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Dolphins onto second round interviews

The Dolphins are making progress in their effort to hire a head coach -- at least they seem closer to getting there.

The club yesterday made the pivot away from some candidates and is "on to the second round" of interviews, I've been told by the club.

I am looking for confirmation this means no new candidates will be added to the current pool although I believe that to be the case. I have been told several candidates have been cut from the process -- one of them being Chicago Bears special teams coach Dave Toub, who was the first candidate to interview for the job.

Toub was told Monday he was no longer being considered for the job. He re-signed with the Bears today.

An NFL source tells me Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has also been cut from consideration.

So what does this mean?

It means the next Dolphins coach will be selected among the following group: Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin, and Mike McCoy.

Philbin, the Green Bay offensive coordinator, will interview again on Wednesday. McCoy, the Broncos offensive coordinator, will interview again Thursday. I am trying to confirm when Bowles will get his second interview, assuming it is not happening today.

[UPDATE: I should have mentioned this earlier, but Philbin is clearly eager to have the job. There were questions about his emtional state following the drowning death of his 21-year-old son last week. There were questions whether Philbin would be willing to relocate his family. He is willing to relocate his family, a source close to Philbin told me.]

All the interviews will be in New York, where owner Stephen Ross is spending the next couple of days.


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ALoco go make some mint tea.

This will never be an elite chatroom because it is not led by an elite journalist.

I simply do not understand why would anyone be excited to get McCoy. Do your homework idiots! He had the worst record for an offense prior to Tebow taking over 4-14!!!!

So how is this guy a good hire? The other coach with worse record than him in 2010...Brian Daboll!!!

Wow, we are on some sort of a roll here hiring the "best" loser every year. Don't worry next year we will go after Chan Gailey I'm sure.

If McCoy goes to Indy and Philbin goes to Tampa and Bowles goes to Oakland where does that leave us?

Professor Lou,

Your idea of trading down to stockpile picks is not a bad idea. Especially since the Dolphins do not seem to be in a position to be able to pick a top QB prospect in 2012.

I like your idea of getting the Luck's TE, Fleener. I would like to get RGII's WR, Wright too.

I worry if Ireland would be cabable of picking the right acorns, er, talent even with twenty picks. Lol.

I know it's impossible, but I really wish the Dolphins could get Luck this year. Those late season wins may haunt the Dolphins for a decade if Luck is as advertised. It's always possible that Luck will not work out, but in that case the Colts will simply try again (like San Deigo did with Leaf, Brees, and Rivers). The Dolphins do not try at that level.

Why are some of you guys talking as if RG III is coming to Miami? I can assure you there's nearly ZERO shot of that happening.

Cleveland likely wants him and simply has too much draft ammunition to overcome. Washington also offers a higher first-round selection as part of any package.

It isn't happening.


I agree 100% with your 10:51 PM post.

I have been thinking that immediately after Fisher (thank god we didn't get him). What really pisses me off is that we let Nolan get away if Bowles moves up to HC. They could have worked together, so the news that they let Nolan go so that a new HC wouldn't let him go, would be a really bad Ross/Ireland move. Now, what I believe happens is we hire McCoy, or Philbin (in that order) and we promote Bowles to DC. At the end of the day, losing Nolan sucks. I feel we should haave hired Bowles and not looked at all, based on what we brought in to interview. Damn! Why not AT LEAST talk to Marty Scottenheimer?

Professor Lou,

I like your thinking on trading Bess and Hartline. Getting younger at TE and WR would be a good idea since our QB of the future is probably not going to be here in 2012.

I'm not putting Moore down, but trying to be realistic. In any case, the Dolphins need upgrades at WR and TE whoever the QB is.

I hope Bess would not go to New England and become Welker 2.0. Lol. Bess showed a lot of promise until this year, at least in my uneducated view.

ALoco said:


Kind of hard to have a clean slate when sh.t is bulging at the seams in Davie!

