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Dolphins owner on the move back to South Florida

Stephen Ross is done working in New York for the week. His job as a Big Apple real estate mogul is done. His job as the Dolphins owner who has spent the past four days interviewing potential head coach candidates is also mostly done.

Time to come home.

Time to name a coach.

Ross will board his private jet at around 8 a.m. this morning and head to South Florida, where he'll arrive around 11 a.m. He is expected to have with him a decision or near-decision on Miami's next coach when he returns. It's unclear if the new Dolphins' coach will be riding with him from New York, where the interviews were conducted.

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is considered the leading candidate -- at least that's what he considered himself, as I reported two days ago. Unconfirmed reports, based on dubious tweets from CBS 4 in Denver and the assistant director of communications for the Mountain West Conference, say it's McCoy. I'm trying to confirm through, you know, legitimate means.

Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and Miami interim coach Todd Bowles are also candidates.

[UPDATE: NFL Insider Danny More said on the Armando and Perk radio show this morning that Philbin has been eliminated as a candidate. He also reported McCoy returned to Denver following his interview with the Dolphins. That would suggest McCoy won't be on the plane with Ross when he lands.]

[UPDATE 2: A source close to Philbin tells me the Green Bay offensive coordinator has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is. Sheesh!]

[UPDATE 3: The Mountain West communications director says he has no inside information on McCoy.]

[UPDATE 4: The Dolphins contingent landed in Fort. Lauderdale. McCoy indeed was not on the plane as More said. Neither were any of the other two coaching candidates. GM Jeff Ireland and senior vice president for football operations Dawn Aponte got off the plane and returned to the team's facility. Aponte's role on the trip would obviously be one of budget and contract negotiation.]

[UPDATE 5: A Bowles family source tells me the interim coach has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is at this time.]



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Ireland is bringing in Del Rio to play not coach.

This way he can save more draft picks for more ACORNS!

This guy is Sah-Moooooth! It's a win-win!


The problem is nobody knows if this can be a head coach or not. Until he shows what he can do it's all BS. But like everybody else, the guy deserves a chance. Guys have written him off before he even gets a chance....based on what?

Same guys who wrote Daboll off. Same guys who would never have give McCarthy a chance or John Harbaugh or Payton. Everybody deserves a chance.

And this is coming from a guy who was upset they f*cked the Fisher thing up.

dolphin fan in georgia, yup....I was all in favour of Henne getting a chance under anyone other than Henning. He got that chance. Didn't work out. Time to move on. I'll feel the same thing about McCoy in a year if this doesn't pan out.....but the guy deserves a chance.


Miami 2012 Free Agent signings:

1. QB Brady Quinn (promised QB competition by Ireland and Ross)
2. RB Lex Hilliard (resigned)
3. WR Michael Spurlock (gets cut in training camp)
4. TE Marellus Bennett (Dallas cast off)
5. OT Lydon Murtha (RFA tender)
6. DE Kendall Langford (resigned)
7. NT Amon Gordon (former Chief expected to compete with practice squad Frank Kearse for starting job because Soliai signed with Jets)
8. CB Will Allen (resigns is cut on September 25th and resigned December 1st)

At this point all we can do is give the next guy a chance!!

Let's hope whoever it is can quickly evaluate the coaches and put togethor a staff quickly.

LMAO at a guy who tells everyone to stfu in one post, and a few posts later claims this "seems like a free place to express opinions"....

Thanks for the laugh Craig M

get your pencils n paper out. craig is back to preach n lecture us. stfu so he can remind us how dumb we all are. we're lucky to have him




sounds like jeff and ross decided based on who aced their interview. mccoy blew them away with the interview i read. i'm in the auto business up in ny and i've made big mistakes hiring the mgr who impressed me in an interview. the candidates body of work gets them hired;an interview should not be the primary reason they get the job.

A chance? Why does he deserve a chance?


PS: Who are we talking about again?

I'm done guys....have fun complaining about Ireland and Ross and whoever the new guy is...

And complaining about the draft in April....8 plus months until the next game...


I think droopy dog (Ross) should stay in the NYC....harder for Dolfin fans to egg his house. I just sayin'!

What happened to all the civility the last few days? Come on folks. Don't let 1 bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Rise above it!

Dude needs a blepharoplasty...bad.

