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Dolphins owner on the move back to South Florida

Stephen Ross is done working in New York for the week. His job as a Big Apple real estate mogul is done. His job as the Dolphins owner who has spent the past four days interviewing potential head coach candidates is also mostly done.

Time to come home.

Time to name a coach.

Ross will board his private jet at around 8 a.m. this morning and head to South Florida, where he'll arrive around 11 a.m. He is expected to have with him a decision or near-decision on Miami's next coach when he returns. It's unclear if the new Dolphins' coach will be riding with him from New York, where the interviews were conducted.

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is considered the leading candidate -- at least that's what he considered himself, as I reported two days ago. Unconfirmed reports, based on dubious tweets from CBS 4 in Denver and the assistant director of communications for the Mountain West Conference, say it's McCoy. I'm trying to confirm through, you know, legitimate means.

Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and Miami interim coach Todd Bowles are also candidates.

[UPDATE: NFL Insider Danny More said on the Armando and Perk radio show this morning that Philbin has been eliminated as a candidate. He also reported McCoy returned to Denver following his interview with the Dolphins. That would suggest McCoy won't be on the plane with Ross when he lands.]

[UPDATE 2: A source close to Philbin tells me the Green Bay offensive coordinator has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is. Sheesh!]

[UPDATE 3: The Mountain West communications director says he has no inside information on McCoy.]

[UPDATE 4: The Dolphins contingent landed in Fort. Lauderdale. McCoy indeed was not on the plane as More said. Neither were any of the other two coaching candidates. GM Jeff Ireland and senior vice president for football operations Dawn Aponte got off the plane and returned to the team's facility. Aponte's role on the trip would obviously be one of budget and contract negotiation.]

[UPDATE 5: A Bowles family source tells me the interim coach has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is at this time.]



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otay i say 8, have one of the easiest schedules ever

Easy is an illusion. Those teams are getting better while we get worse.

we havent gotten worse, they havent gotten better. free agency and the draft will tell that

Guys this team is still going backwards. It's not even debatable. The Parcells hire was a major failure and is still having long lasting negative ramifications. We are going to replace one unqualified coach with another and be back at the same place in 2 or 3 years.

clam and its all because ross is friends with ireland

0-7 is indefensible. Who cares how they finished, they still did not beat one winning team. We are the easy team on everyone elses schedule.


otay we arent good, but ill say it right now. we will finish 2nd in that awful div. jets are done, and the bills well they just flat out suck. we win 8 meaningless games


The Bills lost some top players to injury. They will be better than you think. And old man Gailey is a better coach that Rex or whatever idiot we will hire.

And worse we won't have any legitimate QB to compete with Moore or back him up. How he fkk is Losman on our team? Its a big mess.

gailey is better, who cares. they gave awful fitz 34499 mill dollars. awful defense. no oline.

Heard from shefter on espn website that mccoy was on his way back to denver.

moore is awful, we will get a real qb

Who dusty? Forget about Luck and RG3. Then what? None of the rest will even beat out Moore next year. Flynn? He will suck on another team just like Kolb and Cassel.

olay is right..

moore is good enough to hold down the fort.. if he qb'd the whole year 2-3 more wins, vs check down chaddy

Ross will sell the team in shame around 2015. It's a total failure. Wayne made a nice profit and bailed out at the right time.

wow otay how much will he sell it for? Sell a franchise that has declined and lose money. You sound like caligirl a real smart one you are.

ctphins, wait and see. And too bad you have to pay for it.

otay or like schuab? goes both ways always

Ross can lose half of his investment and still be a billionaire. Won't change his life a bit. Those of you on delivery boy salaries don't think about such things.

i dont have to pay for it.

Ross didn't become a Billionaire by buying things for incredible amounts of money then seeking them for 100s of millions less.


True but its a bet on luck. No way to know. I don't like the odds of a 7th rounder becoming a superstar. It can happen, but its against the odds.

ctphins anyone with callgirls on their minds when it has nothing to do with the conversation is thinking about them for a reason. Make sure you wrap.

If and this is a big IF.. he gets a top notch QB and sells out for the next 3-5 years, then he can break even or with a few playoff wins, make money. Thats the only way he sells.


Smart investors also know when to cut their losses. See Warren Buffet if you have any doubts.

no caligirl is a poster and sounds just like you. Moron

Where is this QB coming from this year??? The only two options we have no chance at. It's going to be Moore and someone elses trash once again.

ctphins do you feel better now that you called me a name?

someone needs to tell ross just how dumb he is when it comes to the nfl. wake him up, fire ireland.