The WR is Jarrett Boykin VT. 4 yr starter. Owns all VT records.
Other VT receivers currently in NFL: Eddie Royal, Josh Morgan, David Clowney

Ok let's analyze this a bit further. This coaching search has been a disaster so far, and it has been utterly difficult to see what is that this "leadership" is going after.

I can simply can not understand why would the Phins go after McCoy, except for one thing, or rather one man: TIM TEBOW. This is very, very far fetched but knowing our celebrity obsessed owner I can see an scenario where McCoy comes to Miami but only if Tebow is part of the package.

Why not? Elway and Fox do not want him, that is a certainty. The earlier they wash their hands off him the better and Ross has shown his love for the guy, remember last year's Gators' fiasco?
So you heard it here first, McCoy and Tebow to Miami, the question is what would the compensation be? Knowing our dumb owner I can expect the worse.


You may very well be right about Bowles being promoted to DC. That actually makes sense.

Yeah, I agree about Marty Scottenheimer. Although his age may be a factor, he is an excellent coach. It's really comical that he was fired for going 14-2 and losing to New England in the playoffs because of a fluke play. San Deigo has never been as good since then in my opinion.

Marty was all class when he said that he should be retained to coach the regular season and fired for the playoffs. Lol.

A better trade would be Brandon Marshall and our number one to StL for thier number one and number 2.
We take Blackmon with that pick.
Fisher needs Bradford to play well which means he needs an established WR not a rookie.
We need a RT & RG more than a WR that leads the league in dropped TD passes.
We also need cap room.
Matt Moore is tradeable also to the Jets.

Henne is getting franchised and Devlin can back-up.

Give Chad Henne 5 seconds to throw and he'll put up 6500 yards and everyone in the league knows it.
That would also make Ross'prophesy come true.
That is what is going to happen.
Think RT, RG 1 & 2.

Dolphins=Costa Concordia!

TheSMF said:

"If McCoy goes to Indy and Philbin goes to Tampa and Bowles goes to Oakland where does that leave us?"

Lol! My sentiments exactly!! I think it is somewhere up around sh.ts creek without a paddle! I also think it is a blownup team WORSE, far worse for the next 2 years than we were!

I finally get it. Ross does not care, he is a celebrity owner, this is his toy, painfully and unfortunately for us. He loves the circus, think about it, he does not care about the football product, he only cares about the flash the Hollywood names, the JLos and Will Smiths, Serena and Venus, after watching a South Park marathon it helped me open my eyes.

Here is my theory: Why would Ross send his private jet to interview McCoy? He did not even do that for Fisher. It is not like McCoy has such a list of accomplishments, in fact is the complete opposite (worst record in the NFL pre-Tebow 4-14). Which brings me to one TIM TEBOW.

Yes, that is the answer to this riddle, Tebow is coming to the Phins. You know Elway and Fox do not want him, we do not have a QB, and Ross loves Tebow and all the circus he would bring. He sees the jersey sales, the celebrities, all the media attention.

Of course Ross is still an idiot, even if this far fetched theory is true the least he can do to help Tebow is to bring a coach -like McDaniels who btw would help against the Pats- who believes in the guy, instead he is bringing one the men who trounced his progress and did not believe in him either. LOL that is our idiot owner, it is starting to be funny really.

I will always be a fan and taking this scenario into account I have to come to terms that my beloved Miami Dolphins will never win a SB with Ross as an owner, so what to do now? Dunno about you but I will sit and watch this train wreck unfold, and you know what it may be the funniest sh*t we ever get to witness.

Man all these coaching changes sets us back a couple years every time, i wish there was better choices,but out of the 3 i would go with Philbin, if Carmichael is thrown into the mix i would go with him. Get this done already before we get the bottom of the scrap heap.

