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Dolphins onto second round interviews

The Dolphins are making progress in their effort to hire a head coach -- at least they seem closer to getting there.

The club yesterday made the pivot away from some candidates and is "on to the second round" of interviews, I've been told by the club.

I am looking for confirmation this means no new candidates will be added to the current pool although I believe that to be the case. I have been told several candidates have been cut from the process -- one of them being Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub, who was the first candidate to interview for the job.

Toub was told Monday he was no longer being considered for the job. He re-signed with the Bears today.

An NFL source tells me Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has also been cut from consideration.

So what does this mean?

It means the next Dolphins coach will be selected among the following group: Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin, and Mike McCoy.

Philbin, the Green Bay offensive coordinator, will interview again on Wednesday. McCoy, the Broncos offensive coordinator, will interview again Thursday. I am trying to confirm when Bowles will get his second interview, assuming it is not happening today.

[UPDATE: I should have mentioned this earlier, but Philbin is clearly eager to have the job. There were questions about his emtional state following the drowning death of his 21-year-old son last week. There were questions whether Philbin would be willing to relocate his family. He is willing to relocate his family, a source close to Philbin told me.]

All the interviews will be in New York, where owner Stephen Ross is spending the next couple of days.


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In NY? Maybe we could get someone to "encourage" Ross to sell the team???? Not that it really matters now. He's ruined it. Truthfully I had more hope coming out of the 1-15 year.

o oscar come out whereever u are. i have rash for u...

Oh, you mean you don't suk the Copper Penny?

we are basically screwed until ross sells team and new owner fires ireland right away

oscar is from sesame street

so zimmers out,lol so philbin who does nothing, bowles who plain sucks and never speaks, and garbage mccoy. wow what a 3some, guess ill take philbin out of the awful 3 so maybe we can get some free agents from gb

They are all Brown, so no need to worry about Racism.

Todd Bowles has Sparano stink all over him!!

Yes. They say Bowles is silent.

We suck!! And will for years!!! Time to start getting used to it. Please speak with your wallets and quit supporting these idiots. Please please !!!

What wallet?

They haven't even reached out to Charmichael? What they hell?

oscar -

the concept of mutual exclusiveness and complete exhaustivity is quite fashionable these days.

What are your thought.

o oscar.. OSCAR CANOSA

Pick Bowles!!!

Cam Cameron errrr Philbin or Mc Coy should be great! Glad to see fins mgt has learned from their previous head coaches...we shouldve kept sparano if we wind up with one of these unproven oc's.

No doubt about it, pablo, but that is mainly due by the intermediate zone of the System, where.......well....

oscar -

exactly - singularity vs. the virtual apex is the conundrum here.

GN. Ah, I never liked easy $. Problems, you know.

Mike McCoy is a disciple of Dan Henning at Carolina from '02 to '06 when Henning was the OC at Carolina.

A Singularity is One. Which is not the way It is.

oscar -

I did not think of it that way.

I had supposed that the encounter between an esoteric colossal and an ordinary composite would be a strain on routine philosophical discussions.

All I can say is I'm so glad none of you guys are making the decisions for Miami. I've read, we should have kept Sparano, we should draft RG3 (yeah, give up 2 firsts and a second... why not throw in a third), then next year everyone will say how Ireland traded 2 firsts for a bust. Oh yeah.. we should get Peyton, why not, he didn't play all year and had major neck surgery. Let's sign Fisher... 7 mill a year for an average coach.. but yes, he does have head coaching experience. Oh yeah... Winston Moss... never heard of him. Assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach. Wait for it.. they have 4 inside linebackers. If Mandy hand't brought that up nobody would even know his name. Zimmer.... yeah, 'cause Cincinnati was awesome. This Chud dude, from Carolina... really????? At the beginning of the year, with Carolina coming off a one win season if I had a said 'lets hire their OC' I would have had my nads cut off.

A much as most of you hate to hear this 'THEY KNOW MORE THAN YOU'. Also, they know more than Mandy!! Yeah.... it's true. Let the pros make the decisions.

I remember about three years ago, Green Bay fans were ready to string Ted Thompon up by the thumbs. Now, they call him a genius.