Craig M
I agree with you. I will support whoever is hired. I believe we should give him a chance. I just hope whoever comes in will open up the offense more. Daboll showed at times promise but couldn't get the touchdowns in the red zone. I would prefer a west coast offense because it takes pressure off the QB.

Looks like we are going to be running the 4-3 in the end, after all, if Del Rio is being brought in as our new DC.

Del rio?? I like as a coordinator.

I'm done guys....have fun complaining about Ireland and Ross and whoever the new guy is...
And complaining about the draft in April....8 plus months until the next game...

Posted by: Craig M | January 20, 2012 at 12:12 PM

please dont come back. the blog was nicer withou you. you idiotic blow hard


Craig M...told u guys to STFU.....

So STFU!!!!!!!!!!

Craig M.....

Please continue.....

...Alright a real topic. Lex Hilliard. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Lex will not be a Dolphin next year. I'm sure most of you will lose little sleep over this. But for me this sucks. I would be willing to bet Lex ends up in New England...Just sayin'


You ever going to come clean that you are in fact 'blowhard' or are you just going to keep posting under multiple names?

haha you guys are making me laugh today

So is this announcement going to be made today or not

if Delrio is on board I like this!! He is a decent coach.

Miami 2012 Draft:

1st round - Riley Reiff OT Iowa
2nd round - Billy Winn DE/DT Boise State
3rd round - traded back to pick up extra 4 in 2012 and a 6th in 2013
4th round - Juron Criner WR Arizona
4th round (trade) - Ryan Lindley QB San Diego State
5th round - Senio Kelemete OG Washington
6th round - Dontae Paige-Moss OLB/DE UNC
7th round - Kenny Demons LB Michigan

stfu everyone, i mean it. I am gonna cry in my beer...

Dolphins Mock Draft....assuming we take care of Offensive Line, Safety and bring in a quality WR over Free Agency........1st Rd- Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE 2nd Rd- Nick Foles QB 3rd Rd- Best TE available (Coby Fleener, Orson Charles) 4th Rd- CB, 5th Rd- DT 6th Rd- OT

You can have beer at work? Oh yea, you own a liquor store. Nice job!

Drafts are hard to do. We don't have a coach yet, the season isn't over and therefore we don't have a full picture on who the new staff is going to pick up in free agency. The Dolphins could move in a number of different directions. The takes I've seen here are interesting though!


Billy Winn would be a grabage pick in the 2nd round

What a bunch of scrub coaches. The Dolphins have REALLY low standards! LOL

..Craig M.. I agree with your point. Can we at least give the new hire a chance? Who is good enough here? Fisher wasn't..Posts over posts about how he is over-rated..Lets get a young guy with fire(whatever that means??) All of these candidates have flaws..So what. You give me an example of the perfect candidate and I will lobby on your behalf to be Irelands replacement..

Also some of the reasoning as to why McCoy is a horrible choice is just complete and utter nonesense. Seriously..what do the doubters really know??? NOTHING. Wow he was the OC in Denver and the offense struggled..Obviously his fault. Look at the freekin personel and what he did..Go back to when Denver had Culter and Marshall..Would that offense satisfy anyone? So just stop with all of this B.S. I understand if your point is that you do not trust Ireland to make the right hire, or We blew it by letting fisher get away..Those are understandable points of debate. But just trashing a guy before he has done anything comes across as people who bash anything that is new or unfamiliar..

First we wont be able to trade up for RGIII and are best option at QB is either Matt Flynn (Free Agency) & Nick Foles (2nd Rd Draft Pick).....I believe we will use our cap space to resign our guys (Wake, Solia) then try to real in a big time Free Agency (Nicks) the OG from saints (They cant afford him)...Finally sign a mid to low budget safety who can play coverage and will help our entire defense not get burned deep.........we then enter the draft looking to get a pass rusher,TE,CB, and possibly another WR (If we dont bring in a quality veteran WR thru Free agency)

I dont mind taking RIley Reif with the 1st rd pick but its hard to imagine us doing that for the 2nd yr in a row considering there is no pass rushing DE/OLB in free agency

bud i aint kris but im prolly like him bein sick of yo sh*t. every day same thing. U2 smart to be here. do what you said you was gonna do. leave.

