin is clearly eager to have the job. There were questions about his emtional state following the drowning death of his 21-year-old son last week. There were questions whether Philbin would be willing to relocate his family. He is willing to relocate his family, a source close to Philbin told me.]

All the interviews will be in New York, where owner Stephen Ross is spending the next couple of days.


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Lets Hire Odereye as Ticket sales man, A job that requires little intellegents...

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All the interviews will be in New York.


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Anybody have a clue who the DC canidates would be??

More about McCoy: http://blogs.denverpost.com/broncos/2012/01/03/mccoy-is-head-coaching-material/11570/

Yeah, I got a gift card from one of my patients for Macy's and I'm undecided what to buy.

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If we hire McCoy as next HC then we will take either Tannehill or Foles with the first pick -- trading back into the later first for this pick and gaining another 2nd rounder.


Philbin -- Reiff or Martin with the first pick


Bowles -- Morris Claiborne with the first pick

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Chad Henne beat Green Bay last year and Philbin stood right there on the sideline and watched.

Even so Philbin is not coming here.
Neither is McCoy.

No agent is going to let thier client sign here as free agent unless thier career is over and the want to sodomize another $1mil out of the corpse (see Pennington, Wilford, Olshansky, Columbus)

Todd Bowles is the HC.
The highest ranking defensive coach will get promoted to DC.

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Philbin HC
Clement OC
Bowles DC
Flynn QB
Finley TE

Not a bad start to 2012

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