Let the pros (yeah, that would be Ireland) decide, and it doesn't matter who he picks to coach, or who he drafts, you're going to complain. LOSERS

Those are the top 3??? No interview with Chud or Carmichael? Zimmer's didn't make the top 3 but McCoy did? Wow. This franchise is so screwed with these clowns running it. Philbin I could MAYBE buy. Bowles, you're just settling until you can get that big name that Ross is hard for. McCoy? That would be a complete joke. Why not just promote Daboll? Wow, I need a drink.

Well there goes the Dolphins season, Ross will break another record, this time is reaching futility in such record manner that will be achieved even the season started.

The only name here that is decent here is Philbin. Bowles? Why are so many people obsessed with him? Have all you forgotten how awful the secondary was last year -and the year before? Geez!

And as I posted earlier hiring McCoy will be the nail in the coffin, the fat lady singing, 2012, the end. McCoy's accomplishments: The WORST offense in football prior to play Tebow (after fans pleaded to death to make him play), 4-14 their last 18 games, let me say that again WORST IN THE NFL. C'mon google it, and you'll see. And even before I saw that stat I knew McCoy was terrible. See unlike many of you I did live in Charlotte and have seen in person a McCoy ran offense, one word comes to mind: ATROCIOUS.
The locker room was a royal mess, a lot of favorite sons by the coaching staff, not based on performance but on good ol' boy network mentality, the typical John Fox system. Remember Dan Henning? Who do you think worked under him? McCoy. C'mon keep digging, John Fox and Friends never had a back to back winning seasons, always rode the back of one Steve Smith who bailed Joke Delhomme. An extinct kind of offense that no longer works in the NFL. McCoy and Fox were the ones who demoted Tim Tebow to 4th string QB, even if you do not like the guy you know he deserved a shot, and how about the backstabbing of Tebow that almost took place at the wild card game, after all he did for that team, to me that speaks volumes, and is so typical Fox and Friends.

But who are we kidding these after all are Stephen Ross' Dolphins a man whose ineptitude, unfortunately for us, is becoming infamously legendary. I wrote a few days ago this search had no north, no philosophy, what is that Ross' wants in a coach. Now I know, if he hires McCoy, he must want a LOSER, yes a loser, just like last year when the Phins hired Daboll, who ran the worst offense in 2010.

So it comes down to Philbin or bust, not my top choice but at this juncture the only one to save this franchise from disaster. As a fan I'm gonna try -against my senses- to remain positive, maybe Philbin can turn RG3 into a Rodgers kinda of player, after all they do share some similarities, and please spare me the Matt Flynn theory he can be an elite QB just go back to your DVRs and watch the same under thrown passes I watched.

Is it too early to say "Suck for Barkley"?

this will be a 3-5 win team for the next 4 years....fire the coach and start over...again. Not waiting around for the next go round. After 35+ yrs of being a Fins fan...I moving on. None of these guys are HC material. Philbin....clip board operator for McCarthay. McCoy......a joke? April fools? Did anyone of the Dolphin FO watch Denver this year? Orton bombed, Tebow was set up to fail (which he partially did), Carolina 2 years ago was so pathetic that McCoy and Fox were fired (had 1st pick in draft). Are Irerland and Ross throwing next season to get the 1st pick in 2013?? only explanation!? Bowels....two words...Raeem Morris...young untest 2ndary coach w/o HC experience. Ask TB how that turned out 3 years later. We are the NEW Cleveland Browns. Sub 8 wins for the next 10 years. I'm tired of waiting.

Again I think we have a pretty good nucleus. Just gotta get a coach to build on it and not screw it up.

Tiger - the phrase is "Blow for Barkley."

Think about this...with a $hitty unproven 'young' coach, how many FA's will opt to sign with miami during free agency period...none. No QB thru the draft; no FA QB (why would anyone come here to lose). 4 wins at max next year. I have already contacted Direct TV to make sure that my nfl ticket is cancelled. Juxtapose this with the excitement of St. Louis. Their recent DC and OC hires are more qualified than the remaining goobers being considered by Miami for HC. The rest of the NFL is laughing. This is so F'n sad. I'm sickened. I've waited 3 years to get a replacement for Sparano..and this is what we get???? Hell, we should have kept Sparano!? How sickening was that statement...it's going downhill from Sparano!

In order for me to post the drivel on this blog that I do, it is mandatory that my BAC is at least a .20

-Pfssssssssspt! Rookie! .20 just gets me right. It gets me ROLLIN! Stick around, it gets BETTER!

and/or that I am tripping on some sort of psychotropic medication. This also helps me to stomach most of the morons on here who actually believe they have a clue.

