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Dolphins owner on the move back to South Florida

Stephen Ross is done working in New York for the week. His job as a Big Apple real estate mogul is done. His job as the Dolphins owner who has spent the past four days interviewing potential head coach candidates is also mostly done.

Time to come home.

Time to name a coach.

Ross will board his private jet at around 8 a.m. this morning and head to South Florida, where he'll arrive around 11 a.m. He is expected to have with him a decision or near-decision on Miami's next coach when he returns. It's unclear if the new Dolphins' coach will be riding with him from New York, where the interviews were conducted.

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is considered the leading candidate -- at least that's what he considered himself, as I reported two days ago. Unconfirmed reports, based on dubious tweets from CBS 4 in Denver and the assistant director of communications for the Mountain West Conference, say it's McCoy. I'm trying to confirm through, you know, legitimate means.

Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and Miami interim coach Todd Bowles are also candidates.

[UPDATE: NFL Insider Danny More said on the Armando and Perk radio show this morning that Philbin has been eliminated as a candidate. He also reported McCoy returned to Denver following his interview with the Dolphins. That would suggest McCoy won't be on the plane with Ross when he lands.]

[UPDATE 2: A source close to Philbin tells me the Green Bay offensive coordinator has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is. Sheesh!]

[UPDATE 3: The Mountain West communications director says he has no inside information on McCoy.]

[UPDATE 4: The Dolphins contingent landed in Fort. Lauderdale. McCoy indeed was not on the plane as More said. Neither were any of the other two coaching candidates. GM Jeff Ireland and senior vice president for football operations Dawn Aponte got off the plane and returned to the team's facility. Aponte's role on the trip would obviously be one of budget and contract negotiation.]

[UPDATE 5: A Bowles family source tells me the interim coach has not been told one way or another what his status with the Dolphins is at this time.]



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Well Armando was dead on with this report. Ross did get on a plane.


I liked the mix of you better during your transition to this side of you......kind of optimistic at times, but realistic

Careful not to go too far to the dark side my friend!!!! :)

Spiderman, pretty much. Problem is the Mrs. fell in love with this city. I miss Toronto even more in the winter. It's still a bit cold down there but nothing compared to Montreal. Fuc***g freezing here!! Beautiful city but bundle up in the winter...It's cold!

Pete Carmichael is now a dark-horse candidate!
Yes, that Pete Carmichael who has been slaying NFL defenses for the past 5 years with Drew Brees!

So we have three offensive coordinators who are coaching some of the best talent at the QB position thinking of coaching the Dolphins:

Carmichael - Brees
Philbin - Rodgers
McCoy - Tebow

I actually like the trend here and would be happy with any one of those guys if they installed similar systems here in Miami

Anyway, later boys...Time to get my daughter...Take it easy Spiderman!

Where did ya hear that?

ct - open this link, read the article, then watch the embedded video.


Why do People have to leave whenever I write something here? Even in Canada.

Why you take long time to publish comments after I write?

nh fins u want mccoys syystem here. run right, run left, run up the middle. punt

ct - open this link, read the article, then watch the embedded video.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 20, 2012 at 04:15 PM

That vid is a couple of days old. The only mention of Carmichael is that the reporter thinks Ireland will be interested in him because of the ties Payton had to Dallas.

This video came out before Miami shortened the list to 3 & gave them their 2nd interviews.

welkers a free agent, sign him

He is, dusty?

dusty/Ohio, it's actually my annual routine:

SUMMER - Get hyped for football, excited about new things to come.

EARLY FALL - Ready for the new year. Brimming with hope.

LATE FALL - Trying to hide the scowl. That old feeling starts to take over.

WINTER - Hopes dashed once again. The depression starts to overcome me.

PRE-DRAFT SPRING - Pleading with my team to draft a QB, or at the VERY LEAST, an impact playmaker.

POST-DRAFT SPRING - Frustration turns to anger, duped once again. Another o-lineman.


Moral - dusty loves me in the Winter, Ohio loves me in the Summer. In between I'm transitioning.


WATCH a young (blond) Jeff Fisher gets his butt kicked by George THE ANIMAL Steele.

See! I told you that the NFL has ties to the WWF.

George THE ANIMAL is currently being interviewed by Ross for HC signs for $10 million @ 3 yr contract with Dolphins.


