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Dolphins owner on the move back to South Florida

Stephen Ross is done working in New York for the week. His job as a Big Apple real estate mogul is done. His job as the Dolphins owner who has spent the past four days interviewing potential head coach candidates is also mostly done.

Time to come home.

Time to name a coach.

Ross will board his private jet at around 8 a.m. this morning and head to South Florida, where he'll arrive around 11 a.m. He is expected to have with him a decision or near-decision on Miami's next coach when he returns. It's unclear if the new Dolphins' coach will be riding with him from New York, where the interviews were conducted.

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is considered the leading candidate -- at least that's what he considered himself, as I reported two days ago. Unconfirmed reports, based on dubious tweets from CBS 4 in Denver and the assistant director of communications for the Mountain West Conference, say it's McCoy. I'm trying to confirm through, you know, legitimate means.

Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and Miami interim coach Todd Bowles are also candidates.

[UPDATE: NFL Insider Danny More said on the Armando and Perk radio show this morning that Philbin has been eliminated as a candidate. He also reported McCoy returned to Denver following his interview with the Dolphins. That would suggest McCoy won't be on the plane with Ross when he lands.]

[UPDATE 2: A source close to Philbin tells me the Green Bay offensive coordinator has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is. Sheesh!]

[UPDATE 3: The Mountain West communications director says he has no inside information on McCoy.]

[UPDATE 4: The Dolphins contingent landed in Fort. Lauderdale. McCoy indeed was not on the plane as More said. Neither were any of the other two coaching candidates. GM Jeff Ireland and senior vice president for football operations Dawn Aponte got off the plane and returned to the team's facility. Aponte's role on the trip would obviously be one of budget and contract negotiation.]

[UPDATE 5: A Bowles family source tells me the interim coach has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is at this time.]



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This team will always suck just like most of you bloggers.

Typical, They just want a puppy dog, not a ballz to the walls coach! Please let Ireland go! He wants 2nd rate to save money that's it!

Done deal

Bowles just signed as head coach!!

This 'report' was about all of the other erroneous reports out there. I, for one, found it interesting. I'm curious to see just how Ross is going to pull a Plexico - shoot himself in the leg/foot... again. The fact still remains - Tony Sporano WAS the "Best Coach Available" for this job. Ross: BANG "Ow - my FOOT!"

Sporano was the worst coach, he was not a coach, his delcine proved it. He could not manage a game. HELLO

I finally figured it out!! Ross wants a right off on taxes next year and the year after that....etc

I think Philbin....was looking for news on the puter when wife hollered, dolphins have a new coach.

You are all KUNTS and mini revenue centers for a billionaire

I have had it with the FINZ! Let the front office blow another year! I'm over it!!!

philbin to miami


per ESPN.com

OK its Philbin. Phew.... Bowles will probably get DC job??

Now let's get Manning !

he will bring in Flynn and go west coast

Finally.....we are on the right track.....

Where is Mando?

I knew it all along Philbin will be the next HC. LOL

You and me both Texas.....

Ok does this hiring bring Matt Flynn? Philbin is the man to coach the Dolphins.

ESPN is saying sources say it's Philbin, so it's not official

Very Good hire out of those 3, Philbin was my pick since we passed on interviewing Carmichael. Now we might get to see a high octane offense hopefully just got to find that damn QB LOL.

Now time to see how this draft and FA play out before making any real judgements, and the final verdict will come when the team hits the field next year.

Fins Up!!!!

This is great news. Philbin will make us proud. I love this move.

Mando, get that fried chicken out of your mouth, get on the phone and confirm it Philbin!

ESPN reporting Philbin

Source: Dolphins to hire Joe Philbin
ESPN.com news services
The Miami Dolphins plan to hire Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin as their coach, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Philbin interviewed twice with the Dolphins, once on Jan. 7 and again on Wednesday. He interviewed Thursday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coaching vacancy, a league source told Schefter.

Philbin decided to remain in consideration for the Dolphins job despite his son's recent drowning in a Wisconsin river. After spending a week away, Philbin rejoined the Packers on Sunday for the divisional playoff loss to the New York Giants.

Can't have a high powered offense without wr's and a te. No way we crack the top 10 in offense with the players returning next year. Lots of work to do.


Good I'd rather have a guy from green bay than Denver, I hope he brings QB coach Tom Clements as o coordinator

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