Posted by: odins-brown-eye | January 17, 2012 at 08:43 PM

-No, no NO! Don't try and stomache anything on the psychotropics man, especially the Peyote! That just makes the clean up a mess!

Remember: Alcohol ONLY with the Tripsters!

It is the RULE!

McCoy made the final cut.Wow!!! How sad is that. The Buffalo Bills are pointing at us and laughing. Flush twice and watch the "new" Browns of the south swirl around the 'super bowl' as they go down.

Just bring Flipper back and be done with it.

A much as most of you hate to hear this 'THEY KNOW MORE THAN YOU'. Also, they know more than Mandy!! Yeah.... it's true. Let the pros make the decisions.

Posted by: get real | January 17, 2012 at 09:20 PM

-OK, fair enough. They know more than me. The problem is, they're not playing against ME!

They're playing against 31 other teams that have staffs that know more than them!

You know, those other 31 teams that have Head Coaches, Coordinators and General Managers that know what THEY'RE DOING!

PS: I'm just joking about Ireland knowing more than me. EVEN I wouldn't spend three draft picks to get a 2nd rounder only to use it on an average Running Back. I was just the dumbasss a little slack to make a point!


Someone else pointed out that he worked as the QB coach when Moore started out in Carolina. I have to assume he would bring in a system that Moore was familiar with. That could be a good thing.

...referring to McCoy.


You had me! I was reading and looking for something to high five. Then I read this line and had to slam on the brakes:

As a fan I'm gonna try -against my senses- to remain positive, maybe Philbin can turn RG3 into a Rodgers kinda of player,

Posted by: TigerSam | January 17, 2012 at 09:25 PM

-This really confused me. Are you saying Cleveland is going to hire Philbin to Coach RGIII?

Are you a Cleveland Fan?

If you're a Phin Fan, why do you care how good Clevelands next QB does?


When the Fins are losing next year, I hope the stadium is EMPTY!
Only Ross, J-Lo, Fergie, and Ireland will be attending the games....they will play a game to determine who is the biggest Skank-Ho. It's a tie!

The only success Moore had at Carolina -when McCoy was there- was against under .500 teams. Google it, I was in Charlotte when that happened. Sound familiar? Moore was also terrific against bad teams last year.

Useless owner. So no Zimmer or Chud b/c they had spunk and were no "yes men". Pathetic. Good luck selling merchandise and have fun watching an empty stadium.

Well Mad Dog, are they laughing at us in Heaven too?

I've been thinking about it long and hard Jim and there's only one thing I can come up with.

You think you could haunt Jeffy for us? I don't mean just scare him or freak him out. I mean, show up in his mirror in the mornings. Haunt him in his sleep. I mean make him flip his wig so bad he ends up jumping off the upper decks of the Acorn Barrel!

C'mon Jimmy! Do it for the TEAM!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiight Mad Dog!!!!

Ok, wow, thought Zimmer for sure. Disappointed the Fins didn't want him because he was to blunt?? Don't know what to think now.


A Former o-line coach who doesn't call plays, an OC who had a worse offense than ours, and a position coach who isn't very good.
Not sure whether to laugh or cry.
Saw that on Fin Heaven and Feel the same way........

Well, it's either Philbin or McCoy. I would have said just stick with Bowles but then they lost Nolan so that idea's a non-starter. Philbin does not excite me in the least. Never called plays. West Coast offense - total retooling IMO. Not something we need to be doing. McCoy is an enigma but it's kind of intriguing to think of going for a young blood. Too bad Nolan left because those two have worked together. Did I mention it's too bad Nolan left? Ugh.

Everyone wants Miami to move up to get their franchise qb. Ok. Look at the way Belichek does things. He maximizes his picks every draft year by trading down and picking up more picks, even trading for picks in the following year's draft, if it means he will have a chance at a player that can help the team.
He'll even use the picks he accumulates in a trade for a player.
What would be so wrong with Miami moving down around #20 and picking up another 2nd and 3rd rounder to maximize the number of opportunities they have to pick up players who could help the team?
What if they took?:

rd 1 pick 20-Dont'a Hightower
rd 2 pick 42-Coby Fleener, Alshon Jeffery
rd 2 pick 52-Mike Adams OT, Ohio State
rd 3 pick 73-Aaron Henry, FS, Wisconsin
rd 3 pick 84-Brandon Lindsey, OLB, Pitt
trade back again
rd 4 pick 112-James Michael Johnson, ILB, Nevada
rd 5 pick 136-Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas
rd 5 pick 144-Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A & M
rd 6 pick 168-Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor

they would get 9 picks in 6 rounds and every one of these players would make the team and contribute. Food for thought.