Nick Foles.....start moore for a year or two while we develop FOles

Mental Makeup


"Comes from a majority spread offense although does take snaps from under center in pro-style sets. A one tempo quarterback that is very effective when pre-snap read is right and first option come available. Decision making becomes inconsistent when having to get to 2nd or 3rd option, though. Displays a good feel for game situations, however, poise is just average and shows some panic when protection breaks down. Lacks the necessary anticipation at this point and needs to see WR come open which can cause him to be late with throws. Flashes the toughness to sit in and make throw when knowing he's going to get hit. "



Overall accuracy is good but has room for improvement. Needs to become more consistent with ball placement on short throws. Often leaves balls low or behind targets limiting their yards after catch capabilities. Also accuracy dips when having to make throws in confined areas of the pocket or when feet are not set. Shows good touch and projection with intermediate and deep throws. Struggles when having to open up and throw on the move when rolling left.

Release/Arm Strength


Possesses a compact ¾ release. Flashes ability to change release point if necessary. Prototypical arm strength and can make all the necessary NFL throw as well as drive the ball down the field vertically.

Pocket Mobility


"Limited overall athlete and does not show a natural feel in the pocket. Flashes ability to step up when feeling edge pressure. However, lacks the necessary calmness in the pocket and will get happy feet when feeling uncomfortable. Vacates the pocket too quickly on occasion. Has shown ability to extend plays but limited in terms of elusiveness and will not pose as a running threat at the next level. "

..Emillio.We don't have a lot of cap space this year. Remeber Dansby, and Marshall are going to be huge spikes this year. wake is under contract for one more year..But do not be suprised if he holds out for a new contract.. Just with the Dansby and Marshall contracts we have about 20 mil left in cap space. This is where Ireland will earn some respect in my eyes..If he can rebuild this team under thses paramiters..

Miami Dolphin 2012 Season preview: August edition

The Miami Dolphins continued to build their front lines with the drafting of Riley Reiff and Billy Winn. Locking up Kendall Langford was a key to front 7 as well. The loss of Paul Soliai could be massive unless they get 2010 7th round Frank Kearse who was on the practice squad all of 2011 to step up. The Dolphins did add WR Juron Criner in the draft and free agent Michael Spurlock but did not add much needed speed to the position.

Bottom Line: The season all comes to the play at QB just as it does for every team. Miami drafted Ryan Lindley in the 4th round which was considered a reach (under 55 perecent completion percentage as Senior) and added Brady Quinn to compete with Matt Moore. The job is Moore's to lose.

2012 Prediction: AFC East

The Pats are the cream of the crop after Brady's record setting Super Bowl of 500 yards and 7. 2012 prediction 13-3

The Jets added key pieces in NT Paul Soliai and WR Mario Manningham and drafted OLB Courtney Upshaw to sure up their weaknesses and seem poised to get back in the playoff mix. 2012 prediction 10-6

The Bills had a solid draft by trading up ahead of Miami to get the best OT in the draft in Jonathan Martin and getting a steal in round 2 with Vontaze Burfict and round 5 with WR Ryan Broyles. If Broyles can get back to form they could have a very dangerous duo at WR with Steve Johnson. 2012 prediction 8-8

Miami failed to add any new play makers on offense and seemed not to build on a solid defense with any pass rush opposite Cam Wake. The O-line is set with Long, Pouncey, Carey and Reiff but on defense losing Soliai to the division rival Jets will hurt. 2012 prediction 6-10

One of the positives I see in McCoy is his ability to adjust. I felt like Sparano lacked that ability as we would see in the 2nd half of games.

Plus I like that he's a young and up and coming coach. And ex QB coach. That as we all know has been a position that we have lacked skill in for a long long time.

I am a looking forward to the next steps and what assistants he brings in and draft of course. I am at this point very optimistic.

This next FB yr will be interesting for Miami fans to say the least.

I think everyone will give McCoy a chance if hired. the complaining is more to the fact that his resume of work is farthest from improving all the things we hate about our team.

He is the most square peg for a round hole, however if you have a strong enough hammer maybe it will fit and work.

I am like f'ing confusious here!!!

Anyway, I digress... If McCoy gets hired and rights this ship we will all love him, however if it is the same as the last 3 years... all hell will break loose on this blog!

very true but i really dont think they will let solia and wake walk

Mccoy?? WOW! The Dolphins have REALLY LOW standards! LMAO

McCoy vs Bellichick?? Sounds like a SLAUGHTER!!