Funny thing about it: He fits Ross' parameters to a tee. Could we do way worse than Marty? C'mon on, Fisher was not in the same league, IMO, and Marty had a far better record. Still, the amazing part is he has the best record and experience BY FAR of all remaining candidates and the 2 geniuses in charge don't see it. I think Ireland knows it and to a degree, peterson, but Ireland wants to be Ross' all-knowing football guy and if they bring in someone like Marty, he will be taking a back seat quickly. I don't get it. If I'm Ross, I want to win, Period. I wouldn't give a sh.t what Ireland thought, but if I was Ross, Ireland's office door tag would be changed to "Head of Scouting" tomorrow morning at 8 AM!

The SMF,

Dude, I wouldn't be worried about player trades tonight. I don't give a sh.t if we get Luck, Adrian Peterson, Clay Matthews and 5 other Pro-Bowlers, without a damn good coach, we will not be moving up in a real tough AFC East division.

RG3 wont go in the top 10. Remember when we were hoping Brady Quinn fell to us.

Although I don't see some of your predictions coming true, you hit it on the head with "train-wreck". How in the fu.k do we lose one of the best DC's in the league? How? I could see it if we had a star coach who commanded it, but we don't have sh.t! Only a couple of VERY, VERY un=proven candidates with one of them having never even called an offense (Philbin). THis owner and GM have got to be the complete laughing stock in league circles!


Yes, Marty would be the top football mind in Miami, by far, if he was hired.

His teams may have lost in the playoffs, but they were normally a very tough out. There is no shame in losing razor close playoff games to Elway or Brady. Shula was very high on Marty.

I share your lack of confidence in Ireland's ability to put Miami back among the elite teams.

I'm out for the night in a few. It's too bad that for the past several years the offseason is the best part of Dolphin football. Lol.


I've watched this Osweiler QB from Arizona St. He's 6'8', mobile and strong armed.

You have to be relatively hard up to be a HC, in order to take the Dolphin job.

Marty Schottenheimer would have to be interviewed if he was coming to coach.

Marty Schottenheimer is not being interviewed and is not coming to coach.

Is it possible to be sympathetic to your opinion but also ask what the hell you guys are talking about?

Are you kidding me!
We lost Nolan and are considering these guys to replace the only strength we had..Great Defense. This is a huge set back. Dolphins continue to be NOT RELIVENT for years to come!

It doesn't matter who the Dolphins sign. Mr. Salguero will put his seemingly endless negative spin on it, especially if it wasn't who HE would like to see as the new HC, and his sheep followers will continue their whining. This franchise is a mess and laughing stock, not because of ownership or GM, but because of our pathetic so called fans (with the exception of a minority few) who will never be pleased. Do us a favor, take your CONSTANT whining elsewhere and "support" another team. That includes you too Mr. Salguero.

Dolphins fan for life.

I think you and i are in the same thought process as to the current bewildering state of the Dolphins decision-makers. yes, I knew Shula was high on marty, but no one has asked his opinion on anything since his last game in '95. Sad. I have to go a litlle further in that, honestly, after losing Nolan today, I have zero faith in Ireland and at this point, even Ross to make one correct decision. The only scenario justifying losing Nolan is promoting Todd bowles to DC. Is that a brilliant move if that is what hapeend? I don't know, but it means we have decided on one of the 2 remaining O-coordinators. I'm not at all enarmored with either. Hey, maybe we get struck with a bolt of lightning tomorrow and we hear they are bringing in marty for an interview, or someone else that would really get our hopes up. I don't think so, though.

"enamored with either"

We just lost one of the best DCs in the NFL, for what? Does Jeff Ireland bear ANY responsibility for what is happening to this organization? If we are cleaning house, which seems to be the case, then his ass should be kicked to curb ASAP. It is a comedy of errors at this point.


I don't know about you, but me and some of the others aren't "whining". Apparently, you haven't been around for the last 17 years, or so. Maybe you are a 1, 0r 3 year fan with bright eyes and a lot of hope. Me, been a Dolphin fan since I was a kid and went to my 1st game in the Orange Bowl in 1970. I'm not whining dude, just not drinking the Kool-Aid Ireland and Ross are mixing up these days.