So does anyone think the plan now is to promote Bowles to defensive coordinator and hire Philbin, or McCoy as HC? Nolan leaving is a loss, but I have been saying for 2 weeks I didn;t understand how he wasn't even given the courtesy of an interview for HC. I think McCoy gets it, Bowles will be promoted to DC and I hope Daboll stays as OC. To be honest, Ross and Ireland remind me of the movie "Dumb and Dumber" at this point. We just lost a top-notch DC. If they end up hiring Bowles as HC, then the dynamic duo really blew it by losing Nolan.

No great loss on Fisher. He wanted what he wanted and was in a position to get it, just not with the Phins. Everything that's come out of this sounds like St. Louis was always going to be his choice, so I don't really feel like management "blew" this; it's just what Fisher wanted... done.

I'd like to see Denver's OC here. One thing is certain, he does not lack creativity given what he had to come up with Tebow. A fresh, creative mind -- the possibility brings up thoughts of Bill Walsh (well, I can hope).

With respect to Nolan, the Atlanta defense will be good until it faces the Patriots, and they will average giving up over 30 points a game (what Nolan's defensive schemes accomplished against the Pats the past two years).

Not sure who I'd pick for a DC, but I'll guess we'll see what transpires after the new HC is hired.

I don't quit on this team, despite the frustration. I've been a fan for 40 years and have really only experienced one bad decade (okay, the last 10 years); but hope springs eternal. After all the Saints were the "Aints" until Brees arrived...


On paper it all looks great. I was all set to shift into armchair GM mode today too. Then I read the Nolan headline.

This is just my own personal point of view, but I'm having a hard time getting pumped up about the draft.

We have no Head Coach and no DC. We have no idea what Ireland's EVER thinking. We have no idea what direction our new Coach will want to go in. We have no idea what type of offense or defense we'll be running this year.

For lack of a better word, Ross and Ireland are coming off as: CLUELESS.

Nolan leaving was just one incident, but it was one incident in what now appears to be a series of blunders by this front office.

I guess what I'm saying is, right now, I can't see the forest for the trees. Unfortunately, I prefer that way at the moment.

I'm Down Man, I'm DOWN........................

I like mccoy bc he coached the talent he had and didn't try to force his "system" on his talent. And good riddance to mike nolan who did force his system on the talent he had instead of coaching it. We don't have the talent to run a proper 3-4 defense. Don shula coached his talent when he got marino he went to an attack passing offense and away from a ground game. I don't know if mccoys the answer or if he'll b worth a damn but I respect what he did as denvers oc.

get real,
3 years ago, HO, 4 years ago, we had Ireland + Parcells, now all Ireland running the show. Please tell me why this coaching search oozes with confidence to you? Please elaborate what you base this blind faith in our "pros" on? Doesn't it strike you as odd that we may hire as our Head Coach an Offensive Coordinator (Philbin), who by the way, does not call the plays in GB, McCarthy does! Philbins previous experience? You may have guessed You may have guessed it: Mr. Magoo! Dan Henning! Wow! I am so glad we let Sparano and Nolan go. We are improving! Definitely on the way to the Super Bowl now!

We are the Miami Stink Bugs.
Get ready for life in the cellar.

You guys can critique Nolan anyway you want. The fact, the problem is, our options to replace him, at this point, are extremely limited.

For a little perspective though, how do you think the pats would be looking right now with our Nolan led Defense?

How about the Packers?

If our offense was ANYWHERE NEAR as good as some of the playoff teams, our defense, led by Nolan would be good enough to get us deep into the playoffs.

Don't think for one second that this fact is lost on the Atlanta Falcons either.

Nolan's defense wasn't quite dominant, but if our offense was just as good, we would've been a formidable team to deal with.

'Why is Carmichael from the Saints not being given a look? This guy knows how to get the most out of his offenses."

Posted by: Brett | January 17, 2012 at 05:38 PM

well, one theory might be that he doesn't call the plays, an OC's most important job, other then designing the offense. Sean Payton does both.
IMIO, a man willing to be emasculated in order to hold a job is NOT a leader. I'm a producer, and NOBODY tells me how to do my job.
Suggest, YES, TELL..NO.