I've liked some of your optimistic posts........I think my brain just hurts from all the negativity.

I don't discredit any of the negative thoughts, I personally have just gone numb to the whole coaching this so far.

Really i just want to move on and see what players we get this off season. Those decisions will be this biggest factor in the win/loss column, in my humble opinion.

We are doomed

Would be hilarious is Mccoy goes to Indy, Philbin to Tampa & Bowles to Oakland. Then what? LOL

I agree poizen. I think fin fans have been burnt by hirings and drafts so much that everyone is way skeptical. And I don't blame them.

With that said, I am on the McCoy bandwagon and think he'll be a very good HC for us.

Isn't everyone thinking McCoy is the coach. Have we not learned that until Ross announces who the next coach is, anything could happen. Ross is known to be on the phones now begging Cowher and Gruden to come. McCoy finds out and pulls name from consideration. Anything can happen.

No body else wants??? What? Bowles has interviewed with three NFL teams. McCoy, two, not encluding the Raiders. Philpin, Two. These guys are three of the hot tickets across the NFL. Some of you folks should read something besides the comics.

No one with a choice joins the lowly Dolphins.

Poizen..I'm not trying to be a jerk here.Just a serious question. What kind of offense do you want to see? and what is the time frame which is acceptable to see the sort of offense you would like?

I'm guessing for the masses. Folks want to see a wide open pass happpy scoring offense. Something modern and exciting? This would be great if we currently had the personel to accomplish this. We don't, so whoever our coach is going to be is going to have to evolve the offense to the personel that is current. Go back and check out the Donkey offense when they had a quarterback(Cutler) They were 30-40 pass attempt per game..That was the years they started 6-0 then injuries killed their defense and they couldn't stop a troupe of girl scouts. That offense was pretty good.

My point is that until we get a quarterback to run a pass first offense..Anything we run will look boring and conservative because it gives us the best chance to win.. Guys like Henne, or Moore, or Tebow cannot win consistantly throwing it 35 plus a game..go back and look at each guys record when they do..Awful.

Once we find they right guy, any coach is going to look brilliant.

Ohio - I don't blame folks for being negative on here. It has been a long dry spell and well it sucks!!! I have been somewhat negative at times as well. I have been on record as wanting Ireland gone and still feel that way but for now I am going to support the new HC and the Dolphins and see where this thing goes.

I just hope McCoy has the same amount of power they were going to give Fisher in personnel moves.

It's BOWLES!!!

wow, according to wiki...

Del Rio was the DC at Carolina while McCoy was there in 2002, before becoming the Jag's coach. Carolina had the 2nd ranked D that year. He was also the LBs coach at Baltimore in 2000 (the season they won the Super Bowl).

The idea of hiring Del Rio as the DC never occurred to me. I hope it's true.

Philbin strikes me as the head coaching type. He sees things from a removed distance, he delegates authority, and oversees rather than does everything himself. Whether or not he'd be a good head coach, he does at least seem to be the most out-of-the-gate ready of the 3 candidates. He also brings a specific philosophy and game plan to the table.
McCoy could be the next Harbaugh or the next bust just as easily. I simply don't know. Neither of these guys played any serious time as an NFL player (Philbin none at all), and that worries me. How does a non-NFL'er relate to these mega-$$$ stars?

I don't have a real stand on which to pick, so I'll just wait and see like the rest of the world.
FYI - heard rumors that Indy was interested in Tressel. Curious.


I doubt any coach that comes in now will have the power Fisher would have.

Ireland and Ross knew they had to give up that power to get Fisher, and they also know that an up and coming coach won't demand that power, so they won't give it up

McCoy is a joke. His offenses were not great. This owner is so bad.


What has Mccoy done for you to be on his dick AHHEEEMMM I mean bandwagon. He hasnt done anything for anyone to dislike or like him. I havent even heard the guy speak before..

texas, ireland is a wannabe GM; he demands respect but fails in earning it. he won't give up any power to a coach when it comes to personell moves. it was his refusal that led fisher to the rams(fisher's camp let it out). now there is damage control and ross/ireland have dreamed up their own version of events.

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