Frank G,

We were just discussing that Marty was a very good coach. While he did not reach a SuperBowl, he's been highly respected by many, including Shula.

We know he's not being interviewed or coming to coach, as you mentioned.

I'm not sold on any of the three finalists. Maybe whichever one is hired will be a great head coach. In my opinion, for that to happen, the Dolphins need a much better QB option.

Nothing against Moore, but there are a lot of issues with his game that raise questions. He did play very well at times.

I think many here have a lack of faith in Ireland's GM performance, although a few support his work.

I'm just tired of the inept losing for the past dozen years.

Anyway, have a good night. I'm out. Lol.

Bowles would be an atrocious hire!!! People make too much of those last three games. The team was still playing well for Sparano. Bowles was brought in to satisfy the Rooney Rule PERIOD!!! He is also being interviewed elsewhere to satisfy that ridiculous rule!!! He is the only candidate of the final three who has never even been a coordinator!!! If they hire Bowles I will not renew my season tickets!!!

I share that opinion. Sad thing is, the fact that Nolan is gone means Ross is drinking Ireland's KoolAid. Think about, all of these moves i doubt Ross is laying out his "vision" of a blueprint to win the SuperBowl. I would think it's more like, "Mr. Ross, here's what I think we should do...." Does this mean Ross is blindly following, or Is Peterson down there with his 2 cents? Who knows. I know this, wwe ARE NOT a stronger team than we were when the Jets game ended. We are moving backwards at a rapid pace, IMO.

Ireland is being blackballed because of the Dez Bryant incident. He should have been fired right then.


I never have got to attend a Dolphins game, but have followed the team since I was a kid, in 1973. I loved the Marino years.

Best Dolphin game for me was the Bears game in the mid-80's. The most disappointing was losing the epic Charger game in OT with Strok as QB.

The last dozen years....UGH. Lol.

I have a signed photo of Don Shula when one of my relatives met him. He was a great coach, especially of QB's. He won running and won passing.

I think a lot of people on this blog are long-time fans. And it seems most of us are tired of Kool-Aid as you put it.

I had a lot of high hopes for Parcells, but I was wrong! Lol.

I've got to get to bed...long day tomorrow.

Have to disagree Don. Philbin is an O-coordinator in title only. Mike McCarth calls the plays in GB. Gues what Philbin's position was before moving uo to O-coordinator (without play-calling authority)? Yep, O-line coach. Just like Sparano, except Sparano was calling plays in Dallas in '06. Now, guess where mike McCoy's offense was ranked last season? Yep, 1 spot below Daboll's. I agree, Bowles is not the BEST guy out there IMO, but he sure as hell offers us something the other inexperienced candidates offer: CONTINUITY with a system. Daboll would continue to call plays. Nolan (well, the 2 geniuses in charge must have thought he sucked, 'cause he's gone) would have called the D and Bowles would have been another Sparano, but hopefully a different mindset and better game-manager. Who knows. We are just like a bright-eyed idiot just flying into Vegas with no gambling experience. We (the Miami organization) is gambling big-time that these new, VERY inexperienced coordinators (Philbin, or McCoy) can turn it around. me, I would have rather taken a chance on CONTINUITY and building on a 6-3 finish.

"Mike McCarthy calls the plays in GB"

Ross got rid of the only strenght we had on this team in Nolan , just rediculus.Someone else please come in and buy this team from this clown. It looks like we might get Barkley in the 2013 draft at this point.

This is how this is gonna go down:

-McCoy to Miami as HC.
-Tebow to Miami
-Miami and Denver exchange picks in 1st rd. This is compensation for Tebow.
-Elway trades the farm to get Luck or Griffin.

Tebow could actually work with a coach that believes in him like McDaniels not McCoy but our owner is an idiot.