Unlock HQ Video HQ video delivered by Akamai
McCoy had a second interview with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and team consultant Carl Peterson on Thursday in New York, according to league sources, and McCoy was very impressive during the eight-hour meeting.


Check Tim Teabow source of strength comes from :


Welker aint going nowehre he will be franchised!

Dolphins new head coach.


I assume the announcement will be made 11:59 pm.

Bill Cowher or BUST!

Think about it...How can any GM in the league know who they're going to draft (ok, aside from the Colts) when free agency hasn't even started yet...I don't buy that stuff...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | January 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM


Nothing against anyone else, I admire there enthusiasm.

But as far as your POINT? Ya THINK? Well said man.

I can't believe all the Mock Drafts on blogs, their own websites, etc, etc. To me it get redundant REAL QUICK.

We don't even have a Head Coach, a Defensive Coordinator and chances are, our Offensive Coordinator gets sent packing.

Then, as you've stated, we have no idead who our new staff will even want to TARGET in Free Agency. Let alone who we'll actually sign.

I love Mocking and studying everybodies team needs. But, like you said, I believe it still just a tad early for all that.

Nice Post!

BTW, it was minus 4 with a windchill of 15 to twenty below this morning at 4:30. I was out Snow Plowing in near White Out Conditions!

It's alright though, Me and the Brunette are taking the Snowmobiles out after dinner and drinks.


Eight hour meeting? Hell, I can tell if somebody is going to be good or not in eight minutes.

Hire Bryan Cox to be the next HC. He has some spunk & connections to this franchise.

sign steve johnson from buffalo

I ain't losing any sleep over this crap and you shouldn't either.

If it's anyone other then Bill Cowher, does it matter?

We will be the same this season as the last season. SAME old crap, nothing new and NO STAR.

4-12 and with a couple of late flags, 6-10

Can anyone blame Mr Nolan for RUNNING AWAY!

told u nyg, cowher doesnt want to coach. never will

Cowher wont work with Irescum.

if its mccoy, we could seriously pick number 1 next year, barkley? mccoy would be the worst hire maybe in nfl history

If I were Ross, I'd throw 10 mil per year and total authority to Cowher & let him do whatever the hell he wants.

i agree, but ross is maybe the dumbest owner in the history of the nfl

cowher and gruden have become t.v. personalites and relish in the idea they are still being pursued to coach again. its an ego thing. marino said cowher privately told him that he had no interest in returning to coaching. he liked getting his ego massaged.

If they can't decide who should be the coach out of the 'top 3', shouldn't that say something to them? Just sayin'

these 3 are all awful, its so sad to watch this

New coaches, new coordinators, new systems, new players....3-13 in 2012.

Otay ur an idiot.....team cant possibly win less than 6 games in 2012

Jon, maybe they're having a hard time convincing any of them to sign on the dotted line! That would be even more depressing for some.

Emilio whats your problem? Did your dog cuum in your mouth again?

why cant they emilio?

dusty...do you really think McCoy would be worst that Cam Cameron?

yes, both are awful. but least cameron had done something before hand. this guy is complete garbage

ben violin was saying people in denver say mccoy is "incredibly vanilla" when speaking to the media so he fits right in with ross/ireland's philosophy of telling us nothing. after all,its their team,not ours.

otay...the 49ers had a new coach, new coordinators, new system, new players look where they are this Sunday....hosting the NFC Championship game.
...go home, you are a lightweight.

ross just needs to sell the team. no chance of ever winning with this clown as owner

This may be the longest drawn out coaching search in history. What are Ross & Ireland (aka Roseland) waiting for? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, all the best coaching assistants are being picked-up by other teams. This is such a cluster @#@@!

would be hilarious if all 3 turned down the job, end up letting ireland coach the team. this could easily end up being a made for tv movie

first off i think we as Dolphins fans over react...this team underperformed at the start of the year and i cant imagine us playing with a worse RT than Marc Columbo....now if this offseason we even address issues besides QB (I understand we need one)...Improvements to be made that r possible: Sign a good/adequate cover Safety (We havnt had one in years), Improve the Offensive line (We were one of the 5 worst teams in the nfl ont he right side of the O-Line), finally add a pass rushing End/OLB....those 3 upgrades will make this team at the very least a guaranteed 8 win franchise....m not saying much about predictions but to think that this team will win less than 6 games is ridiculous and not rational

I say no way on Stevie Johnson hes one of the worst in the league at dropping passes at the worst possible times, only cares about his gimmicks and writing on his t shirts haha

did you know that mike nolan brought in many of those 49ers; guys like vernon davis,frank gore and patrick willis. nolan never got the courtesy of an interview.

its very rational, emilio, look at the state of the franchise

vincent jackson?