Meant to say Philbin's previous experience was as an O-Line coach at GB. Then It is McCoy who learned under Mr. Magoo, Dan Henning while at Carolina. I do not see how these 2 coordinators are the best young and upcoming coaches. That means that the current Offensive and Defensive coordinators on the remaining 4 teams in the Super Bowl race, are not even worth interviewing. Well, scratch the O-coordinator at Baltimore, but you mean to tell me the staffs on the reamining 4 teams have no one? Come on, Ross knee-jerked this whole deal. He is doing this to appease the fans. he should get smart, think it out for at least 30 minutes, then pick up the phone and call the most qualified guy left: Marty Schottenheimer. Good coach, hungry, which equals young in my book and Marty has the ability to put together a good staff. We are really rolling the dice with these last 2. I would have preferred if we wouldn't at least talked to Marty, we should have hired Bowles and kept Nolan and Daboll. At leat we would have had CONTINUITY! This is sorely needed. We will be on our 7th HEAD COACH in the LAST 4 YEARS! including the 2 interims, Jim bates and Todd Bowles. Zero CONTINUITY! Sucks and is indicative of extreme short-sightedness and poor management!

anyone for a seance?

get the ghost of Joe Robbie to kick Ross's ass and beech-slap the hell out of Ireland.

Well, we're down to the the final three Miss Dolphin finalists. Er, head coaching canidates.

My prediction (and that is all it is): The Dolphins will hire Bowles.

Nothing against Bowles here. He may be an excellent coach.

Most of us posters seem to think the team is on the wrong track going forward. For sure, the past dozen years have proved that the Dolphins do not know how to field a winning team. Let alone, an elite one.

The thing that bothers one most is the stupid spin that Ross tries to put on everything.

First, Sparano was the best coach for 2011 after Ross and Ireland stabbed him in the back. It's OK to replace your coach, but to do it that way?

Second, Ross said that Henne was the next Dan Marino. HaHaHaHaHa! I had hopes for Henne as well, but Ross should have just waited a bit before declaring that. This is not the real estate business.

Third, Ross said that they would try to find a young Shula. Or make a splash on an experienced coach. One is reminded of Ted Knight in Caddyshack, "We're waiting!"

Fourth, Ross said that Ireland had done excellent work over the past four years in building the team. LOL!

The Dophins have no QB, a horrid OL (with three former first round picks on it), and a joke of a pass defence. They have not drafted even one elite playmaker in four years. They could not even find a good WR so they traded two seconds for Marshall. They wasted two seconds on Henne and White. Four second round picks and the result is one starting WR who drops a lot of passes.

The so-called negative posters on this blog are NOT "fair-weather fans."

When, exactly, has the weather been anything but a depressing downpour for Dolphins fans for the past dozen years?

The fans are simply sick of poor drafts, a lack of focus on the QB position while extreme focus and resources are spent on the OG and OT positions. Most "decent" teams do not struggle like this for over a decade.

The Dolphins are coming off three straight losing seasons. Yet, from all indications, they seem intent on rebuilding the New York Giants of 1990 with Cowboy rejects.

It's difficult to have confidence in Ross/Ireland at this point. They've not give much reason to feel anything but disappointment so far.


Forgot to mention that sometime before or during the draft Miami is trading Bess and Hartline, especially if they pick up Jeffery, Wright and Fuller. I'd take my chances with those guys at the receiver positions. Even if they drafted Fleener, Wright and Fuller I would do the same.
With the Bess and Hartline trades you can get two extra picks in the 2013 draft. They need to start emulating Belichek's methods when it comes to getting those extra picks. I admit, the draft doesn't solve everything, but in years where there is a lot of talent or someone you would really like to land for your team it helps to have that extra ammunition.
Like you said, all looks good on paper. I'm a glass half full kind of person so I think in those terms.

No one decent will ever work for Steven Ross. Can anyone think of an Owner he ruined everything he touched this soon into his ownership?
Alienate the fan base: check
Humiliate the coach: check
Ruin stadium atmosphere: check
Lose all respect within NFL circles: check
Turn community against team by asking for money for stadium renavations even though the team is horrible and Huzeinga paid for everything himself: check

It would be funny if it wasn't absolutely true.

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