Sit and enjoy the train wreck that ensues. A year or two from now we will be looking for another coach, we will be unsure about Tebow and both Luck and Griffin will shine elsewhere.

someone help me out with this. what are the details to Nolan going to Atlanta, he was under contract here. So did Atlanta pay the remainder of his contract? or did we get a draft pick in compensation? We had to of gotten something, well then again knowing this FO we probably gave the Falcons Nolan and our first round pick.

Ireland is being blackballed because of the Dez Bryant incident. He should have been fired right then.
Posted by: Scott January 18, 2012 at 12:25 AM


Agree that Ireland should have been fired on the spot after his shameful questioning of Dez Bryant. That incident has was shameful and Ireland had to know better. I know someone can make a mistake, but Ireland should have been more much more professional.

Lol! Good imagination, but Tebow will be in Denver next year regardless of whether we hire McCoy, or not. See the difference in Denver's philosophy is buil it and believe in it, unlike us, start a turnaround (6-3 at the end of our season) and then blow-up it up and hire help not as good as we had. THAT is the "Ireland the Scout" formula.

Wow, hkfinfan is an idiot. And possibly a new fan, has to be, because anyone that's been around deserves to be upset because of the horrendous decline, not this year, but this DECADE. We spend money, and we spend time, and we use up emotion and heart and stress, and we have to sit back and watch horrible decision after horrible decision destroy something we love.

These hc candidates are
Awful. McCarthy calls the plays, we lost the one coordinator that was rock solid, Bowles
Wasn't even a coordinator, and McCoy didn't put up points or yards. At least Zimmer was an option but now he's gonr


My understanding is that Nolan's actual contract expired this month. So, he was free to sign with any other team. Unfortunately, no compensation for the Dolphins. I think he felt his job might be on thin ice here, so he took the Atlanta position. I was surprised he left as well.

At least Ireland did not send our 1st round pick to another team for nothing. At least, not yet. The offseason is still early. Lol.

I'm finally out.....been saying that for an hour but this blog can be addictive. Lol.

Sigh and Scott,
I am really glad to hear someone elso of the same opinion on the Dez incident. Not only morally wrong, it reeked of stupidity and immaturity. I reme,ber when it happened I was thinking; "This is the guy we are relying on to get us to the Super Bowl?" I was hoping Ross fired him for it, but maybe that would have been too harsh. Real dumb move by Ireland and the team for poo-pooing it.

If im bowles , Im running as fast as i can to indy if they call...at least he'll have a true franchise QB in place to build on....get as far away from this debacle of a front office as possible...

I firmly believe Nolan left for the perceived slight he got from Ross. Think about it: Ross brings in a lot of candidates, some with no HC experience and doesn't even INTERVIEW Nolan. I would have at least done that even if I knew in my own mind there bwas no way in hell he becomes my head coach. Reason? Loyalty to your good employee and Nolan was one of the good ones.

Mike Nolan said just recently:

""It's always for someone else to decide what your worthiness is," said Nolan, whose unit finish sixth in points allowed per game, and third against the rush.

"I think I'm pretty damn good at what I do. I've done it a lot of places and we've done it pretty damn well. I don't doubt myself on that," Nolan said. "But again, getting a job, not getting a job. If you're the one handing out job then you get to decide that, and not me."

So anyone out there think he may have felt a bit slighted? If you make a lateral move in your career vs. an upward one, go where the people in charge appreciate and want you. in this case, Nolan went to Atlanta to be with his olf friend from Baltimore, Mike nSmith. Just be glad as a Dolpnin fan he didn't go to the Pats.

Man some of you guys are funny on here. As Don said earlier Bowles is a bad move, he proved nothing and the players were playing hard for their jobs not him, that was just bull they were spinning, they're not exactly going to say we were playing for our jobs are they. Bowles should have won the game against New England but he, like Sparano failed to use adjustments at half time knowing that Belichek and Brady would. That is not the coach we need, McCoy was a QB coach, passing game coordinator, and changed an offense to suit Tebow on the fly and in no way is he bringing Tebow here, as good as his attitude is Tebow is not a QB to build on and McCoy knows it.
I think his younger outlook would be a welcome change, Bowles will be offered DC role but will prob bolt for Indy.
Philbin is intrigueing, I would like to see the West Coast O ran here and all Sparano's stooges purged.
Regardless of who they pick (I believe McCoy or Philbin will be named in the next 2 days) a franchise QB is the no 1 priority, they dare not enter the season with Matt Moore as the starter with no hope to succeed him, the stadium will be emptier still. A lack of ambition in this off season is not acceptable and the only option they have it to trade up.