Ohhh one good thing about this horrible hc hire...get rid of daboll. A real oc will do wonders.

Im also a big believer that the dolphins will use their 2nd or 3rd round pick on a TE that can strtech the field.....Coby Fleener scouts report:
Separation Skills


Above-average athleticism and top-end speed provides with very good separation skills. Does a solid job of avoiding contact and getting a clean release. Gets in and out of stem easily and shows good pop out of cuts. Displays a nice feel for routes and sets up defenders well within stem. Can run away from LB's with intermediate crossing routes. Possesses a natural feel working against zone coverage to find open areas and works back to QB to provide a nice target. Has the versatility and athleticism to be flexed out if need be.

Ball Skills


Possesses soft and natural hands. Catches the ball away from frame. Shows the body control to open up and make tough grab outside of frame. Can pluck on the run without breaking stride. Just an average leaper and does not have elite one-on-one jump ball capabilities.

Big Play Ability


Quick release and good initial pop allows him to get on top of the defense quickly. Can factor in with the deep seams down the middle of the field. Shows good athleticism after the catch. Does not have great elusiveness but shifty and has enough top-end speed to capitalize if given a seam.



Effort and toughness is not a question. Willing to work the middle of the field. Will secure the ball in traffic. Hustles to the whistle and will give second effort to give a downfield block. Could show more aggressiveness as an inline blocker and do a better job of sustaining blocks.



"Area of weakness. Needs to get stronger in the core and does not have great inline capabilities at this point. Technique also needs work especially with hands. On the flip side, good awareness and better technique in pass pro. "

Orson Charles scout report (Dwayen Allen wont be available in my opinion for the fins)

Separation Skills


Used hands and quick feet to quickly get off the line. Could make crisper 90-degree cuts at top of stem and can drift downfield on crossing routes but shows some craftiness as a route runner. Uses tempo and upper body to get defenders off balance and set up breaks. Quick enough to separate from mot linebackers. Athletic ability and frame make him a nightmare matchup when he lines up in the slot. Located downfield seams in zone looks but could do a better job of adjusting route and settling into windows on intermediate routes. Failed to pick up blitz and get head turned before pressure got to quarterback early in the 2011 Boise State game. .

Ball Skills


Snatched ball with hands away from frame. Caught pass thrown above head. Fluid catching the ball in stride but can take eye off it and dropped pass should have caught.

Big Play Ability


Fast enough to get behind most linebackers working against man coverage and work the deep middle working against zone looks. No as dangerous as former Florida TE Aaron Hernandez. Made first defender miss and showed above average top-end speed.



No afraid to work middle. Tough runner that fought for yards after contact. Not a mauler but flashed a mean streak. Not afraid to mix it up with bigger defenders



"Sound hand placement and upper body strength appeared above average on film but concerned about ability to hold up as in-line blocker at this point. Narrow hips, played high and lower body strength appeared below average on film. Turned didn't drive defenders. Ducked head and lunged at times. Struggled to sustain when asked to help out in pass protection. Sloppy footwork and had some problems sealing the backside. Athletic enough to adjust to moving targets at second level but not aggressive enough in space and defenders had some success slipping him. "

otay...the 49ers had a new coach, new coordinators, new system, new players look where they are this Sunday....hosting the NFC Championship game.
...go home, you are a lightweight.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 20, 2012 at 04:58 PM

They also have a first round QB, better players and Harbaugh is far better than any of these losers that have been rejected by everyone else.

Dream on, it won't help though.


State of the franchise or not....this team will win over 3 games......like u guys cant b serious that this team will regress to a 3 win franchise.......we are not good but we are not as bad as its being portrayed

How many times has Bowles been rejected already? He is nothing more than a token Rooney rule interview. Those other two white boys belong in high school coaching.

Ireland's to do list:

1. Hire McCoy - Check
2. Sign beastly TE in Free Agency
3. Move up and draft Justin Blackmon
4. Draft QB with second pick
5. Sit back and smoke a big fatty

We will be worse next year. A new rookie under qualified HC, new DC, most likely new OC. New schemes, it takes time to gel.

I say they win 5 games tops, could be only 2 or 3.

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