So Otay, you dont even explain why they will win 3 games you just generalize "They are getting worse while other teams get better".....is it not me but i believe in the last 3 years over 12 coaching positions have come and gone. Yes for every nfl team there is an adaption period to a new system but this team does have young talent on both sides of the ball (Can you say the same about the Jets??). The dolphins are going to improve, its impossible not to (Unless they draft another ted ginn in the 1st round...not likely...i hope) You add only one quality RT,TE,FS and a CB who can play coverage (Nolan Caroll you are hot garbage) and we may have one at least 1-2 more games (Broncos,Giants,Chargers,Browns,Houston...all games within 10 pts or less)...we may have still lost all of thos egames but you cant tell me that if you add those players we wont score a couple more TDs this season or stoped the deep ball a little better (99 yd TD catch Welker) you are crazy.

We've been waiting all day long for all these morons to announce the new HC...and nothing. These braindead people (Ross and his fQ#$k mate Ireland) are as useless as SparAnus without sunglasses.

emilio ur banking on ireland doing anything smart, thats a huge if

Come September we will here how the players need to buy in to the new coaches system. That is the politically correct way for saying the team is disorganized and sucks.

Boy! We have alot of fortune tellers here. Does anyone of you have this weeks lotto numbers.

I know one of you will be dumb enough to split it 50-50.

The dolphins are going to improve, its impossible not to

Posted by: Emilio | January 20, 2012 at 05:41 PM

Impossible not. Here is what is possible, look at the last three seasons

2009 7-9
2010 7-9
2011 6-10

So you see, it's not impossible to go backwards. We've proved it

Look for Bush, Thomas and Moore all to miss some games due to injury. This team is not put together well. It has no depth other than maybe the d line.

Announcement will be next Friday, must be waiting for another coach to free up after Sunday's games!

DUDE.....Ireland Sucks...yesss ...but what do you think hes going to do this off season??? Not sign Offensive Lineman??? Hes not a complete idiot...he may be a backstabber, Brown Nose, and blindman at times with talent but he brough Marshall and Reggie Bush and has shown the willingness to be agreesive via free agency (I wish he had the balls to offer all the picks he needed to get RGIII). Ireland knows this team needs the following: QB,OL,TE,WR,FS.....they are better than 3 wins and with an easier schedule i know that is the truth...not saying theyll be good but they will not be a 3 win team in 2012


All of those seasons we did not lose 3 games Otay....can you please put more informative posts.....anyone can post the dolphins last 6 years record....i made direct points on position needs...once again otay you fail to prove me wrong

Id much rather be the Dolphins than the mess on that NY Jets roster

more informative posts from someone named otay? Really, Emilio?

I think that if McCoy had gotten the job.....he would have leaked it.....

Looks like the search continues......

emilio both are huge messes

lets pray kris

its true....dolphins mess is like a really messy house...Jets are an oil Spill

Wow! This is like watching grass grow.

Hey they neversaid what friday? Maybe Cowher is coming out of retirement???

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...ugh

Someone said we will know by TODAY as far as who will be the COACH. I guess your WRONG.


most announcements wont be this late, out of news cycle.

Mike Gundy

Blake dont be such a turd..Otay?

Emilio, wake up... first you said:

"The dolphins are going to improve, its impossible not to

Posted by: Emilio | January 20, 2012 at 05:41 PM"

And I proved to you its not impossible because we indeed have gone backwards.

Then you said:

"All of those seasons we did not lose 3 games Otay....can you please put more informative posts.....anyone can post the dolphins last 6 years record....i made direct points on position needs...once again otay you fail to prove me wrong

Posted by: Emilio | January 20, 2012 at 05:51 PM"

What the heck are you talking about? We did not lose 3 games? Furthermore I had already proved you wrong that the team can go backwards because it did.

Get a clue, then come back.

You are all KUNTS and mini revenue centers for a billionaire

I have never seen an owner like this. He is terrible and ignorant of the pro game. Former owner Wayne H. was the smart one here. The problem is the guy we have now is worse than the previous owner. Look at the blunders from the time he bought the team until today.

P. S. hire Philbin to be our new coach and don't screw this up (S**t for brains)

Philben signed as next head coach for Miami dolphins

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