Its Philbin. It has always been Philbin. QB signed in FA: Flynn. Ireland is a genius.

I will not post anymore until the decision is announced. I said Fisher shouldn't be our coach and wouldn't be our coach. The Fisherillas whined all week and attacked me for speaking the truth. Now they will whine again and speak about that which they do not know. I will not trouble myself with responding. They will learn. I am the all-knowing.

be for real ross wake up and stop letting jeff run our team into the ground come on man i have been a fan since i was a baby go after carmichael but if you want a proven coach billick already said he wants to be here stop destroying our team be an owner like robbie and run your team jeff is sucks on draft day he has proven that over and over jimmy johnson and don shula hired hall of famers this guy stinks please restore faith in your fans

I don't live in South Florida but have been a Phins fan all my life (40 years) and I am sick to my stomach by all of this. It's bad enough we have an idiot (when it comes to football) like Ross at the helm, but the guy doesn't even LIVE in south Florida. I want to tell him along with the rest of the New YAWKERS that think the big apple is superior in everything...to take I-95 NORTH and keep driving until you reach snow !!

Maybe it is not as bad as it seems.Most or every head coach out there at one time were coordinators. So all we need is to do is choose the right one. And hope that the right one is one of them, and not the others that were not chosen. So now we have to depend on a little luck, or better yet a lot of luck.

Philbin all the way......then Matt Flynn that would be a good start then the dolphins can use the draft better for more of there needs. And everybody quit being so negative. Look at the 49ers they didn't change to much talent..just a coach. And look where they are at. Good things can come from this.

It's all over the internet: Ross says our next HC will be the real McCoy.

Let's just blow-up the team every 3 years. Improving to 6-3 at the end of the aseason? Fu.k it. Just blow it up and start over. In 3 years when the new guys start to turn a corner, let's blow it up again. A lot of you bloggers have no clue about CONTINUITY being a good thing. We just lost an excellent D-coordinator and are thinking about hiring an O-coordinator (Philbin) who doesn't even call the plays in GB (McCarth does) and was, you guessed it, an O-Line coach (just like Tony) before being promoted to a non-play-calling coordinator. The other O-coordinator (McCoy) while in Carolina, learned under, hold your breath, MR MAGOO!!! (Dan Henning). I don't see how anyone out there thinks we are better off this week than last. We should have given Bowles a shot at Head Coach (before we fu.king lost Nolan!) and kept Daboll to continue with a much-improved offense. QB? Unless we trade up (we won't), I am all for Matt Moore. Guy improved dramatically from his start to finish this past season. Give the poor SOB some CONTINUITY and see what he can do! I, for one, if I had known where we would be in the coaching search today, right now, would have NEVER fired Sparano. You bunch of Kool_Aid drinkers on here thinking that Ross and Ireland "have a plan", LMFAO!! ROSS SAID; "I will hire a proven Head Coach with a track record of success." What's he doing now? Huh? He's back-pedaling and just trying to come up with a new "name" to appease all the fans that think change every 3 years is good. If we had ended the season 3-6, I would have been on the bandwagon with some of you guys on this blog, "Let's just hire anybody, as long as they are different." But we didn't. We improved. Now we will hire another unproven coach to be a Head Coach and roll the dice, just hoping that they will do better in 2012 than what we already had. I HIGHLY doubt it!

(ps) Sorry, Aloco. I couldn't help it. Had to get my point across, hence this ridiculously long post.

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